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Choo Sarang sings her cover of ‘Let It Go’

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Up next to cover "Let It Go" wasn"t a singer but the "choovely" baby Choo Sarang!

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Choo Sung Hoon shared on Choo Sarang"s Facebook on the 15th, "Let It Go (Frozen OST Choo Sarang version)," along with a video of her singing along to the song.

Fans have already heard Tablo"s daughter Haru sing along to "Let It Go" on "Superman is Back", and now it was Choo Sarang"s turn to break into song and sing the popular "Frozen" OST. Choo Sarang playfully played her kid piano and was full of her "Choovely" charm to make this cover irresistibly cute and just plain adorable!

Choo Sarang is no doubt an entertainer!

Sandara Park and Taeyang Take Adorable Photos with Haru

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2NE1 member Sandara Park and Big Bang member Taeyang both took photos of their meeting with Tablo’s daughter, Haru!

On April 13, Sandara tweeted a photo of her making V-signs with Haru along with the caption, “Harudara (Haru + Sandara Park)! Our pretty Haru~ with auntie Dara.”

Big Bang’s Taeyang also shared a photo he had taken with Haru on his Instagram account with the adorable caption, “My superstar #Haru.” In the photo, Taeyang is seen giving Haru a kiss while Haru wears a hilarious expression, unable to contain her shock at being able to meet one of her favorite stars.

On that day, YG Entertainment artists were in Osaka, Japan performing at the Kyocera dome for the “2014 YG Family Concert

Tablo Gave Up Vegetarian Lifestyle Because of Kang Hye Jung?

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Tablo has revealed that he stopped following a vegetarian diet after meeting his wife Kang Hye Jung.

On the April 6 episode of KBS2′s “Superman Returns,” the families traveled to Jeju Island and explored the beautiful island.

To enjoy a local speciality, Tablo, Kang Hye Jung, and Haru decided on a tasty chicken stew for their lunch. The actress expressed her love for food, “If you want to have a fun trip, you must eat at the region’s special restaurants.”

Soon after, Tablo begun to tell the story of how he and Kang Hye Jung first met. “At the time when I met her, I was a vegetarian. As soon as I met her, she asked me whether I liked meat or not, and I actually revealed that I was a vegetarian,” he said.

“She completely ignored what I said and ordered meat right away,” he continued, confusing Kang Hye Jung with his sudden confession

Haru Listens to 2NE1’s Songs with Full Concentration on ‘Superman is Back’

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Tablo’s daughter Haru was seemly ‘possessed’ by Yang Hyun Suk momentarily.

April 6’s broadcast of KBS2’s Superman is Back will continue to show the families in Jeju island for the twins’ first birthday.

With Kang Hye Jung joining Tablo and Haru in Jeju island on the second day, the family spent the day together. Being the family of artists, they continued to engage in conversations about music in a moving car. Then Tablo handed his cellphone to Haru with 2NE1’s new music on.

Holding the phone by her ear, Haru started listening to the music with full concentration without moving, reminding her parents of YG’s Yang Hyun Suk.

Upon seeing Haru listening without any slight movement, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung said, “Haru, you’re just like CEO Yang Hyun Suk

Haru shows her love for 2NE1 and acts like Yang Hyun Suk on ‘Superman is Back’

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Haru reminded Tablo of his boss Yang Hyun Suk on "Superman is Back"!

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During their family trip to Jeju Island, Tablo let Haru listen to 2NE1"s new song and Haru, being the 2NE1 fangirl that she is, gave her full attention to the song by putting the phone next to her ear. Seeing her actions, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung, who used to be YG labelmates told her, "Haru, you look like CEO Yang Hyun Suk. We should call Teddy over."

Watch Haru"s love for 2NE1 this Sunday at 4:30 PM KST!

New “Superman Returns” Family as Actor Kim Jung Tae Joins Cast

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KBS‘ popular variety show,”Superman Returns” had provided viewers with cute family moments between celebrities and their children, as well as a rise to stardom for some of the child casts. From Chu Sarang to Haru, the children have taken the spotlight from their celebrity parents through their innocent and lovable actions.

Well, it seems like we will be introduced to yet another celebrity family, as actor Kim Jung Tae has been officially recognized as a new cast member of the show. According to “Superman Returns,” the actor had recently started filming for the show, moving back and forth between his Busan and Seoul home.

Last month, Kim Jung Tae and his two sons had momentarily featured on an episode of the show as guests of Jang Hyun Sung, who currently stars in “Superman Returns” with his two sons

Haru is a sweet helper in preview cuts for ‘Superman is Back’

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Fans know that Tablo"s daughter Haru has a warm heart underneath her chic exterior, and she continued to show herself to be a total sweetheart in preview cuts for this week"s "Superman is Back"!

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The "superman" families went to Jeju Island for Lee Hwi Jae"s twins" first birthday party and upon entering a restaurant for lunch, Haru showed her consideration for others by becoming a handy helper. She helped out the servers by delivering soy sauce to the table and also gave a cup of water to Lee Hwi Jae who she noticed didn"t have time to eat or drink anything while taking care of the twins. 

Stay tuned for their family vacation airing this Sunday!

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung Go on an Artsy Date

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One of the sweetest celebrity couples, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung recently enjoyed a fun date at an art gallery.

The artist posted on his Twitter on March 25, “The exhibition of Park Chan Wook director. Blo&Hye Jung,” and shared a compilation photo of snapshots taken of the married couple.

Wearing stylish but casual outfits, the two can be seen having fun exploring what the art show has to offer. Tablo is showing off his cool poses for the camera, hiding behind a flyer in the first picture, and sipping his drink in the second one. Fans have shown excited responses to the photos, telling Tablo how the two radiate happiness and how good they look together.

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung are currently filming KBS2TV’s “Superman Returns,” and together with their lovely daughter Haru, they have received a lot of love from the public for their cute and entertaining image

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung make an appearance at Park Chan Wook’s exhibition

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Tablo and Kang Hye Jung were spotted spending a wonderful "haru" together at an art gallery!

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Tablo shared on his Instagram on the 24th, "Photographer Park Chan Wook"s photo exhibition. Blo & Hye Jung."

The adorable married couple dressed up for the event with Tablo donning his white buttoned up dress shirt. While Kang Hye Jung is also looking spiffy in her outfit and isn"t wearing the beanie she is normally seen wearing on "Superman is Back".

It"s nice to see the married couple still making time to go out on dates.

Super Junior Member Kyuhyun’s Older Sister Appears on “Superman Returns”

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KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” which aired on March 23, showed Tablo’s daughter, Haru learning how to play the violin.

The violin teacher who visited Haru’s house grabbed interest with her stunning beauty. It was later revealed that she is the older sister of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun’s sister, Jo Ara, prepared many lesson activities for Haru. However, Haru had trouble focusing on the lesson and gave her a difficult time.

Haru suddenly asked her violin teacher to play “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen” soundtrack. Kyuhyung’s sister made Haru happy by playing the song on the violin.

Kyuhyun’s sister, Jo Ara, is a violinist who studied abroad in Vienna, Austria

G-Dragon asks Tablo why his daughter Haru is so cute

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G-Dragon asked Tablo why his daughter Haru is so darn cute!

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Tablo tweeted on the 22nd, "I will answer three questions about Epik High"s 5th album (2008)", to which G-Dragon wittily replied, "Hyung, about that 5th album.. Why is Haru so cute?" Tablo replied back, "All of a sudden keke If Haru sees this, she will freak out Jiyong ah keke"

Haru is known to be a shy fangirl when it comes to her Big Bang bias G-Dragon and even refused to answer G-Dragon"s phone call out of shyness to talk to her celebrity crush on the latest episode of "Superman is Back".

It seems G-Dragon found Haru"s shyness quite adorable!

"@IBGDRGN: @blobyblo 형 그 5집에 말이에요

Haru’s violin teacher revealed to be Kyuhyun’s older sister

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In the recent filming for KBS 2TV"s "Superman Is Back," Tablo"s daughter Haru took one step forward as she attempted to learn the violin. Previously, she had tried martial arts and ballet, but it appears she is not done in trying her hand in different hobbies.

For her violin lesson, Tablo invited one teacher, who proved to be very beautiful when she came to visit Haru. Tablo told his daughter, "This teacher is good at violin and her younger sibling is good at singing," and it turned out that he was referring to Super Junior"s Kyuhyun!

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Kyuhyun"s sister, Jo Ara, was a violinist who played the violin for over twenty years and even studied abroad in Vienna, Austria

Haru refuses to answer G-Dragon’s phone call in preview cuts for ‘Superman is Back’

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Tablo"s daughter Haru became shy when on the phone with her Big Bang bias G-Dragon on the upcoming episode of "Superman is Back"!

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During the recording for the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back", Haru was eating breakfast when Tablo caught her off-guard and asked, "Let"s ask Jiyong uncle if he eats this cracker too", and dialed up G-Dragon and handed the phone over to Haru. However, she refused to answer the phone by blocking both her ears in shyness to talk with her celebrity crush.

Tablo told Haru, "What is there to be shy about? G-Dragon is a person too," trying to convince her to take the phone. To find out whether he was successful in getting Haru to overcome her shyness and also see her outdoor market date with her dad, catch the upcoming episode on the 16th at 4:55 PM KST!

Haru Refuses to Talk to Big Bang’s G-Dragon on the Phone

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As if things couldn’t get any cuter in Haru and Big Bang’s G-Dragon’s relationship, it does.

In the upcoming episode of KBS’ Superman is Back, Haru continues to fan girl over her favorite Big Bang member, G-Dragon.

At the breakfast table, Haru handed her dad, Epik High’s Tablo, some cereal, suggesting that he call G-Dragon and find out if he had some of this cereal before. Being the obedient father that he is, Tablo called up G-Dragon, asking, ‘Have you had this cereal that’s red and green?”

Tablo then handed the phone to Haru so that she can speak to G-Dragon personally, but Haru quickly put her hands over her ears and refused to do such thing.

Trying to get Haru to break out of being embarrassed, he told Haru that G-Dragon is just another person and she has nothing to be shy about

Tablo talks about how Haru supported him when he was depressed

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Epik High"s Tablo revealed his gratitude toward his daughter, Haru, on the latest episode of "Superman is Back".

Leaving for a spring picnic at a strawberry farm, Tablo talked about how Haru managed to be a beacon of hope when he was depressed before. "For a long time, I was in a winter," he said. "I used to cry alone in my room."

When that happened, Tablo said, Haru would be there to comfort him. "Haru would come into my room and ask me why I was crying. She would wipe my tears away for me," he said. "I thought that I shouldn"t be like this when there"s such a beautiful and caring friend for me."

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Is Tablo’s Daughter, Haru, a Future Hip Hop Star?

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Oh the joys of a four-year-old.

On the March 2 episode of KBS’ “Superman Returns,” rapper Tablo’s daughter once again showed her quirkiness to the delight of her dad. In this day’s episode, the Epik High rapper and his daughter had ventured out to Hongdae to go on a mini date. When they stopped at an ice cream shop, Tablo brought out a globe to show his daughter the big world they live in.

As he showed the globe, Tablo said, “Haru, you live in Seoul, while Sarang (Chu Sarang) lives in Tokyo.” After observing the globe, Haru asked, “Where do fish live?” When the rapper asked his daughter to find it on the globe, Haru pointed at the ocean, making her father proud.

Yet, when Tablo asked his daughter a different question, he received a surprising response

Haru transforms into Snow White and Choo Sarang drives a bumper car on ‘Superman is Back’

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Haru and Choo Sarang are having an adventurous day on the upcoming episode of "Superman is Back" as shown in preview cuts!

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Tablo, who his wife Kang Hye Jung acknowledged as a very good father, held a photo shoot with his daughter Haru to make a fairy tale book just for her. Haru transformed into Snow White on set and replaced Snow White"s apple with a fish for the story line, "Snow White who loves fish." When Haru stepped out in a white dress, Tablo escorted her as he shared, "This kind of day will really come one day."

Back in Japan, the Choo and Jang family visited a theme park where Choo Sarang felt the rush of racing in a bumper car. Choo Sarang kept violating the signals as she excitedly drove her car, making Choo Sung Hoon worried

Tablo’s Daughter Haru Dresses Up as Snow White

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Tablo’s daughter Haru recently played dress-up and transformed into a miniature Disney princess!

During the filming of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” Tablo prepared a surprise visit for Haru to a studio specializing in recreating storybook scenes. Haru changed into different costumes pertaining to the Snow White princess concept, and daddy Tablo couldn’t help but laugh aloud at her adorable costumes.

Tablo even requested for a fish to replace the trademark apple to be used in the Snow White photo shoot, since Haru loved fish so much. They ended up giving the photo shoot the title, “The Fish-Loving Snow White Princess.”

When Tablo was escorting Haru in her cute wedding dress, he adorably remarked, “The time will come when I will be doing this for real…”

The episode featuring Haru’s fun day at the studio will air on March 2!

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Fuse TV Praises Epik High as Driving Force of Growth of Korea’s Hip-Hop

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American cable music channel Fuse TV recently gave high praise for Epik High, calling them the driving force of the growth of Korea’s hip-hop.

Fuse TV interviewed Epik High and wrote, “There is no hip hop act quite like Epik High. Made up of MCs Tablo and Mithra Jin alongside DJ Tukutz, the trio have been shaking up the K-pop industry for more than a decade. With a unique rap-rock sound, Epike High came about organically instead of being placed together by a record label, like most K-pop acts.”

Tablo shared that Epik High was not like other K-Pop musicians and that they started without a company or a manager. Fuse TV went on to praise the group for their immense success, despite their humble beginnings. Read the full Fuse TV interview here.

Meanwhile, Epik High is known to be working hard on their upcoming album

Actress Kang Hye Jung Says Her Husband Tablo Is a Good Father

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Actress Kang Hye Jung praised her husband Tablo calling him a “really good father.”

On the February 23 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday – Superman Returns,” Kang Hye Jung said about husband Tablo, “I think my husband is a really good father.”

She explained, “Truthfully speaking, if I had to watch Haru by myself for three days, the bags under my eyes would come down to my feet. I’m so thankful and proud that he is so good to Haru.”

The production staff of the show suggested, “Let’s have a 48 hours with Mommy special,” to which Kang Hye Jung immediately refused.

Meanwhile Tablo and Haru enjoyed spending time with Kang Semi’s family who was a member of girl group T.T.Ma. that was active from 1999 to 2002.

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