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Chinese Version of “The Heirs” to Start Filming Soon

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On December 26, several Chinese publications reported that a movie/television production company in China has already bought publication rights to “The Heirs” and will soon start filming. The drama is set to begin filming in January, and will be a collaboration between Chinese producer Li Shao Hong and Korean director Oh Sang Won. The actors who will follow-up Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Kim Woo Bin have not yet been determined.

SBS’s “The Heirs” recently aired its final episode on December 20, after a hugely successful run for the drama as well as its main actors.

This past November, “The Heirs” production company Hwa & Dam Pictures revealed that they signed a foreign production contract for the highest price in Korean drama history, and that the interest for “The Heirs” is crazy in not only Korea, but abroad, as well

“Man from the Stars” Hits the Right Notes in Episodes 1 & 2

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The new SBS drama “Man from the Stars” kicked off on December 18 taking over the Wednesday/Thursday time slot from Heirs. I will be covering this fantasy rom-com for Soompi on a weekly basis. Please be sure to check in and share your thoughts about this drama!


When Do Min Joon landed on Earth 400 years ago, he didn’t realize how much he would dislike living there. He doesn’t age, making it very hard to build relationships with other people, and his super abilities like extra sensitive hearing and the power to stop time don’t seem to do him much good. It’s understandable that over time Min Joon has developed a very cynical outlook towards human life. How will this viewpoint change as he interacts with the loud and opinionated actress Chun Song Yi? As fate would have it, these two already have a deep connection, a connection which spans over 400 years

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye ‘Fighting Spirit’ in Winter for The Heirs

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Today’s first released stills are behind the scenes of actors fighting the cold while filming. Gaaahhhhh… I’m already shivering on behalf of them when I look at these.

I often feel so bad for them when they have to wear so thin during filming (because they have to fashion the sponsor apparels) and also admire their dedication to complete filming out in the cold or snow! Nothing comes free without putting some hard work into it and this is what the actors are doing – fighting the cold to deliver us their best in The Heirs.

My least favourite couple romantic scene in Episode 11
Why? Because of what Eun Sang said, “It’s like a dream” and what she did afterwards in the morning. It’s like a kindergarten level of ‘one night stand’

The Heirs Parade Around in Their School Uniforms

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Now that Lee Min Ho’s back in Korea, he’s making his grand debut at school on SBS’ The Heirs, and boy, does he look good.

On October 21, The Heirs released still cuts from the upcoming episode, where each of the characters are dressed nicely in their school uniforms.

With almost every male actor exceeding 180 centimeters, Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, Kang Min Hyuk, and Park Hyung Sik flaunted off their tall figures, while the ladies managed to make the school uniforms fashionable.

The scene was filmed on October 3 at an outdoor set in Sacheon. This was the first time all the actors were present for the shoot as Lee Min Woo and Kim Woo Bin finally united after a mysterious fall out between their characters

Lee Min Ho Makes Comeback with Chinese Mini Drama “One LINE Love” for Mobile Messenger App LINE

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Hallyu star Lee Min Ho is making waves once again in China through Naver’s global messenger app “LINE.”

LINE has set Lee Min Ho as the main character of a promotional three-part mini drama titled “One LINE Love,” which was revealed on May 9 through China’s VOD (video-on-demand) site IQiyi. As soon as the drama was open to the public, it recorded more than five million hits, earning explosive popularity in China.

The 15-minute episodes depict a story of a female Chinese tourist who goes to Korea and meets a man. Due to their language barrier, the two people use the mobile messenger app LINE to communicate with one another. In the story, Lee Min Ho plays the role of “Min Ho,” a music producer with both good looks and skills

‘Master’s Sun’ Hits 20 Percent with Sweet Ending

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As the National Foundation Day of Korea came to a close, so did SBS’ Master’s Sun, which ended its series of ghosts, mystery, and love.

Master’s Sun achieved its highest ratings thus far with 21.8 percent, finally breaking in the twenties. The last episode wrapped up loose ends and brought Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) and Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin) together, providing the sweetest scenes that provoked some squirming and jealousy at the same time.

Following Master’s Sun will be the highly anticipated The Heirs with its star-studded cast.

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