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YoonA & Lee Min Ho bring joy to 2 lovely kids for "innisfree"s "Green Christmas"

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YoonA and Lee Min Ho celebrate a "Green Christmas" for their latest "innisfree" CF!

The pair are the faces of the makeup brand and the new CF shows the two setting up a magical rooftop holiday party. Using the new "Green Christmas" products, they are able to bring huge smiles to two surprise party guests.

Check out the video above! How many of you would love a surprise party from this duo?

G-Dragon, Psy, Suzy, Seo Taiji, and more to possibly appear on Christmas edition of "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook"

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On November 21 airing of "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook," MC Yoo Hee Yeol hinted at the line up of artists who could possibly appear on the Christmas special episode of the show.

Yoo Hee Yeol joked while mentioning the upcoming special, stating "Christmas is approaching. The producers are already thinking a lot about how to achieve a show below the expectations of our audiences. I hear that musicians are already getting ready to avoid us to avoid being one of the guests. The names I call out right now, beware."

He then called out Seo Taiji, Psy, Suzy, G-Dragon, Sung Si Kyung, Lee Juk, and Dynamic Duo, hinting that they were on the list of the guests the show is planning to recruit for the special

[★VIDEO] Sean-Harang and Tablo-Haru pose for “No.1 Biotherm Homme” with a Christmas theme

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A new pictorial featuring Jinusean‘s Sean and his son Harang and Epik High‘s Tablo and his daughter Haru posing for No.1 Biotherm Homme with a Christmas theme for the upcoming holidays has been released on November 20th.

The two hip-hop artists posed with their adorable children with large smiles, Christmas decorations, a tree, and presents furnishing the background.

The close relationship between the fathers and their children can be clearly seen through the photos as they playfully pose. This is further shown in the behind-the-scene video where Sean and Tablo can be seen caring for their kids, who in return showed their affection for their loving fathers.

Through the pictorial, Sean and Tablo deliver the message of “Become a cool dad for Christmas” to other fathers around the world

Lee Minho & Yoona release Green Christmas Innisfree CF

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Yoona and Lee Minho release the new Innisfree CF for Christmas, check out the video below:

Park Shin Hye takes a photo from the set of last year"s "Heirs"

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Park Shin Hye took a trip down memory lane when she visited the set of last year"s drama, SBS"s "Heirs"!

"Jeguk High School graduate Cha Eun Sang, visited the school"s cafeteria," she posted on social media earlier. "I can"t believe this is still here."

Park Shin Hye played one of the protagonist roles on "Heirs", which also starred Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin and other high-profile stars.

Do you miss the drama?

Park Shin Hye Revisits Jeguk High School from Her Drama “The Heirs”

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Actress Park Shin Hye recently revisited the site that was used as the Jeguk High School from her previous hit drama “The Heirs.”

Park Shin Hye posted on her Twitter account on November 9 a picture of her standing in front of the Jeguk High sign in the cafeteria, with a caption that read, “Jeguk High alum Cha Eun Sang (her character’s name from the show), visiting the school cafeteria for the first time in a while. This sign is still up here!”

Park Shin Hye starred alongside Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin in the 2013 hit drama “The Heirs.” She will be starring in the upcoming romance drama “Pinnochio” with Lee Jong Suk.

Don’t forget to catch the premiere of “Pinnochio” on SoompiTV!

Park Shin Hye said Pinocchio Choi In was different from The Heirs Cha Eun Sang Ha Character

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Park Shin Hye shared her opinion about the role of Choi In Ha in Upcoming Pinocchio during Pinocchio Press Conference which was held on November 6th, at SBS Building in Mokdong. Park Shin Hye made a comment about dressing a school uniform again after the previous drama "The Heirs".Park Shin Hye said, “I didn’t know that I would be on screen wearing a school uniform again after one year. It’s a story about growth of a reporter. It is also a story about young people trying to become reporters and it shows the characters’ part as part of the story,” and explained, “I wasn’t hesitant about wearing a school uniform again or worried about being compared to The Heirs since it’s a part of the explanation on how In Hwa and Dal Po meet each other.”She confidently said, “Since the character itself is different and the way I acted is different, I think you will be able to see ‘Choi In Hwa’ instead of ‘Eun Sang

YoonA & Lee Min Ho celebrate a "Green Christmas" on November 24th

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YoonA and Lee Min Ho will be celebrating a "Green Christmas"!
The pair are the faces of the makeup brand "innisfree", and it looks like innisfree has something planned for the two! The teaser hints at something to come on November 24th, but other than that, there aren"t much other information.

Check out the video above! What do you think it could be for?

[Video] Watch "The Heirs and I Hear Your Voice" parody video for the upcoming drama Pinocchio

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This parody video features scenes cut from "The Heirs" and "I Hear Your Voice" which features Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk. It was uploaded by SBS on YouTube earlier. You can watch it here:

Super Junior Releases “Evanesce” Music Video for Special Edition Seventh Album

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Super Junior releases the music video for “Evanesce” for the release of the spacial editor of the group’s seventh album.

The first music video released for the special edition was “This Is Love.” You can view the music video here. “Evanesce” is the second track with a music video release for this special edition album. The music video was shot using the MOVI and high speed camera and Eunhyuk‘s special dance performance with the female partner was shot in one take.

Super Junior planned these releases to show their thanks for fans’ passionate support and love for their seventh album.

The special edition dropped October 23 on various online music stores. The offline sales start October 27

9 Female Idols That Pull off Crazy Hair: Pink Edition

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We previously listed 8 male idols that can rock pink hair. Female idols, too, continuously prove that it"s not just men that can sport this flashy and fashionable color. So, let"s take a look at which 9 female idols (yes, 9 rather than 8) can pull off crazy pink hair!

Red Velvet"s Irene

When Red Velvet debuted this year with "Happiness," the girl in the pink hair stood out the most to me. She is none other than the leader, Irene. I think the pink colored tips perfectly complement her feminine features and petite frame--it adds just the right amount of edge to her pretty-girl look.

miss A"s Jia

When I think of pink hair, the first person to come to mind is none other than miss A"s Jia

8 Male Idols That Pull Off Crazy Hair: Pink Edition

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K-pop idols rock all types of hairstyles and colors--we"ve previously covered blonde hair and red hair. We"re going vibrant on this edition of "8 Idols That Pull Off Crazy Hair" with one of my favorite colors: PINK! So, let"s see if your favorite idols made the list.

MBLAQ"s Thunder

I was a little surprised when I first saw Thunder with pink hair during MBLAQ"s "Smoky Girl" promotions. His sudden transformation came as a surprise to many--he later revealed that he was inspired by Miss A"s Jia and kept his promise to his fans that he would dye his hair a similar color. Luckily, his pink hair (and baby face) perfectly complemented his masculine persona.

BTOB"s Eunkwang

Eunkwang, the leader of BTOB, is known for his masculine yet cute charms

[Spoiler] "The Idle Mermaid" Nam Joo-hyeok and Kim Seul-gi-I parody "The Heirs"

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Nam Joo-hyeok and Kim Seul-gi-I parodied "The Heirs".

In the final episode of the tvN drama "The Idle Mermaid", Ahn Hye-yeong (Kim Seul-gi-I) and Vick (Nam Joo-hyeok) exchanged their feelings for each other.

Vick asked Ahn Hye-yeong to respond to his confession. However, she was pressured by the fact that they were getting serious and said, "I like you as a younger brother. Let"s go drink", but Vick got serious at this remark and responded, "Why am I your younger brother? Why are you drawing a line? If you"re not careful I might step over it. I was being serious so I can"t pretend like it never happened".

Ahn Hye-yeong ended up rejecting him. But she felt jealous when she heard he was going on a blind date. She went up to him and asked, "Do you like me?"

She then said, "Alright, let"s date

T-ara get flooded with 20,000 orders from Queen"s in Southeast Asia for the limited EDM edition of "Sugar Free"

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T-ara were reportedly flooded with orders for their limited edition album, "Sugar Free EDM EDITION"!

Their agency rep stated on October 9, "Upon the news of the release of 7,000 limited copies of the album, "Sugar Free EDM EDITION", fans in Southeast Asia have sent in close to 20,000 orders... We are surprised by and thankful for the hot interest, and because it was planned as a limited edition, we decided not to release additional copies."

The "Sugar Free EDM EDITION" consist of 18 tracks with DJ remixes that will get you dancing all night long.

"Innisfree" release pictures from Lee Min Ho and YoonA"s upcoming Christmas campaign

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"Innisfree" released some sweet pictures of Lee Min Ho and YoonA on the set of filming for their upcoming Christmas campaign!

Although the actual video will be released at the end of November, fans can, for now, enjoy these sweet still cuts taken on set. The two of them seem to cutely be engaging in arts and crafts, and YoonA even shows some of her aegyo, which has Lee Min Ho in smiles.

The video will be out at the end of next month!