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“The Heirs” Episode 20 Preview

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Can’t believe it’s already the final stretch! The final episode is less than 24 hours away!

Will update the episode summary when it is out!

By the way, did you check out the preview for episode 19? Click here.

Yoon Chan Young: Looks like the company stockholders want a successor because the daily operations might get affected.
Cha Eun Sang: Did something happen at the company?
Kim Tan: You worried a lot, right? I’ll try to win.
Choi Dong Wook: Take care of yourself.
Choi Young Do: Then what’s going to happen?
Choi Young Do: Are you going to prison?
Kim Won: Are you going to attend the stockholders meeting?
Heiress: Is it okay if you marry me?
Jeon Hyun Joo: Lets break up, us two

“The Heirs’ Episode 18 Preview

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The summary description for this episode is not out yet. Will be updated if and when it does!

By the way, have you checked out the preview for episode 17?

If so, here’s the preview~

Cha Eun Sang: I still like Kim Tan and my feelings haven’t changed.
Chairman Kim: Why is this young thing not afraid?
Cha Eun Sang: I’m not meeting him because you said not to meet him.
Kim Won: What the.. You doing this won’t change anything here!
Kim Tan: Please save me.
Choi Young Do: Your mother’s in front of the school right now. Hurry up and go!
Kim Tan: You can throw mom away now. I’ll take care of her

“The Heirs” Episode 17 Preview

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Can’t believe it’s already the second last week for this drama!

It’s probably a time crunch for the drama staff now, since descriptions for this episode is not out yet. If there is one, we’ll make sure to update this article so please feel free to check back!

Without further ado, the preview~

Chan Young: Kim Tan is holding onto Eun Sang like crazy and in the end, makes her leave.
Secretary Yoon: Eun Sang will not come to school starting from tomorrow. Eun Sang left.
Chan Young: Left? Where to?
Kim Tan: Let me borrow the memory card from your car’s black box. It’s regarding Cha Eun Sang.
Jo Myung Soo: Cha Eun Sang.. is inside our car’s black box?
Choi Dong Wook: Who’s Cha Eun Sang?
Choi Young Do: She’s a girl that I like

“The Heirs” Episode 12 Preview

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Episode summary will be updated when it’s officially released! Check back later for that! Meanwhile, enjoy the preview for the episode 12!

If you haven’t watched episode 11 or the preview, check it out here.

Jo Myung Soo: You really like Cha Eun Sang? Choi Young Do: Did s/he say that? Choi Young Do: So I’m looking at Cha Eun Sang with this kind of face.. Kim Tan: To be honest, I’m not the chairwoman’s son. Kim Tan: I deceived you. Sorry. Yoon Jae Ho: I think that this is about as much as I’m able to help you, President. Kim Won: Are you out of your mind?! Choi Young Do: You’re Eun Sang’s mother, right? Choi Young Do: Housemaid’s daughter