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CNBlue Announces February Comeback, Jung Yong Hwa Composed the Title Track

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Boy band CNBlue just made many Boices happy!

On February 4, FNC Entertainment announced, “CNBlue will make a comeback through its fifth mini album, which is filled with self-composed songs. Please look forward to their comeback.”

It’s been reported that leader Jung Yong Hwa composed the title track and that Lee Jong Hyun also lent his composition skills.

This will mark a year since their last promotional album “Re:Blue,” which sold over 100,000 units. Jung Yonghwa received a lot of love for his composition “I’m Sorry” in the album. The members have also focused on individual activities pursuing acting. Leader Jung Yonghwa took on the lead role opposite Yoon Eun Hye in “Future’s Choice

Which Idol Actor’s Return Are You Looking Forward to the Most?

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Idols will be showing off their acting abilities once more as they take on various acting projects in the coming months, and we want to know who you can’t wait to see the most.

From dramas to films, the idols are covering all the bases, so read on and vote for your favorite below!

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun

Production for upcoming SBS drama Three Days is well underway, and male lead Park Yoo Chun has been giving it his all since filming began in December.

From script readings to physical training, Park Yoo Chun has been showing enthusiasm for his new role, even working through the holidays in preparation for its premiere this month.

FT Island’s Seung Hyun

After crossing over into the musical world, starring in hit musicals like Jack the Ripper and The Three Musketeers, FT Island’s Seung Hyun will take on the big screen in upcoming film No One to Trust in the World

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Cast as Lead Actor for Chinese Drama ‘The Heirs’

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Super Junior’s Choi Siwon has been cast as the lead actor of an upcoming Chinese drama The Heirs.

SM Entertainment told Newsen on February 3, “Choi Siwon has been cast as the protagonist of a Chinese drama. He will be heading over to China soon to start filming.”

The Heirs (translated) is a drama about the competition to inherit a huge fortune from a wealthy grandfather. It is not an official remake of the Korean drama of the same name.

Choi Siwon will be acting as the hidden grandson who competes for the fortune, and form a love line with actress Kan Qing Zi.

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5 Pleasant Surprises in Kpop from 2013

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Howdy, I"mNoodle, a new Op-Ed and Features writer for allkpop. I grew up inHouston, Texas and through my interest in Starcraft2, I"ve come to gain an interest in Korean music,television, and culture as a whole. My favorite solo artist is BoAand my favorite group is After School. I hope that I can neatly mergemy interest in kpop with my development as a writer to delivercontent that you can enjoy.

Life is full ofsurprises and every now and then you receive surprises within K-Pop that pleaseyou in an unexpected way. Here"s a list of my five pleasant surprises within thelast year of K-Pop that have left fans with a good aftertaste.

5dolls Gets Successfully Rebuilt asF-ve Dolls with "Can You Love Me"

5dolls was never very active,nor was their main group Co-ed School

7-Man Lineup for Kim Woo Bin’s “The Technicians” Confirmed

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The movie “The Technicians” has finalized its main cast, including actors Kim Woo Bin and Lee Hyun Woo and will move into filming in March.

Production company Trinity Entertainment confirmed the casting for its follow-up movie to “Friend 2,” “The Technicians.” The movie will star Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, Go Chang Suk, Jo Dal Hwan, Kim Young Chul, Shin Gu and Im Joo Hwan.

In 2013, Kim Woo Bin saw his stock rise following memorable performances in “Friend 2” and “The Heirs,” while Lee Hyun Woo was in box-office hit “Secretly and Greatly,” alongside Kim Soo Hyun and Park Ki Woong

Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo and More to Star in Upcoming Movie

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Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, Go Chang Seok and Kim Young Chul confirmed their appearance in an upcoming film The Technicians (translated).

Kim Woo Bin became one of the most anticipated young stars after his appearance in the drama The Heirs and movie Friend 2, while Lee Hyun Woo also gained popularity after taking on the role of a north Korean spy in the movie Secretly, Greatly, which was a hit movie that sold over 7 million tickets.

The Technicians, the new project of director Kim Hong Sun, who also directed The Traffickers, will tell the story of the crime technicians around the harbor area.

Lee Hyun Woo will take on the role of ‘Jong Bae,’ a genius hacker who sets the atmosphere for the group with his bright personality

Kim Woo Bin Tears Up at His Fan Meeting

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On January 27, SidusHQ revealed that Kim Woo Bin held a fan club meeting inauguration for about 3,000 members of “Woori Bin” on January 25 at Sangmyung Art Center in Seoul.

The meeting was held for about 2 hours, hosted by Kim Tae Woo (Kim Ki Soo), and Kim Woo Bin called it ‘a day with fans.’ The first activity of the day was called ‘dizzying profile,’ where Kim Woo Bin’s body measurements were taken, from the width of his shoulders to the length of his legs. They then looked at some of the ‘related search words’ for Kim Woo Bin, looking back on his old works such as dramas “School 2013” and “The Heirs,” as well as movie “Friend 2” and others.

In a question and answer session with the fans, he was asked what word comes to mind when he thinks of his parents, and what he wants to say to the youth of today

Vote for Mwave’s Star of the Week for the 2nd Week of February

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Another Monday has snuck up on us, which means it’s time to select the next Mwave Star of the Week!

It’s all about the actors this week, so check out the nominees below and vote!

Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain

Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain is one busy star these days as she promotes a new movie and kicks into high gear for her solo comeback.

Gain will take to the big screen alongside Ha Ji Won and Kang Yea Won in action flick The Huntresses, which is set to premiere on January 29.

She is also looking to kick some butt on the K-Pop stage, releasing a string of bold teasers for her upcoming mini album Truth or Dare, set to be released next month.

Lee Min Ho

The Heirs may be over, but actor Lee Min Ho is busier than ever

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Deny Chinese Media Claims They Have Been Dating for Two Months

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Actors Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye have had to come out again to official deny that they are dating as Chinese media reports that the two are in a romantic relationship gained traction recently. Various reports stated that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye have been dating for about two months, after their drama “The Heirs” ended, but no pictures or other specific evidence were provided to support such claims.

Lee Min Ho’s agency stated to various local and Chinese media sources that the report was untrue. To TV Report specifically, it stated, “We don’t know why this type of report came out in China. We are taking steps [to handle the situation] through our Chinese agent.”

Park Shin Hye’s agency also stated to Metro News, “It’s a baseless story. It seems to be a rumor coming out because of the high popularity of the drama [in China]

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Deny Dating Rumors in China

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Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s agencies strongly denied the recent scandal that broke out in China.

Park Shin Hye’s agency, S.A.L.T Entertainment, told enews on January 27, “That rumor is not based on any sound evidence. We think that was just a rumor that spread due to the popularity of The Heirs.”

Lee Min Ho’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, also stated, “That is definitely not true. We are at a loss for words by the fact that they would write such a report not based on any facts.”

A Chinese press reported on January 26, that the two who acted as lovers in SBS’s The Heirs became real lovers and have been dating secretly for the past two months.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is currently in China for promotional activities and Park Shin Hye is preparing to film her new movie

Comedian Kim Tae Woo Shows Great Support for Kim Woo Bin

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Comedian Kim Tae Woo (Kim Ki Soo) recently uploaded a photo that he took with Kim Woo Bin.

He posted the photo to his Twitter on January 25, with the caption, “Kim Woo Bin is so nice and has a warm heart; he’s this generation’s blue chip! Becoming this successful in just a year, I’m thankful.. it makes me want to cry.”

In the photo, shot in black and white, Kim Woo Bin has a sly smile, looking over the shoulder of Kim Tae Woo. The photo has been making fans curious about the unexpected friendship between the two. In the past, Kim Tae Woo (Kim Ki Soo) had hosted Kim Woo Bin’s fan meeting.

He also posted a second photo in color, where he thanked Kim Woo Bin’s fan club members for coming and saying great things. He said, “You’re going to keep an eye on this actor until the very end, right? I believe it

The drama I found most disappointing in 2013

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I did not watch every single drama that aired in Korea in 2013, but out of the ones I had watched, there was one that I was obsessed with that I already wrote about last week and one that I still don"t know how I managed to finish. For this week, I will finally unveil (I know the week-long wait must have been torture) which drama I was most disappointed with in 2013. Keep in mind once again that I did not watch every drama so this is what I consider the worst drama of 2013 out of the ones I"ve watched (SPOILERS BELOW).

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There was a lot of hype for this drama and honestly... I think the only reason I managed to finish SBS"s "Heirs" was because of the eye candy

Kim Woo Bin May Leave “M!Countdown” Soon!

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Actor Kim Woo Bin, who has also shown his talent as an emcee, is in talks to leave his host position on “M!Countdown.”

Earlier today, it was reported today that Kim Woo Bin will leave “M!Countdown” on the first week of February to focus on acting for the time being. But, not surprisingly, the actor’s agency, Sidus HQ, has come out to say that there are discussions going on right now for Kim Woo Bin’s departure from the show, and nothing is decided yet.

Kim Woo Bin first took the position of emcee on the weekly music show last year in August and solidified his position as the face of “M!Countdown” with his strong voice and stable hosting.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin is looking into his next acting project after successfully wrapping up the hit SBS drama “The Heirs” last year

13 breakthrough stars of 2013

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The entertainment world sees a bunch of rookies every single year. But it"s not just rookie artists that get to see the light of day - sometimes, entertainers who have been in the game for years suddenly get their big break.

And 2013 sure had a lot of breakthrough stars, ranging from just-debuted rookies to veterans who debuted-15-years-ago. Check out the biggest breakthrough stars of 2013, in no particular order!

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How could we possibly talk about 2013 and leave EXO out? (On a side note: I keep using this picture for my EXO articles because I really like it for some reason.) When EXO debuted in 2012 with "MAMA", they had a lot of fangirls crying at their awesomeness. But then as 2012 rolled on and on, and then 2012 turned to 2013, EXO seemed to simply fade in the background with next-to-zero promotions

“Reply 1994” Actors Jung Woo, Go Ara and Others Sign Copies of Book for Lucky Fans

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The “Reply” franchise continues to churn out goodies for fans of the drama. To commemorate the publication of the “Reply 1994” book adaptation on January 16, the cast each signed copies of the book to thank fans for their support.

All seven of the Sinchon boarders took part: Jung Woo (Trash), Go Ara (Na Jung), Yoo Yeon Seok (Chil Bong), Kim Sung Kyun (Sam Cheon Po), Son Ho Joon (Haitai), Min Do Hee (Jo Yoon Jin) and Baro (Binggeurae).

“Reply 1994” couple Jung Woo and Go Ara both signed their names in English, writing the first letter in capitals and the rest in cursive script.

Yoo Yeon Seok’s signature was blockish, and he penned out a “Happy New Year” greeting in clear font

Jessica Shares a Funny Picture of Sister Krystal

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Girls’ Generation’s Jessica’s post of her sister, f(x)’s Krystal, caught the attention of many netizens.

On January 22, Jessica uploaded a photo on her Weibo account with the caption, “I love you, my love.” The photo she posted was a photo of her sister.

Seen in the photo is Krystal when she was starring in the SBS drama, “The Heirs.” However, the photo has been edited showing an image of a monkey displaying a similar pose and facial expression as Krystal in the photo.

Jessica revealed she received permission from Krystal before she uploaded the photo. However after posting, “Still, I feel bad, so I’m going to delete it,” and the photo was gone after five minutes.

Netizens responded saying “Is Jessica dissing her sister’s looks?” “Looking forward to Krystal’s revenge,” and “Sorry to Krystal, but they do look alike

Battle of the Second Leads, Park Hae Jin vs Ji Chang Wook

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Last year, we had Chil Bong (Yoo Yeon Seok) and Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) scoring points with the ladies. Both were second leads in highly popular dramas, “Reply 1994” and “The Heirs” respectively.

Their potential successors? None other than Park Hae Jin from SBS drama “Man from the Stars” and Ji Chang Wook from MBC sageuk “Empress Ki.” Both dramas are doing very well in ratings, and while there are some big names attached to both dramas, let’s not forget that these two second leads have also seen their popularity soar.

Park Hae Jin plays Hwi Kyung in “Man from the Stars,” while Ji Chang Wook plays Yuan Emperor Ta Hwan in “Empress Ki,” and while both enjoy privileged statuses as chaebol and emperor respectively, they’re in second place when it comes to love

Kim Soo Hyun chosen as the male celebrity who would look best in a New Year hanbok

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One home shopping enterprise revealed the results of a consumer awareness survey on January 22 to prepare for the Lunar New Year. 330 female employees took part in the survey.

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One of the questions asked which male celebrity would look the best in a traditional hanbok for the New Year. Actor Kim Soo Hyun, who is garnering a lot of attention for his drama "You Who Came From The Stars", came out on top with a whopping 76% of votes!

Lee Min Ho, recently in "Heirs", came in second place with 14%, while Jung Woo, recently in "Reply 1994", came in third with 3%. Hopefully, these three men don hanboks to show fans how well they pull off the look!

Which male celebrity do you think would look best in the traditional garb?

Actress Park Shin Hye Goes Retro for Fashion Magazine “Elle”

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Actress Park Shin Hye from the popular drama “The Heirs” , roamed the streets of Hong Kong for several pictorial shots for the fashion magazine Elle. The pictures will be shown for the February issue.

The theme of the pictorial is about the exotic atmosphere of Hong Kong back in the 1960s. , Park Shin Hye can be seen dressed up as one of the fashionistas of that time with vibes of retro through printed dresses which are predicted to be very much “in” for the 2013 S/S Fashion.

Despite being quite busy whilst being in Hong Kong, the actress seemed to have been enjoying herself in various promotions and parties. During an interview with Elle, the actress expressed, “I’m trying my best to enjoy myself while working at the same time. I’m getting more and more interest in fashion. I feel more bright when wearing colored clothing

Kim Woo Bin Is the Next James Dean for “Leon Korea”

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Kim Woo Bin displayed his signature “rebellious” charm through a recent photo shoot, making fans call him the next James Dean.

Kim Woo Bin posed for the men’s lifestyle magazine “Leon Korea” for its February issue. He was featured on the cover of the magazine, strongly branding it with his intense and unique charisma.

Eyes were also drawn to the fact that Kim Woo Bin posed with Girolamo Panzetta, who is a famous actor and model in Italy and has worked with “Leon” magazine for over 11 years.

As he poses on a motorcycle for one of the cuts, Kim Woo Bin perfectly pulls off the dangerous, mischeivous and masculine look that reminds us of his “The Heirs” character.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Bin has been having an hectic schedule in the TV, film and advertising world