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Sunny Hill Makes Comeback With Pre-Release MV, “Once in Summer”

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Sunny Hill has made their comeback as a four-member group with a pre-release track called “Once in Summer” from their upcoming album. The new track is a sweet little song about memories of a first love.

“Once in Summer” is a collaboration between composers KZ and Gomdol, featuring a synth pop sound and the sweet harmony of the four members.

This is Sunny Hill’s first time back with just four members, following the withdrawal of their male member and producer Jang Hyun, who left to focus on his career as a producer.

Sunny Hill’s new album drops mid-August.

Check out their new music video below!

Sunny Hill return as a 4-member group with MV for lovely pre-release track "Once In Summer"

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Sunny Hill will be dropping their studio album in two parts very soon, but before then, they have dropped the MV for their pre-release track, "Once In Summer"!

They return as a four-member girl group following the leave of male member Janghyun earlier this year. The ladies bring out their sweet and lovely voices to make this summer even brighter and warmer with the happy-go-lucky song. The lyrics reminisce on the fond memories of a first love, so it"s a song that we can all relate to.

Check it out through the video above, and stay tuned for "Part A" of their album that will be out sometime in August.

Sunny Hill returns with pre-release song “Once In Summer”

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It was revealed earlier in the week that Sunny Hill would be making their comeback and following teaser photos for their return, Sunny Hill is back with “Once In Summer”!

With news that Sunny Hill will be returning with their first full-length studio album soon, Sunny Hill has also released the music video for “Once In Summer,” a song from the upcoming album.

With Janghyun leaving the group earlier in the year to work behind-the-scenes as a producer, Sunny Hill has returned with a soft ballad, a contrast to their previous title songs. “Once In Summer” is a gentle song that reminisces of an innocent and romantic summer relationship. Accompanying the light pastel colors of the music video that show sweet moments of a relationship, the soothing vocals of Seunga, Misung, Jubi and Kota come together in their newest song creating a relaxing and calm melody that brings the emotions of their lyrics through

Sunny Hill start anew in MV for "Once in Summer"

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Sunny Hill start anew as quartet girl vocal group with the release of their pre-release track "Once in Summer" and its music video.

The girls are looking beautiful in the video with their warm and soulful vocals surrounding the heartwarming lyrics.

Sunny Hill is scheduled to released their 1st full length album "Part A" this month. Meanwhile, enjoy their pre-release track below:

Summer Fashion Trends: K-Pop Idols In Magazines [Blog]

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Korean fashion magazines love featuring K-Pop idols in their pages and showcase the latest trends on them. Fashion plays an important part on K-Pop idols" lives; whether these be through their stage outfits, press events, magazines, or airport fashion.

Korea sets trends that are later adopted on a global scale by big fashion houses. And even though a stylist coordinates their outfits when an idol appears on a magazine, and sometimes these looks seem too "out there" for the "real world," they can work with the proper adjustments.

If you wish to emulate K-Pop summer trends, you can always apply them to your everyday style. Be trendy this summer with these different trends that are the season"s "musts."

Upgraded basics, monochromatic, and black and white

Basics are one of the standout trends for this summer since they are a very easy trend to apply

Male Duo Space A to Make a Comeback With “Summer Dream”

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The male duo, Space A, will be making a comeback with a special summer song.

With the news of them making a comeback after 10 years, they have become an issue. Last year, the duo released a single called, “Return: Sexy Man” during March and received a lot of love.

On July 31, their single, “Summer Dream” will be released and the member’s strong rap skills are at the center of the song. The leader, Park Jae Goo, wrote the song where it focuses on their amazing vocal skills. The song has a strong, addictive melody that anyone can easily sing. Nami, leader of the group Black Pearl, also featured in the song. Currently, she’s the youngest member of the female group, Sisters, which has been created by the former member of Roo’ra, Kim Ji Hyun

Swings to Release Summer Song “Pool Party” Featuring G.NA, 2AM’s Seulong, and Yoon Jong Shin

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Rapper Swings will be releasing his very own summer anthem, titled “Pool Party.”

On July 31, the artist shared a teaser photo through his Facebook account, announcing his next single.

For the new track, Swings has teamed up with female soloist G.NA2AM‘s Seulong, and producer/singer Yoon Jong Shin. The track has been produced by young talent GRAY, who featured on Swings’ hit “A Real Lady” back in 2013.

Along with the teaser, Swings announced the beginning of a light-hearted competition against fellow rapper and “Show Me the Money” teammate San E. Earlier today, San E shared a hot teaser picture of his upcoming single, which will be released on the same date as Swings’

Phantom return with upbeat and catchy summer song "Sky High"

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Phantom left their fans on cloud nine with digital single "Sky High"!

"Sky High" is the work of composer Kim Do Hoon and Phantom, and is a funky rock song that makes the "60s-"70s era come to mind with its retro rhythm. Hanhae, Kiggen, and Sanchez"s refreshing rapping and swoon-worthy vocals also make it the perfect song for summer.

Check out the fun song above!

Bob Girls release repackaged edition of their single album "Summer Repackage"

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Bob Girls have dropped the repackaged edition of their first single album to brighten fans" moods this summer!

Bob Girls made their debut with "The 1st. Single Album" which consists of title track "No Way" and "Why Is It Like This" last month. Now they"re taking those songs and putting new spins on them for this repackaged version of their single album called "Summer Repackage".

Check out the new editions of the familiar songs below!

Sunny Hill Drops Individual Photo Teasers for “Once in Summer” Comeback

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Sunny Hill has uploaded a number of photo teasers to the group’s official Facebook page ahead of the forthcoming release of the group’s first ever full-length studio album, “Part A.” The album’s lead single will be “Once in Summer,” and is slated for release on August 1.

The new material comes just over a year since Sunny Hill’s last release, the “Young Folk” mini album, which contained the track, “Darling of All Hearts.”

The group had already uploaded a group photo teaser on July 29, but has now added four individual teaser images, featuring the girls in domestic settings.

The new material will be the group’s first since officially becoming a girl group. Although much of their most recent success was also enjoyed as a girl group, Sunny Hill began life as a co-ed act, and the female members continued to record and perform while their lone male member, Janghyun, performed his military service

Bob Girls to kick off follow-up promotions with summer version of "Why Is It Like This"

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Bob Girls will kick off their follow-up song promotions with the summer edition version of their song "Why Is It Like This" on "Show Champion" later today!

Bob Girls made their debut with "The 1st. Single Album" which consists of title track "No Way" and "Why Is It Like This" last month. They will now be releasing a repackaged version of their single album called "Summer Repackage", which will include summer edition versions of their previous songs.

Chrome Entertainment stated, "Due to fans" requests to promote with "Why Is It Like This" following their debut, Bob Girls planned this repackaged album... Compared to their sexy charms shown through their debut song "No Way", [Bob Girls] will show fresh charms through the summer edition version of "Why Is It Like This"

Roundtable: Turn The Speakers Up, It’s Summer!

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Roundtable: Turn The Speakers Up, It’s Summer! Written by Seoulbeats On July 29, 2014

It’s summer now in South Korea, which means a slew of summer singles being dropped by K-pop’s idol groups. We all have our sentimental favourites for the season, but will always welcome a fresh batch of songs with each new year. What are your summer bops, both new and old?

Mark: Summer is always a great battleground for songs contending for Song of the Year status, which is why the market tends to get saturated with higher quality songs at this time of the year. Proof of point:

2011: T-ara – “Roly Poly”
2012: Sistar – “Loving U”
2013: Exo – “Growl”

Sistar seems like a favorite at this point of reclaiming the title but there’s still plenty of summer left

Sunny Hill Returns as Four-Member Group With Newest Track, “Once in Summer”

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Sunny Hill will be pre-releasing “One in Summer” from Part A of their first full-length album. It will be Sunny Hill’s first official track release as a newly-arranged group of four females after their producer and male member, Janghyun, left to pursue his career as a producer.

On July 28, Sunny Hill released “Once in Summer” album teaser images on their official Facebook and Twitter pages.

The release of “Once in Summer” marks approximately one year since Sunny Hill released their mini album, “Young Folk,” back in June of last year. Sunny Hill plans to release Part A of their first full-length album sometime in mid-August, and is currently working on it at the moment. Sunny Hill will be joining the list of artists preparing to make their comeback in August, some of the which include PSY, JYJ, KARA and Secret

Sunny Hill unveil teaser image and announce pre-release track "Once in Summer"

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Sunny Hill confirmed previous hints at their comeback by unveiling a teaser image and also announcing the upcoming pre-release of a song ahead of their return with their full-length album "Part A"!

Sunny Hill caught eyes with the teaser image of their new start as a four-member girl group following the leave of male member Janghyun earlier this year. The girls will pre-release "Once in Summer" with a MV on August 1 at noon KST to get you prepared for more good music to come.

"Part A" is expected to drop sometime later in August.

{ Album Spoiler } 2014. 08. 01 #써니힐 #그_해_여름 ♥

— 선희 (@_SunnyHill) July 28, 2014

{ Album Teaser } 2014

Sunny Hill preparing for comeback with “Once In Summer” in August

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Sunny Hill will be joining the list of comeback artists this summer with their new track, “Once In Summer.”

On July 27th, Sunny Hill member Jubee tweeted a photo of a daily calendar opened to August 1st with the words “An unforgettable midsummer dream,” written, which was later re-tweeted on Sunny Hill’s official Twitter account.

Through an image teaser, later revealed on the 28th via their Facebook Page, Sunny Hill will be releasing a new track titled “Once In Summer” on August 1st at midnight KST along with its music video.

Stay tune for further information regarding their comeback!

Source: Top Star News, TV Report, sunnyhill.loen