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AlphaBAT return with "Oh My Gosh!" MV

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After a lot of cute teasing, AlphaBAT finally dropped the MV for title track "Oh My Gosh!"

As expected, the song is catchy and cute as the boys tackle the concept of school, just as they teased in the pictures before.  The youthful vibe and cheerful smiles will get you all happy and ready to tackle the day ahead!

Check out the song through the video above!

Lip Service return as a trio with "Too Fancy" MV

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Hip hop female team Lip Service have added a new member to return as a trio for their comeback with the song "Too Fancy" from their single album "Upgrade"!

They debuted as a duo back in February with "Yum Yum Yum", a song about dieting that many women could relate to. Now with the addition of member Anna, the trio deliver a message towards our materialistic society who put too much value on objects with their song "Too Fancy". Their unique style sets them apart from most female groups these days, so make sure to check out their latest song above!

Park Si Yeon Talks Motherhood And Her Return To Dramaland

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Actress Park Si Yeon will return to dramaland in the fall, playing a single mother in the upcoming drama "The Greatest Marriage."

In a recent interview with the Chosun Ilbo, she spoke about motherhood and said that she had taken time off from acting to be a mother. She did not speak about her recent sentencing for prescription drug abuse or her two-network ban.

The actress, who married in 2011, gave birth to her first child, a daughter, in Sept. 2013, while awaiting the results of her trial on charges of abusing the pain relief drug propofol.

At the trial Park Si Yeon"s doctor testified that he originally prescribed the drug to help her cope with the disabling pain caused by on-set injuries. She was injured while filming "Marine Boy" and again while filming "Dachimawa Lee

"Roommate" falls low while "Superman is Back" flies high on Sunday ratings

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The Sunday ratings battle for the variety crown among the Big 3 television networks continues!

KBS 2TV"s "Happy Sunday" segment is on a roll at 1st place again. "1 Night 2 Days" was 2nd in its timeslot with 13.4%. "Superman is Back" pulled the segment ratings up as #1 in its timeslot as well as the entire night with 14.5%, and the entire segment rated at 13.5%.

MBC"s "Sunday Sunday Night" was second once again. "Real Men" rated at 14.4%, #1 for its timeslot. "Dad! Where Are You Going?" came in 2nd for its timeslot at 8.7%. The entire segment rated at second with 11.7%.

SBS" "Good Sunday" suffered the worst ratings. "Running Man" fell behind both the other shows with a rating of 10

KARA finally makes their quartet return with “Mamma Mia”!

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KARA has finally returned for an August comeback with brand new member Youngji!

“Mamma Mia” marks Heo Youngji’s official debut as a member of KARA, alongside Han Seungyeon, Park Gyuri, and Goo Hara. After releasing numerous individual, group, and video teasers, along with a final music video trailer, KARA officially made their August comeback for Kamilias to enjoy.

Following up with the diversity of style and concepts in their teasers, KARA incorporated both elegance as well as a bold sexiness for this comeback. With powerful yet sultry moves in their choreography, various degrees of curled hair, and chic black clothing paired with richly ruffled dresses, KARA showed many sides of themselves for their fans. Throughout the music video, viewers can watch solo shots of each member in either bright or dark settings, along with them being allured out of their reverie by some butterflies

KARA makes return as a 4-member group with "Day & Night"

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KARA is finally back!
The girls had a lot of obstacles on their way since their last comeback, with old, familiar faces leaving and bringing in a new face. All the same, the girls are back with their 6th mini album "Day & Night" with title song "Mamma Mia".

The title song is by Duble Sidekick, and is a fresh dance song with a strong beat. The choreography for the song is also one of the hardest KARA has to date, with flashy hand movements and complicated stage flow.
Check out the MV above!

Lee Hwi Jae’s Twins Meet Soccer Star Park Ji Sung on “Superman Returns”

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Viewers are already starting to show interest in the special meeting between Lee Hwi Jae’s twin sons and former soccer player Park Ji Sung.

The upcoming August 17 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s variety show “Superman Returns” will be airing the behind-the-scenes story of the twin boys’ encounter with the famous soccer star, when Lee Hwi Jae took Seo Un and Seo Jun to the “K-League All Star Game” on July 25.

On this day, Seo Un and Seo Jun, all dressed up in their own soccer uniforms, found their way to watch the soccer match at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

The twins’ dad, Lee Hwi Jae, stopped Park Ji Sung as soon as he spotted the soccer player greet him as he was passing by in the waiting room, and asked him to hold his sons

Park Si-yeon to Return to TV After Giving Birth

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Actress Park Si-yeon is returning, staring in the TV Chosun drama "Greatest Marriage" scheduled to air in September. The drama deals with various aspects of love and marriage. Park will play a woman who becomes a single mother by choice. "I heard that being a single mother by choice is different from being a single mother by circumstance because the former decides not to marry and be single", Park said. "I think the general notion about marriage has changed greatly these days and there are various forms of marriage or living independently, so there could be single mothers who don"t choose to marry", she added.Park"s return wouldn"t be possible without her family"s support. She became a mother in September 2013 and decided to focus on raising her child for some time. "If my husband expected me to just stay at home taking care of my daughter, I would", Park said

Song Il Kook carries his triplets all at once during their outing in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Actor Song Il Kook showed what a father of three can do by using all of his strength and stamina to carry his triplets, Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se (2 years old), all at once on the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back"!

Song Il Kook and the triplets went on an outing to a zoo with an outdoor trail where Dae Han would go off on his own, while Min Guk and Man Se kept asking their dad to carry them on his back. To solve this dilemma, Song Il Kook put Man Se on his back and held Dae Han and Min Guk in his arms all at once.

Once they were in their dad"s arms, the triplets began observing the scenery and kept pointing to things and asking, "What is that?" Song Il Kook, who already had his hands tied with holding three kids, replied, "Daddy has no thoughts right now

Yano Shiho shows her aegyo collection in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Yano Shiho took over for Choo Sung Hoon by taking care of Choo Sarang by herself on KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back"!

On the upcoming episode, Yano Shiho and Choo Sarang spend some quality mother-daughter time, while Choo Sung Hoon is away to train for his MMA (mixed martial arts) match. Yano Shiho, who has been studying the Korean language, showed off her improving Korean skills by saying, "Good morning", "Let"s eat", and "Where are you going?", in her adorably broken Korean.

The word that Yano Shiho couldn"t stop saying was Kim Bo Sung"s trending catchphrase, "Euh-ree [loyalty]." While Choo Sung Hoon was about to leave the house, Yano Shiho cheered him on with both of her fists up by saying, "Papa, gain strength! Gain strength! Euh-ree!" She also said to Choo Sarang, "Euh-ree!

Girls' Generation Performed A Heartwarming Stage For Their U.S. Return At KCON

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(Photo : Kpopstarz)
Girls" Generation were adorable for their Red Carpet appearance on Day Two of KCON.

It has been quite some time since Girls" Generation has collectively performed in the United States. Unfortunately, member Sooyoung was absent from KCON due to scheduling conflicts surrounding her upcoming K-Drama, which brought the nine member group down to eight.

However, the group maintained to captivate the audience, many of whom attended KCON specifically for Girls" Generation.

When Girls" Generation performs live, audiences are reminded of the translation of their Korean name. Abbreviated SNSD for So Nyeo Shi Dae, the name of the group literally translates to the generation of girls" domination has come. With a legion of loyal fans that range in all ages, races, and a large portion of the uncle (older male) fandom, Girls" Generation provides context to the globalization of K-Pop

Lee Hwi Jae, Suh Un, and Suh Joon meet Park Ji Sung in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Lee Hwi Jae and his twins Suh Un and Suh Joon are meeting soccer star Park Ji Sung on the upcoming "Superman is Back"!

Lee Hwi Jae, who is known to be a sports fanatic, took Suh Un and Suh Joon to see the "2014 K League All-Star Game" and showed their team spirit by wearing soccer uniforms. Lee Hwi Jae couldn"t contain his excitement to meet Park Ji Sung and asked him, "Please hold my kids once."

Park Ji Sung then happily signed the back of Suh Un"s uniform, but Suh Un burst into tears, leaving Park Ji Sung not knowing what to do. Meanwhile, Suh Joon took a chocolate cracker and strolled off on his own.

Lee Hwi Jae also noticed Park Ji Sung"s wedding ring and congratulated him, "Congrats on your marriage

YG Entertainment denies rumors of Tablo and Haru leaving "Superman is Back" at the end of the year

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Tablo"s agency denied rumors brought up with recent reports today about his family leaving "Superman is Back" at the end of the year.

According to one article, broadcast insiders stated that Tablo was sorting out his busy schedule for his upcoming comeback reportedly set for this fall, and ultimately made the decision to stay on the show only up until the end of this year.

In response, a YG Entertainment rep told Star News on the 14th, "We haven"t discussed their possible leave, so we don"t know why there are rumors that they will stay on the show only up until the end of this year... We"ve never even talked about how long they will stay on the program or when they will leave... There was no such talk, so they will continue to do the show

Talented One Way return with "Let"s Just Chill"

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Peter and Young Sky of One Way are back with another "chill" song. They dropped "Let"s Just Chill," a super soothing track with heavenly vocals and catchy rap.

Super Junior"s Donghae even showed his support for the duo by posting a picture onto his Instagram and writing, "Team one sound new song let"s just chill !! :) sooooooo nice !!"

Super Junior"s Siwon also showed his support by tweeting,

ONEWAY IS BACK! @onewaypeter @onewayyoungsky

— SIWON CHOI (@siwon407) August 13, 2014

Check out a preview of the super laid-back song below and make sure to show your support by purchasing the track on iTunes

Jang Geun Suk is no match for Choo Sarang on "Superman is Back"

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Even the "Asia Prince" Jang Geun Suk himself was no match for the most fearsome child in "Superman is Back", Choo Sarang!

He visited her house at the invitation of her father, Choo Sung Hoon. "I"m friends with him. Do you know him?" he asked his daughter. "No," she replied, not paying attention. "He"s not very cool."

Although he tried to tempt Sarang with multiple gifts - including plush dolls and candy - the girl was unfazed, even pushing them off the table! Jang Geun Suk eventually gave up trying to curry favor. "She"s a woman. She"s doesn"t come over easily," he said.