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Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang show how ramen eating should be done in their adorable CF + making film

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Fans just can"t get enough of the "choovely" combination of Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang and they showed their "eating broadcast" once again in their ramen CF and making film!

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The "Superman Is Back" father-daughter team showed viewers how to properly enjoy a bowl of ramen with their CF that will have everyone drooling. Choo Sung Hoon teased his daughter"s hearty appetite at first but had to give into her demands as she spilled tears. Once the "choovely" Sarang got a taste, there was no stopping her as she continued to ask for more!

Check out the making film and CF through the clip above!

‘Wonderful Days’ Falls in Numbers Despite Regular Broadcast

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Unlike the other programs, KBS’ Wonderful Days was the only broadcast to air regularly on Saturday and Sunday.

Despite that fact, Wonderful Days did not see a rise in ratings. Instead, it experienced a decrease. The reason is not certain, but it could be that viewers were not aware that the drama was airing in the midst of all the broadcast cancellations, or they were more focused on waiting for updates in the ongoing SEWOL tragedy.

As of April 21, Monday night variety shows are canceled, with dramas, such as SBS’ God’s Gift – 14 Days and MBC’s Empress Ki on standby, depending on how the situation continues.

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KBS Wonderful Days 19

KBS cancels more variety programs for the upcoming week

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In light of the continuing Sewol tragedy, KBS has made a decision to continue its preemption of the network"s variety shows for the upcoming week.

Most variety shows will be affected by the decision, including late-night weekday variety programs such as "Hello Counselor" on Monday, "Our Neighborhood Arts and Education" on Tuesday and "Happy Together" on Thursday.

The variety outage will continue into the weekend of April 26-27, with no new episodes of "Immortal Song 2", "1 Night 2 Days", "Superman is Back", "Gag Concert", and more.

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Song Seung Hun Would Marry Right Away If His Dream Girl Appeared

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Preparing for his new movie release, Song Seung Hun posed for star style magazine @star1 and talked about marriage and kids.

Through the May issue of @star, Song Seung Hun posed in a casual environment wearing very simple and comfortable clothing, perfect for the spring weather.

Despite being 18 years in the business, Song Seung Hun said he has a lot to challenge himself in, especially with his new movie Obsessed coming out in theaters in May.

“Because it’s something I’ve never shown before, I’m quite nervous and burdened,” said the actor. “I hope that through this project, viewers can see Song Seung Hun in a different light.”

Reaching the age when marriage becomes an avoidable topic, Song Seung Hun said, “I think dating and selecting a spouse are very different issues

Jang Hyun Sung to join fellow top actors in new film ‘C’est Si Bon’

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Jang Hyun Sung, who many of you know as the actor from "Three Days" or Jun Woo and Jun Suh"s dad on "Superman is Back", has been cast in the upcoming film "C"est Si Bon".

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A film insider told TV Report, "Jang Hyun Sung has decided to star in "C"est Si Bon"... Jang Hyun Sung is set to play the role of grown-up Lee Jang Hee. [Jang Hyun Sung] and Jin Goo will both play the same person."

Jang Hyun Sung shared that he"s tuning up his guitar skills for the movie in a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, "I started playing the guitar again for the filming of the movie "C"est Si Bon"... I first started playing the guitar during my military service

Song Seung Hun reveals himself to be a big fan of Choo Sarang

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Song Seung Hun revealed that he also fell for Choo Sarang"s "choovely" charms and wants a daughter just like her!

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Song Seung Hun took part in an interview for "@star1"s May issue and shared his love for "Superman is Back"s very own Choo Sarang, "Not just me but doesn"t all of the uncle [fans] in Korea love Choo Sarang? I hope to have a daughter like her and the biggest goal in my life is to start a loving family."

"But I think dating and my decision to be an actor are really totally different issues. My ideal type is a woman who has a bright personality and communicates well with me. If a woman like that appears, I want to marry her right away

Choo Sung Hoon to Transform into Villain for ‘Triangle’

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Choo Sung Hoon will be showing the baddest side of him in the upcoming drama Triangle.

On April 17, the production team of MBC’s Triangle revealed that Choo Sung Hoon will be making a special drama appearance.

Well known and loved for his ‘daddy’ image in Superman is Back, Choo Sung Hoon will be making a 180 degree turn as he takes on the role of the money chasing villain in the drama.

This is not Choo Sung Hoon’s first drama appearance, however. Back in 2011,Triangle’s production company Taewon Entertainment was working on Athena and asked Choo Sung Hoon to act as a special agent, facing Cha Seung Won in a one on one action battle.

The reason Choo Sung Hoon accepted the offer to make cameo appearance, despite his busy schedules of filming variety shows and commercials, is due to his personal connections to the CEO of Taewon Entertainment, Jung Tae Won

Choo Sarang sings her cover of ‘Let It Go’

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Up next to cover "Let It Go" wasn"t a singer but the "choovely" baby Choo Sarang!

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Choo Sung Hoon shared on Choo Sarang"s Facebook on the 15th, "Let It Go (Frozen OST Choo Sarang version)," along with a video of her singing along to the song.

Fans have already heard Tablo"s daughter Haru sing along to "Let It Go" on "Superman is Back", and now it was Choo Sarang"s turn to break into song and sing the popular "Frozen" OST. Choo Sarang playfully played her kid piano and was full of her "Choovely" charm to make this cover irresistibly cute and just plain adorable!

Choo Sarang is no doubt an entertainer!

‘K-Pop Star’ Names Its Third Winner

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After a long season of talented singers being cut off each week, SBS’ K-Pop Star finally selected its third winner.

The final battle was between Korean Americans Bernard Park and Sam Kim with Bernard Park taking the honorable title of being the third K-Pop Star after Park Ji Min and Akdong Musician.

Due to a new rule in the third season, Bernard Park had the choice to pick which of the three agencies he wanted to be signed with. The judges made their appeals, and Bernard Park ended up choosing JYP Entertainment

Meanwhile, SBS’ Roommates will begin on April 20 in the same time slot.

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Wonderful Days 21

Jung Woong In confirmed to join ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’ season 2

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It has been reported that Jung Woong In will join "Dad, Where Are You Going?"!

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According to an exclusive by Starin, after previously rejecting love calls for the show to focus on his role in the MBC drama "Empress Qi", with Kim Jin Pyo"s leave, the actor will fill in the empty spot with his daughter Se Yoon. Jung Woong In and his daughter Se Yoon will join Yoon Min Soo, Kim Sung Joo, Sung Dong Il, Ryu Jin, and Ahn Jung Hwan"s families for their first filming on the 12th.

Jung Woong In"s agency rep confirmed to TV Report on the 9th, "[Jung Woong In] will begin filming "Dad, Where Are You Going?" on the 12th

‘Running Man’ shoots up to first place in Sunday ratings race

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The weekly Sunday ratings battle continues among the big three television networks!

In a dramatic reversal, SBS"s "Running Man" moved up from last week"s third-place spot to first place this week with nationwide ratings of 13.6%, a whopping rise of 3.2% from the previous week!

This put the action variety show above its competitors, MBC"s "Real Men" and KBS"s "1 Night 2 Days", which both scored 12.2%.

Earlier in the timeslot, KBS emerged the victor as "Superman is Back" scored 10.2%. SBS"s "K-Pop Star 3" dropped down to second place with 9.1%, while MBC"s "Dad, Where Are You Going" remained in last position with 7.3%.

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Which variety show did you watch this Sunday?

‘Hotel King’ Beats Out ‘Angel Eyes’ in First Weekend Together

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With the end of two weekend dramas last week, SBS and MBC spewed out their new series, putting them head to head with episode 1.

This weekend marked the beginning of SBS’ Angel Eyes and MBC’s Hotel King. Both dramas hold an impressive cast, but it was Hotel King the ruled out as the winner for the first weekend with 11.7 and 10.9 percent for Saturday and Sunday.

Angel Eyes resulted with 6.3 and 6.6 percent, but as there was an increase and the first two episodes starred just child actors, there’s a good chance Angel Eyes could see better ratings by its third episode.

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Wonderful Days 22

Yano Shiho shows her ‘eating broadcast’ on ‘Superman is Back’

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Now we know that Choo Sarang takes after her mother Yano Shiho with her "eating broadcast" on "Superman is Back"!

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In the preview for the upcoming episode, Yano Shiho flew to reunite with Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang in Jeju Island for a family trip and took big bites of delicious Korean food, saying, "It"s delicious!" Her adorable "eating broadcast" received alot of attention as it reminded fans of her daughter"s equally adorable "eating broadcast".

Check out all of the "superman" mothers coming to Jeju Island for Lee Hwi Jae"s twins" first birthday party on the next episode this Sunday!

Haru Listens to 2NE1’s Songs with Full Concentration on ‘Superman is Back’

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Tablo’s daughter Haru was seemly ‘possessed’ by Yang Hyun Suk momentarily.

April 6’s broadcast of KBS2’s Superman is Back will continue to show the families in Jeju island for the twins’ first birthday.

With Kang Hye Jung joining Tablo and Haru in Jeju island on the second day, the family spent the day together. Being the family of artists, they continued to engage in conversations about music in a moving car. Then Tablo handed his cellphone to Haru with 2NE1’s new music on.

Holding the phone by her ear, Haru started listening to the music with full concentration without moving, reminding her parents of YG’s Yang Hyun Suk.

Upon seeing Haru listening without any slight movement, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung said, “Haru, you’re just like CEO Yang Hyun Suk

Lee Hwi Jae throws the first pitch with his twins at a baseball game

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Lee Hwi Jae did some serious multi-tasking by throwing the first pitch while simultaneously carrying both of his twin sons!

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Lee Hwi Jae stepped onto the mound at the Doosan Bears v. Nexen Heroes game at Mokdong Baseball Stadium, Seoul on April 3. The father and sports fanatic couldn"t leave his twins even while doing the ceremonial first pitch, carrying Suh Un and Suh Joon and still managing to throw a successful pitch.

Suh Un and Suh Joon recently celebrated their first birthday, which will be featured on the next episode of "Superman is Back"!

Haru shows her love for 2NE1 and acts like Yang Hyun Suk on ‘Superman is Back’

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Haru reminded Tablo of his boss Yang Hyun Suk on "Superman is Back"!

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During their family trip to Jeju Island, Tablo let Haru listen to 2NE1"s new song and Haru, being the 2NE1 fangirl that she is, gave her full attention to the song by putting the phone next to her ear. Seeing her actions, Tablo and Kang Hye Jung, who used to be YG labelmates told her, "Haru, you look like CEO Yang Hyun Suk. We should call Teddy over."

Watch Haru"s love for 2NE1 this Sunday at 4:30 PM KST!

Jang Hyun Sung recalls how needed to make wardrobe changes for ‘Superman is Back’

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Jang Hyun Sung revealed it took some time to adjust to being on the variety show "Superman is Back".

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On the April 3rd broadcast of SBS Power FM"s "Gong Hyung Jin"s Cinetown", Jang Hyun Sung recalled how it took him a while to get used to being on a variety show, sharing, "The outfit that I"m wearing now is what my wife calls a uniform."

"After one to two months passed since joining "Superman is Back", I heard that a higher-up person at KBS monitored the show. I heard that that person said, "If Jang Hyun Sung appears wearing that outfit again, make him change." I found it awkward and weird filming a variety show to that extent."

"I was amazed by the reach of variety programs

New “Superman Returns” Family as Actor Kim Jung Tae Joins Cast

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KBS‘ popular variety show,”Superman Returns” had provided viewers with cute family moments between celebrities and their children, as well as a rise to stardom for some of the child casts. From Chu Sarang to Haru, the children have taken the spotlight from their celebrity parents through their innocent and lovable actions.

Well, it seems like we will be introduced to yet another celebrity family, as actor Kim Jung Tae has been officially recognized as a new cast member of the show. According to “Superman Returns,” the actor had recently started filming for the show, moving back and forth between his Busan and Seoul home.

Last month, Kim Jung Tae and his two sons had momentarily featured on an episode of the show as guests of Jang Hyun Sung, who currently stars in “Superman Returns” with his two sons

A new father to join the ‘Superman is Back’ line up – actor Kim Jung Tae

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Actor Kim Jung Tae will be joining the father lineup of the hit KBS 2TV show "Superman is Back" that has been entertaining viewers every week.

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Kim Jung Tae and his son Jihoo, who goes by the nickname "Yakkungi", received a visit from Jang Hyun Sung and his sons as shown last month, and now it"s been confirmed that we"ll be seeing more of the cutie and his father on the show!

PD Kang Bong Kyu told Joy News 24 on the 2nd, "Four-year-old boy "Yakkungi" Jihoo will be different from the original featured children and we anticipate Kim Jung Tae showing his image as a newly added father... Also, his house is not in Seoul but in Busan so that also adds interest."

"The time slot for "Superman is Back" increased since it first aired so it"s true that the pressure for the original families" to film enough content for air time was a big deal

Kim Jung Tae to Join ‘Superman is Back’ as New Member

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Kim Jung Tae will be joining KBS2’s Superman is Back as the new family.

Kang Bong Kyu PD announced on April 2, “We offered Kim Jung Tae to join the show after him and his son, Kim Ji Hoo, appeared in Jang Hyun Sung family’s section. Kim Jung Tae and his son gladly accepted the offer.”

Kang Bong Kyu PD continued, “They live in Busan, which is a new area, and his son was also very new. We also thought it would be interesting as there is no other child who is his age on the show.”

“The filming finished today. We’re still deciding on when to air it, but I expect that it will be at the end of this month,” he said.

The PD said, “One family was added but no family is leaving. We will carry on the show with five families.”

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