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“Emergency Couple” Choi Jin Hyuk Wants to Enlist in the Army after One More Project

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Actor Choi Jin Hyuk revealed his desires to act in one more project before enlisting in the military. Recently, the actor sat down with eNEWS to discuss his future plans. In regards to his upcoming military enlistment, Choi Jin Hyuk stated, “If you’re a guy, you have to go to the military. I will go with much energy.” In the past it was announced that the actor had passed his interview and entry level examinations for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and was recently accepted in to one of the limited spots in the unit.

When asked about his future plans in acting, the actor revealed his gratitude towards his rising popularity, and said, “Indeed right now is better than the past when I didn’t have any work. However, after working nonstop for the last year and a half in the dramas ‘Gu Family Book,’ ‘The Heirs,’ and ‘Emergency Couple,’ it is a bit difficult

Kim Ji Won Wants to Change Her Evil Image from ‘The Heirs’

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Kim Ji Won brought up her evil character from The Heirs.

Kim Ji Won recently attended filming for Arirang TV’s Showbiz Korea.

After making her debut through a cellphone commercial with Big Bang in 2010, Kim Ji Won has been making appearances in numerous projects, including MBC’s sitcom High Kick, movie Scary Story, SBS’s The Heirs and more.

About her drama character, Kim Ji Won said, “When I first read the scenario for The Heirs, I thought she was really evil. But the more I read it, the more I started thinking from Rachel’s situation, so I began to feel sympathy for her.”

When asked who is closer to her ideal type between ‘Kim Tan’ and ‘Choi Young Do,’ Kim Ji Won chose ‘Choi Young Do’ without hesitating

Lee Min Ho Voted Current Hallyu King

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With today’s actors making waves overseas, we asked you which star is the current hallyu king, and the results are in!

To what may come as a surprise to few, The Heirs star Lee Min Ho took the majority of votes with 54.5 percent of votes.Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun, who stole the spotlight with You Who Came from the Stars recently, finished in second place with 28.7 percent.

Kim Woo Bin, who launched his first Asia fan meeting tour this year, finished in third place with 16.8 percent of votes.

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Nam Ji Hyun Had Her First Kiss During Kiss Scene in “Angel Eyes”

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It was revealed that the kiss scene in SBS‘ “Angel Eyes” was actress Nam Ji Hyun‘s first kiss… ever! As the drama focuses on the innocent first love of a blind girl named Soo Wan and a smart student named Dong Joo, the first two episodes of the drama displayed the cautious, but sweet relationship of the two child actors. As Nam Ji Hyun played the younger version of Soo Wan while Kang Ha Neul acted as the younger version of Dong Joo, drama viewers were thrown back 12 years in to the past to see the first steps of the developing relationship.

In episodes one and two, viewers saw how Nam Ji Hyun and Kang Ha Neul exchanged their first kiss on the stairs, and then another kiss in front of a telephone pole. However, it was noticed on set that the actress was extremely nervous to film the kiss scene, and it was soon revealed that it would be the actress’ first kiss in her entire life! Unlike Nam Ji Hyun, Kang Ha Neul had a kiss scene with other actresses in his past dramas such as “To the Beautiful You,” “Monstar,” and “The Heirs

‘Young Do’s Dad’ Choi Jin Ho Confirmed to Join ‘Gangnam Blues’

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Choi Jin Ho, who acted as ‘Young Do’s dad’ on SBS’s The Heirs will be joining the cast members of Gangnam Blues.

Choi Jin Ho has been confirmed to take on the role of congressman ‘Park Seung Gu,’ a power hungry politician who joins hands with a gangster group headed by Baek Yong Gi (Kim Rae Won) to get what he wants.

After reading scenario for Gangnam Blues, Choi Jin Ho said, “The scenario pulls you in as you read it. I’m happy to be meeting with the audience through a good project. I will try by my best to show good acting.”

Meanwhile, Gangnam Blues is an action noir film about the political power joining forces with the dark sides of the society during 1970’s in Gangnam, when the real estate market began growing at a tremendous rate

Lee Min Ho’s Face Appears on Buses, Subways and Airplanes around Asia

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Rising as one of this generation′s hallyu stars, Lee Min Ho’s face appeared on the airplanes and buses. His face has also decorated the subway and bus stops in Taiwan.

Jeju Air recently revealed the pictures of its airplanes with Lee Min Ho’s picture on them. Out of 15 airplanes operated by Jeju Air, two have been wrapped with Lee Min Ho’s pictures.

The ‘Lee Min Ho’ airplanes will be traveling not only within Korea but also in four cities in Japan, two cities in China, two cities in Philippines, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Guam. Jeju Air hopes to raise its profile by utilizing Lee Min Ho’s image.

In Taiwan, Lee Min Ho’s face can be seen on various limousine buses. The buses have been organized by the actor’s fan club members to commemorateThe Heirs broadcast in the country

Kim Woo Bin Takes Away the Heart of 5,000 in Thailand

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Kim Woo Bin captivated the hearts of his fans in Thailand.

Recently gaining fame around countries in Asia, Kim Woo Bin held a fan meeting at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand, meeting with 5,000 fans.

Kim Woo Bin appeared on the stage, singing Lee Juck’s It’s Fortunate welcomed by the fans’ passionate cheers. He then greeted the fans in Thai language saying, “Thank you for showing such passionate support for me, who came from afar.”

The fan meeting started with the actor sharing his recent activities followed by a special video clip featuring SHINee’s Minho, CN BLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk, 2NE1, MBLAQ, Park Shin Hye and Rain and their picks of the best scenes from SBS’s drama The Heirs.

Kim Woo Bin also surprised the fans by preparing a bicycle to give a bike ride to a selected fans on stage

Actress Kim Sung Ryung Thinks Lee Min Ho Could Be From Another Planet

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Actress Kim Sung Ryung, who played the mother of Lee Min Ho’s “The Heirs” character, Kim Tan, recently praised the male actor for his handsome looks.

On April 3, actresses Kim Sung Ryung and Bang Eun Hee made guest appearances on talk show, “Taxi” for the 330th episode.

When MC Kim Gu Ra asked Kim Sung Ryung, “What was it like filming a movie with actor Hyunbin?” she replied, “In the movie, Hyunbin’s body was no joke during his exposure scene.”

MC Hong Eun Hee chimed in asking, “They say Lee Min Ho looks even more handsome in person, what do you think?” to which Kim Sung Ryung replied, “Among all the male actors I’ve worked with, Lee Min Ho’s visuals are top notch

Kim Sung Ryong Names Lee Min Ho as the Most Handsome Actor

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Kim Sung Ryong, who acted as ‘Kim Tan’s mother’ in The Heirs, named Lee Min Ho as the most handsome actor.

April 3’s broadcast of tvN’s Taxi will feature Kim Sung Ryong and her close friend Bang Eun Hee sharing their stories.

Having acted alongside some of the handsomest actors, including Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin and more, Kim Sung Ryong shared her thoughts on working with the ‘flower boys.’

When MC Kim Gura asked, “How was filming a movie with Hyun Bin?” the actress said with laughter, “He’s really cool! He took off his shirt in the movie and his body was amazing.”

Then MC Hong Eun Hee asked, “I heard Lee Min Ho is really handsome if you see him in person, is that true?” and Kim Sung Ryong responded, “I think Min Ho is the best looking overall out of all the actors I’ve worked with

Which Star is the Current Hallyu King?

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Korea’s flower boys are planting their seeds in countries all across Asia and beyond, leading the next hallyu wave, but we want to know which star you think deserves the title of Hallyu King.

We’ve listed a few of our favorites below, so read on and vote!

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho has been leading the next generation of hallyu stars since hitting it big overseas with hallyu favorites Boys Over Flowers and The Heirs.

From Korea to Thailand and Hong Kong and China, Lee Min Ho is leaving his mark on fans’ hearts.

With more than 20 million followers on Weibo and 13 million on Facebook, Lee Min Ho is also one of the most connected stars in the SNS world, confirming that the world is watching his every move

UEE reveals her ideal type and why she’s hesitant to date anyone right now

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After School"s UEE revealed her ideal type has been the same since her debut and explained what"s holding her back from dating in a recent interview.

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Q: Do you have an ideal type?

A: After I made my debut, my ideal type was none other than Gong Yoo sunbaenim. But I am also a woman. There are times when my ideal type changes. I like men who don"t have double eyelids. That is why I once said that I like Rain sunbaenim as well. There are people who say that my ideal type is always changing after I said that. I feel falsely accused [laughs]. My ideal type is still Gong Yoo sunbaenim. I watched "Coffee Prince" around four times. Of course, I watch "Heirs" and wonder if there is a handsome man like Kim Tan and get swayed by him

Lee Min Ho makes 15,000 fans swoon during his tour finale in Japan

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Lee Min Ho made 15,000 fans swoon during his fan meeting in Japan!

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Lee Min Ho held his three-part fan meeting series at Pacifico Yokohama Hall on March 28-29 with a total of 15,000 fans. The actor looked back on the unforgettable scenes and lines from the hit drama "Heirs", shared his 2014 bucket list, passed out gifts to the audience, and sang a confessional love song dedicated to fans in addition to making 15 wardrobe changes throughout the night.

He shared, "I want to return the love I"ve received until now and continue to meet [fans] through other activities besides productions so I prepared this stage... My precious memories with my fans always give me energy in my life

Lee Min Ho Wraps Up Global Tour by Gathering 15,000 in Japan

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Beginning a global tour titled My Everything in 2013, Lee Min Ho wrapped up the ten month tour in Japan.

Lee Min Ho’s fan meeting took place on March 28 and 29 at Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall. The event with the theme of ‘Love and Happiness’ took place three times, gathering over a total of 15,000 fans.

The success of the event is more meaningful since The Heirs is about to be broadcasted in Japan. Gaining popularity since he starred in Boys Over Flowers in 2009, Lee Min Ho is expected to reawaken the hallyu wave in Japan, following China.

Over the three fan meetings, Lee Min Ho interacted with the fans through a variety of events that he himself planned, including watching the popular scenes from The Heirs, talking about the ‘bucket list’ for this year, making and gifting fans with cake and flower basket in apron and singing romantic songs

Actress Park Shin Hye releases digital single ‘Arm Pillow’

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Actress Park Shin Hye, who always showed an interest in singing, is back to give us another listen at her voice with new digital single, "Arm Pillow"!

She has already showcased her vocal talents through previous drama productions like "You"re Beautiful", "Heartstrings", and "Heirs". She also featured in various works like a cover of Standing Egg"s "Break Up For You, Not Yet For Me", but this time, she"s back with an original song.

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"Arm Pillow" was composed by Choi Yong Chan and the lyrics written by Choi Kwan Won. The song has a sweet melody accompanied by refreshing and lovable lyrics. Producer Hwang Sung Jin said, "The innocent love expressed through a woman"s feelings was turned into an even more lovable song through Park Shin Hye"s joyful voice

Kim Woo Bin steals 1,500 fans’ hearts in Shanghai

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Kim Woo Bin claimed the hearts of fans in Shanghai with his latest fan meet.

He met up with 1,500 fans at a theater in Shanghai on the 29th, and he appeared on stage by singing Lee Juk"s "It"s a Relief", already setting the mood with his entrance. The fans gave everything into cheering for the singer, and he thanked them sincerely.

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He also couldn"t end the event without talking about his "Heirs" role, sharing various stories. The event also aired special videos featuring CNBLUE"s Minhyuk, Park Shin Hye, and Rain, and even a special cooking portion by the actor for his fans.

At the end, he said, "It"s my first Chinese fan meeting, but I"m thankful that so many people came and showed me love

Park Shin Hye to Reveal New Single “Arm Pillow” on April 1

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Actress Park Shin Hye will be dropping a single on April 1!

Her agency, S.A.L.T. Entertainment, announced today that Park Shin Hye will be releasing a digital single on April 1 titled “Arm Pillow.” “Park Shin Hye has proven that she has solid vocals with OST tracks for each of the dramas she has been in, ‘You’re Beautiful,’ ‘Heartstrings,’ and recently ‘The Heirs.’ This time, she will not be singing for an OST and will show off her own color with ‘Arm Pillow.’ The song combines a charming spring melody and Park Shin Hye’s sweet vocals and is expected to show off a different side to ‘Multi-tainer Park Shin Hye.’”

“Arm Pillow” is the work of composer Choi Yong Chan, who has written multiple hits including JYJ’s “Found You,” with lyrics written by producer Choi Gap Won, who has worked with artists such as Gummy, IU, and Ha Dong Kyun

Kim Woo Bin Sings Sweet Melody for 1,500 Fans in China

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Kim Woo Bin took over the hearts of those in China.

On March 29, Kim Woo Bin gathered 1,500 fans at his fan meeting held in Shanghai.

Appearing on the stage by singing Lee Juck’s It’s Fortunate, Kim Woo Bin waved in response to the fans’ cheers and carried on the two hour long fan meeting.

The fan meeting also featured a congratulatory video message from CN Blue’s Kang Min Hyuk and Park Shin Hye, who acted along with him on SBS’s The Heirs as well as from Rain.

After sharing about his much loved project The Heirs, Kim Woo Bin interacted with the fans more closely by holding a Q&A session.

Wrapping up the fan meeting by singing Im Jae Bum’s The Flight, Kim Woo Bin said, “Thank you so much for coming and showing your love at my first fan meeting in China

Actor Lee Min Ho Talks About Delivering Cheesy Lines And More

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Actor Lee Min Ho recently sat down for an interview with “@Star1” magazine.

Along with answering questions about his previous roles as a second generation chaebol heir in “The Heirs” and “Boys Over Flowers,” he also dished on delivering cheesy lines and what type of roles he wants to play next.

Q: Your line, “Do I like you?” (“The Heirs”) became famous for being a cheesy line. What were your personal thoughts on it?

A: When I first received the script, I felt it was really fresh. I thought ‘Oh wow, I can confess my feelings like this too. I can create this effect and convey my emotions.’ However, when the staff first saw that line- they of course thought it was a typo because of the way it was written. (laugh)”

Q: Your kiss scene with Park Shin Hye was very popular

Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho Are the Korean Kings of CFs in China

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Actors Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho are leading the Hallyu wave.

The two have seen a meteoric rise in popularity in China following roles in the SBS dramas “The Heirs” and “Man from the Stars.” They are at the forefront of Hallyu’s advancement into China, which is fast becoming the new focus of Korean entertainment companies over Japan.

Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho’s popularity can be directly measured by their CF work. The two are currently competitive rivals in the Chinese CF market and can be said to be leading the industry. Companies have had to lay down extreme incentives and conduct under the table negotiations in order to sign the two actors. Competition is that intense.

Both actors currently command an appearance fee of around 2 trillion won (~USD$1

Kim Woo Bin Makes Surprise Phone Appearance on ‘Happy Together’

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Although he wasn’t officially a guest on the show, Kim Woo Bin surprised viewers by coming out on KBS’ Happy Together.

On March 27, Hong Seok Cheon, and other guests appeared in the ‘Bluff Special’ for Happy Together, where the actor said he had a big role in helping Kim Woo Bin come into the entertainment world.

Everyone around him on the set claimed he was lying, saying they don’t believe him and will only believe him if Kim Woo Bin actually confirms it.

Hong Seok Cheon called up Kim Woo Bin, who failed to answer.

However as the recording went on, Kim Woo Bin replied back in a test message, telling Hong Seok Cheon to call him when comfortable.

With the entire cast ready to hear Kim Woo Bin’s voice, Hong Seok Cheon called the actor, who answered with affection