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Temptation Episode 6 Review: Choi Ji Woo Imagines Kissing with Kwon Sang Woo

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In Temptation, episode 6, Yoo Se Young(played by Choi Ji Woo) imagined kissing with Cha Suk Hoon(played by Kwon Sang Woo).

As Se Young saw Suk Hoon working hard with the project she gave him, she had a little bit of feelings for him. After she came home, she started thinking about him and ended up imagining themselves kissing each other.

"Fated To Love You" releases BTS cuts of Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra"s slow dance scene

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MBC Wed-Thurs drama "Fated To Love You" gave viewers more to squeal over with behind-the-scenes photos of Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra"s slow dance scene!

It has been reported that the Jang-Jang couple filmed the scene, which looked like it popped out of a fairy tale, near Mapo Bridge on July 22. Although it was filmed at the early hour of 1 AM KST, Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra were the atmosphere makers on set with their playful personalities.

Jang Na Ra also gave Jang Hyuk a thumbs up possibly in approval at the way he took the lead with Jang Na Ra"s shy character Kim Mi Young during the romantic scene!

Stay tuned for new episodes of "Fated To Love You" this Wednesday and Thursday!

JYJ’s Yoochun Talks about Bed Scene in His Debut Movie “Sea Fog”

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun talked about his bed scene in his movie “Sea Fog,” which held its VIP premiere screening today at the CGV theater in Wangshimni.

Park Yoochun expressed his thoughts saying “From the very beginning, I worried a lot about the bed scene I had to film with Han Ye Ri. I thought a lot about how to express this scene. After I finished doing the scene however, I’m not sure if my expression will make everyone misunderstand it.”

He further explained: “The situation is about how the person doesn’t know if he will live or die and the feeling of wanting to actually live; I want to ideally express how that feels (through the scenes) and how both feelings can coexist at the same time.”

Co-actress Han Ye Ri agreed and said that they want to express the feeling of urgency, as if wanting to race against death while doing the scene

Which Star Of ‘The Heirs’ Will Be The Next Top K-Movie Star?

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(Photo : Star Haus Entertainment,SidusHQ, Atree Media) Which of these four stars of "The Heirs" has will be the next top K-Movie star?

“The Divine Move” starring Jung Woo Sung, Lee Bum Soo, and “Fated to Love You” star Choi Jin Hyuk opened in theaters throughout North America, this past weekend.

Choi Jin Hyuk has one of his first major film roles in “The Divine Move” the GO hustling gangster Sun Soo. he role is a departure from the sweet yet slightly detached characters he has portrayed over the past year in the popular Korean dramas “Emergency Couple” and “The Heirs.”

Choi Jin Hyuk delivers a captivating performance as Sun Soo and is featured in one of the best scenes of “The Divine Move

BESTie returns to the music scene with upbeat new summer track “Hot Baby”

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After a year of hiatus following their last anniversary thank-you video, four-member girl group BESTie recently made a comeback with their brand new summer track, “Hot Baby”!

Inducing soft lighting, natural elements such as grassy backgrounds, sunny glows, and bubbles, as well as colorful summer clothing, Haeyeon, Yooji, Dahye, and Hyeryeong have fun at a casual summer party while singing about their hopes of a great relationship with a significant other. Their voices are melodic and travel over a wide range, as they call for their lovers to confess and begin their great relationship as soon as possible. All in all, the music video induces a positive atmosphere and upbeat tune, making it a great summer listen.

Furthermore, although the MV is filmed in just one setting, both the members’ cute antics, as well as their outfit changes and frequent close-ups keep the MV diverse until the song’s end

Comedic Behind the Scene Stills of the Upcoming film, “Pirates,” Revealed

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The behind the scene stills of the upcoming film, “Pirates,” have been revealed.

Many have high expectations for this film as it’s been rated for ages 12 and up and it’s a film that anyone can enjoy. As many are expecting this to be an enjoyable film, the behind the scene stills are enjoyable as well.

Despite of the hardships they encountered during the hot and cold weather, the smiles on the actors’ faces didn’t disappear. They filmed the movie 100 times within the span of six months and despite of the hardship, there’s a reason the actors were able to endure it. Most of the scenes were filmed on the ocean and Byeokran Island was the second most filmed location. In the stills, actress Son Ye Jin, f(x)’s Sulli, Shin Jung Geun and Lee Yi Kyung are filled with smiles on their faces, creating a friendly atmosphere

[Spoiler] "It"s Okay, That"s Love" shows a scene from "That Winter, the Wind Blows"

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"It"s Okay, That"s Love" is showing fragments of Jo In-Seong"s previous drama "That Winter, the Wind Blows".

On the second episode of the drama, Jang Jae-yeol (Jo In-Seong) became Ji Hye-soo"s (Kong Hyo-jin) new roommate.

Jang Jae-yeol called his mother Ok-ja (Cha Hwa-yeon) after his radio show. He asked her what she was doing and she was watching TV. The TV screen showed a scene from Jo In-Seong"s previous drama which was also written by Noh Hee-kyeong and produced by Kim Kyoo-tae.

Ok-ja told him, "She"s crying because they broke up" and Jang Jae-yeol said, "She"s going to become sexy once she meets an innocent man". He then told his mother that he loved her.

"It"s Okay, That"s Love" is a romantic comedy drama about Jang Jae-yeol a mystery novelist with a compulsion and Ji Hye-soo a humane psychiatrist

Nam Sang Mi Talks About Her Torture Scene in “The Joseon Gunman”

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Nam Sang Mi of “The Joseon Gunman” showed her passion by actually having her legs twisted as punishment for a torture scene.

On July 23, at the end of episode nine of “The Joseon Gunman,” the drama showed a preview for the next episode in which Jung Soo In (Nam Sang Mi) is dragged to Uigeumbu and tortured.

On July 24, Nam Sang Mi stated through the production team “I was in the middle of enjoyably reading the script when I found out that Soo In would have a torture scene. It’s the first time (that I had a torture scene), so I was very surprised.”

“My seniors gave me a lot of advice on torture scenes. I even imagined the pain it would take if I was barely alive. I decided that there was nothing as good as experiencing it for myself. Therefore, I actually had my legs twisted as punishment before doing the scene in the drama

Behind the Scene Stills of Kang Ha Neul and Kim So Eun on Set of “A Girl Ghost Story” Revealed

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Sweet stills of actors Kang Ha Neul and Kim So Eun on the set of the recently released film, “A Girl Ghost Story” have been revealed.

The film is about a lonely boy who is able to see ghosts. He meets a girl ghost who lost her memory and builds a friendly relationship. From the ghost story of a bloody mask that’s been spreading around the school to his classmates going missing and unwinding the secret that involves the girl ghost, this is an emotional horror film.

In the first still, Kim So Eun is smiling brightly in front of Kim Ha Neul with her hands on his shoulders. In the film, Kang Ha Neul plays In Soo who has the ability to see ghosts and Kim So Eun plays the girl ghost with secrets. The lovely atmosphere between the two actors reminds of the innocent and fresh romance between In Soo and the girl ghost

G-Dragon reveals he wants to have a kiss scene, shows his love for Haru, and more on 'Entertainment Relay'

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G-Dragon talked about fashion, Big Bang, and Haru on the July 19 edition of "Entertainment Relay"!

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G-Dragon sat down for an interview with "Entertainment Relay" on the set of his photo shoot and talked about his love for fashion, "Rather than being [especially] concerned with airport fashion, I"m the type to put effort into whatever I wear whenever I go out." When asked for summer fashion tips, G-Dragon advised, "Since it"s summer, it"s appropriate to simply wear a white t-shirt and jeans."

The reported pointed out Lee Joon, Kim Woo Bin, and Yeo Jin Goo as the male stars who have fallen for G-Dragon"s charms as fans and asked, "What is the secret to how other men fall for your charms?" G-Dragon guessed, "Since they"re younger than me, they might think that if they hang out with me, it would be fun

“Reset” Releases New Behind-the-Scene Stills with Chun Jung Myung and Kim So Hyun

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Upcoming cable drama “Reset” released new stills from behind the scenes.

“Reset” is a crime thriller drama about a battle between a prosecutor and an unknown criminal. 15 year old actress Kim So Hyun will play two characters against the male lead played by Chun Jung Myung. She will play the first dead love of Chun Jung Myung’s character in the past, and also a high school student who is helped by him in present time.

In the newly released stills, the two actors are seen interacting with each other on set. Kim So Hyun can be seen dressed up as the two different characters she will portray in the drama.

“Reset” will start airing on cable channel OCN after the completion of the currently airing drama “God’s Quiz 4

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Dresses Up As Jun Ji Hyun’s Character from “Man From the Stars,” Reenacts Romantic Scene with f’s Amber

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If you’re into K-Pop and boy idol groups in particular, you’re probably familiar with the boys dressing up as girls- sometimes making the female fans jealous of just how pretty they are, like in the case of Super Junior’s Kim Heechul.

Super Junior’s Kangin, f(x)’s Amber, and BTOB’s Yook Sungjae got together for the first episode filming of KBS’ global request show “A Song For You,” and decided to have some fun on set and parody “Man From the Stars.”

The fans of the drama might be familiar with the backdrop, which is in episode 15 and the romantic scene at the end where Do Min Joon (played by Kim Soo Hyun) makes Chun Song Yi (played by Jun Ji Hyun) fly towards him and lands his lips on hers

INFINITE's Woohyun and Sungyeol spotted practicing their fighting scene for 'High School'

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INFINITE"s Woohyun and Sungyeol displayed their teamwork on the set of their upcoming KBS 2TV teen-fantasy drama "High School" ("High School: Love On")!

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The behind-the-scenes photos released on July 10 show Woohyun and Sungyeol practicing their script together like the friends and fellow members that they are. However, when it was time to practice their fighting scene, they transformed into enemies with Woohyun getting ready to punch Sungyeol.

The two will both go after Kim Sae Ron, so it will be interesting to see them face off against each other.

The 20-episode drama will premiere on the 11th at 8:55 PM KST!

Wooyoung gets upset over Park Se Young's kiss scene on 'We Got Married'

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2PM"s Wooyoung was just a bit jealous over Park Se Young"s kiss scene in the drama "Glorious Day".

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On the July 5 edition of "We Got Married", the couple promoted their recent duet song composed by Wooyoung, "Holding Hands" ("Intertwined Hands"). Park Se Young and Wooyoung were on a drive when the idol star brought up her kiss scene with Lee Sang Woo in the SBS drama. 

He complained, "And you didn"t even send me one text." The actress responded, "I was busy," to which he said, "You should have even if you were busy. I can"t believe he kissed you while you were sleeping."

Wooyoung shared during his solo interview, "The drama just recently started... I"m going to point out if the scene was actually needed

ZE:A’s Dong Jun Prefers Kissing Over BackHugging

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ZE:A’s Dong Jun revealed that he prefers kissing over back-hugging.

During July 3’s broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s Gayo Plaza, DJ Lee Sora asked the ZE:A members, “What do you like more, kissing or back-hugging?”

Dong Jun answered, “I like kissing more. I think men usually like kissing and women like back-hugging.”

When asked when was his most recent kiss, Dong Jun said, “During filming. I filmed a kiss scene in the morning and a scene where I get slapped on the face in the evening. I get slapped on the face so much in projects,” which brought out laughter.

Hee Cheol who chose back hugging over kissing said, “Usually girls like it when men hug them from behind but I like the opposite. I think I would enjoy walking with a girl hugging me from behind