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Song Ga Yeon to leave "Roommate" reality show

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Following Park Bom and Lee So Ra, Song Ga Yeon will be leaving the cast of SBS" "Roommate".

Song Ga Yeon makes the third cast member as well as the last "Roommate" in the room, which she shared with Park Bom and Lee So Ra, to leave the reality show. A rep from "Roommate" stated, "As Song Ga Yeon said she"d like to focus on [MMA], it was natural for her to leave the show."

The rep also added, "Nothing"s been decided about who will be chosen to join the show as new cast members. However, there"s a high possibility that a female member will be cast."

The last episode featuring Song Ga Yeon will  be aired in mid-September. "Roommate" airs every Sunday at 4:10PM KST!

Are you sad to see Song Ga Yeon go?

Song Ga Yeon to Leave “Roommate”

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Song Ga Yeon will be ending her stint on theSBS’ house-sharing reality TV program, “Roommate.”

SBS revealed that the athlete recently relayed to the production team of the program that she would like to leave the show in order to focus on her athletic career. Fans will no longer be able to Song Ga Yeon after mid-September.

Song Ga Yeon follows the departures of TV personality Lee Sora and 2NE1‘s Park Bom since the start of the program. Coincidentally, these three shared a room together on the show.

There are now only eight cast members left from the original 11: Lee Dong Wook, EXO‘s Chanyeol, Jo Se Ho, After School‘s Nana, Shin Sung Woo, Seo Kang Joon, Park Min Woo, and Hong Soo Hyun

BTOB to return to "Immortal Song 2" for "Saturday Night Fever" special

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BTOB will be returning to KBS" "Immortal Song 2" after three months!

The boys last competed on the reality show in May for the "Nation"s Composer Son Suk Woo" special, and they recently filmed for the "Saturday Night Fever" episode on August 28. Cube Entertainment told allkpop that BTOB will be going for a retro "80s theme with a modern flair for their upcoming performance. 

The BTOB members themselves thought up ideas for their "Immortal Song 2" stage, putting together emotional vocals and sharp rap to pump up the audience.

In other news, BTOB are preparing for their comeback, but in the meantime, fans will be able to see them do individual promotions. 

Song Ji Hyo rocks the cover of "Campus 10" with her snapback fashion

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Song Ji Hyo rocked the cover of "Campus 10"s September issue!

Song Ji Hyo went for an urban tomboy look as the endorsement model for casual brand "NBA" with trendy snapbacks and loads of accessories that added a fierce touch to the pictorial.

The actress didn"t let her fierce outfits overwhelm her with her stand-alone charisma, which makes it clear why she"s the "ace" of "Running Man".

Check out her pictorial! 

Song Ji Hyo Becomes the Cover Model for Campus 10 Magazine

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Chic and charismatic pictorials of actress Song Ji Hyo have been revealed.

Song Ji Hyo is currently an NBA model and recently, she became the cover model for the September issue of “Campus 10” magazine, where she sports more of her trademark fitted caps.

For these pictorials, instead of her usual bright and lovable charms, she showed her cold and chic self, wearing casual street clothing, bringing things together with heavy accessories.

Song Ji Hyo received a lot of love through tvN’s drama “Emergency Couple,” which ended earlier this year in April. Currently, she’s appearing on SBS’ popular variety program “Running Man.

You can check out Song Ji Hyo’s charismatic pictorial below!

TOUCH make their first domestic comeback in 2 years with remake of their debut song "Me"

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Male idol group TOUCH are making their domestic return after 2 years!

They once again seem to have gone through another member change, this time adding in maknae Sangwook. The new release from this boy group, who made their debut in 2010, is actually the remake of their debut song "Me", which was originally composed by Brave Brothers.

The members revealed that they tried to rearrange the song to make it feel more on trend with 2014.

A video has been released to go along with the song, so check out the new version of their song "Me" above as you welcome them back!

SISTAR have fun in Saipan for follow-up song "I Swear" MV

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SISTAR are back to wrap up summer with their follow-up track "I Swear"!

Filmed at a beach in Saipan, the girls use the beautiful scenery as the background for their next summer music video. "I Swear" is the work of Duble Sidekick, and it"s part of their special album "Sweet & Sour" which includes another new track called "Hold On Tight", in addition to a remix of their previous songs like "Loving U" and "Touch My Body" .

Without further ado, check out SISTAR"s latest release above!

Does Gary Cheat On Song Ji Hyo When It's Not Monday?

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Song Ji Hyo and Kang Gary, who are affectionately called the "Monday Couple" by fans who watch the hit SBS variety program "Running Man," discuss what they do when it"s not Monday.

During the latest episode of "Running Man," a staff member acted as a department manager, and asked the cast members, who were named the Big Seven Company, what they did before they film during Mondays.

When Song Ji Hyo was asked what she does during the weekends, she honestly said, "I slept all weekend to prepare for Monday," pertaining to her blank and sleepy nature during the show; however, they didn"t believe her.

Another cast member told her, "There was a rumor that you spend the weekends with Gary," to which Kang Gary retorted, "I didn"t go with Ji Hyo, I went with another woman

Song Hye Kyo Visits ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ Filming Scene

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Actress Song Hye Kyo visited the filming scene of the romantic comedy SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love," cheering for her friend actor Jo In Sung. Actress Song Hye Kyo"s agency tweeted in the afternoon of August 16, 2014, a picture of the actress with actor Jo In Sung and other crew members of the SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love." Actress Song Hye Kyo posed with a peace sign surrounded by the drama staff members and actor Jo In Sung. Actor Jo In Sung and actress Song Hye Kyo filmed the popular SBS drama "That Winter The Wind Blows" last winter. In related news, the SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love" tells a story of "romantic mental clinic" between a mysterious detective novelist who is at times romantic, played by Jo In Sung, and a psychiatrist, played by Gong Hyo Jin. Actors Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Sung Dong Il, Lee Kwang Soo, and Do Kyung Soo of EXO are going to star in the drama

Jay Park releases 17-song tracklist for upcoming 2nd album "Evolution"

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Jay Park has released his tracklist!

He"ll be releasing his 2nd full album "Evolution" in exactly a week from now, and to keep fans on their toes, he"s released a tracklist! The full album boasts an impressive 17 tracks, which is a lot more than usual even for a full album.

The tracklist is:

Evolution JOAH So Good Let"s Make Up (Remastered) Promise Secret (Remastered) Welcome Ride Me Metronome GGG WHO THE F*CK IS U 1HUNNIT (Remix) Success Crazed I Like 2 Party (Remastered) Hot (Remastered) Hot (Remix) Nana

It looks like there are a lot of his previous singles in the album, but still a healthy collection of new songs. Are you excited for his album release on September 1st?

Song Jihyo and Choi Yeojin take a selca together on the set of SBS “Running Man”

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Choi Yeojin posted this selca with her previous co-star in “Emergency Couple,” Song Jihyo, on her mini-hompi.

Choi Yeojin posted this picture on August 20 showing a sweeter side of Song Jihyo (at least sweeter than the one who took revenge on Kim Jongkook last week). Below the picture was the caption,

"After a long time, finally met Jihyo Unni on Running Man, after ‘Emergency Couple’~~ <3 Experiencing it first hand, I realized how hard they work…its not a joke…they get scrapes, bruises, scratches and bleed..If you become a regular on SBS Running Man I don’t think you need to exercise.. I highly respect all the staff and producers ^^ Now, I’m off to dreamland after taking a nice relaxing bath~~~ <3 The show broadcasts on September 7”

Yeojin and Jihyo show off their close relationship by making candid faces in their selcas

Song Ga Yeon recounts how she first started boxing

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Song Ga Yeon recounted the story behind how she came to be interested in fighting as a career.

Visiting her hometown on Jeju Island along with the rest of the cast of "Roommate", she nostalgically told the tale of her childhood. "I lived in Jeju until middle school, then I moved to Busan for school," she said. "Ever since I was young, my dad raised me very actively. He was a golfer, and there was a boxing ring right next to the gold course. I would go every day to watch, and it looked so cool. I wanted to go crazy in the ring, too."

It looks like she fulfilled her wish - she recently won her first bout as a professional MMA fighter!

Song Ga Yeon Opens Up About Her Late Father on “Roommate”

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Song Ga Yeon shared a touching story about her personal life on the latest episode of SBS’ “Roommate.”

On the August 24 episode of the show, Lee Dong Wook, Jo Se Ho, and Song Ga Yeon traveled to the sportswoman’s hometown located on Jeju Island.

While hiking up the famous Halla Mountain, the fighter opened up about memories of her late father, saying, “I started thinking about many old memories [during this trip]. My father was a warm person and only cared for his daughter.”

“When I was in sixth grade of elementary school, we had difficulties at home, and while I knew that my father loved me, something felt different. He changed after that,” she revealed, and continued, “But I could not help him

Gary Sees Other Girls aside from Song Ji Hyo?

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On today’s episode of SBS‘ “Running Man“, Gary confessed that he meets other girls on weekends and is only in a relationship status with Monday Couple Song Ji Hyo on Mondays.

While catching up on what the members of the Big 7 Company did over the weekend, the “Running Man” staff who acted as department head asked Song Ji Hyo what she did during the weekend and the actress confidently answered that she slept the whole weekend in preparation for Monday when they had to film for the variety show.

The other “workers” couldn’t believe what Song Ji Hyo said and asked Gary if there is truth in the rumor that he went to a temple with Song Ji Hyo. Gary jokingly retorted with a reply saying: “No, I didn’t go with Ji Hyo

Song Il Gook’s Triplets Learn How to Pedal On “Superman Returns”

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Song Il Gook’s triplets–Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se–are growing up so fast!

On the August 24 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” the three adorable boys of actor Song Il Gook learned how to pedal their own bicycles through the help of older neighborhood kids.

On this episode of “Superman Returns,” Song Il Gook brought his three little boys to the nearby neighborhood park to teach them how to ride a bicycle. It was challenging for Song Il Gook as he had to teach each of the boys how to pedal while also looking after each of them but some helpful neighborhood kids got to make his job easier.

While some older kids pedaled around them, Song Il Gook showed the boys how to pedal. However, it was still quite hard for the little boys to do it by themselves, so the older kids tried to help and taught the younger boys Dae Han and Min Gook how to pedal