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Suzy sexually harassed at a public event + JYP reaction

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Recently, Suzy has become center of an online debate as the victim of a sexual harassment at an outdoor event.
At the event, Suzy was standing in front of 6000 people in the "Sprite Shower" water gun festival in Sinchon, Seoul, Korea. When a male MC introduced Suzy, he was seen touching her thigh twice, making her confused for a moment. The fancam videos were spread quickly on the Internet and people were showing their anger and mixed feelings towards the incident.
Responded to the issue, JYP Entertainment dismissed the rumor and said, "There was no such an accident. It was the video angle that make people misunderstand".
Do you think it was just because of the angle:


Suzy and Junho to have a collaborative stage + Yenny reported to perform for JYP Nation”s “ONE MIC” concert

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During "Naver Starcast" broadcast on July 28, JYP artists gathered for a discussion about their upcoming family concert "ONE MIC". And during one segment, miss A"s Suzy revealed that she was having a special stage with 2PM"s Junho!

They were asked which labelmate they wanted to have a collaborative stage with during the concert. Here, Suzy said, "I"m doing a performance with Junho. I can"t talk about it here, but look forward to it," raising curiosity about what kind of performance the two may have for all their fans!

Also, it"s been revealed by multiple insiders that Yenny will be the only Wonder Girls" member that will be performing at the upcoming event as she will be making her solo debut as HA:TFELT

Suzy revealed to be filming for “Running Man” as the exclusive guest

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The nation"s first love, miss A"s Suzy, will be appearing on SBS variety program "Running Man" as the sole, special guest!

On July 28, Producer Lim Hyung Taek revealed to Star News, "Currently, Suzy is filming for "Running Man." Suzy will be appearing as the exclusive guest for our concept this time on "Running Man": "Representative Hallyu Goddess.""

On this day, Suzy was spotted using public transportation in Seoul to fulfill a mission, grabbing a lot of attention from people around her. You can see this part for yourself when the episode airs in August!

Suzy Bae's Fans Allege Sexual Harassment

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Miss A’s Suzy Bae attended the opening ceremony for the Sinchon Water Gun Festival and the way her appearance was handled started a controversy.
The festival was sponsored by a Sinchon beverage company. Suzy was there to serve as the company’s model and formally declare the start of the festival. Because she would be showered and it was a warm day, she wore a cut-off top and jean shorts. Her legs were bare.

The controversy concerns what happened when one of the ceremony officials escorted Suzy on to the stage. Fans filmed the event and when the video footage was uploaded online, fans noted that one of the event moderators seemed to be inappropriately touching Suzy. The man standing next to her touched her bare thigh and her hip, not once but two times.
After seeing the footage, fans began to comment that the touch seemed intentional and asked for an explanation plus an apology from those who planned the event

Miss A’s Suzy to appear as only guest on SBS’s “Running Man”

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Miss A’s Suzy will be starring on SBS’s “Running Man” as the only guest for next week’s episode.

On the 28th of July, a crew member from the show revealed that Suzy is currently filming for SBS’s “Running Man”, and is filming all around Seoul.

The mission that was given to her for this show is to tour around Seoul city by using public transport and visit important subway stations and locations to complete specific games.

Suzy has starred on “Running Man” several times, showing that the staff of the show and producers really enjoy her presence and the brightness she emits while participating in the show.

The episode of “Running Man” featuring Suzy as the only guest will be aired next week on August 3rd, in which the theme of the episode will be “friends”

miss A’s Suzy to Guest Star on “Running Man” for a Seoul Tour Episode

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Miss A‘s Suzy will be making a guest appearance on SBS‘ popular variety show “Running Man.”

On July 28, a representative revealed that the idol is currently filming the episode in various locations around Seoul. She appears on the show as “The Representative Goddess of Hallyu.”

The episode will challenge the members to tour around Seoul by using public transportation. The producers have set up fun games for the cast to play at subway stations and other landmarks, making the episode even more entertaining. It has also been reported that Suzy is the only guest participating in this episode.

In the past, Suzy has charmed the viewers of “Running Man” with her bright personality and everlasting energy

JYP Entertainment dismisses claims of sexual harassment against Suzy at “Sprite” event

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JYP Entertainment dismissed claims that miss A"s Suzy had been sexually harassed by the MC at a recent water gun event held as part of her promotions for Sprite.

Netizens pointed out that the MC had appeared to discreetly touch Suzy several times during the event, causing her discomfort and amounting to sexual harassment.

However, JYP said the claims were blown out of proportion. "The agency has determined that it wasn"t anything to be worried about," they said. "If there is anything we need to say after a deeper investigation, we will provide a statement at that time."

A representative who was at the scene corroborated this statement. "His hand just accidentally brushed against her in the process of leading her to the front," he said

miss A’s Suzy Sexually Harassed at a Public Event? JYPE Responds

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On July 26, miss A’s Suzy attended the opening ceremony for the ‘Sinchon Water Gun Festival’ in Changchun-dong, in order to participate in the ‘Sprite Shower’ countdown, as the endorsement model for Sprite.

However, after fan-taken videos from the festival were uploaded onto the Internet, fans were shocked to find footage of what appears to be Suzy being inappropriately touched by a man standing next to her. They began to point out that one of the event moderators standing next to the miss A member on stage, seemed to brush his hand against Suzy’s thigh and butt two times.

Following the spread of these accusations, many of the fans stated that it was most likely an intentional action on the part of the accused and are currently demanding an explanation as well as an apology from the event coordinator

10 Female Idols who could be Miss Korea

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Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than just a swimsuit ready, model body and a princess look to be a Miss Korea. To win over a nation and convince it that you are the female embodiment of its best qualities, you need the whole package--looks, talent, and style galore. And what better pool of candidates than female idols?! Female idols know how to wow us on the regular with their visual concepts and multiple skills. They can look cute, sexy, and they can sing, dance, and act. But most importantly, they know how to entertain a nation and cheer it on when it needs it the most.

Just last week, South Korea announced its Miss Korea of 2014 to be Kim Seo Yeon, an Ewha Womans University student. Now it"s your turn K-Pop fans to decide: among the many talented female idols, who would you pick to hold the highly coveted title of Miss Korea? allkpop has rounded up our top 10 picks for you to vote on in our poll below

Lee Soo Young’s Son Mistakes miss A’s Suzy for His Mom?

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Singer Lee Soo Young has revealed that her 4-year-old son has a tendency to mistake miss A‘s Suzy for his mother.

On an upcoming episode of KBS2TV’s “Immortal Song,” the singer rocked the stage and entertained the audience with an energetic performance.

As it was time for a short chart, she shared a hilarious story about her young son, “My son recognizes me when I appear on TV. But he thinks all pretty people on TV are me. In particular, he mistakes Suzy for me and gets very excited.” Hearing this, the crowd could not help but giggle over the adorable confession.

This episode featuring Lee Soo Young’s unexpected transformation into a charismatic dancing diva airs on July 19 at 6PM (KST).

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Kim Jeong Hoon Says He Wants to Act Opposite miss A’s Suzy

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Kim Jeong Hoon revealed his desire to act opposite miss A’s Suzy.

During the July 11 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s Gayo Plaza, DJ Lee Sora asked Kim Jeong Hoon, “Is there any actor or actress that you would like to work with?”

Kim Jeong Hoon answered, “There’s many. I have many sunbaenims I would like to work with. I worked with Myung Kye Nam sunbaenim once and he was different than the others.”

When Lee Sora asked, “What about actresses?” Kim Jeong Hoon answered, “Suzy. I would also like to meet Jun Ji Hyun once.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jeong Hoon released his new mini album 5091 on July 3.

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Suzy lets loose in behind-cuts from her ‘Sprite’ CF

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miss A"s Suzy showed off more of her moves in behind-cuts from her "Sprite" CF!

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If watching Suzy take a "Sprite" shower wasn"t enough to quench your thirst, she gives you even more to remember her by with still shots of her letting loose and having fun with her wet hair.

Get your daily dose of a sugar rush from the sweet Suzy!

Got7 Members to Hold Competition to Win miss A Suzy’s Heart

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The Got7 members will be competing against one another to win the heart of ‘everyone’s first love’ Suzy.

Miss A’s Suzy will be guesting on June 10’s broadcast of SBS MTV’s I Got 7.

I Got 7 is a reality show featuring the Got7 members trying to earn the seven abilities to win the hearts of the fans.

The upcoming episode will continue to show the members trying to ‘win the hearts of women’ by targeting miss A’s Suzy, representing all women.

During filming, Suzy claimed that a man needs to have good sense in order to win the heart of women and gave out a quiz about herself.

The Got7 members then fiercely engaged in a competition to run to Suzy on their knees in order to get the chance to answer first.

Jackson, in the process, shouted out, “It’s difficult to live this life!” making everyone burst out laughing

Suzy Looks Like a Vision in Recent Pictorial for Oh Boy! Magazine

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Suzy of miss A revealed some of her photos taken during the pictorial shooting for the recent issue of Oh Boy! magazine. Along with the pictures, the singer and actress also wrote, “Oh Boy! Oh Suzy” on her Twitter.

Most of the pictures are black and white, and Suzy looks pure with almost no make-up. Little or no make-up does seem to suit Suzy as many say it brings out her real beauty. The magazines are currently being distributed on the market.

Suzy also recently appeared in the SBS MTV show “I GOT7″ alongside her fellow JYP family members.

In terms of music, there is no talks of a comeback for miss A, but it has been confirmed that Suzy will star in the movie ‘Dorihwaga’ (‘Peach Flower Song’) this year

Suzy and Roy Kim as Relationship Coaches in “The Contact 2014″

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Suzy of girl group miss A and solo artist Roy Kim will be working together as relationship coaches in a variety show co-produced by cable channels OnStyle and XTM.

Called “The Contact 2014,” the new variety show is a reality TV program which will deal with the ups and downs of budding romantic relationships with a twist; the show will take a “analog” approach in contrast to today’s digital age, by having its participants communicate with each other with photos and hand-written letters, and not revealing each others’ faces. Three pairs on non-celebrities will participate in this show, getting to know each other through this old-style method of communication.

Roy Kim and Suzy are officially “storytellers,” narrating and discussing the motives and mentalities of the participants throughout the show. Suzy’s voice will be heard on XTM’s broadcast, while Roy Kim’s voice will be heard on OnStyle

Suzy and Roy Kim to be the narrators for new dating project show ‘Connection 2014′ + teaser

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miss A"s Suzy and Roy Kim will narrate as the storytellers for OnStyle and XTM"s upcoming dating project show "Connection 2014"!

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Suzy and Roy Kim will be the coach-like storytellers who narrate the viewpoints of their respective genders. The show will revolve around the premise of couples who grow a connection with one another first through photos and letters to one another without having seen each other before.

Suzy shared in the teaser, "They must be so curious. They"re going to keep contacting each other without knowing what their faces look like. It seems like they won"t be able to fall asleep. If it"s destiny, I think I would be able to tell right away."

Roy Kim shared, "I think they will imagine what he/she is like by themselves

miss A’s Suzy Makes the First Pitch at LA Dodgers Game to Ryu Hyun Jin

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Stepping onto the mount, miss A’s Suzy made the first pitch at the LA Dodgers game.

The scene was captured by Mnet America, who released the video on May 29, showing Suzy wearing the Dodger blue and successfully throwing the ball into Ryu Hyun Jin’s mitt. She excitedly danced off the field, later revealing that she was incredibly nervous despite the poker face she had.

Check out Suzy’s pitch below!

Photo Credit: Mnet America

miss A’s Suzy Shows Off Sprite Shower Dance for Commercial

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Having shown off the pole dance in miss A’s Hush, Suzy presented her upgraded dancing skills by doing a ‘shower dance’ for Sprite.

The pictures of Suzy dancing while she is being showered on have been released online, featuring the miss A member dancing with the others as she drinks Sprite.

The male dancer dancing opposite Suzy reportedly made numerous NGs upon seeing Suzy’s shower dance, unable to make eye contact and freezing on the spot.

The Sprite commercial features Suzy’s cool and sexy charms beyond her usual innocent charms.

Photo credit: Coca Cola Sprite

Watch Suzy’s Opening Pitch for the LA Dodgers

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Mnet America recently shared close up footage of miss A‘s Suzy throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a LA Dodgers baseball game.

Her toss successfully made it over home plate and was caught Dodgers’ pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin. Watch the video below!

The Dodgers recently held an event called “Korea Day,” which saw CNBLUE star Yonghwa sing the national anthem.

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Suzy throws the ceremonial first pitch at the LA Dodgers game + takes pictures with the players

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miss A"s Suzy finally threw the first ceremonial pitch at the LA Dodgers game on May 28! Dressed like a sporty girl-next-door, Suzy looked just a tinge bit nervous as she threw the pitch, but immediately broke into a bright smile and jumped up and down with relief and excitement after her successful throw.

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She also took a few pictures with the players, including Andre Ethier, Juan Uribe, and Yasiel Puig, which were then uploaded onto the LA Dodgers" official Twitter. And of course, she also posed with Korean pitcher, Ryu Hyun Jin!

Check out the video of the first pitch above and the photos below.

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