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JYJ Want You in Their “Back Seat”

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JYJ Want You in Their “Back Seat” Written by Willis On July 30, 2014

It has been about three years since JYJ’s last album. The group has since ended their very public legal battle with SM Entertainment, performed in various musicals, acted in dramas, did solo music works, etc. This time around Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong have returned with their album Just Us which boasts a thirteen song tracklist. The members have penned most of the lyrics and tackle some production on a few tracks as well. Their title track “Back Seat” is a mid tempo rhythm and blues song that has an automobile-centric MV to boot. Since its release, “Back Seat” has been performing well on the charts. Kim Tae-won, Dong Ne-hyeong, Won Yeong-heon produced the song and also wrote the lyrics

[Translated Naver Article] B.A.P "will be coming back with a different side to them"

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Super Junior members welcome back leader Leeteuk

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Now that Leeteuk has finally been discharged from the military, his fellow Super Junior members showed their excitement as they welcomed him back with kind words and pictures uploaded onto their SNS.

Both Siwon and Eunhyuk posted pictures of Leeteuk without showing his face and wrote, "He is back" and "Welcome back our leader" respectively. Heechul posted an old picture of the two together, also saying welcome to their leader.

Undoubtedly, fans are also super excited to finally have Leeteuk back and to see him sometime soon!

He is back. @special1004 welcome back.

— SIWON CHOI (@siwon407) July 29, 2014

JYJ's 'Back Seat' Upsetting To Some Female Fans - Coercive Lyrics Raise Red Flags

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(Photo : CjeS) Nothing says romance like Jaejoong, an industrial work site, and the back seat of a car for the music video "Back Seat."

Let me start off by saying that I am extremely excited by the new JYJ release and cannot wait to hear the rest of their comeback album. With that out of the way, the lyrics of “Back Seat,” are disappointing to hear when delivered by some of the top male artists in K-Pop.

“Back Seat” is the lead single off of the second JYJ mini album "Just Us." The release has been highly anticipated by fans and is a soulful R&B track which is clearly intended to set the mood between potential lovers. Musically, "Back Seat" is a wonderful song, but the lyrics leave a lot to be desired.

There is a clear difference between a masculine and sexy image, when compared to one that suggests female listeners should “let your feelings go, you don’t have to fight, don’t be shy, put you on my back seat

JYJ"s "Back Seat" sweeps the on-line music charts

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Soon after the release of long-awaited album, "Back Seat," JYJ started soaring to the top of various online music charts for their awesome title track of the same name.

Numerous tracks from the album are placed in the top 10 of the various music charts. "Back Seat" is currently in first place on genie, Naver, melOn, bugs, and Olleh. While it dropped down to fifth place after hitting first on monkey3, "Back Seat" also takes the back seat on Daum by placing second. Instead, JYJ"s "Letting Go" is snugly at first.

Congratulations to the boys so far on their success. Which track off this album is your favorite?

JYJ Releases Comeback MV For “Back Seat” and New Album “Just Us”

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Three member group JYJ has finally released their comeback music video for “Back Seat” along with their second full-length album “JUST US.

This album will be the first time in three years that all three members will be working together, after a long time of pursuing their own individual activities in dramas, musicals, movies, and solo albums.

“Just Us” contains a total of 13 songs, including songs that the members wrote and produced themselves, as well as English tracks that they worked on in the US. It is also interesting to note that “Valentine” was written by American RnB star Chris Brown.

JYJ releases MV for “Back Seat”

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On the 29th of July, JYJ’s official 2nd album “Just Us” was released on music sites!

After releasing their 1st official album, “The Beginning” in 2010 and “In Heaven” in 2011, JYJ is finally returning to the music scene after 3 years! This new album has 13 new songs, with one track featuring American artists Chris Brown.

The music video shows off JYJ’s handsome visuals and charismatic choreography. The orchestra and rhythmical sound of the song allows the members to show off their powerful vocals as the three unique voices of Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu intertwine perfectly to create the song, “Back Seat.”

JYJ is planning on meeting fans during the “2014 JYJ Membership Week” at the COEX Mall, which will be held between July 31st until the 3rd of next month

JYJ invites you to the "Back Seat" with MV release

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Be still your beating hearts!  The sexy trio of JYJ have finally dropped their MV for "Back Seat," which includes a ton of lines that are going to get you swooning, as the boys say they"ll "put you in the back seat" and "want to touch your body all night."

Not to mention, three pairs of seductive gazes will be piercing through the screen while their soothing vocals provide some sweet ear candy.  Check out the MV above, and try your best to handle the romantic kissing scenes!

JYJ reveals a second teaser for "Back Seat" + August 9 concert

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JYJ hyped up fans with a new teaser video for their upcoming album, "Just Us"!

Fans can catch glimpses of the music video of the title track "Back Seat" in the teaser, as well as new smoky shots of the three JYJ members.

The video ends with the promise of the "return of the king" and an enigmatic teaser for August 9, which will be the date of the next solo JYJ concert!

Meanwhile, the album will drop on July 29. Are you ready?

“Superman Returns” Twins Climb Their Own Version of Mt. Everest

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The adorable Seo Jun and Seo Un from the popular KBS variety show “Superman Returns” attempted to top their own version of Mt. Everest! 

In the upcoming episode of “Superman Returns,” the twins will try their hand at climbing a play structure all on their own.

In the episode, the twins’ father Lee Hwi Jae took the twins to a theme park, where Seo Jun shows interest in a climbing play structure. As Lee Hwi Jae watches on dumbfounded, the twins manage to climb to the very top of the structure all on their own.

Seo Jun and Seo Un twins, who have been on the show since the beginning, have grown rapidly before the viewers’ eyes, as they recently started walking on their own

Choo Sarang maintains her title as the "eating broadcast queen" in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Choo Sarang will once again charm viewers as she continues to maintain her title as the "eating broadcast queen" for "Superman is Back"!

On the upcoming episode, Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang went on a play date with other families at a zoo. Choo Sung Hoon and the other families treated each of the kids to ice cream at a food joint where Choo Sarang caught the attention of everyone there with her never-ending appetite.

Choo Sarang found all kinds of ways to eat her soft serve ice cream cone and once she was done, Choo Sung Hoon told her, "Sarang ate it all. Now stop." But she didn"t want to miss out on any of the ice cream left and put the entire plate over her mouth to wipe the plate clean. This left her with an ice cream mustache, leaving the others to chuckle

Haru gets her first pet in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Haru welcomed two parrots into her family in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"!

On the upcoming episode, Haru asked her mom Kang Hye Jung to let her raise birds as pets and with her irresistible aegyo, her mom granted her wish. Tablo then took Haru to an animal farm in Jebudo Island where they bought a yellow and green parrot.

After thinking for a long time about what to name the parrots, Haru gave the yellow parrot the name "Chick" and gave named the green parrot "Vegetable" ("Veggie").

Check out Haru"s love for her parrots on July 27!

Rain to come back with "My Lovely Girl"

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Singer and actor Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) has decided on his next project.

Rain is starring in the new SBS drama "My Lovely Girl" as Hyeon Wook. This is his first drama in four years since the 2010 drama "The Fugitive Plan B".

Hyeon Wook is the director of a show biz agency and a man who is being treated of a painful history of love with another kind of love. He is also a producer and songwriter who seems unconcerned about the world abut is actually thinking deeply inside.

Jeong Ji-hoon said, "The story of youths being treated in the lively world of show biz really got to me. I wanted to try out the role of Hyeon Wook who is clumsy but steps forward to love one at a time".

"My Lovely Girl" is about Hyeon Wook who loses his lover in an accident but falls in fatalistic love with his dead lover"s sister

Song Il Kook takes his triplets to see the dentist in preview cuts for Superman is Back"

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Song ll Kook took his triplets, Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se (2 years old), to the dentist for the first time on the upcoming episode of "Superman is Back"! Some may already know how hard it is to take one young child to see the dentist, so for Song Il Kook to take three, it seems he had his work cut out for him!

For the recording of the upcoming episode, Song Il Kook was asked by his wife to take their triplets to the dentist, to which the father of three showed his confidence and optimism once again, saying, "I think today"s task will be easy." But upon their arrival at the dentist"s office, Min Guk tearfully refused to get his checkup like any other child and Song Il Kook realized that there was no fooling his triplets as he shared, "Ah, you guys know where this is huh

[Spoilers] "Show Me The Money 3" reveal team line ups + two rappers make it back in through revival round

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Mnet"s rapping survival program "Show Me The Money 3" on July 24. was once again full of tension and excitement, especially with previously eliminated rappers being given another chance!

Although he previously lost to Jin Joon Hyun, B.I is now back in the game! B.I and three other rappers were given another chance to make it back after their initial elimination last week by a Revival Round where they went head to head with one other rapper. The decision was difficult but B.I. came out as the winner of his round against J.slow to clinch a spot for himself. Giriboy was the other survivor of the Revival Round.

On this day, the team line ups were also formed