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Kim Ji Won Wants to Change Her Evil Image from ‘The Heirs’

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Kim Ji Won brought up her evil character from The Heirs.

Kim Ji Won recently attended filming for Arirang TV’s Showbiz Korea.

After making her debut through a cellphone commercial with Big Bang in 2010, Kim Ji Won has been making appearances in numerous projects, including MBC’s sitcom High Kick, movie Scary Story, SBS’s The Heirs and more.

About her drama character, Kim Ji Won said, “When I first read the scenario for The Heirs, I thought she was really evil. But the more I read it, the more I started thinking from Rachel’s situation, so I began to feel sympathy for her.”

When asked who is closer to her ideal type between ‘Kim Tan’ and ‘Choi Young Do,’ Kim Ji Won chose ‘Choi Young Do’ without hesitating

Lee Min Ho – From Nameless Actor to the “$9 Million Man”

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Recently, actor Lee Min Ho has risen to Hallyu star status, with explosive popularity not only in Korea and China, but all over Asia. However, Lee Min Ho’s success was not a straight candle-lit path to the top, but the result of years and years of hard work.

The actor debuted in 2006 in the EBS drama “Schoolyard Secrets,” with which he was slowly making himself known to the masses. However, after a serious car accident, Lee Min Ho had to suspend his activities for about a year, giving up following roles in “High Kick” and “9 End 2 Outs.”

When Lee Min Ho returned, he starred in “Mackerel Run,” which yielded poor results, ending early, as a result of problems with the production company and low viewer ratings

Soompi Weekly High Five – February Week 3

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Worried you might have missed out any important news in the week of Korean entertainment? Get comfortable and ready to scroll as we go through the best news and articles of this week in music, drama, variety and fashion.

This is your Weekly High Five!

-= News =-

1.Korea Communication Standards Commission Calls for Action Against Overly Sexual Girl Group Concepts

2. Yoo Ah In, Choi Jin Hyuk, Super Junior’s Sungmin, and Supernova’s Sungje Preparing to Enlist for Military Service

3. Jang Geun Suk, Jung Il Woo, and Others Attend Their College Graduation Ceremony

4. Everyone Wants to Wear What Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun Wear, Product Placement in Dramas

5. KBS Bans Ga In’s “Fxxk U” and Tae Jin Ah Version of Rain’s “La Song”

-= Music =-


“The Heirs” Writer, Kim Eun Sook, Decides on Next Project

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Writer Kim Eun Sook, who has penned such hits such as “The Heirs,” “Gentleman’s Dignity,” and “Secret Garden,” has revealed the story line for her next drama.

Hwa and Dam Pictures, which will be in charge of producing Kim Eun Sook’s next project, announced on February 18 that the working title of the drama is “Descendants of the Sun.” Centering on people who work at disaster scenes, the story will follow how the leads will slowly open up to each other through sacrifice and consideration amid the desperate situations they encounter. According to the production company, this drama will be a human melodrama of a blockbuster level difficult to be found among Korean dramas.

“Descendants of the Sun” will be co-produced by Hwa and Dam Pictures and Baruson Entertainment

Park Shin Hye discusses how her popularity has risen following ‘Heirs’

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Park Shin Hye opened up about her current popularity in China following the hit drama "Heirs".

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On the February 12th broadcast of SBS" "One Night of TV Entertainment", the reporter congratulated Park Shin Hye on becoming the first Korean actress to achieve 5 million followers on the Chinese SNS platform Weibo. The two confirmed it with their own eyes by looking up her profile of 5,592,913 followers, more than China"s representative actress Fan Bing Bing"s 4,300,000 followers.

Park Shin Hye shared, "It is really an honor. I attended an awards ceremony in China last year with Kim Woo Bin, and I was very surprised because a lot of people came out to meet us at the airport at the time

Park Shin Hye and Jang Keun Suk Reunite for Chinese Beverage Commercial

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Park Shin Hye and Jang Keun, who starred as a couple in You’re Beautiful have reunited, this time for a commercial.

Park Shin Hye, whose popularity has been increasing in China after SBS’s The Heirs became a big hit, has been chosen as the new model of Chinese popular beverage company, Tong Yi, partnering with Jang Keun Suk, who has been the model since last year.

An affiliate of Tong Yi Beverage said, “Celebrating the 15th anniversary, we will be cooperating with the two top artists from Korea, in order to set our brand image representing shining youth.”

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye has recently been cast to star in film Royal Tailor, where she will be transforming into a queen with captivating beauty.

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Lee Min Ho Selected as ‘The Most Kissable’ Actor in Thailand

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Lee Min Ho officially has the most kissable lips.

In a recent Valentine’s special poll taken by a Thai-Koreanmagazine The Bridges, Lee Min Ho won the title in both ‘the most wanted actor for a date on Valentine’s day’ and ‘the most kissable actor chosen by Thai girls.’

The actor has been peaking in his popularity in the country since he starred in Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter and the recent hit The Heirs.

In the poll asking ‘which Korean actor do you want to kiss on Valentine’s day,’ Lee Min Ho took 19% of the votes, beating out Hyun Bin, who received 16%, followed by Kim Woo Bin, Song Joong Ki, Jang Keun Suk and Kim Soo Hyun.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho recently returned to Korea after filming a commercial in New Zealand, and will be preparing to start filming Gangnam Blues

Kim Woo Bin to continue on first fan meeting tour in Asia in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Thailand

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Kim Woo Bin announced additional dates and locations for his first fan meeting tour in Asia!

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His agency SidusHQ stated on the 10th, "Kim Woo Bin will kick off his fan meeting tour in Hong Kong on the 16th. He will also visit Taiwan, Shanghai, and Thailand.

He has been receiving endless love calls for an Asia fan meeting [tour] since "School 2013". As "Heirs" and his film "Friend 2" consecutively became hits late last year, he received strength from the fans" support and decided to hold an Asia fan meeting [tour].

During his fan meeting in Hong Kong next week, there are a lot of questions coming in from international and domestic fans, and local media outlets are also sending requests for interviews, evidencing Kim Woo Bin"s hot popularity once again

Park Shin Hye Has Over 5 Million Followers on Weibo

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Hallyu actress Park Shin Hye has over 5 million followers on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.

As of February 7 at 9 AM KST, Park Shin Hye’s Weibo attracted 5,406, 667 followers. Through her roles in various dramas including, “You’re Beautiful,” “Fabulous Boys,” and “The Heirs,” the actress is receiving much love and support from fans abroad.

Reaching 5 million followers on Weibo is a first by a Korean actress. Considering “The Heirs” has not yet been officially broadcasted in China, it is predicted the number of followers will increase.

A rep from Park Shin Hye’s agency, S.A.L.T. Entertainment, remarked, “We are thankful to all the fans in China. We believe Park Shin Hye’s effort to connect directly with fans through various SNS sites is reaching fans domestically and internationally

February Music Trends in Korea: Where Have the Idols Gone?

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From “Let It Go” off the Frozen OST, Soyu and JunggiGo’s duet “Some” to Park Wan Kyu’s single for the Empress Ki OST, “Wind Breeze,” music charts have recently begun to look richer in variety. The charts are flush with movie and drama OST tracks, indie band offerings, as well as releases from solo singer-songwriters. The February music charts so far feature a diversity of genres and musicians, leaving one wondering if the idol chart domination of music charts is a thing of the past?

“Let It Go” hit the charts shortly after the release of animated Disney movie Frozen, and has ranked highly on music charts since, along with other songs from the OST. The track is Elsa’s theme song in the movie and Idina Menzel’s original has attracted countless covers, a sign of the song’s staying power

Which Idol Actor’s Return Are You Looking Forward to the Most?

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Idols will be showing off their acting abilities once more as they take on various acting projects in the coming months, and we want to know who you can’t wait to see the most.

From dramas to films, the idols are covering all the bases, so read on and vote for your favorite below!

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun

Production for upcoming SBS drama Three Days is well underway, and male lead Park Yoo Chun has been giving it his all since filming began in December.

From script readings to physical training, Park Yoo Chun has been showing enthusiasm for his new role, even working through the holidays in preparation for its premiere this month.

FT Island’s Seung Hyun

After crossing over into the musical world, starring in hit musicals like Jack the Ripper and The Three Musketeers, FT Island’s Seung Hyun will take on the big screen in upcoming film No One to Trust in the World

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Cast as Lead Actor for Chinese Drama ‘The Heirs’

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Super Junior’s Choi Siwon has been cast as the lead actor of an upcoming Chinese drama The Heirs.

SM Entertainment told Newsen on February 3, “Choi Siwon has been cast as the protagonist of a Chinese drama. He will be heading over to China soon to start filming.”

The Heirs (translated) is a drama about the competition to inherit a huge fortune from a wealthy grandfather. It is not an official remake of the Korean drama of the same name.

Choi Siwon will be acting as the hidden grandson who competes for the fortune, and form a love line with actress Kan Qing Zi.

Photo credit: Newsen

WINNER reveals hilarious parody of ‘Heirs’ + throw surprise party for Kang Seung Yoon

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The boys of WINNER created a funny parody of hit drama "Heirs" for this week"s episode of "WINNER TV." While Kang Seung Yoon took on Kim Tan, Nam Tae Hyun became a pretty Eun Sang, Song Min Ho transformed into the charismatic Young Do, Kim Jin Woo became the catty Rachel, and Lee Seung Hoon played, well, everything else.

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There is even a cameo by Big Bang"s Seungri, who plays the role of Yang Hyun Suk attempting to send Eun Sang away to another agency like JYP and Antenna Music.

In addition, the members threw a surprise birthday party for Kang Seung Yoon after they filmed the pool scene for the parody. Although they did not have time to buy presents, they managed to get a beautiful cake that was lit up while they sang happy birthday to the brightly smiling Kang Seung Yoon

Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo and More to Star in Upcoming Movie

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Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, Go Chang Seok and Kim Young Chul confirmed their appearance in an upcoming film The Technicians (translated).

Kim Woo Bin became one of the most anticipated young stars after his appearance in the drama The Heirs and movie Friend 2, while Lee Hyun Woo also gained popularity after taking on the role of a north Korean spy in the movie Secretly, Greatly, which was a hit movie that sold over 7 million tickets.

The Technicians, the new project of director Kim Hong Sun, who also directed The Traffickers, will tell the story of the crime technicians around the harbor area.

Lee Hyun Woo will take on the role of ‘Jong Bae,’ a genius hacker who sets the atmosphere for the group with his bright personality

Kim Woo Bin Is the Next James Dean for “Leon Korea”

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Kim Woo Bin displayed his signature “rebellious” charm through a recent photo shoot, making fans call him the next James Dean.

Kim Woo Bin posed for the men’s lifestyle magazine “Leon Korea” for its February issue. He was featured on the cover of the magazine, strongly branding it with his intense and unique charisma.

Eyes were also drawn to the fact that Kim Woo Bin posed with Girolamo Panzetta, who is a famous actor and model in Italy and has worked with “Leon” magazine for over 11 years.

As he poses on a motorcycle for one of the cuts, Kim Woo Bin perfectly pulls off the dangerous, mischeivous and masculine look that reminds us of his “The Heirs” character.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin has been having an hectic schedule in the TV, film and advertising world

Park Shin Hye attends the ‘Miu Miu’ flagship store opening in Hong Kong

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Park Shin Hye looked like a glamorous "heir" at the grand opening for the newly renovated "Miu Miu" flagship store in Peking Road, Hong Kong!

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According to her agency S.A.L.T Entertainment, Park Shin Hye was invited as the representative Korean celebrity guest for the fashion brand"s opening event and departed to Hong Kong on January 8. Everyone wants a piece of the actress these days with her soaring popularity overseas from "Heirs". She was busy right off the bat in Hong Kong with her photo shoot and attendance at the opening party.

Park Shin Hye is currently preparing for what might possibly be her next hit film "The Tailors"

‘The Heirs’ Lee Min Ho Says Kim Woo Bin is a Mature Friend

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Lee Min Ho talked about acting alongside Kim Woo Bin in The Heirs.

After starring as an 18-year-old high schooler who throws out everything for love, Lee Min Ho talked about Kim Woo Bin, who acted as his rival and a friend throughout the drama.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Lee Min Ho said “I was in America to film the first four episodes and came back to Korea to film the fifth episode, and that’s when I met Kim Woo Bin for the first time.”

“The first time I acted with Kim Woo Bin, I could feel the energy out of him,” continued the actor. “I felt sure that the drama would involve an intense love triangle, if it was going to involve an actor like him. And I guessed right.”

As the popularity of the drama increased, many fans started dividing into fans of Lee Min Ho versus fans of Kim Woo Bin, with the press also focusing its attention on the two male actors in the drama

Lee Min Ho Talks About His Passionate Kiss Scene With Park Shin Hye in “The Heirs”

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Actor Lee Min Ho recently sat down for an interview with Daily Sports and talked about what it was like to work with Korea’s sweetheart Park Shin Hye and having to wear high school uniforms again.

How was it working opposite Park Shin Hye? 

“Park Shin Hye is young in age, but in terms of acting experience, she is my senior. To be honest, I’m not exactly good at talking to female actresses about acting or offering them support. I just act according to how I feel, and I’m just thankful that Park Shin Hye goes with it. I also discovered that Park Shin Hye is the first younger female actress I’ve worked with. Until now, I’ve worked with older actresses like Goo Hye Sun and Kim Hee Sun. I think she’s a terrific colleague and consider her a younger sibling

Chinese Version of “The Heirs” to Start Filming Soon

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On December 26, several Chinese publications reported that a movie/television production company in China has already bought publication rights to “The Heirs” and will soon start filming. The drama is set to begin filming in January, and will be a collaboration between Chinese producer Li Shao Hong and Korean director Oh Sang Won. The actors who will follow-up Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Kim Woo Bin have not yet been determined.

SBS’s “The Heirs” recently aired its final episode on December 20, after a hugely successful run for the drama as well as its main actors.

This past November, “The Heirs” production company Hwa & Dam Pictures revealed that they signed a foreign production contract for the highest price in Korean drama history, and that the interest for “The Heirs” is crazy in not only Korea, but abroad, as well

Lee Min Ho vs. JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun

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In this week’s K-Pop Battle, we’re spotlighting two stars who have successfully crossed over into various realms of the entertainment world.

From a popular idol who has proven himself as an actor to a flower boy actor with a sweet voice, let us know which multitalented star deserves to win by voting!

Lee Min Ho

With SBS drama The Heirs coming to a successful end, actor and sometimes singer Lee Min Ho has his upcoming encore concert to look forward to.

Fans in Korea have expressed their excitement for Lee Min Ho’s My Everything finale concert to be held on January 18, snatching up all of the tickets as soon as they went on sale on December 19.

The decorated actor has not only lent his vocals to various OSTs, Lee Min Ho even released a mini album, My Everything, earlier this year