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Sunny Hill return as a 4-member group with MV for lovely pre-release track "Once In Summer"

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Sunny Hill will be dropping their studio album in two parts very soon, but before then, they have dropped the MV for their pre-release track, "Once In Summer"!

They return as a four-member girl group following the leave of male member Janghyun earlier this year. The ladies bring out their sweet and lovely voices to make this summer even brighter and warmer with the happy-go-lucky song. The lyrics reminisce on the fond memories of a first love, so it"s a song that we can all relate to.

Check it out through the video above, and stay tuned for "Part A" of their album that will be out sometime in August.

Phantom return with upbeat and catchy summer song "Sky High"

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Phantom left their fans on cloud nine with digital single "Sky High"!

"Sky High" is the work of composer Kim Do Hoon and Phantom, and is a funky rock song that makes the "60s-"70s era come to mind with its retro rhythm. Hanhae, Kiggen, and Sanchez"s refreshing rapping and swoon-worthy vocals also make it the perfect song for summer.

Check out the fun song above!

Donghae and Sungmin show excitement for the return of Super Junior leader Leeteuk

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Eunhyuk is not the only Super Junior member getting amped up for their leader Leeteuk"s return! Donghae and Sungmin likewise showed their excitement through Instagram and Twitter.

Posting a picture of Leeteuk, who gets discharged from the military later today, Donghae wrote, "Lee Teuk is back !! After few hrs later !! SJ coming soon [sp]." Sungmin also wrote about Leeteuk"s comeback on his Twitter.

Leeteuk will be leaving the military on July 29. As it is now that date in South Korea, it appears his fellow members are getting very excited to see him in just a few hours. How excited are you?

Lee Teuk is back !! After few hrs later !! SJ coming soon http://t

Dashing Duo Homme Return with “It Girl”

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Dashing Duo Homme Return with “It Girl” Written by Lindsay On July 28, 2014

Power-vocal duo Homme have returned after three years of hiatus. During that time Lee Hyun (originally of 8eight) completed his compulsory military service and Changmin promoted with his other group, 2AM, both domestically and abroad. Although both men have been preoccupied with worthy pursuits, it is great to have the talented, charismatic duo back together again. They swept the charts with their first two singles, “I Was Able to Eat Well” and “Man Should Laugh,” so hopefully they have enough of a fanbase left to bring their name to the spotlight once again.

Unlike their past singles, which were emotional and dramatic, their new song “It Girl” has a bluesy and bright feel to it

“Superman Returns” Twins Climb Their Own Version of Mt. Everest

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The adorable Seo Jun and Seo Un from the popular KBS variety show “Superman Returns” attempted to top their own version of Mt. Everest! 

In the upcoming episode of “Superman Returns,” the twins will try their hand at climbing a play structure all on their own.

In the episode, the twins’ father Lee Hwi Jae took the twins to a theme park, where Seo Jun shows interest in a climbing play structure. As Lee Hwi Jae watches on dumbfounded, the twins manage to climb to the very top of the structure all on their own.

Seo Jun and Seo Un twins, who have been on the show since the beginning, have grown rapidly before the viewers’ eyes, as they recently started walking on their own

Rain to return to small screen with drama "My lovely girl"

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On July 25th, SBS filming crew confirmed that Rain had already decided to appear in SBS upcoming Wednesday and Thursday drama, ‘My lovely girl’.
‘My lovely girl’ is a new work of writer No Ji Seol and PD Park Hyeong Gi who previously worked together in ‘Doctor Champ’ and ‘Scent of a Woman’. It is a romantic love story in which a wounded man and a young woman heal each other’s pain and make true love through music.
Rain will come back to drama after 4 years since KBS drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ . He will take he role of Hyun Wook who is a prominent songwriter, producer, and director but has unforgettable pain of love. Rain shared, "I really loved how young people communicate and find love through music. I also found "Hyun Wook" very charming, and I thought I should try playing his part

Choo Sarang maintains her title as the "eating broadcast queen" in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Choo Sarang will once again charm viewers as she continues to maintain her title as the "eating broadcast queen" for "Superman is Back"!

On the upcoming episode, Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang went on a play date with other families at a zoo. Choo Sung Hoon and the other families treated each of the kids to ice cream at a food joint where Choo Sarang caught the attention of everyone there with her never-ending appetite.

Choo Sarang found all kinds of ways to eat her soft serve ice cream cone and once she was done, Choo Sung Hoon told her, "Sarang ate it all. Now stop." But she didn"t want to miss out on any of the ice cream left and put the entire plate over her mouth to wipe the plate clean. This left her with an ice cream mustache, leaving the others to chuckle

Haru gets her first pet in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Haru welcomed two parrots into her family in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"!

On the upcoming episode, Haru asked her mom Kang Hye Jung to let her raise birds as pets and with her irresistible aegyo, her mom granted her wish. Tablo then took Haru to an animal farm in Jebudo Island where they bought a yellow and green parrot.

After thinking for a long time about what to name the parrots, Haru gave the yellow parrot the name "Chick" and gave named the green parrot "Vegetable" ("Veggie").

Check out Haru"s love for her parrots on July 27!

Super Junior’s Leeteuk to Return from Military Service Without a Ceremony

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It has been reported that Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk, wishes to be discharged from his military service without any kind of special ceremony.

On July 25, SM Entertainment released an official press release stating, “We are making this announcement in regard to press coverage at the scene of Leeteuk’s discharge. Leeteuk plans to be discharged from the military without any interviews with reporters or any special event for fans. This decision has been made out of respect for his desire to return quietly.”

Leeteuk, who enlisted into the military on October 30 of 2012 to complete his mandatory service, will soon be returning to civilian life on July 29. It has been said that the Super Junior leader will be focusing on preparations for the group’s future promotions following his discharge from the military

Rain to Finally Return to the Small Screen with New Drama “My Lovable Girl”

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Superstar Rain will finally be returning to the small screen with a new drama called “My Lovable Girl” on SBS. This is his first drama project in four years, after “The Fugitive: Plan B” in 2010.

In his new drama, Rain will play the role of a music producer with a painful past who heals his wounds with a new relationship. He decided to take on the role as he thought it reflected his life as an entertainer very well. The drama’s original working title was “A Song For You,” but the title has been confirmed as “My Lovable Girl.”

“My Lovable Girl” will finalize its casting by the beginning of August and start shooting right away. It will start airing on September 17.

Song Il Kook takes his triplets to see the dentist in preview cuts for Superman is Back"

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Song ll Kook took his triplets, Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se (2 years old), to the dentist for the first time on the upcoming episode of "Superman is Back"! Some may already know how hard it is to take one young child to see the dentist, so for Song Il Kook to take three, it seems he had his work cut out for him!

For the recording of the upcoming episode, Song Il Kook was asked by his wife to take their triplets to the dentist, to which the father of three showed his confidence and optimism once again, saying, "I think today"s task will be easy." But upon their arrival at the dentist"s office, Min Guk tearfully refused to get his checkup like any other child and Song Il Kook realized that there was no fooling his triplets as he shared, "Ah, you guys know where this is huh

Rain confirmed to return to the small screen through upcoming SBS drama

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Rain"s next production has been confirmed to be the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama "My Lovely Girl" (previous working title "Song For You").

If you remember, he was previously in talks for a drama called "Song For You". He has now been confirmed for it, and the drama"s title has been changed to "My Lovely Girl" (translated title).

The drama"s rep stated on the 25th, "Jung Ji Hoon [Rain] will play the role of Hyun Wook, a manly man who gets hurt from love and healed by another love."

Rain shared, "Within the music industry"s vivid reality, the youthful story of one"s hurt from love being healed by love spoke to me. I want to portray the way Hyun Wook slowly and carefully approaches a predestined love so I decided to star in it

HEYNE signals her cute return with MV teaser for 'Red Lie'

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Soloist HEYNE is gearing up for her comeback and it seems she will be sticking to her cute signature concept judging by the MV teaser for "Red Lie"!

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She"s teaming up with Duble Sidekick once again following her previous song "Love 007". She"ll be expressing the feelings of betrayal of a woman who finds out her love was based on lies.

You can get a feel for the song by watching the teaser above as you stay tuned for her third digital single release on the 24th!

'Superman is Back' to feature viewers in upcoming one-year special

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Popular KBS 2TV variety show "Superman is Back" is reported to be planning a special featuring the families of viewers!

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Producers revealed on the official homepage that for the one-year special episode of "Superman is Back" they would be choosing fathers and children from a pool of viewers to appear on the show. PD Kang Bong Gyu told Star News on July 22, "There are no details planned as of yet. Firstly, we"ll be looking at the stories we receive, and from there, we"ll make plans."

Some fans are wondering if the viewer families would be meeting with stars like Choo Sung Hoon, Tablo, and Lee Hwi Jae on the program. So far, 70-some viewers have applied for the special, which is planned to air on September 7 KST

“Superman Returns” Song Il Gook and His Triplets Fight Over the Driver’s Role

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During a recent outing of Song Il Gook and his triplets Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se, Man Se expressed his pride over driving the car all by himself, causing their father to fall in confusion over the youngest’s strong self-esteem.

While filming an upcoming episode of KBS2TV’s “Superman Returns,” the three brothers locked their eyes on shiny and exciting electric cars that they saw on the street. As the triplets could not think of anything else but the cars, Song Il Gook gave in and negotiated a deal with the car owner.

Man Se, who had to sit with his dad, was particularly protective of his vehicle. With a bright expression on his face, the young boy drove the car while completely ignoring his father’s advice.

As Song Il Gook tried to reach for the steering wheel, Man Se pushed away his hands and continued to choose the direction