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Which Star Of ‘The Heirs’ Will Be The Next Top K-Movie Star?

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(Photo : Star Haus Entertainment,SidusHQ, Atree Media) Which of these four stars of "The Heirs" has will be the next top K-Movie star?

“The Divine Move” starring Jung Woo Sung, Lee Bum Soo, and “Fated to Love You” star Choi Jin Hyuk opened in theaters throughout North America, this past weekend.

Choi Jin Hyuk has one of his first major film roles in “The Divine Move” the GO hustling gangster Sun Soo. he role is a departure from the sweet yet slightly detached characters he has portrayed over the past year in the popular Korean dramas “Emergency Couple” and “The Heirs.”

Choi Jin Hyuk delivers a captivating performance as Sun Soo and is featured in one of the best scenes of “The Divine Move

BTS Photos of C-Clown’s New MV Leaked Online

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A set of behind-the-scene photos of C-Clown’s music video has been uploaded online.

A set of pictures has been uploaded online, showing C-Clown’s Kang Jun hugging a young woman and enjoying a car date.

The netizen who uploaded the pictures introduced herself as the overseas fan of C-Clown and wrote, “I came all the way to Korea to see C-Clown. I coincidentally met Kang Jun near the agency and got his autograph. I am so happy that I’m uploading photos that I got from my acquaintance.”

About this, Yedang Entertainment stated on July 7, “The revealed pictures are from C-Clown’s music video filming site. We don’t know how they got leaked. But thank you for showing your interest even before the comeback. We will prepare well and present a good album.”

Meanwhile, C-Clown will be releasing its new song Let′s Love on July 8

Sunggyu brags about ranking first on an online survey for sexiest K-Pop star + shows his sexy dance

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INFINITE appeared as the special guests on this week"s "Weekly Idol" and on the show, leader Sunggyu hilariously bragged that he came out on top on an online survey for sexiest K-Pop idol, beating out JYJ"s Jaejoong.

However, as soon as he revealed this news, someone off-screen laughed to which the defensive Sunggyu jokingly demanded to know why that person laughed. Sunggyu was clearly proud of this article that mentioned the survey to which Dongwoo admitted there was an article and it was a very amusing one.

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Sunggyu admitted there were only about 16,000 total votes for the survey and then was forced to show off his sexiness through dance, which you can check out above!

Agency Unveils ZE:A Members’ Childhood Pictures Online

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ZE:A members’ childhood pictures have been released online.

On June 10, Star Empire posted a set of pictures on ZE:A’s official account on line and wrote, “ZE:A members’ mischievous childhood! Meet art prodigy Hyung Sik, violin playing Si Wan, brother’s boy Dong Jun, studying abroad Kevin, bowl headed Kwang Hee, pink socks Min Woo, wavy hair Tae Heon, waddling Hee Cheol, cutie pie Jun Young~”

Meanwhile, ZE:A returned on June 2 with mini album First Homme and is actively promoting Breathe.

Photo credit: ZE:A’s official Line account

Kang Ha Neul talks about 'Heirs' + his close friendship with Kim So Eun on 'Entertainment Relay'

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Kang Ha Neul assured fans that he"s just close friends with his "Girl Ghost Story" co-star Kim So Eun and also showed his humble nature when talking about the hit SBS drama that helped him rise to stardom, "Heirs"!

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On the June 7th broadcast of KBS 2TV"s "Entertainment Relay", Kang Ha Neul revealed Kim So Eun to be a long-time friend"We"ve been getting along as close friends for the past five years so we didn"t need to try to match each other and practice, and just told each other, "Let"s do it this and that way", and do things like that." When told that friends can become lovers, he shared, "That can happen, but I wasn"t able to do that with So Eun

Ko Kyung Pyo Replayed ‘The Heirs′ Several Times to See Kim Woo Bin

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Ko Kyung Pyo revealed that he was surprised by Kim Woo Bin’s acting.

On May 29, Ko Kyung Pyo attended media day for film Highheel and said, “I frequently watch the projects starring actors my age.”

He then said, “I think Kim Woo Bin is really good at acting. I was surprised when I watched The Heirs because he’s similar to me in age and has had limited acting experience. I thought, ‘How can he be so good at acting when it hasn’t even been long since he debuted?’ He also has this cool atmosphere about him.”

He revealed, “I found a video with a compilation of Kim Woo Bin’s scenes from The Heirs online. I watched it several times.”

In Highheel , Ko Kyung Pyo played the role of detective ‘Kim Jin Woo,’ who regards detective ‘Ji Wook’ (Cha Seung Won) as his older brother

‘Superstar K6’ to Search for Singers Through Live Online Audition with Google Hangout

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With auditions continuing in Korea, Mnet’s Superstar K6 decided to search for more talented people outside of the peninsula.

Joining hands with Google Hangout, Superstar K6 will be holding live, online auditions with applicants who wish to try out for the audition program but cannot fly into South Korea.

To apply, you can head to and post a video of yourself singing any song and a brief self-introduction in theSuperstar K6 Community.

Fill out the necessary application form, provided on the same page, and you’re done!

The last day to apply is June 3, so hurry!

The live Google Hangout online auditions will take place on June 6.

Photo Credit: Mnet

United Cube Teases for a New Online Show, “United Cube TV”

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United Cube (Cube Entertainment, Cube DC) just released a teaser for United Cube TV, a show to be exclusively shown on the agency’s official YouTube channel (, featuring agency artists. The artists from Cube Entertainment are 4Minute, Beast, G.NA, BTOB, Kim Kiri, Oh Yeri, Na Jongchang, and Cho Seoha, and the artists from Cube DC are Rain, Roh Jihoon, Shin Jihoon, and Kwak Seungnam.

From the teaser and the artist lists provided, contrary to what many people seem to believe it should be, it looks like A Cube artists A Pink and Huh Gak will not be a part of the new show

Have You Ever Bought Products from a Korean Online Shopping Mall?

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Hey Soompiers!

Have you ever watched a Korean drama and wondered how the actors and actresses manage to have such flawless skin and what kind of skincare and makeup they would often use? Maybe you’ve imagined how much your skin might improve if you could follow the same daily skincare regimen, and was sad just how expensive the beauty products cost on other online sites.

And for the folks who are interested in Korean fashion, isn’t it a little difficult finding a trustworthy seller who sells the latest fashion items so you can keep up with the latest fashion trend?

Gmarket Global offers an easy solution by offering a centralized online shopping mall and is user-friendly for overseas users. Currently endorsed by fashionista G-Dragon of BIGBANG, the site serves over 70 countries, and is available in Korean and is now also available in English and Chinese

Block B to cancel 'Jackpot's online release and comeback schedule

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While other artists have further delayed their comebacks, Block B announced that after their initial delay and much consideration, they have decided to cancel their comeback completely.

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The boys" agency wrote on their official twitter,

Hello. It"s Seven Seasons.
We have an announcement to make concerning the release of Block B"s single [JACKPOT].
On April 16, we announced the delay of Block B"s release and comeback schedule for single "JACKPOT".
However, in a situation in which the bereaved families of the missing and victims of the national disaster are suffering, the agency and members find it difficult to take on their new album activities

Writer and Production Company of ‘The Heirs’ and Kim Byung Donate for Ferry Victims

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Writer Kim Eun Sook, Hwa and Dam Pictures and Kim Byung Man joined the others in making donation for the ferry victims.

According to an affiliate of Korea Disaster Relief Organization on April 28, “We received anonymous donation in large amounts on April 28. After checking, we found out that they were from writer Kim Eun Sook, drama production company Hwa and Dam Pictures and Kim Byung Man.”

The affiliate revealed, “Kim Eun Sook and Kim Byung Man each donated 20 million won while Hwa and Dam Pictures donated 30 million won.”

With the sinking of Sewol ferry on April 16, the whole nation has been grieving and donating in order to express their condolences for the families and victims of the tragedy.

Meanwhile, Hwa and Dam Pictures has produced numerous dramas in the past, including The Heirs, Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity and more

Pictures of Nam Bo Ra with a bob cut garner interest online

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The on-line communities are abuzz with pictures of actress Nam Bo Ra sporting a short bob cut and looking gorgeous.

The theme "Nam Bo Ra Bob Cut Selca, Mature" came up on the internet on April 25 and had various pictures she took of herself looking simultaneously mature and adorable with the short hairdo.

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Netizens responded, "Because her face is pretty, she looks good in any hairstyle and outfit," "Her face is like a doll"s," "Really pretty," and more. Do you prefer her with the short hairstyle above or with her usual longer hair as seen below?

Akdong Musician’s “M! Countdown” Win Posted Online Due to Sewol Ferry Tragedy

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Akdong Musician won their first live music program award!

On April 17, Akdong Musician took first place on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” with their hit track, “200%.”

However, the results were instead posted on Mnet’s official website since no episode was broadcast to pay respect to the victims and their loved ones affected by the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

A Pink came in second place as the competitor for first place this week. On the chart, Mad Clown’s “Without You” jumped to third place, Lee Sun Hee’s “Meet Him Among Them” dropped two places to fourth, while Orange Caramel’s “Catallena” tied with 4Minute’s “Whatcha Doin’ Today” in ranking

Kim Ji Won Wants to Change Her Evil Image from ‘The Heirs’

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Kim Ji Won brought up her evil character from The Heirs.

Kim Ji Won recently attended filming for Arirang TV’s Showbiz Korea.

After making her debut through a cellphone commercial with Big Bang in 2010, Kim Ji Won has been making appearances in numerous projects, including MBC’s sitcom High Kick, movie Scary Story, SBS’s The Heirs and more.

About her drama character, Kim Ji Won said, “When I first read the scenario for The Heirs, I thought she was really evil. But the more I read it, the more I started thinking from Rachel’s situation, so I began to feel sympathy for her.”

When asked who is closer to her ideal type between ‘Kim Tan’ and ‘Choi Young Do,’ Kim Ji Won chose ‘Choi Young Do’ without hesitating

IU’s Composition for HIGH4 Tops Online Music Charts

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4-member boy group HIGH4 officially made its debut just a few days ago and is already garnering attention for topping a total of seven online music charts with single “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms.

Singer IU wrote the lyrics to HIGH4′s debut track, and while IU has written the lyrics for her own songs before, this is her first time as the writer for another artist’s song. Due to her long-time friendship with member Kim Sung Gu, IU has also participated in the music video. In a previous interview, it was released that MBLAQ’s Thunder, Fiestar’s Hye Mi, IU, and HIGH4’s Kim Sung Gu used to hang out in their trainee days, calling themselves the “Jjuguri” group