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Song Hye Kyo Donates 800 Tickets to the International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul

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Actress Song Hye Kyo has donated 800 tickets to the 16th International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul to those who are unable to afford cultural activities.

On June 2, a representative from the International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul announced that Song Hye Kyo has donated 800 tickets through the charitable organization Cinema Angel.

Cinema Angel, founded under the motto of “one movie can change a life,” is a cultural donation organization consisting of actors. Since the establishment after the suggestion of director Lee Hyun Seung in 2007, many actors have donated through the organization. Previous donors include Song Kang Ho, Hwang Jung Min, Kang Hye Jung, Gong Hyo Jin, Bae Doona, Lee Na Young, and Shin Ha Kyun, among numerous others

Wheesung says he's not interested in women?

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Wheesung talked about his relationship status on radio!
He was a guest on SBS Power FM"s "Jung Sun Hee"s A Night Like Today". The DJ asked, "Did you have your heart beat quickly recently?". He answered honestly, "Recently, it"s only when I do aerobic workouts. I"ve never been less interested in women as I am now. Because of that, whenever I meet someone, I become a bad man unintentionally. I just don"t meet up with anyone."

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DJ Jung Sun Hee teased, "Your dating cells are all going to die," and he answered, "I can"t help it. Lately, I like money more than I like dating. That"s why I made my last track, "Have to Make Money". That"s how I can become the "Best Man"."

ZE:A’s Dong Jun Went to the Women’s Public Bathhouse with His Mom until the 4th Grade

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Going way over the unwritten age limit, ZE:A’s Dong Jun shared that he went to the women’s side of the public bathhouse with his mom until he was in the fourth grade.

In a recent recording of KBS’ Hello, the members of ZE:A appeared as guests to hear out the worries of people.

One particular student said her father was her worry as he kept dragging her out to go fishing, even during stressful exam periods.

The MCs then turned to ZE:A and asked if the members were ever dragged somewhere against their wills by their parents. Dong Jun piped up and said, “I went to the women’s bathhouse until I was in the fourth grade.”

Shin Dong Yeop added that he too went to the women’s bathhouse until the fourth grade

Joo Sang Wook Says He Confesses to Women He′s Interested In

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Joo Sang Wook showed off his gentle and quirky charms as the cover model for the May issue of star style magazine The Star.

Having acted in his first rom-com drama through MBC’s Cunning Single Lady, Joo Sang Wook posed as a CEO working in an office, pulling off various looks from checkered patterned suits to striped socks and shorts.

In an interview following the photoshoot, Joo Sang Wook shared, “It was my first time trying out a romantic comedy. I didn’t want to hear that I act out similar character each time and wanted to do well in a genre that I’m trying for the first time. Fortunately, I acted seriously in some of the scenes but people thought that was funny, so I was thankful.”

About his drama character, he said, “I was once hurt because of love too

Song Seung Hun: “I Don’t Understand Women Too Well”

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Actor Song Seung Hun has revealed that he is no expert when it comes to understanding the sensitive mind of women.

During a recent filming session of MBC’s “Radio Star,” he and other “Obsessed” stars Cho Yeo Jung, On Joo Wan, and director Kim Dae Woo discussed their career in the film industry and their private lives.

Song Seung Hun confessed, “I don’t know women well,” to which MC Yoon Jung Shin reacted by saying, “Handsome men don’t understand the mind of women well.” MC Kim Gu Ra added to his point, “They don’t necessarily need to,” and the studio was quickly filled with laughter.

The MCs continued to ask Song Seung Hun’s onscreen wife Cho Yeo Jung, “People say Song Seung Hun is very hot-tempered and persistent

Song Seung Hun Admits He Doesn’t Know Much about the Psychology of Women

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While carrying the image of a total heartthrob, Song Seung Hun admitted he doesn’t know much about women.

In a recent recording of MBC’s Radio Star, Song Seung Hun, along with this co-actors, Jo Yeo Jeong, On Ju Wan, and Kim Dae Woo, to promote his new movie Obsessed.

During the recording, Song Seung Hun said, “I think I don’t know much about women’s psychology.’’ He then proceeded to share a bit about his dating experiences which led him to this conclusion.

MC Yoon Jong Shin then added, “Handsome men usually don’t understand a woman’s heart well,” making MC Kim Gura reply, “They don’t really have to.”

Meanwhile, Jo Yeo Jeong said that she likes that Song Seung Hun loses his temper and can be quite persistent, contrasting his quite gentle image

Song Seung Hun to Talk About Women and Dating as Guest on “Witch Hunt”

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Actor Song Seung Hun will be making a guest appearance on JTBC’s 19+ talk show “Witch Hunt.”

A representative of JTBC confirmed the news on April 29, and revealed that the filming was currently taking place.

“Having ties with Shin Dong Yup, Song Seung Hun decided to participate in the show. The two met through MBC’s sitcom “Three Men, Three Women” in the past, and have since been close friends,” the source continued.

“Witch Hunt” is known for its provocative topics and witty wordplay, and the guests are encouraged to be as open as possible. As Song Seung Hun is an uncommon sight on variety shows, his upcoming guest appearance is already highly anticipated, and it will be interesting to see what the actor will reveal about his knowledge on relationships and women

Na-Eun picks Hayoung as the prettiest member in A Pink

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On the April 15 installment of KBS 2TV"s "1 Vs. 100," Na-Eun chose which A Pink member she found to be the prettiest in the group.

MC Han Suk Joon said, "Each A Pink member has her own charm. What do you think is yours?" Na-Eun replied, "As my age is in the middle, they call me the center of A Pink. However, whenever I"m asked a question like this, I"m put in a sticky situation. All the members have remarkable beauty."

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She continued, "I think maknae Hayoung ranks first in beauty. She"s young now, but her looks will blossom more as she grows."

PSY’s Advice to Lee Seung Gi: “You Need a Lot of Experience with Women”

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Singer Lee Seung Gi appeared on the recent episode of “Healing Camp” with his mentor Lee Sun Hee. During the show, he revealed the story behind his debut track, “Because You’re My Girl.”

“Because You’re My Girl” was composed and written by PSY. Lee Seung Gi said, “Originally, the song wasn’t called ‘Because You’re My Girl,’ but just ‘Noona,’ ['older sister/woman']” and said he had difficulty with the direction of the song, and what it was supposed to mean.

Seeing him struggle, Lee Seung Gi said that PSY gave him a single piece of advice. “No matter what, you need a lot of experience with women.”

“Then or now, PSY looks and acts the same,” Lee Seung Gi said. “At the time, I was 18-years-old

Nell perform on 'Sketchbook' + choose women as something that pulls them in like 'gravity'

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Talented band Nell appeared on "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook" to promote their current album "Newton"s Apple" on March 29.

As the main focus of this album was "gravity," Yoo Hee Yeol asked them, "Is there something that you can"t turn down and pulls you in like gravity?" The members said, "Alcohol and cigarettes," and then added, "Music and women are our gravities."

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They were then asked, "What if you had to pick between music and women? This is on the premise that you can"t date that woman ever again." They chose women.

Even before this question was asked, Lee Jung Hoon had said, "Women no matter what

Super Junior-M’s Henry Says He Has Fake Phone Calls in English to Attract Women

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Spilling his dating secrets one by one on television, Super Junior-M’s Henry shared another method to get girls on KBS’ Happy Together.

Henry appeared as a guest on March 27’s broadcast of Happy Together, where he said that based on his experience, Korean women tend to like men who speak English.

“It comes off a lot more polite,” said Henry. “I would go next to the woman I like and have a fake phone call. I use a lot of big English words on purpose and speak louder than usual.”

He then reenacted the fake phone call in English before wooing the woman by switching back to Korean and asking to get some coffee.

“If I play an instrument at this point, it’s game over,” said Henry.

He also talked about how he had the fake name ‘Yoo Hyun Sung,’ which he used to use to hide his celebrity status

Henry shows he's got game as he reveals his method to win over attractive women

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Henry revealed his smooth method to hitting on pretty women on the March 27 episode of KBS 2TV"s "Happy Together 3".

The MCs asked whether he showed off when he was trying to win over a girl"s favor. He said like an expert, "From my experience, they really like men who speak English. So, for example, rather than saying, "Hello," or, "Would you like to get coffee?" in Korean, I"d say it in English," and showed off his perfect pronunciation.

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He said, "They become a lot friendlier if I talk like this." In some cases, he would go up next to the girl and do a fake phone call, talking loudly and using difficult English words on purpose

Nana reveals she got asked out by ten celebrities, her ideal type, and who she thinks is the prettiest in Korea

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After School"s Nana didn"t shock anyone in the room when she revealed that she got asked out by more than ten celebrities as expected from the woman who is crowned as having the "second most beautiful face in the world".

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On the March 27th broadcast of MBC FM4U"s "Kim Shin Young"s Noon Song of Hope"Nana confessed, "I got asked out by over ten celebrities... Celebrities from various fields asked me out... I once rejected someone and there was someone who I was interested in so I contacted him."

On her ideal type, Nana shared, "Rather than the outer appearance, personality is more important when I meet him

Woohyun reveals Jihyun to be the prettiest 4minute member without make up

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Toheart and 4minute appeared on the March 25 installment of Mnet"s "Beatles Code 3D" and interacted cutely for a fun time together.

At one point, Woohyun boasted that he was close to 4minute as they went to the same salon. Jihyun responded, "Since we always see each other without make up, it"s awkward seeing each other like this."

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The MCs responded, "Who cares if you see each other without make up? It"s like going to the sauna together." Then asked, "Among the 4minute girls, who looks the best bare faced?"

Woohyun chose Jihyun, saying, "We attended a drama meeting and I could not recognize her

C-Clown Appointed as Ambassadors for Women’s ‘Safe Return’ Program

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On March 24, male idol group C-Clown was chosen as the ambassadors for the ‘safe return’ program for women, a nighttime escort program for those who are returning home late at night. The mayor of Seoul, Park Won Soon, personally gave the group a plaque of appointment, and revealed his excitement for the group’s promotional activities for the program.

An official of the ‘safe-return’ program explained why C-Clown was chosen, explaining that “The justice concept that C-Clown has falls well into line with the aims and goals of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.”

As the first idols to represent this program, C-Clown said, “Representing the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and being appointed as ambassadors [for this program], there’s a weight on our shoulders.”

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