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So Ji Sub and Lee Dong Wook Appear on ‘Infinity Challenge’

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Featuring rare variety appearances, MBC’ Infinity Challenge stole the spotlight during the weekend.

On December 14’s episode of Infinity Challenge, the cast members went off to find lonely friends for their ‘Introducing Lonely Friends’ holiday party.

While the members visited many of their single friends, the two that stood out were So Ji Sub and Lee Dong Wook, who rarely appear on variety programs. The two caught on immediately when Yoo Jae Suk, Noh Hong Chul, and Jung Jun Ha asked if they were lonely. Both actors claimed that they were not lonely but were forced to take an invitation.

Unfortunately, it looks like So Ji Sub and Lee Dong Wook will not be attending the ‘Introducing Lonely Friends’ party due to prior schedules, and because they are not lonely - whatever that means

Super Junior Returns with Catchy but Problematic “Mamacita”

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Super Junior Returns with Catchy but Problematic “Mamacita” Written by Leslie On September 6, 2014

Has it really been two years? Is Leeteuk really back already? I can’t believe two years passed so fast. It helped that Super Junior hasn’t done much. Actually they really haven’t done anything aside from some short Super Junior-M promotions for “Swing” earlier this year and their world tour Super Show 5, which again sadly didn’t make it to the US as they had promised they would again (yes, the redundancy was intentional — side-eyeing SM real hard right now).

I often forget the members’ ages since it often feels like K-pop doesn’t exist in reality, but they’ve already begun the quick succession of members entering military service, most recently Yesung and soon Shindong

Recap: “You From Another Star” Episode 7

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I just love this couple. There’s something really gratifying in the whole Superman–Clark Kent duality of doing something for the person you love, then keeping your cover by putting up a different facade entirely. It’s interesting that Min-joon’s facade is actually his natural personality—gruff and crotchety—and yet it’s becoming a mask more than anything. As he explains, things are changing, and not just in an emotional way, with his impending interstellar voyage stirring some physical changes as well. Or is it? What else could it be? Stuff to wonder 2about.


K.Will – “Like a Star” from the You From Another Star OST [ Download ]

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Answer Me 1994 Episode 16 Recap – “Love, Fear Part 1: Answer Me 1997″

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Answer Me 1994 Episode 16 Recap by Dramabeans:

Crossover episode! Our timeline reaches 1997, which means that the Answer Me 1997 and Answer Me 1994 worlds collide for some meta fun. It’s also Binggeure’s episode to shine, and we get a really welcome glimpse into what life was like for him while we were busy paying attention to everyone else.

EPISODE 16: “Love, Fear: Answer Me 1997″

Dinner arrives at Housewarming Party 2013, and everyone gags at Samcheonpo and Yoon-jin’s show of aegyo spoon-feeding. Haitai wonders how they can still be so cutesy after four kids, while they just challenge him to try it with his wife. He and Na-jung turn to look at each other and shake their heads