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Girls’ Generation’s YoonA is ready for spring as the cover girl for ‘CeCi’

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Girls" Generation"s YoonA posed as the cover girl for "CeCi" March issue not only for the Korean version, but the Chinese and Thai versions as well!

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Sooyoung previously shared that SONEs deserve only the best and likewise, there was no break for YoonA who dived into preparations for Girls" Generation"s comeback immediately following her drama "Prime Minister and I" to exceed the expectations of fans. YoonA joined Tiffany in the pink princess line by looking like a chic, confident, and sophisticated lady in a pink trench coat from K-fashion brand O"2nd. She also got ready for spring in a embroidered knit dress.

A rep commented, "Although she has a busy schedule with Girls" Generation"s upcoming comeback, YoonA showed her refined poses and manners as the top Hallyu icon that she is

Drama ‘Full Sun’ releases three posters featuring Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye

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Are you not yet excited enough for upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Full Sun" starring Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye? Well, here are three rather intense posters that are sure to make you anticipate even further what is to be an amazing drama.

In the posters, all the actors show very intense and charismatic gazes, hinting that the drama will be packed with overwhelming emotions and heartbreaking circumstances. Keeping in tune with the title, there"s wonderful usage of lights in these posters as sun rays sneak in to shed some light on the characters" dark expressions.

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One drama rep said, "The common keyword for these posters are "sun" .

“Beyond the Clouds” First Official Posters Predict Intense and Beautiful Melodrama

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Official posters for the upcoming KBS drama, “Beyond the Clouds” (also known as “The Full Sun“) have been released!

With just a week left until its first airing, “Beyond the Clouds” has heightened the excitement for its future viewers by releasing the first official posters.

The posters help us predict an intensely beautiful melodrama through the expressive and melancholy faces of the drama’s leads, Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye.

The posters also bring out the face of Jo Jin Woong, who is to play Yoon Kye Sang’s brother. Their relationship in the drama starts off as close and affectionate but turns south due to a sad fate. Second lead Kim Yoo Ri is also shown on the posters with her dazzling beauty

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Smiles in Family Photo with DJ RUBATO

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Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA has appeared in photos with cousin DJ RUBATO on posts from his Instagram page. The photos show the resembling relatives smiling with their arms crossed. YoonA looks lovely, like always, in her pink fuzzy sweater and natural look.

The second photo shows a personally signed picture of YoonA given to DJ RUBATO with the message, “Oppa… you will become the best rapper.” Judging from the sweet message, it seems the two relatives share a good relationship, and maybe one day, they will release a collaboration track.

In other news, YoonA’s recent drama “Prime Minister and I” just had their final episode on February 4. YoonA showed her good work ethic during the filming of the drama by constantly studying her script

Lee Bum Soo’s Reveals Thoughts on Wrapping Up “Prime Minister and I”

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Actor Lee Bum Soo recently revealed how he felt about KBS 2TV drama “Prime Minister and I” ending its run via a handwritten letter which he posted on his Twitter on February 5.

He began by saying, “When a project ends, memories remain.” He briefly mentioned the unfortunate events that had befallen him, such as his father’s passing shortly after drama filming began and his hand injury for which he was unable to receive surgery on during the drama.

“We shared a short four months together and today we go back to our daily lives, but the faces of the colleagues who gave comfort to my exhausted mind and body come to mind.”

Lee Bum Soo followed by thanking those that he had worked with one by one, such as Lee Han Wi, Ryu Jin and Yoon Shi Yoon, as well as the rest of the staff

Lee Bum Soo shares his thoughts on the loss of his father and the cast of ‘Prime Minister and I’

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Lee Bum Soo warmed hearts this winter with his handwritten letter of gratitude to the cast, staff, and viewers of "Prime Minister and I" following its finale.

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Lee Bum Soo shared his handwritten letter on Twitter on the 5th: "Once the production ends, the memories will stick with me. From the first filming, my father, who was my life mentor, passed away, and I had to go through grief and suffered a fractured finger during filming. Through the nonstop filming day after day, I was able to experience the fate of an actor with no time to recover normally from it."

"Around today when it becomes four months that were both long and short since [the first filming], I think of my colleagues" faces who encouraged me, who was exhausted in both body and mind

YoonA relays her message of thanks to the crew and fans of ‘Prime Minister and I’

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YoonA thanked the cast, staff, and viewers of her KBS 2TV drama "Prime Minister and I", which aired its finale this week.

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YoonA shared on Girls" Generation"s official homepage on February 5, "Thank you so much to those who watched "Prime Minister and I" throughout the past four months and cheered on Nam Da Jung."

"It"s still hard to believe that this production is over. I am very joyful to have met such good director, writers, and cool sunbaenims through this drama... Thank you so much to the director and sunbaenims who pointed out and helped me with the things I"m lacking in. I also want to say thank you so much to my fans and the viewers who consistently supported Nam Da Jung and YoonA

Yoon Kye Sang pushed to the brink of suicide in third teaser for ‘Full Sun’

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With only a week left until its premiere, "Full Sun" put fans on the edge of their seats with Yoon Kye Sang"s dramatic entrance and Han Ji Hye"s just-as dramatic love story with Song Jong Ho before meeting her fate with Yoon Kye Sang. 


Following the first teaser, which focused on Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye"s star-crossed love, the second teaser showed the lead couple facing crime and death with the former even getting locked up in Thailand. Now, the third teaser shows the ill-fated events that push Yoon Kye Sang to the brink of suicide.

This drama centers around Jung Sae Ro (Yoon Kye Sang), who lost his whole family to a murderer. Although he initially dreamed of studying foreign affairs, with his family"s death, he becomes involved in the dealing of jewels

Prime Minister and I: Episode 16 Recap

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Prime Minister and I: Episode 16 Recap By DramaBeans

Despite Yul coming to collect her, Da-jung declares that she won’t be going back home with him, and adds for good measure: “Let’s break up.” But Yul refuses to hear it and takes her suitcase before ushering Da-jung into the car by the hand.

It’s a mostly silent ride until Yul pulls over to the side of the road and gets out to finally get some air. When Da-jung follows him, he demands to know her train of thought by having him meet his not-so-dead first wife and leaving them—was it for his sake? Or the children?

“It was for me,” Da-jung answers. The idea of becoming the children’s stepmother had scared her despite her feelings for Yul, and felt it appropriate to step aside now that their mother had reappeared

‘Prime Minister and I’ airs its finale but which Mon-Tues drama broke its record in viewer ratings?

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This week in K-drama land had its highs and lows with "Empress Qi" breaking its own record once again and "Prime Minister and I" coming to a not-so-stellar end in terms of ratings among Mon-Tues dramas.

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According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the February 4th episode of MBC"s "Empress Qi" achieved a 25.3% viewer rating, which is 1.4% increase from its previous viewer rating of 23.9%. With this feat, the historical drama is now setting its eyes on hopefully reaching the 30% viewer rating mark as it has been topping its own record with each consecutive episode lately.

SBS" "Kind Words" maintained its second place with a 10

‘Prime Minister and I’ Ends with Sweet Ending, Unfortunate Ratings

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Holding onto both smiles and tears, KBS’ Prime Minster and I came to an end on Tuesday night.

The drama jumped from 4.9 to 6.1 percent with its final episode, but still remained in third place in the Monday-Tuesday drama competition. The drama was not able to break 10 percent in its run, especially with a strong competitor like MBC’s Empress Ki.

However, without last minute twists. Prime Minister and I wrapped up with warmth and sweetness in the air with its family-related plotline about the contracted marriage between a prime minister and a scandal reporter.

The Full Sun will pick up after Prime Minister and I on February 10.

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YoonA completes filming for ‘Prime Minister and I’ and to focus on preparing for Girls’ Generation’s comeback

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There"s more exciting news for SONE! YoonA has already wrapped up filming for her KBS 2TV drama "Prime Minister and I" and will focus on preparing for Girls" Generation"s comeback!

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An SM Entertainment rep told Star News on the 4th, "After the finale of "Prime Minister and I", YoonA will focus on preparing for Girls" Generation"s new album... YoonA finished her final filming for "Prime Minister and I" on the 3rd... Following her wrap-up party for "Prime Minister and I" in Seoul on the 5th, her official activities for this production will conclude. She will then focus on her album preparation."

Although Girls" Generation are rumored to make a comeback this month, the exact date has not been confirmed yet

‘The Full Sun’ Releases BTS Photos of Son Ho Jun

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Son Ho Jun is ready to transform into a cynical son of a rich family for his upcoming drama The Full Sun.

Acting as ‘Han Young Jun,’ a half brother of Han Young Won (Han Ji Hye), who looks cold on the outside but has a tender heart on the inside, Son Ho Jun will be taking on a completely different character than he did in Reply 1994.

In the revealed photos, the actor is dressed in a black coat with a more chic haircut compared to when he acted as ‘Haitai.’

It has been reported that Son Ho Jun showed his passion for his new drama by not letting go of the scripts and greeting all of his senior actors and actresses at the filming site.

A staff member said, “Han Young Jun is an illegitimate son of a wealthy jewelry company owner who has cynical views on life

′Prime Minister and I′ Sinks to All-Time Low

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With just one episode remaining, KBS′ Prime Minister and I hit its all-time low.

On Monday night, Prime Minister and I dropped to 4.9 percent, its lowest ratings ever since the drama began in December of 2013.

The episode also proved to be important as a big decision was made by Nam Da Jung (Yoona) in terms of her marriage with Kwon Yul (Lee Bum Soo), especially with the return of his wife, who was thought to be dead.

Meanwhile, MBC′s Empress Ki stayed in the 20 percent range with 23.9. SBS′ A Warm Word recorded 9.9.

Monday, February 3, 2014


1. MBC Empress Ki 23.9

2. SBS A Warm Word 9

Style Coverage: Details in Men’s Suits and Coats

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Men always look sexy in a suit. Don"t you agree? "Prime Minister and I" brings us the latest in suit fashion. Rather than focusing on the cut or tailoring of the suits and coats, let us look at how to jazz up your typical work wear.

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Pop up your collar Chief Kang (Yoon Si Yoon) often wears his collar upturned. Some may view it as a preppy status symbol or just a popular culture fashion. I think it draws attention to the face as the collar seems to be pointing to the face saying "look at me". Or maybe it is just the Yoon Si Yoon effect?

Wear a scarf under your suit jacket I think this is a very good way to add a bit of texture, pattern and colour to men"s suits

What are your favorite idol groups up to during the Lunar New Year?

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No matter whether you"re a fangirl or a fanboy, it"s no secret that we"re all curious about what is going on with our favorite idol groups when they"re not on stage. So to satisfy some of your curiosities, here"s what media outlet "No Cut News" compiled to reveal what many of your favorite idols are up to this Lunar New Year!

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According to "No Cut News", SM Entertainment artists will enjoy a well-deserved break during the holidays including TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls" Generation, SHINee, f(x), and EXO, who will be returning to their homes for the most part. Some exceptions include YoonA who is busy filming "Prime Minister and I" and Changmin who recently entered filming for "Mimi"

‘Empress Qi’ tops its own record in viewer ratings again as the Mon-Tues drama to beat

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"Empress Qi" broke its own record in viewer ratings for the fifth consecutive episode!

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According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the January 28th episode of MBC"s "Empress Qi" achieved a 24.9% viewer rating, which is 2.1% increase from its previous viewer rating of 22.8%.With this, the show has managed to consistently top its own ratings with each episode for the past five episodes.

SBS" "Kind Words" maintained its second place with a 10.5% viewer rating, which is a 0.8% increase from its previous viewer rating of 9.7%. Meanwhile, KBS 2TV"s "Prime Minister and I" achieved a 6

Empress Ki Continues to Rise Higher

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Taking a leap, MBC′s Empress Ki recorded a new high with its latest episode.

On Tuesday night, Empress Ki recorded 24.9 percent, a 2.1 jump from its previous episode of 22.8 percent.

The drama turned a new chapter, continuing its strongly knit story that kept viewers on their toes since the first episode.

Because of Empress Ki′s raging success and popularity, SBS′ A Warm Word has been floating in second place for awhile, while KBS′ Prime Minister and I continues to linger at the bottom, especially with only two more episodes left.

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1. MBC Empress Ki 22.8→24

Prime Minister and I Episode 14 Recap

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EPISODE 14 RECAP by dramabeans

Yul confesses his feelings for Da-jung and wipes away her tears, apologizing for making her cry again. He takes her hand and vows never to let it go. Oh, swooooon, now that’s romantic.

But their sentimental moment is cut short when little Man-se bursts into the room seconds later, and then throws an adorable tantrum over how Da-jung chose to sleep here with Daddy last night and not him.

Boo, Na-young is still lingering outside the estate—I rather hoped you were just a figment of my imagination last week. A security guard asks her to state her business here, but she leaves without another word.

Looking at Na-young’s photo, Joon-ki wonders if Yul is really the reason behind her death

Empress Ki Hits Its High for the Fourth Time in a Row

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Nothing’s stopping MBC’s Empress Ki as the ratings just continue to keep going and going.

On January 27, Empress Ki recorded 22.8 percent.

In the past four episodes since January 14, Empress Ki has risen consecutively from 20.3 percent to 20.8 percent to 22.6 percent to 22.8 percent.

It’s safe to say that Empress Ki is now firmly planted in the twenties.

Monday, January 27, 2014


1. MBC Empress Ki 22.8

2. SBS A Warm Word 9.7

3. KBS Prime Minister and I 5.5


1. KBS Hello 9.7