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10 embarrassing kissing scenes of Park Shin Hye in Korean drama

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 Park Shin Hye is the main character in the drama Pinocchio which was made it first appearance today. Although we can not wait to see the her coordination with Lee Jong Suk in "Pinocchio", let's count her kissing scenes. When you've got K-drama's hottest men making a move, there's no excuse to stand there like a petrified doll! Basically, when PSH kisses, she thinks she's like(via)...but the guys are really like(via)To show you what we mean, here (in no particular order) are Park Shin Hye's 10 most awkward kissing moments:1. Deer in headlights(From Heartstrings via)2. This one is cringe-worthy...because she is literally cringing.(From Heirs via)3. She's surprised; he's surprised; everyone's surprised!(From You Are Beautiful)4. Bracing for impact in 3

Lee Min Ho: The Kissing Beast

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When the kissing beast is unleashed, these are the results of his kisses. As a viewer, all I can say is I feel a sense of satisfaction and I give double thumbs up for the man. I have decided to make a compilation of his best kissing moments and I supposed those who only got to know Lee Min Ho now can take this chance to get to know him a little better, ahem, in terms of his kissing abilities that is. Boys of Flowers is not included in here simply because there was no lips movement and it lacks ‘feels’. It was a very teensy kiss and shot with teen viewers in mind so the kissing beast had to withhold his ability when filming it. It was said that the PD told him not to move at all. Silly PD![HD] Personal Taste – The Game Over Kiss Personal Taste has several kissing scenes but the best and most satisfying of them all would have to be The Game Over-mida kiss

Kdrama Recap: The Heirs Episode 15 Recap

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Kdrama Recap: The Heirs Episode 15 Recap At BN and CY’s party. Tan cups ES’s face in his hands and softly kisses her on her forehead.R is outside, angrily trying to take off the corsage on her wrist. YD approaches her and roughly takes it off for her. He’s mad that R called ES to the party as a catering service. He says he will let this one pass since ES revealed her secret with her own mouth, but he warn R that this is the last time. R asks if ES knows how zealous YD is with anything concerning ES, and he replies of course not- it would be embarrassing. He is about to go back in, but MS being the good friend rushes out, trying to distract YD. Unfortunately, other students come out gossiping about the kiss, and YD and R both end up finding out anyway. YD leaves.R is about to go back into the party, and runs into HS

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Spend 3 Hours Kissing

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With such a dramatic trailer for episode 12, SBS’ The Heirs released the still cuts for the anticipated kiss scene to come.

On November 14, SBS unveiled the BTS cuts of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s second kiss for the drama.

In the upcoming episode of The Heirs, Lee Min Ho will be planting not one, but two kisses on Park Shin Hye as the romance continues to develop between Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang.

The scene was filmed on November 11, just in time for Pepero Day, in Daechi-dong. It took over three hours to film as Lee Min Ho kissed her once, and then kissed her once more to stop Park Shin Hye’s complaining.

Episode 12 will air on November 14.

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Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s BTS Intimate Scenes

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Photo stills of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye rehearsing their intimate scenes have been released for The Heirs. These stills sure is leaving viewers and fans asking for more! So where are these BTS videos, SBS?

The ‘Air Kiss’ is particularly my favourite one of all. The atmosphere created during this scene is very sensual and sexual and leaves viewers with plentiful imaginations. You can almost see what the naked eyes cannot see – the so-called ‘Pink atmosphere’ enveloping Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. You can also feel the tension and excitement the moment Lee Min Ho leaaaaaaaans closer and closer ever so slowly and silently towards his targetted lips. Even though there is no kiss but the strong desire that Kim Tan really wants to kiss Eun Sang is there and can be felt by the audiences

“The Heirs” Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Get Close for a ….

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New stills for episode eight of the SBS drama “The Heirs” are out, and they are a doozy.

The stills show leads Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye on the rooftop of their school. It portrays Lee Min Ho’s character Kim Tan looking at Park Shin Hye’s Cha Eun Sang sadly and then kissing her in a surprise move before she can pick up the phone.

This scene was filmed on October 27, and despite the friendship and experience between the two actors, they showed some nervousness before filming the kiss scene. They put a lot of attention and care into the scene as it portrays a turning point in their relationship, taking their budding romance to another level.

Episode eight airs Thursday, 10 PM KST October 31, but first, episode seven airs the night before on October 30

5 Theories from “The Heirs” – Episodes 5 and 6

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This week’s episodes were kind of heavy with the story lines with Tanny (Yes, he’s Tanny) coming back and finally seeing his old friend Young Do face to face. This week was pretty intense though I feel like it’ll only get worse in the coming weeks. We’ve had some things come to light and then had hints of others, and we saw some softer sides of a few colder characters. This week, I’ll try to come up with some theories to five moments. Remember these are only theories and can change according to what actually happens in the drama.

1. Daddy Kim and His Scholarships

By now you have probably watched this week’s episodes and know about Daddy Kim and his scholarship fund, by that I mean him helping with Eun Sang’s transfer to Empire High School. From the surface it can seem like a very nice gesture, but if you look deeper into it then there is much more to this than it seems

Epik High, BIGBANG, 2NE1, and WINNER Bring Fun and Laughs to Singapore for YG Family Tour

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YG Family artists Epik High, BIGBANG, 2NE1, and WINNER came together to meet the media on Friday evening for “YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Singapore” press conference. This is the first time that a YG Family concert is being held in Singapore and also Epik High’s and WINNER’s first time to visit this sunny island.

Just before the start of the press conference, the emcee announced that BIGBANG’s member Seungri will not be participating in the 2-day concerts due to a car accident in the early hours of September 12. However, she assured the media that Seungri is recovering well in the hospital.

Pre-screened questions from the media were fielded entirely by the emcee