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KARA"s Hara to appear on the 1 year anniversary of "Superman is Back" in Choo Sung Hoon"s stead

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Hara will be taking Choo Sung Hoon"s place for the first anniversary special of "Superman Is Back"! Hara will be MCing the special along with Yoon Jong Shin and Park Ji Yoon, but she was also brought on to help Yano Shiho.

Because Choo Sung Hoon will be focusing on his return to UFC on the 20th, he was absent for the special 1-year anniversary filming. KARA"s Hara came out on the show instead for his wife Yano Shiho.

"Superman is Back" said, "When Choo Sung Hoon first started "Superman is Back", he had already requested that we give him about 2 months to focus on his training when his UFC schedule was confirmed. We already filmed Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang"s parts in advance even before the 1 year special

Puer Kim is back with MV for “Bank” + audio previews for first mini-album “Purifier”

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After debuting earlier in the year with “Manyo Maash,” solo artist Puer Kim has finally made her return with “Bank” from her very first mini-album, “Purifier”!

Produced by Yoon Jongshin and composed by Jung Seokwon, “Bank” brings out Puer Kim’s unique and soulful vocals in a mid-tempo rhythmic jazz song. Appropriately set in a bank, the music video shows that perseverance through the redundancies of life is worth it in the end as they are rewarded for their hard work with a big pay off.

In addition to her music video, MYSTIC89 has uploaded the rest of her mini-album for fans to get a feel for her new releases before they make their purchase!

WitH “Purifier” set to be released on September 4th, what did you think of “Bank” and the rest of the mini-album? Which song is your favorite off her first mini-album under MYSTIC89?

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Seo Taiji to come back with 9th album on October 18th concert

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The legendary Seo Taiji will be making his comeback in mid-October.
His label revealed, "Seo Taiji will hold his concert "Christmalowin" to open up his promotions for his 9th album at the Seoul Jamshil Stadium on October 18th." "Christmalowin" is a combination of "Christmas" and "Halloween", and shows that he"s ready for a new type of music festival.

It"s been 5 years since Seo Taiji had a solo concert, so it"ll be the first time since 2009. He"ll be revealing the songs from his 9th album for the first time. His label said, "Even the scale of the performance will be a blockbuster level. The number of audience that will be there will be amazing, but the music effect and set will also be the best."

Joo Sang-wook to come back with "Birth of a Beauty"

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Actor Joo Sang-wook might come back with a drama called "Birth of a Beauty".

His agency claimed that he"s currently leafing through many offers and "Birth of a Beauty" is one of them.

"Birth of a Beauty" is a drama about a woman whose life changed after she loses weight. It"s produced by Lee Chang-min-I from SBS drama "Celebrity"s Sweetheart" and "Giant".

If Joo Sang-wook decides to take the role, it will break his 7 month drama absence.

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Reggae Artist Skull Surprises Viewers with Pulled Back Hair on “Running Man”

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Reggae artist Skull has revealed not only his variety show skills but also a different side of his looks at the recent episode of “Running Man.”

On the August 31 broadcast of the hit SBS variety show, “Running Man,” Skull joined Haha in the “Number Race II – 1470″ mission.

The two singers, who collaborated as the reggae duo “Skull & Haha” a few years ago, were challenged to keep the water in the glass they’re holding while riding a theme park ride that makes a complete 360 degree turn.

As the two singers got themselves ready for the ride, Skull surprised his partner Haha and the viewers with his tied hair. Skull, who has always sported corn rows that fits his style as a reggae artist, pulled back his hair and revealed an even better view of his face, surprising the viewers and for a brief moment, Haha

Lee Hwi Jae’s Twins Make a Mess Trying to Feed Themselves on “Superman Returns”

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Comedian Lee Hwi Jae’s twin sons made an adorable mess as the attempted to feed themselves.

On the August 31 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday—Superman Returns,” viewers watched twins Lee Seo Eon and Lee Seo Jun enjoy their first “solo” meal without their father’s help.

As the siblings drank soup and ate spaghetti with their fingers, Lee Seo Eon and Lee Seo Jun appeared to have suddenly matured. Watching them, Lee Hwi Jae said, “There’s nothing left for me to do. They’re all grown up.” It is still too difficult for them to use a fork, so they used their hands, but the twins finished eating to the best of their ability.

Lee Hwi Jae was proud and satisfied but Lee Seo Jun’s tomato sauce and spaghetti-drenched face was a source of amusement

Kang Hye Jung Wishes Daughter Haru Doesn’t Become a Celebrity like Her and Tablo on “Superman Returns”

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With popular celebrity parents actress Kang Hye Jung and musician Tablo, everybody is pretty much expecting “Hip-hop Prodigy” Haru to follow the footsteps of her parents. However, Kang Hye Jung revealed that she wishes a different path for her four-year-old daughter.

On the August 31 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” the family of Tablo, Kang Hye Jung, and Haru were shown as they were traveling to Kangneung.

While enroute to Kangneung, Haru passed some time rapping to a beat. The young girl showed some skills as she took after her father Tablo who is one of the most intelligent rappers in the Korean music industry.

While Haru’s parents showed appreciation and pride in her natural talent, both Kang Hye Jung and Tablo weren’t able to hide their concern

Haru Shows How Much She Resembles Mom Kang Hye Jung in “Superman Returns”

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As “Healing Girl” Lee Haru grows older, she resembles her mother Kang Hye Jung even more, and they confirmed that mother and daughter look identical.

On the August 31 broadcast of “Happy Sunday – Superman Returns,” Tablo, Kang Hye Jung, and Haru went on vacation to Sokcho, spending amicable time together.

Haru especially looked like Kang Hye Jung in her wedding photo, and Haru surprised Kang Hye Jung and Tablo with the cream on her nose.

On the final day of their vacation in Sokcho, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung spent quality time together sitting at a cafe which had a view of the ocean and had a good atmosphere. During a serious atmosphere, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung were surprised and burst into laughter. It was due to Haru putting cream on her nose and showing special aegyo towards her mother

BEAST back at studio to record new Korean album; will honor words at “Beautiful Show 2014”

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It seems that BEAST is back in the studio recording for a new Korean album!

Earlier this month, BEAST had requested that their company, Cube Entertainment, let them release a Korean album in fall. It seems that their request is coming true, as BEAST’s Yoseob yesterday tweeted the above picture of a recording studio, with the caption “Recording”.

Shortly after, he had also tweeted, “What recording can this be. It is now the struggle between BEAST and Cube (Entertainment) for us to honour the words we said at Beautiful Show 2014. We will try our best and try to honour those words.. kk Goodnight kk

무슨 녹음이겠어요. 뷰쇼에서 뱉은 말 지키려고 비스트와 큐브가 고군분투하는 중 입니다

Song Il Kook"s triplets show off their cute dance moves in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Actor Song Il Kook"s triplets, Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se (2 years old), already have fans smiling with just the preview cuts alone for the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back"!

On the upcoming episode, we"ll get to see Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se start dancing once the "Para Pam" MV from the children"s cartoon show "Pororo" comes on TV. They"ll apparently even follow the choreography by moving their shoulders up and down and nodding their heads, adding to their irresistible cuteness.

Stay tuned for their dance time this Sunday!

Choo Sarang visits Choo Sung Hoon at the ring in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Choo Sarang, who was last seen spending 48 hours with her mom Yano Shiho, visited her dad Choo Sung Hoon at his training site on the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back"!

Choo Sarang and her grandparents visited Choo Sung Hoon at the ring where he was seen training for his MMA (mixed martial arts) competition. Choo Sarang, who hasn"t been able to see her dad often due to his rigorous training schedule, observed her father"s sparring from afar.

Once she went inside, Choo Sung Hoon immediately softened up and told his daughter, "Eat, play, and sleep well", and Choo Sarang encouraged him with a high five and kiss on the cheek. When it was time to go back home, Choo Sarang kept looking back as she left her dad, not wanting to say goodbye

Album Review: Super Junior Are Back With Their Most Versatile Album To Date, ‘MAMACITA’

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(Photo : SM Entertainment ) Super Junior have their best release yet with "MAMACITA."

On August 29, SM Entertainment digitally released the seventh Super Junior album entitled “MAMACITA.” Super Junior reestablishes their overall relevancy within the crowded sector of K-Pop male groups with their comeback album. The physical release of "MAMACITA" will occur on September 1. 

Super Junior is poised to celebrate their tenth year since their debut. “MAMACITA” is the follow up to the 2012 studio album “Sexy, Free & Single.” "MAMACITA" incorporates the vocals of the ten members of Super Junior. The album marks the return of Super Junior leader Leeteuk and Heechul, since they completed their military service.

The overall album is solid, with all of the tracks demonstrating an elevated level of musicality

[Throwback Thursday] Happy Anniversary, U-KISS! Fans Look Back on the Past Six Years + #SoompiAS4U Finalists!

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U-KISS Current Members: 7 (Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, AJ [inactive], Hoon, Kevin, Jun) Former Members: Alexander, Kibum, Dongho Leader: Soohyun | Maknae: Jun Year of Debut: 2008 Fanclub: KISSMe Official Soompi Thread

Six years ago, they were the “new kids on the block,” hot off the trails of a Korean mini-album release and a Japanese debut. Now, they are one of the veterans of K-Pop and international darlings to fans all over the world.

The original U-KISS, which stands for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star, was made up of six members: Kevin, Eli, Soohyun, Dongho, Kibum, and Alexander, with member Kiseop joining a year later in 2009. Together, the seven launched K-Pop classics such as “Man Man Ha Ni” and “Bingeul Bingeul

Suh Un and Suh Joon master the fork and spoon in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Suh Un and Suh Joon proved that they could eat without the help of their dad Lee Hwi Jae in preview cuts for the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back".

Lee Hwi Jae took Suh and Suh Joon to a restaurant where Lee Hwi Jae sat the twins side by side while he sat across from the twins at the table for the first time. Lee Hwi Jae told them, "Daddy is not going to help you at all today because we"re eating out."

But it turns out Suh Un and Suh Joon didn"t need their dad"s help as they were able to master the fork and spoon by themselves, digging into their pumpkin porridge and spaghetti. Lee Hwi Jae expressed his pleasant surprise, sharing, "Who knew this day would come? Amazing!"

After the boys successfully finished their plates, they had food all over their faces

Super Junior Is Back! Drops Fun and Addictive “Mamacita” MV

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Rejoice, Elf! It’s finally here.

Super Junior is back, with their fun and exciting music video for “Mamacita,” the title track of their seventh album of the same name. The new album is the group’s first comeback in over two years, since the release of “Sexy, Free & Single” in July of 2012. The title track is “an Urban New Jack Swing genre song, with drum sound based on rhythmical Indian Percussion and piano melody.”

The music video for “Mamacita” is a fun treat, with the members playing various roles in a Wild West setting. The members do what they do bet- bring together fun, sexy, humor, and style all together.

Super Junior will release the full album of “Mamacita” this coming August 29 on various online music sites