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Koreaboo does ALS “ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE”; nominates NS Yoonji, Megan Lee, Rainbow Jaekyung, ZEA: Dongjun, TINY-G Mint, Tablo

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The ALS “ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE” has been going viral across Korea with idols such as Super Junior’s Siwon, Donghae and Eunhyuk and f(x) Amber, Eric Nam, Sean, Tim, BTOB’s Peniel, U-Kiss Kevin and more!

Koreaboo decided to participate in the challenge and also nominate some of our friends!! We also donated $100 each on behalf of our staff in order to ensure that we aren’t just doing the video for fun.. but also to help the original cause!

Check out the full video below and find out the full list of people we nominated:

"Roommate" falls low while "Superman is Back" flies high on Sunday ratings

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The Sunday ratings battle for the variety crown among the Big 3 television networks continues!

KBS 2TV"s "Happy Sunday" segment is on a roll at 1st place again. "1 Night 2 Days" was 2nd in its timeslot with 13.4%. "Superman is Back" pulled the segment ratings up as #1 in its timeslot as well as the entire night with 14.5%, and the entire segment rated at 13.5%.

MBC"s "Sunday Sunday Night" was second once again. "Real Men" rated at 14.4%, #1 for its timeslot. "Dad! Where Are You Going?" came in 2nd for its timeslot at 8.7%. The entire segment rated at second with 11.7%.

SBS" "Good Sunday" suffered the worst ratings. "Running Man" fell behind both the other shows with a rating of 10

Lee Hwi Jae’s Twins Meet Soccer Star Park Ji Sung on “Superman Returns”

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Viewers are already starting to show interest in the special meeting between Lee Hwi Jae’s twin sons and former soccer player Park Ji Sung.

The upcoming August 17 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s variety show “Superman Returns” will be airing the behind-the-scenes story of the twin boys’ encounter with the famous soccer star, when Lee Hwi Jae took Seo Un and Seo Jun to the “K-League All Star Game” on July 25.

On this day, Seo Un and Seo Jun, all dressed up in their own soccer uniforms, found their way to watch the soccer match at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

The twins’ dad, Lee Hwi Jae, stopped Park Ji Sung as soon as he spotted the soccer player greet him as he was passing by in the waiting room, and asked him to hold his sons

Song Il Kook carries his triplets all at once during their outing in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Actor Song Il Kook showed what a father of three can do by using all of his strength and stamina to carry his triplets, Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se (2 years old), all at once on the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back"!

Song Il Kook and the triplets went on an outing to a zoo with an outdoor trail where Dae Han would go off on his own, while Min Guk and Man Se kept asking their dad to carry them on his back. To solve this dilemma, Song Il Kook put Man Se on his back and held Dae Han and Min Guk in his arms all at once.

Once they were in their dad"s arms, the triplets began observing the scenery and kept pointing to things and asking, "What is that?" Song Il Kook, who already had his hands tied with holding three kids, replied, "Daddy has no thoughts right now

Yano Shiho shows her aegyo collection in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Yano Shiho took over for Choo Sung Hoon by taking care of Choo Sarang by herself on KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back"!

On the upcoming episode, Yano Shiho and Choo Sarang spend some quality mother-daughter time, while Choo Sung Hoon is away to train for his MMA (mixed martial arts) match. Yano Shiho, who has been studying the Korean language, showed off her improving Korean skills by saying, "Good morning", "Let"s eat", and "Where are you going?", in her adorably broken Korean.

The word that Yano Shiho couldn"t stop saying was Kim Bo Sung"s trending catchphrase, "Euh-ree [loyalty]." While Choo Sung Hoon was about to leave the house, Yano Shiho cheered him on with both of her fists up by saying, "Papa, gain strength! Gain strength! Euh-ree!" She also said to Choo Sarang, "Euh-ree!

Bumkey performs on "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook" with Tablo and MAMAMOO

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Bumkey made a splash on KBS 2TV"s "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook" on August 15, performing "Home" with Tablo and "All of Me" with MAMAMOO.

When he was asked about his relationship with Tablo, Bumkey said, "He stayed by my side since I first started doing music.  I learned music next to really talented seniors like Epik High and Dynamic Duo.  I don"t know how I feel standing on stage with him.  When I first came here from America, I felt assured I"d get into Dynamic Duo"s company. Unbelievably so, I did get into that agency.  I liked Dynamic Duo since I was in America."

Taeyang can"t have enough of Haru"s cute cheeks in new pictures

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It looks like Big Bang"s Taeyang and Tablo"s daughter Haru shared more cute moments backstage of the YG family concert on August 15, "AIA Real Life : NOW Festival."
Taeyang posted new pictures of himself that appear to be a series. The first one shows his fascination with Haru"s adorable face and squishy cheeks. In the next one, he pokes her cheek, all while Haru looks elsewhere in her usual chic fashion.

He wrote, "Hello, Haru," and, "The day (Haru) is over for me today! Thanks, everyone."

Lee Hwi Jae, Suh Un, and Suh Joon meet Park Ji Sung in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Lee Hwi Jae and his twins Suh Un and Suh Joon are meeting soccer star Park Ji Sung on the upcoming "Superman is Back"!

Lee Hwi Jae, who is known to be a sports fanatic, took Suh Un and Suh Joon to see the "2014 K League All-Star Game" and showed their team spirit by wearing soccer uniforms. Lee Hwi Jae couldn"t contain his excitement to meet Park Ji Sung and asked him, "Please hold my kids once."

Park Ji Sung then happily signed the back of Suh Un"s uniform, but Suh Un burst into tears, leaving Park Ji Sung not knowing what to do. Meanwhile, Suh Joon took a chocolate cracker and strolled off on his own.

Lee Hwi Jae also noticed Park Ji Sung"s wedding ring and congratulated him, "Congrats on your marriage

YG Entertainment denies rumors of Tablo and Haru leaving "Superman is Back" at the end of the year

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Tablo"s agency denied rumors brought up with recent reports today about his family leaving "Superman is Back" at the end of the year.

According to one article, broadcast insiders stated that Tablo was sorting out his busy schedule for his upcoming comeback reportedly set for this fall, and ultimately made the decision to stay on the show only up until the end of this year.

In response, a YG Entertainment rep told Star News on the 14th, "We haven"t discussed their possible leave, so we don"t know why there are rumors that they will stay on the show only up until the end of this year... We"ve never even talked about how long they will stay on the program or when they will leave... There was no such talk, so they will continue to do the show

PSY, G-Dragon and Tablo Post Congratulations to Winner on Chart Success

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YG Entertainment artists have been taking to social network sites to offer their congratulations to their label mates, boy band Winner. The group stormed to the top of the charts, landing the Number 1 spot on nine different music charts with the title track “Empty” from the debut album, “2014 S/S.” Artists such as PSY, Epik High’s Tablo and BIGBANG member G-Dragon posted their congratulations in the form of Twitter messages.

PSY wrote, “The album is great. It was really worth the wait!“ The rapper also posted a link to the “Empty” music video.

G-Dragon also posted a link to the song, with the message, “Come on, Winner’s ‘Empty!’”

Tablo, meanwhile, wrote, “Winner! Great! Wow!”

Winner fans will be eager to catch the boys in concert, and will soon have the chance, as the act is set to play as part of the “AIA Real Life: Now Festival 2014” in Seoul’s Jamsil Sports Complex on August 15

Kang Hye-jeong, "Tablo has never asked me to make money"

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Actress Kang Hye-jeong showed her appreciation for husband Tablo from Epik High.

Kang Hye-jeong had a fun day with her husband and daughter Lee Ha-ru on the episode of the KBS 2TV show "Happy Sunday – Superman Is Back".

Kang Hye-jeong was surprised by how dependable Tablo was and said, "You"ve changed a lot. You"re such a great daddy. I can now trust you with anything".

Kang Hye-jeong then asked, "Remember we talked about our work getting better in Jeju?" Kang Hye-jeong hadn"t been working for a while and Tablo was concerned about his new album. However, their hopes had become reality in just 4 months.

Tablo said, "I am so happy we both are busy with work now. Others might think it"s a definite thing but it feels like a miracle for us

Jang Geun Suk is no match for Choo Sarang on "Superman is Back"

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Even the "Asia Prince" Jang Geun Suk himself was no match for the most fearsome child in "Superman is Back", Choo Sarang!

He visited her house at the invitation of her father, Choo Sung Hoon. "I"m friends with him. Do you know him?" he asked his daughter. "No," she replied, not paying attention. "He"s not very cool."

Although he tried to tempt Sarang with multiple gifts - including plush dolls and candy - the girl was unfazed, even pushing them off the table! Jang Geun Suk eventually gave up trying to curry favor. "She"s a woman. She"s doesn"t come over easily," he said.

Song Il Gook Cries While Reminiscing About His Triplets’ Hardships on “Superman Returns”

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On the August 10 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” actor Song Il Gook reminisced about the difficulties that his three sons experienced when they were babies.

While lying down on their backs, the father and sons were looking at photos of the young boys that were projected on the ceiling. Looking at each photo, the Song Il Gook and the boys had some fun distinguishing who’s who in the picture.

While looking at photos of Man Se, Song Il Gook asked his youngest child who was born a with a very low birth weight, “Man Se, did you know how worried we were when you were born?” While the father was absorbed in reminiscing about the time when his precious little boys were born, the kids got a little bored and showed dissatisfaction at their father’s story-telling time

Jang Geun Suk Tries Hard to Win Chu Sarang’s Affection on “Superman Returns”

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On the August 10 episode of KBS’ “Superman Returns,” the actor visited the home of MMA fighter Chu Sung Hoon and Chu Sarang in Tokyo.

As a big fan of the adorable Chu Sarang, the “Asia’s Prince” wanted to make a good first impression and came bearing gifts for the little girl.

Chu Sung Hoon got so excited seeing the gifts that Jang Geun Suk brought for his daughter including a special candy basket full of lollipops with cute little cutouts of Sarang’s face and a card with his signature and message on it, showing how much he has prepared to meet the adorable girl.

“I really prepared a lot to win Sarang’s affection,” said Jang Geun Suk while holding a Mini Mouse tumbler that he specially chose

Haru Shows Jealousy Over Mom’s Affection for Child Actress on “Superman Returns”

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Tablo and Kang Hye Jung’s light-hearted attempt at stirring up jealousy in their daughter Haru, ended up getting a bit out of hand on the most recent episode of KBS 2TV’s variety program “Superman Returns.”

On the August 10 broadcast of “Superman Returns,” Tablo and Haru set out to visit mom, actress Kang Hye Jung, at the filming location for her latest movie, which she is currently in the middle of shooting. At the movie set, surrounded by new and unfamiliar sights, Haru discovered something particularly unfamiliar—a nine-year-old child actress named Lee Re, who is also starring in the movie with Kang Hye Jung.

During the visit to her mom’s work, Haru was unable to take her eyes off of the child actress, who could be seen talking affectionately with Kang Hye Jung