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Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 20 Recap [Korean Drama 2013]

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Korean Drama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 20 Recap by joonniTan and Young Do stand apart, but together, looking out into the city. YD finally breaks the silence: “It’s cold.” He’s describing the weather, but it is also how he feels. Tan adds, “It’s cold…and dark.” Silence falls between them again as they each try to fight off the cold and dark feeling hovering over them because of their fathers.At a cafe, Tan discusses his situation with a woman, who we learn is a lawyer. Tan doesn’t trust the lawyers at Jeguk anymore, and he wants this new lawyer’s help transferring legal proxy rights to Won from JS for his stocks.Yoon and Won are busy preparing for battle against JS too. Yoon reports to Won which person has how many percentage of stocks. Won notes that because the margin between the percentage held by JS and her people are close to the percentage held by Won and Tan and their people, it’s going to a battle to try to get the rest of the stockholders to side with them

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 11 Live Recap

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Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 11 Live RecapHS drives Tan to the campsite. Tan asks for HS to wait inside the car as he gets out. MS spots Tan.Tan calls someone as he searches the campsite. He walks into scene of YD and ES talking. When YD sees Tan, YD pulls ES into a hug. ES pushes his off, demanding to know what he is doing. YD replies he is showing Kim Tan. He lets her know Tan is here.Tan walks over. The two start bickering, and YD says, “You’re feelings for Eun Sang seems to be sincere.” Tan replies, “And if it is?” YD says, “Then can you relay my truth (sincerity) too. Tell Cha Eun Sang. I think I like her. She doesn’t seem to believe me when I say it. If you tell her, she’ll believe you. Annoyingly.” YD leaves.Tan sees ES staring off, so he tells her to focus. He gets angry that he came all this way and saw this

Korean drama “The Heirs Episode 11 Preview”

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Korean drama "The Heirs Episode 11 Preview"Korean drama "The Heirs Episode 11 Recap Here"YD: Don’t listen. And don’t get hurt.YD: If you give the answer, I can’t ask you anymore.ES: Is that a conversation to you?YD: Do you really like Kim Tan?JS: Let me see that notebook. Give it to me!KA: What are you doing to our maid (ahjumma)?JS: You put someone on me!KA: *gasp*JS: After Tan gets his birthday present this year, his shares will be equal to or perhaps more than yours.Tan: If you turn your back to me, I will hug you. If you talk back, I will kiss you.KA: What are you two doing? Are you crazy? Have you two been dating behind my back?ES: Do you have go this far? Is this the truth that you wanted to relay?YD: What I did just now is what Kim Tan will do to you from now on

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 10 Live Recap

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Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 10 Live RecapOutside, Tan and YD talk. Tan: “I’m sorry I thought of you lightly. I didn’t know you’d be this much of a bastard. ” YD: “Now that you know, is all that is left you kneeling in front of me?” Tan: “Is that what you wanted? Then this not a good plan.” Uh Oh, YD sees ES walking up. YD: “I think I set a good plan.” ES also now sees YD and Tan. YD: “ES even comes to your house? I didn’t come for this, but…Jackpot.”Tan lies, telling YD that he had a previously promised date with ES today. He apologizes to ES, saying they should go see the performance next time. ES gets the hint, and turns to leave. YD calls after her, but Tan tells her to just go. ES hurries off.YD finds it curious that ES comes to Tan’s house so freely, which is full of secrets- “It only means one thing

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 10 Preview

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Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 10 Preview updating

Tan: No more family in the fight between you and me.

YD: Then there is only one thing left for us. Poor Cha Eun Sang.

ES: Because the midterms are a day after tomorrow.

Tan: How did you get first place?

MS: Wow, daebak.

R: What do I need to do to break off the engagement between me and Tan?

Tan: What is it that you want to gain by doing this?

R: Whether you can exchange everything you have with ES.

YD: But you come out of Kim Tan’s house. At dawn. Who are you?

Tan: Let’s date. Starting today.

Episode 10 sure won’t be boring! Young Do wil be completely laid low by love

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 9 Live Recap [Korean Drama 2013]

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Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 9 Live Recap Tan is waiting outside the door of his house for ES. He gives her back her phone, and lightheartedly whines that he got hurt and was scolded by JS, wanting her attention. But ES just looks worried. Still, without saying anything, she tries to go in, but Tan stops her. ES pleads, “Don’t hold me and don’t block me. Don’t wait for me from now on.” She tries to go in again, but Tan turns her back. ES pleads again. She doesn’t want to be recorded on the security cam. Tan: “That darn CCTV.” HAHAHAHA! ES reminds him that he is the one who warned her about the camera. Tan yells, “What I do told you, what I warned you about…Did you ever really listen?”Won appears and sees Tan and ES together, Tan holding onto ES. ES bows and hurriedly goes in. Won motions for Tan to move, not saying anything about what he just saw

The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 7 Live Recap – Korean Drama 2013

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The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 7 Live RecapInfront of the convenience store, YD wakes ES up (who pretends she sleeping, groaning at her misfortune)YD picks up KT's phone call. Realizes KT is across the street.(Cue YD rocker theme music)YD wakes ES up.ES: "Why are you so loud? to YD. He points to KT, ES eye widensKT and YD basically talk about why the other is there.KT cooly says he's not here for ES and walk away.ES leaves soon after, leaving YD slightly irritated look.KT sudden appears, “Why are you sleeping at a place like that?” “Why did you meet YD, how many times did I warn you about him?ES: It was coincidence, and I think he offered to protect me. Whats your problem with him?KT: Long story, but we hate each other nowAt home, ES run into KT and his mother. KT pretends they met for the first time. ES pretends never know her

The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 6 Live Recap – Korean Drama 2013

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The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 6 Live Recap We are back at the school, with ES suddenly getting in between KT and YD. YD whistle, sayings "what's this, a gift for me?" KT, " Why are you here without your uniform on.?" CY gets in, telling her to follow. ES and CY leaves. Rachel demands to speak with KT, and they walk away.Rachel questions KT about whether he knew & had the will to keep ES from transferring to the school. KT remarks he has no choice in any life decision, including his engagement with Rachel.CY explains to ES that there are four categories of kids enrolled at the school. ES is surprised to learn that CY is part of the lower categories, although he is quite decently off contrast to ES at least.Back in a classroom, ES introduce herself infront of her class, but a student asks under what condition/rights ES was able to transfer to the school (questioning her background)

The Inheritors (Heirs) Live recap Episode 5

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The Inheritors (Heirs) Live recap Episode 5We’re back at KT’s house, with him finding ES at his kitchen. ES remarks, “what’s up with that guy” and then leaves the kitchen through back door. KT returns to his room, seemingly stunned expression showing on his face.We now see ES running to school with KT looking at her outside of the window. Afterwards, he goes to ES and her mom's room. He sees that it's very small and cramped, and leaves.KT runs into his mother back in the kitchen. He wonders where KW went off to, mother says "business trip". And says something mean about him, but KT says, " I like my brother".KT goes to meet with his step mother to be enrolled in her private school ( I think it's her school?). She remarks, "you have grown, kicking out your brother as soon as you return."We return to KW and he is with a girl, talking about wishes

The Inheritors (Heirs) Episode 3 Live Recap

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Refresh to read the live update!!!


We are back at the theater, with KT translating the exchange taking place in the movie.

KT: Do you like me?
ES and KT just gaze at each other. ES says "probably not." KT: "Why?" ES: "Because you are engaged." KT: "even so." ES: and you look younger. KT: "But that happens often in Hollywood. ES: "We're in Hollywood????"

KT and ES are outside, where they see the Hollywood sign. ES: "We're at Hollywood!!" (lollll that transition knocked me off).

KT and ES are back at KT's home. ES takes her luggage out. ES: "I'm sorry for bothering, but can you check if there was a response on that post I made on my friend? Thanks for everythi-----. And then KT sudden picks up her luggage and goes back home, forcing ES to follow him. KT confirms that ES' friend made the post, but tells her that he's taking shower and leaves the room