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Yoon Jong Shin Drops “Men Without Women” Video Starring Jung Woo Sung

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Singer Yoon Jong Shin has dropped a music video for his latest track “Men Without Women.” The song is the latest in the series of Monthly Yoon Jong Shin releases. The video features a cameo from actor Jung Woo Sung, the star of movies such as “The Good, The Bad and The Weird” and “Cold Eyes.”

The new song is a tie-in of sorts with a new book by acclaimed Japanese author Haruki Murakami, which is also called “Men Without Women.” According to Yoon Jong Shin, the singer was able to read the new book ahead of its publication in Korea. Yoon Jong Shin then decided to use ideas from the author’s work as inspiration for his new song, and describes himself a fan of Haruki Murakami’s writing.

Recent collaborations on the Monthly Yoon Jong Shin project have included tracks recorded with the likes of Younha and Kelly

Yoon Jong Shin releases "Men Without Women" MV featuring actor Jung Woo Sung

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Yoon Jong Shin crooned the next digital single from his monthly project for August, "Men Without Women", for which actor Jung Woo Sung starred in the MV!

Yoon Jong Shin used inspiration from Japanese writer Haruki Murakami"s novel "Men Without Women" for the song of the same title. The song and MV portray a man who picks up the phone in the middle of the night wondering if its that special someone calling.

Check out the MV above!

Jung Woo Sung Collaborates with Yoon Jong Shin in “Men Without Women”

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Actor Jung Woo Sung will participate in Monthly Project Yoon Jong Shin’s August production.

On August 25, Yoon Jong Shin revealed on his Facebook and Twitter accounts that “On Wednesday, August 27, the track and music video of “Men Without Women,” the August track in Monthly Project Yoon Jong Shin, will be released and Jung Woo Sung participated in both. The music video will be released on August 26.” Yoon Jong Shin uploaded a photo along with the message.

The picture shows the lips of a man who is receiving a phone call, and with just one look people know it is Jung Woo Sung.

People who found out about the news are both interested and curious as to how Jung Woo Sung participated in the song and the music video

"Real Men" turns into "Real Women" with female celebrity soldiers

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"Real Men" turned into "Real Women" with this week"s kickoff of a female-centric cast!

Featuring actresses Hong Eun Hee, Kim So Yeon, Rah Mi Ran, artists Hyeri and G.NA, comedian Mang Seung Ji and athlete Park Seung Hee, the female cast members got their first bitter taste of army life as they attempted to learn basic formation drills and pass the physical examinations.

Check out some harrowing clips from their first episode below!

Kim So Yeon, G.NA, and Others Have a Hard Time on Military Women Special of “Real Men”

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In the upcoming episode of “Real Men,” seven female celebrities will enter the military to receive training in the army.

(See: Stars Appearing on “Real Men” Female Soldier Special to Reveal Real Weight, Height, and Bare Faces)

Prior to the beginning of training, all of the members had to go through a physical test.

Kim So Yeon, who has kept an image of a tough heroine through her role in the drama IRIS, surprised everyone by failing to pass all of her physical tests. Unlike her action-packed roles in the dramas, she failed to pass the sit-up test, push-up test, and running test.

The other members showed a different character from their normal selves as well. The eldest, actress Ra Mi Ran, who has a strong image with a great speaking ability, showed tears during every training session, getting herself the nickname of “crybaby Mi Ran

Swings and Ailee Have Some Advice for Women on Finding “A Real Man”

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Swings and Ailee have something to say to ladies looking for a real man.

On August 22 at noon, Swings and Ailee’s collaborative track “A Real Man” was released.

The song combines Swings’ sensible advice for women and Ailee’s powerful vocals with a mellow beat. A self-styled “bad guy who’s getting better,” Swings starts out with rapping about the demands and burdens that drag on the modern woman’s life, from the perspective of a man: the makeup one must wear even to study, high heels, and the pressure to marry.

Above all, he has this advice for women who have met and been wounded by bad men. “I can’t tell you what a good man is,” he says, “(but it’s clear) that a good man is as rare as gold. Meet a man who is dedicated to improving himself

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Donates to “Comfort Women” Charity

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Shinhwa star Kim Dong Wan has donated 30 million won (about 29,000 USD) to a charity that supports former Korean World War II sex slaves. Referred to as “comfort women,” these women were forced to have sex with Japanese soldiers before and during the war. Kim Dong Wan’s donation, made to charity group House of Sharing, will be used to help construction of a memorial hall, built to commemorate the women’s plight.

Kim Dong Wan explained that he wanted to ensure that the comfort women’s ordeal would never be forgotten. The Shinhwa star said, “I think even a painful history should be remembered and not forgotten.”

This is not the first time that Kim Dong Wan has made a noteworthy donation to charity. In the past, he has also given money to the victims of the Yeonpyeong-do Islands attacks in 2010, as well as the survivors of typhoons in the Philippines, and has been involved in various other charitable endeavors

KCON Panel Talks About Women In Dramas

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K-drama"s women characters range from crazy mother-in-laws to conniving second leads to hardworking heroines, At KCON, a group of women who write about k-dramas discussed the roles of women in dramas. They discussed why women identify with female characters in dramas and what they would like to see change in women"s roles to reflect changing realities.

Panel moderators included Tanya Rodriguez of Hallyu U Know, Chunkeemonkeeato, Koala, Stephanie Kurze of Crazy for Kdrama, Coco and Viki of Kdrama Fighting. The panelists agreed that the reasons we like k-drama heroines is because they are so easy to relate to, that k-drama writers give their characters so many relatable qualities. And as most female k-drama characters start out with some kind of disadvantage, everyone can relate to the story of an underdog who triumps over adversity

Bomi ranks the prettiest members of A Pink on "The Human Condition"

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A Pink"s Bomi ranked the TOP 3 girls in her group in terms of looks!
Bomi joined KBS 2TV"s "The Human Condition" as a new member on the 9th"s episode. During the episode, she was asked, "Who is the prettiest member in A Pink?".

At first, she was a little flustered by the question, but she answered, "Maknae Hayoung is the prettiest. Then, it"s Chorong unni. Then it"s Bomi," placing her as the third in her group.
What do you think of her ranking?

Music & Lyrics: Postfeminism and “Strong Women”

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Music & Lyrics: Postfeminism and “Strong Women” Written by Alolika On August 7, 2014

Often misunderstood because of its immense multiplicity of meanings, postfeminism is a highly contested and nebulous place to be in feminism. The term has commonly been used to announce a historical shift (after the height of second-wave feminism) or a backlash against feminism (Gill, 2011).

This backlash has been articulated in various ways: a disillusionment with white feminism, an over-emphasis on theory instead of political action, the inclusion of queer narratives – all these are backlashes not against the idea of feminism in itself but against the general reality of feminism – a movement by, for and of white, upper middle class, straight women.

But within the ambit of media and culture studies, postfeminism has come to literally mean after-feminism

HyunA Reveals Who She Thinks Are the Sexiest and Prettiest Female Idols

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Known for her fierce and sexy image, HyunA chose herself as the sexiest female idol on the latest episode of “Weekly Idol.”

On August 6, the singer was a guest on MBC Every1′s “Weekly Idol” to talk about her comeback with “Red.” Although she confessed to feeling a bit awkward appearing on the show alone and not having the support of fellow 4Minute members, she managed to have fun with the MC duo by responding to questions sent to them by her fans.

When asked to pick the prettiest and sexiest idols, HyunA replied after thinking, “There are so many beautiful idols. I think A Pink‘s Son Naeun and AOA‘s Seolhyun are pretty. Son Naeun has the kind of charm that I cannot have

Army reality show to include women

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Broadcaster MBC is preparing for a special episode for its popular reality show "Real Men".The show, which puts male actors and singers in a military base in Korea so that audiences at home can take a peek over the lives of soldiers, is now getting ready to have female entertainers in the show. Seven female talents will be joining the show including singer G.Na, and Hyeri of Girl"s Day. They were stationed in a training center to undergo the necessary programs to be an officer yesterday.The special episode will be aired later this month.BY LEE SUN-MIN [[email protected] ] (photo credit: allkpop)

Why Hyomin’s ‘Nice Body’ Is Offensive To Women [Blog]

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For the past few weeks, Core Contents Media hyped up T-ara member Hyomin’s solo debut with "Nice Body" like it would be the song of the summer. They said the music video would be rated 15+, while the dance version would be 19+, making fans and the general public’s anticipation grow. Articles on different news sites revealed teaser pictures of Hyomin in a fat suit with prosthetics on her face to look the part. With this, and the song’s title, the first red flag glared. However, everything was still pretty hush hush, so criticism couldn’t surface without knowing the music video’s plot and the song’s lyrics.

But then the video for "Nice Body" came out last Sunday, raising more red flags than anything else seen in K-Pop in a while

Song Hye Kyo Donates 800 Tickets to the International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul

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Actress Song Hye Kyo has donated 800 tickets to the 16th International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul to those who are unable to afford cultural activities.

On June 2, a representative from the International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul announced that Song Hye Kyo has donated 800 tickets through the charitable organization Cinema Angel.

Cinema Angel, founded under the motto of “one movie can change a life,” is a cultural donation organization consisting of actors. Since the establishment after the suggestion of director Lee Hyun Seung in 2007, many actors have donated through the organization. Previous donors include Song Kang Ho, Hwang Jung Min, Kang Hye Jung, Gong Hyo Jin, Bae Doona, Lee Na Young, and Shin Ha Kyun, among numerous others

Wheesung says he's not interested in women?

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Wheesung talked about his relationship status on radio!
He was a guest on SBS Power FM"s "Jung Sun Hee"s A Night Like Today". The DJ asked, "Did you have your heart beat quickly recently?". He answered honestly, "Recently, it"s only when I do aerobic workouts. I"ve never been less interested in women as I am now. Because of that, whenever I meet someone, I become a bad man unintentionally. I just don"t meet up with anyone."

SEE ALSO: Wheesung and his father win 1st place on "Immortal Song 2"

DJ Jung Sun Hee teased, "Your dating cells are all going to die," and he answered, "I can"t help it. Lately, I like money more than I like dating. That"s why I made my last track, "Have to Make Money". That"s how I can become the "Best Man"."