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Choi Jin Hyuk Constantly Told Himself Song Ji Hyo is Pretty

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Would it be possible for a divorced couple to fall in love with each other again?

In the recently ended tvN drama Emergency Couple, Choi Jin Hyuk acted as ‘Oh Chang Min’ who falls in love with his ex-wife ‘Oh Jin Hee,’ played by Song Ji Hyo.

In a recent interview with Newsen, however, Choi Jin Hyuk waved off as he said, “It’s not an easy thing for a divorced couple to fall in love with each other again.”

He continued, “Of course, it’s possible and it probably happens somewhere. But among the cast members, we said that it’s possible because it’s a drama, especially because Chang Min and Jin Hee hated each other when they split up.”

As personal thoughts are separate from the drama role, what did Choi Jin Hyuk do to play Oh Chang Min, who falls for his ex-wife?

He said, “I constantly thought to myself, ‘Song Ji Hyo is pretty, she is pretty

The Four Charms of Choi Jin Hyuk

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Choi Jin Hyuk seems to have appeared out of nowhere but he is already in his 9th year in acting. He earned fame by acting as ‘Gu Wol Ryung’ in MBC’s Gu Family Book but that took him eight years.

Despite starting out by winning the grand prize from KBS’s acting audition Star Audition in 2006, Choi Jin Hyuk had to build his career for eight years before finally seeing the light.

From acting as ‘Gu Wol Ryung’ in MBC’s Gu Family Book to playing Lee Min Ho’s older brother ‘Kim Won’ in SBS’s The Heirs and most recently as ‘Oh Chang Min’ in tvN’s Emergency Couple, he has been gathering the interest of many with his ripened acting abilities.

Meeting with enews in a café near Samcheong-dong, four different charms of Choi Jin Hyuk were explored

Song Ji Hyo Is the Rising Star of Hallyu in China

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After charming the audience with her humble personality and skillful acting, actress Song Ji Hyo has become one of the hottest Hallyu stars in Chinese-speaking countries.

It all begun with “Running Man.” Together with Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, and other male members, Song Ji Hyo has entertained the viewers through a number of hilarious episodes. The cast members have travelled around Asia to greet their local fans, and the responses have been particularly hot in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Recently, Song Ji Hyo has gained popularity through her role on “Emergency Couple.” The drama has been sold to ten countries so far, proving its overseas appeal, and the download rates in Chinese-speaking countries have been extremely high

SeeYa’s Ex-Member Kim Yeon Ji Drops MV Teaser for “Sad Day”

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Kim Yeon Ji, the former lead vocalist from 3-member vocal group SeeYa, is preparing for her comeback after four years away from the scene.

On April 17, she dropped a video teaser for ballad “Sad Day.” Composer Kim Sae Jin, who recently wrote Hyorin’s “Hello” from “Man from the Stars” OST and Ailee’s “Tears Stole the Heart,” penned the music and Choi Jae Woo wrote the lyrics.

Kim Yeon Ji shared a little of what she’s going through right before her comeback. “As someone who is pretty much starting all over again, I’m half excited and half worried. Just like how I’ve worked really hard in the past, I want to show and present songs through a soulful voice and a sincere heart

“Emergency Couple” Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo to Hold Fan Meeting in Singapore

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Leading cast of romantic comedy drama “Emergency Couple,Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo will be holding a fan meeting in Singapore on May 16, 7PM at the Kallang Theatre.

Presented by Channel M, lucky fans in Singapore can not only catch them in person but also get an opportunity to take group photographs with them. Tickets are on sale through SISTIC. All Singtel Mio TV subscribers will enjoy an additional 5% discount for all ticket categories from now till May 16 (through SISTIC agents only).

The popular drama is premiering on Channel M (Singtel Mio TV channel 518) on April 21, Mondays and Tuesdays 10PM. This will be Choi Jin Hyuk’s maiden trip to Singapore to meet with fans, while Song Ji Hyo has already made her first official visit with the Running Man team last October

Actor Jung Suk Won Joins JYJ at C-JeS Entertainment

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Actor Jung Suk Won has joined a new home at C-JeS Entertainment.

C-JeS Entertainment announced on April 16, “Actor Jung Suk Won has become one of our family members. As much as he has devoted endlessly and worked hard since his debut, we will do our best to support Jung Suk Won to continue expanding his acting spectrum in the future. Please show him your support.”

Jung Suk Won made his debut through KBS’ “Belle.” He rose to fame in the 2009 SBS drama “Brilliant Legacy.” Since then he has appeared in various dramas including SBS’ “Midas,” KBS 2TV’s “Ojakgyo Brothers,” SBS’ “Rooftop Prince,” and KBS 2TV’s “Iris II: New Generation.”

Meanwhile, Jung Suk Won joins many famous names in the Korean entertainment industry at C-JeS Entertainment including JYJ, Choi Min Sik, Seol Kyung Gu, Lee Jung Jae, Lee Bum Soo, Kang Hye Jung, Song Ji Hyo, and Gummy

Secret’s Hyosung to Release Solo Album in May

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Hyosung, a member of the girl group Secret, will be releasing a solo album in May.

According to multiple industry insiders, Jeon Hyosung will be making a comeback with her own solo album. Duble Sidekick composed the title track, and the album is at its final stages. The specific comeback date is in the process of being adjusted.

Hyosung has said since last year that she wanted to release a solo album. The album has been in talks since the end of last year, and she has been devoting herself to finding a title track.

Hyosung will be the second member of Secret to release a solo album. She is expected to show a different style that will set her apart from her group mate, Song Ji Eun, who has previously released two solo albums.

Hyosung previously displayed her acting skills through her role in the OCN drama, “Cheo Yong

Jeon Hyo Sung Becomes Second Secret Member to Go Solo

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Following Song Ji Eun, Secret’s Jeon Hyo Sung will be debuting as a soloist.

On April 16, Newsen spoke with a TS Entertainment rep, who said, “Jeon Hyo Sung is currently preparing to go solo.”

‘We’re hoping for the album to be released in May, but nothing is confirmed. We’re still carefully discussing details.”

According to another affiliate, Jeon Hyo Sung’s solo debut song will be made by Duble Sidekick.

Meanwhile, Jeon Hyo Sung acted in OCN’s Cheo Yong as Han Na Young, the ghost of a high school student.

Photo Credit: Newsen.

Jung Seok Won Signs with C-JeS Entertainment

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Starting fresh in a new nest, Jung Seok Won has signed with C-JeS Entertainment.

C-JeS Entertainment announced the news on April 16, saying, “Jung Seok Won has become a part of our family. We will be doing all that we can to help Jung Seok Won, who has continuously worked hard on a number of diverse projects since his debut, expand his acting. Please continue to look over Jung Seok Won with much interest as he walks with C-JeS Entertainment.”

Jung Seok Won was recently involved in a conflict with his previous company, but signed with C-JeS Entertainment after everything was sorted out.

Jung Seok Won, who debuted in 2007, will be joining JYJ, Choi Min Sik, Lee Jung Jae, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Bum Soo, Kang Hye Jung, Gummy, and more at C-JeS Entertainment

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Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – April Week 2

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Lim Chang Jung repeats as No. 1 for the second week in a row with “Ordinary Song.” In another wide open week last week in which different songs were winning on various music shows, “Ordinary Song” was clearly the most consistent song amongst music charts and was able to win again. Congratulations to Lim Chang Jung.

Moving up three spots to No. 2 is Orange Caramel’s “Catallena.” This song dropped to No. 5 last week and was able to rebound three spots up to second this week, just ten points below “Ordinary Song.” Historically, Orange Caramel’s songs have done well and also fared better than After School’s songs on our chart. This time is no exception. Let see if “Catallena” can move up to the top spot next week.

There are four new songs in the top 10, all by non-idol artists

Gary Gets Jealous Over Song Ji Hyo and ZE:A’s Dongjun on “Running Man”

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Gary expressed his jealousy towards Song Ji Hyo and ZE:A’s Dongjun’s teamwork.

On the April 13 broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man,” the cast set out on a camping trip with guests Kim Min Jong, Kim Jung Ran, Lee Sang Hwa, Dongjun, and Im Joo Hwan. After completing their first day of missions, the cast and guests took some time to take a break.

The production team of the show had each member take a survey about his or her partner. Song Ji Hyo wrote about her partner, Dongjun, “His first impression was handsome. I want to just how much ambition he has.”

Dongjun also wrote positive feedback about Song Ji Hyo. “My first impression of her was she was pretty. She was beautiful. I was happy. I’m satisfied with Ji Hyo noona

POP QUIZ: Which Running Man Member Are You?

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Which Running Man Member Are You? 

SEE ALSO: 2NE1, 2PM, and Mystic89 artists spotted filming for "Running Man"

What"s your favorite coffee drink? Caramel Macchiato ✓ Black with Sugar ✓ Cream and Sugar ✓ White Chocolate Mocha with Whip Cream ✓ Latte ✓ Black ✓ Espresso ✓ Pick Your Social Network or Messaging Service Pinterest ✓ me2day ✓ Facebook ✓ KakaoTalk ✓ Snapchat ✓ Twitter ✓ LINE ✓ What best describes your dance moves Shuffling ✓ I am the definition of dancing ✓ R-O-B-O-T ✓ Bounce Bounce ✓ One, Two Step ✓ Jo Jo Dance ✓ FIST PUMP ✓ Pick a color White ✓ Green ✓ Blue ✓ Red ✓ Yellow ✓ Black ✓ Grey ✓ What are you most afraid of? Growing Up ✓ Bugs ✓ Heights ✓ Yoon Eun Hye ✓ Race Start! ✓ The Gym ✓ Rejection ✓ I LOVE ... My Family ✓ Everyone ✓ YOU ✓ Betrayal ✓ Gold ✓ ME ✓ Burning Calories ✓ When the race starts, the first person that comes into my mind is HaHa ✓ Ji Suk Jin ✓ Gary ✓ Kim Jong Kook ✓ Lee Kwang Soo ✓ Yoo Jae Suk ✓ Song Ji Hyo ✓ POP QUIZ: Which Running Man Member Are You? Yoo Jae SukLike this much beloved "grasshopper," you are quick on your feet, easily escaping capture with your agile limbs, and you are one of the two main powerhouses in any racing mission

Mad Clown and Eddy Kim’s Songs Ruled Unfit for Broadcast

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KBS recently ruled some of rapper Mad Clown and singer Eddy Kim’s songs unfit for broadcast.

Mad Clown’s “Gum,” “Kkeng Cost,” and “Stalker,” and Eddy Kim’s “Slow Dance” were banned.

Mad Clown’s “Gum” was banned because the lyrics include the brand name ‘Mercedes,’ and “Kkeng Cost” because the title and lyrics include the word ‘kkeng cost,’ a slang expression referring to someone overplaying an injury for money. His song “Stalker” was banned for its slew of heavy profanity, both in Korean and English.

The ruling for Mad Clown’s “The Scent of Skin” was temporarily postponed due to the absence of one of the judges. That leaves one song from Mad Clown’s new mini album that is currently allowed on KBS: his title track “Without You” featuring Hyorin

Ryu Seung Soo Reveals He was Song Ji Hyo and Jo In Sung’s Acting Teacher

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A surprising fact was revealed on the April 6 episode of the SBS variety show “Running Man“! When guest Ryu Seung Soo caught up with member Song Ji Hyo, she called out to him as “Teacher,” bringing to light the fact that the older actor was once Song Ji Hyo’s acting teacher. Actor Ryu Seung Soo, most recently in the drama “Wonderful Days,” once ran an acting school before his own acting career gained traction.

Song Ji Hyo explained that Ryu Seung Soo specifically instructed her while she was filming her first movie, the horror film “Wishing Stairs” (2003).

Later on, Ryu Seung Soo also named actor Jo In Sung as one of his students whose career turned out really well. Jokingly or not, Ryu Seung Soo said he couldn’t take the school fee from Jo In Sung since he predicted that the tall, young actor would turn out very well

Hyori Makes a Surprise Appearance on “Running Man”

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You never know who you might run into!

On the April 6 episode of SBS’ “Running Man,” the members and their celebrity partners went on camping trips to enjoy the spring weather. To get to their locations, however, they were challenged to use public transportation.

Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jung Nam, Kim Jong Kook, and Kim Min Jong were at the airport, when they unexpectedly ran into top star Lee Hyori. Surprised over the coincidence, they gave a video call to Yoo Jae Suk, who happened to be at the train station.

“We met Lee Hyori,” Ji Suk Jin said to the fellow cast member, with the singer waving in front of the cellphone camera. Surprised, Yoo Jae Suk laughed, “Lee Hyori, why are you there?”

Ji Suk Jin replied, “She says she is going to her house on Jeju Island

Song Ji Hyo, Lee Pil Mo, and Clara Celebrate “Emergency Couple” Finale with Staff and Cake

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Actor Clara Lee tweeted a photo of the “Emergency Couple” cast celebrating the finale of the drama on her Twitter the same day tvN aired the final episode of “Emergency Couple.”

In the photo, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Pil Mo, Clara and the other actors smile broadly whiling cutting their celebratory cake together with hands piled on top of each other to cut the cake together. Fellow lead actor Choi Jin Hyuk cannot be seen in this photo. According to reports, the fans had sent the cake to the cast and staff to celebrate the ending of the drama series.

In particular, Song Ji Hyo’s casually slung arm around Lee Pil Mo especially drew the attention of fans who watched the show, for their characters have a love line in the series.

“Emergency Couple” aired its first episode of January 24 and wrapped up the series after 21 episodes

Gary Calls Himself and ZE:A’s Dongjun as “Song Ji Hyo’s Men” on “Running Man”

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On the episode of SBS’Running Man,” which aired on April 6, the cast and guests were assigned a trailer or a tent to sleep in according to the order of their standings in a race.

While snuggling into this sleeping bag, Gary turned on a song.

ZE:A’s Dongjun, who shared the tent with Gary asked, “What is love?” Gary answered, “There is no answer to love. I’ve loved for 20 years, but I can’t find an answer. There is no answer to love.”

Song Ji Hyo heard the song coming from Gary and Dongjun’s tent and paid them a visit. Gary said to Song Ji Hyo, “Your men are sleeping in the same tent,” referring to himself as her “Monday Couple” partner and to Dongjun, who was her partner during the race.

Song Ji Hyo asked,” What song is this?” to which Gary answered, “A theme song for you

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – April Week 1

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There is a major upset on top of the chart this week. Veteran male soloist Lim Chang Jung’s “Ordinary Song” is anything but ordinary as it moves up 20 big spots and leaps over many top idol artists to No. 1 this week. “Ordinary Song” just edged out last week’s No. 1 2NE1’s “Come Back Home” by four points. Congratulations to him.

Lim started his singing career in 1995, and reached a peak in the early 2000′s. Nearly all his album title songs reached No. 1 on the chart back then. He abruptly quit singing after releasing his 10th album in 2003 to focus on his acting career. In 2009 Lim came back to the music scene and released his 11th album. He regained a lot of popularity last year with the song “About Me.”

“Ordinary Song” is the title track of Lim Chang Jung’s 12th album, his first full length album in nearly five years

April Is Hip Hop Month with Comebacks from Baechigi, San E, Verbal Jint, Jay Park, Mad Clown

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The month of April will be an exciting month for Korean hip hop fans with numerous rappers making their comebacks. The hip hop musicians will be going against the various boy groups, such as EXO and BEAST, that will also be making their comeback in this music filled month of April.

The artists Baechigi, San E, Verbal Jint, Jay Park, and Mad Clown will all make their comebacks.

Hip hop group Baechigi began the April month of hip hop with their single “Dduraeyo” which is ranking first on online charts. The single is a fun hip hop track which will make you move. Enjoy the MV for “Dduraeyo” below.

Rapper Verbal Jint is coming out with his album “GO HARD Part

SNSD, Monday Couple and More Top the Week′s Headlines

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preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview If you’ve missed out on all the hottest news of the week, but you’re too busy to catch up on everything that’s been going on - no worries, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be recapping the Top 5 articles of the past week, based on reader views!

SNSD Hyoyeon Investigated by Police for Hitting Male Friend

On April 1, aka April Fool′s Day, we were hit with a report that a SNSD member was being investigated by the police for alleged assault against a male friend. Unfortunately, the report wasn′t a prank and turned out to be the result of a misunderstanding between Hyoyeon and her friend.

Hm. Maybe next time, don′t call the police?

LeeSsang’s Gary Seemingly Angered by April Fool’s Prank Regarding Song Ji Hyo

Fans got all excited when it seemed that LeeSsang′s Gary had confessed his love for Song Ji Hyo on Twitter - but it turned out to be an April Fool′s Day prank that pissed off the ever-peaceful Gary