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[Video] Trailer released for the Korean movie "HARU"

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Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "HARU"

"HARU" (2014)Directed by Kim Myeong-seoWith Kim Kyeong-ik, Jin Hye-kyeong, Ayaka Tomoda, Min Song-ah, Yoo Seon-yeong, Lim Ji-yeong,...SynopsisThere"s a relationship no one should know about.Psychiatrist Yeong-woong and his wife have been married for 10 years. They"ve lost interest and now neglect each other. Life is just a dull routine for them. Then one day, Haru, a child Soo-hyeon had when she was a student in Japan shows up in front of them hurt and exhausted from her boyfriend"s betrayal. Soo-hyeon asks Yeong-woong to treat her and as a psychiatrist, he does his job. However, as the sessions progress Yeong-woong feels more for Haru than he should and starts thinking of a relationship beyond a doctor and a patient

“Superman Returns” Twins Climb Their Own Version of Mt. Everest

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The adorable Seo Jun and Seo Un from the popular KBS variety show “Superman Returns” attempted to top their own version of Mt. Everest! 

In the upcoming episode of “Superman Returns,” the twins will try their hand at climbing a play structure all on their own.

In the episode, the twins’ father Lee Hwi Jae took the twins to a theme park, where Seo Jun shows interest in a climbing play structure. As Lee Hwi Jae watches on dumbfounded, the twins manage to climb to the very top of the structure all on their own.

Seo Jun and Seo Un twins, who have been on the show since the beginning, have grown rapidly before the viewers’ eyes, as they recently started walking on their own

Taeyang and Haru show their adorable bond in a video call

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Big Bang"s Taeyang and Haru have a long distance relationship? All jokes aside, it"s pretty obvious that Taeyang is an awesome Big Bang uncle to Haru and took time to talk to her all the way from Japan!

Taeyang shared on his Instagram on the 25th, "Tokyo --- Seoul #VideoCall @tabloisdad", along with the screenshot of his video call with Haru.

Taeyang is currently preparing for his Japanese solo album release and tour this August, but made time during his busy schedule for a video chat with Haru on the phone like the great uncle he is. Although fans can"t see his entire face, you can tell that Taeyang was happy to talk to his favorite girl by his eye smile. Although Haru seems to have fallen for G-Dragon as her "oppa", Haru seems to love Taeyang as more of an uncle figure!


BIGBANG’s Taeyang and Haru Spend Time Together on Facetime

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BIGBANG member, Taeyang, and Tablo’s cute daughter Haru spent time together on Facetime.

On July 26, Taeyang uploaded a photo of him and Haru doing Facetime on his Instagram and wrote, “Tokyo-Seoul #Facetime.” In the picture, half of Taeyang’s face can be seen while Haru is smiling brightly, showing off her cute charms.

Through his Instagram, Taeyang has expressed his affection towards Haru many times. Haru showed her support for Taeyang as she revealed on KBS2’s “Superman Returns” that she liked Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips.”

Meanwhile, Haru is currently appearing on KBS2’s variety show, “Superman Returns” with Tablo where she is showing off her adorable charms

Choo Sarang maintains her title as the "eating broadcast queen" in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Choo Sarang will once again charm viewers as she continues to maintain her title as the "eating broadcast queen" for "Superman is Back"!

On the upcoming episode, Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang went on a play date with other families at a zoo. Choo Sung Hoon and the other families treated each of the kids to ice cream at a food joint where Choo Sarang caught the attention of everyone there with her never-ending appetite.

Choo Sarang found all kinds of ways to eat her soft serve ice cream cone and once she was done, Choo Sung Hoon told her, "Sarang ate it all. Now stop." But she didn"t want to miss out on any of the ice cream left and put the entire plate over her mouth to wipe the plate clean. This left her with an ice cream mustache, leaving the others to chuckle

Haru gets her first pet in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Haru welcomed two parrots into her family in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"!

On the upcoming episode, Haru asked her mom Kang Hye Jung to let her raise birds as pets and with her irresistible aegyo, her mom granted her wish. Tablo then took Haru to an animal farm in Jebudo Island where they bought a yellow and green parrot.

After thinking for a long time about what to name the parrots, Haru gave the yellow parrot the name "Chick" and gave named the green parrot "Vegetable" ("Veggie").

Check out Haru"s love for her parrots on July 27!

Song Il Kook takes his triplets to see the dentist in preview cuts for Superman is Back"

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Song ll Kook took his triplets, Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se (2 years old), to the dentist for the first time on the upcoming episode of "Superman is Back"! Some may already know how hard it is to take one young child to see the dentist, so for Song Il Kook to take three, it seems he had his work cut out for him!

For the recording of the upcoming episode, Song Il Kook was asked by his wife to take their triplets to the dentist, to which the father of three showed his confidence and optimism once again, saying, "I think today"s task will be easy." But upon their arrival at the dentist"s office, Min Guk tearfully refused to get his checkup like any other child and Song Il Kook realized that there was no fooling his triplets as he shared, "Ah, you guys know where this is huh

"Show Me The Money 3" producers Tablo, Masta Wu, San E, and more perform

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"Show Me The Money 3" had a special performance section on July 24 for their producers and mentors.       Tablo and Masta Wu performed three songs together while 1llionaire"s Dok2 and The Quiett likewise performed together. San E and Swings partnered up, as well, but there were also solo performances by Swings and Yang Dong Geun.   Check out their hip hop acts below!  

Kang Hye Jung gives her husband Tablo a birthday surprise

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Kang Hye Jung had a birthday surprise for her husband Tablo!

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On July 22, she surprised Tablo at his MBC FM show "Tablo"s Dreaming Radio" with a visit and a cake. The radio show tweeted, "The queen of wifely duty visited "Dreaming Radio" to congratulate Tablo on his birthday. The example of the saying, "Is there another woman like this?" Kang Hye Jung."

As you can see in the photos above, Tablo was incredibly happy to see his wife in the studio and gave her a back hug. YG Entertainment and his daughter Haru also wished him a happy birthday.

Happy birthday to Tablo once again!

'Superman is Back' to feature viewers in upcoming one-year special

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Popular KBS 2TV variety show "Superman is Back" is reported to be planning a special featuring the families of viewers!

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Producers revealed on the official homepage that for the one-year special episode of "Superman is Back" they would be choosing fathers and children from a pool of viewers to appear on the show. PD Kang Bong Gyu told Star News on July 22, "There are no details planned as of yet. Firstly, we"ll be looking at the stories we receive, and from there, we"ll make plans."

Some fans are wondering if the viewer families would be meeting with stars like Choo Sung Hoon, Tablo, and Lee Hwi Jae on the program. So far, 70-some viewers have applied for the special, which is planned to air on September 7 KST

Haru and YG Entertainment wish Tablo a happy birthday with special signs

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Haru and YG Entertainment were among the many that wished Epik High"s Tablo a happy birthday!

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Tablo turns 35 (international age: 34) on July 22 and has a lot to celebrate this year as a father, husband, and rapper. He is currently multi-tasking as a producer on "Show Me The Money 3", Haru"s father on "Superman is Back", and as a member of Epik High who are busy with their YG Family tour and recording.

Happy birthday, Tablo!


— YG Family (@ygent_official) July 22, 2014

f Sweeps Music Shows with “Red Light” Win on Inkigayo + Performances from Taeyang&Tablo, Infinite, B1A4, Girl’s Day

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This week on SBS’ “Inkigayo,” it was f(x) vs BEAST vs Huh Gak and Jung Eungji for first place. BEAST’s “Good Luck” and f(x)’s “Red Light” and Huh Gak and Jung Eungji’s “Break Up to Make Up” competed against each other for no.1, with f(x) winning. Congrats, f(x)!

“Inkigayo” also provided comeback stages for B1A4 (“Solo Day“), Girl’s Day (“Darling“), and INFINITE (“Back“), and SKULL (“I’m Getting Married“)

The complete list of performers include Infinite, Taeyang and Tablo, f(x), K.Will, Seo Young Eun, B1A4, Girl’s Day, AOA, Henry, Untouchable, Eddy Kim, Skull, C-Clown, Lucky J, NU’EST, Mamamoo, B

G-Dragon Talks About Marriage, Tablo’s Daughter Haru, and BIGBANG’s Comeback

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On the July 19 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” cameras followed BIGBANG’s G-Dragon to the set of an advertisement photo shoot, where he took part in an interview for the entertainment news program.

During this specific interview, G-Dragon talked about various different topics, including his thoughts on getting married, as well as Epik High Tablo’s adorable daughter Haru.

When the interviewer asked the BIGBANG member about Haru—who has previously proven herself to be a huge fan of G-Dragon—he expressed, “Haru is so pretty. I really like that she calls the BIGBANG members ‘uncle,’ but she only calls me ‘oppa.’”

Previously, on “Superman Returns,” Haru asked Tablo if she could buy G-Dragon with his credit card, and in this interview, he shyly responded, “You can’t buy me, but I’ll buy you delicious food instead

“Superman Returns” Song Il Gook and His Triplets Fight Over the Driver’s Role

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During a recent outing of Song Il Gook and his triplets Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se, Man Se expressed his pride over driving the car all by himself, causing their father to fall in confusion over the youngest’s strong self-esteem.

While filming an upcoming episode of KBS2TV’s “Superman Returns,” the three brothers locked their eyes on shiny and exciting electric cars that they saw on the street. As the triplets could not think of anything else but the cars, Song Il Gook gave in and negotiated a deal with the car owner.

Man Se, who had to sit with his dad, was particularly protective of his vehicle. With a bright expression on his face, the young boy drove the car while completely ignoring his father’s advice.

As Song Il Gook tried to reach for the steering wheel, Man Se pushed away his hands and continued to choose the direction

G-Dragon reveals he wants to have a kiss scene, shows his love for Haru, and more on 'Entertainment Relay'

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G-Dragon talked about fashion, Big Bang, and Haru on the July 19 edition of "Entertainment Relay"!

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G-Dragon sat down for an interview with "Entertainment Relay" on the set of his photo shoot and talked about his love for fashion, "Rather than being [especially] concerned with airport fashion, I"m the type to put effort into whatever I wear whenever I go out." When asked for summer fashion tips, G-Dragon advised, "Since it"s summer, it"s appropriate to simply wear a white t-shirt and jeans."

The reported pointed out Lee Joon, Kim Woo Bin, and Yeo Jin Goo as the male stars who have fallen for G-Dragon"s charms as fans and asked, "What is the secret to how other men fall for your charms?" G-Dragon guessed, "Since they"re younger than me, they might think that if they hang out with me, it would be fun