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Soyu and Song Eun Yi pick Sunggyu as the INFINITE member who is not good looking at first glance

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MBC"s pilot program "Stargazing" aired its very first episode on May 1, featuring guests INFINITE, SISTAR"s Soyu, and Song Eun Yi.

During the show, one female fan of INFINITE raised curiosity with, "I like one member especially more. When I first liked him, I didn"t know he was this good looking. After falling for his charms, I found him handsome later on."

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The other people on the show started to offer guesses as to whom the fan was talking about. Soyu said, "I think I know who it is. Maybe Sunggyu?" making everybody burst into laughter. Song Eun Yi added, "Our thoughts are alike. Sunggyu gets more charming the more you look at him," and shook hands with Soyu

F.T. Island’s Song Seung Hyun and Song Eun Yi Parody EXO, Trouble Maker and More in “Age-Height” Teaser

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F.T. Island’s Song Seung Hyun and comedian Song Eun Yi who’ve teamed up to form the duo, Two Song Place, have unveiled the teaser to their collaboration track “Age-Height!”

With an upbeat tune, they’re seen parodying different K-Pop music videos including those from EXO, Trouble Maker, 2NE1 and miss A! The two go all out on the many references they borrowed from various K-Pop idols which is sure to bring in the laughs.

See if you can spot all the K-Pop references they made in the video!

The full music video for “Age-Height” will be released on January 13. The duo will also perform the song on Mnet’s M!Coutndown. Watch the teaser here and follow us on Soompi for more updates!

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F.T. Island’s Seunghyun and comedian Song Eun Yi team up as Two Song Place for duet ‘Age-Height’

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F.T. Island"s Seunghyun and comedian Song Eun Yi will be bringing you a MV soon for which they will include various parodies, including that of Trouble Maker"s "Now", but before that we"ve been treated to the online release of their duet "Age-Height"!

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The two have joined forces as "Two Song Place" (referring to both their last names being Song) to reveal the song. Song Eun Yi sings of how men prefer tall, slender, and younger women alongside Seunghyun"s rap for this humorous track.

Seunghyun and Song Eun Yi will perform "Age-Height" for the first time later today on "M! Countdown" before they drop a MV teaser on the 10th and the full MV on the 13th containing hilarious parodies! To give you a sneak peek at one of the scenes to come, a photo has been released, which you can see below

FT Island’s Song Seung Hyun and Comedian Song Eun Yi to Parody Trouble Maker

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FT Island‘s Song Seung Hyun and comedian Song Eun Yi have parodied the popular duo, Trouble Maker.

On January 8, FNC Entertainment posted a photo of Song Seung Hyun and Song Eun Yi, who have named themselves “Two Song Place.” In the photo, Song Eun Yi is hilariously wearing a wig and Song Seung Hyun dyed his hair to match the hair colors of Jang Hyun Seung and HyunA in the music video for “Now.” Even funnier are their facial expressions, which seem to parody the sexy charisma of the original Trouble Maker duo.

Two Song Place’s song is titled “Age-Height” and it is said that their music video will be parodying other things as well.

“Age-Height” is a song for men who only like women who are tall and young

FTISLAND’s Song Seung Hyun to Duet with Comedian Song Eun Yi

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FTISLAND’s Song Seung Hyun (age 21) and labelmate Song Eun Yi (age 41) will have a collaboration. This duet project will mark 14 years for Song Eun Yi since her last project as a singer, who has mostly been active as a comedian and variety show emcee.

Titled “Age-Height” (pending title, direct translation from Korea and pronounced “Nike”), the song hints to be an entertaining one for the fans. The two are 20 years apart as well as have a big height difference of 26cm (10 inches).

On a recent episode of “Cheongdamdong 111,” Song Eun Yi tried to convince the agency president to approve of her wanting a comeback as a singer, and made him laugh with her cute dance.

Meanwhile, the track will be released on January 9 while the music video will be unveiled several days later on January 13

Comedian Song Eun Yi and actor Lee Chun Hee undergo narcolepsy

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During the most recent recording of SBS‘ ‘Go Show‘, comedian Song Eun Yi revealed that she suffers from narcolepsy.

Song Eun Yi honestly shared, “I fell asleep without knowing during a live radio broadcast and surprised the staff and listeners.

Then she confessed that her worst experience due to narcolepsy was when she remembered nothing about how she got home.

The comedian further revealed that she couldn’t remember how she arrived although she hadn’t had any alcohol at all. She had fallen asleep for about 5 minutes, but she had no memory since the moment she grabbed the steering wheel.

Upon hearing this, MC Yoon Jong Shin also revealed to everyone on set that actor Lee Chun Hee had the same problem

Stills of Song Seung Hun and Chinese Actress Liu Yifei Kissing for “The Third Way of Love”

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Stills of actors Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei shooting a kissing scene have been released on the internet. The shooting was done for the upcoming movie “The Third Way of Love.”

This movie is based on the Chinese best-seller “Di San Zhong Ai Qing” by Zi You Xing Zou, filming began on July 31. The movie is a sad love story between Lin Qi Zheng (played by Song) who is a wealthy family and Zhou Yu (by Liu Yifei) who is a smart and beautiful lawyer. The movie will be out next year.

Fans of Song Seung Hun haven’t seen the actor in a drama for a while. His previous project was also a movie, titled ““Obsessed,” which premiered this past May. His last drama was in 2013, MBC’s “When a Man Loves

miss A’s Jia Considering Offer to Star Alongside Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei in Korean-Chinese Film “Third Love”

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miss A member Jia has received an offer to act in a Korean-Chinese joint production titled “Third Love,” and is in the middle of looking it over.

On July 30, a representative of miss A’s agency, JYP Entertainment, told MyDaily, “After receiving a casting offer for ‘Third Love,’ Jia is currently considering it positively.”

“Third Love” is a Korea and China co-produced film that will be led by director Lee Jae Han. As of now, actor Song Seung Hun and Chinese actress Liu Yifei have confirmed their casting for this new movie.

If confirmed, this will be Jia’s first time hitting the big screen, following her television debut in China, through the drama “One and a Half Summer,” which also starred 2PM’s Nichkhun

miss A”s Jia in talks to join Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei in movie “Third Love”

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miss A"s Jia is in talks to make her movie debut through the movie adaptation of the Chinese bestseller "Third Love"!

JYP Entertainment told TV Report, "Jia received the casting offer for the film "The Third Kind of Love" and is positively reviewing it."

If confirmed, she will be joining names like Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei in the movie, which is expected to draw much interest. Jia has also been building up her acting skills, having starred in the Chinese drama "One and a Half Summer", also starring 2PM"s Nichkhun.

The movie is set to premiere next year.

Lee Young-eun weds JTBC producer

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Actress Lee Young-eun, who starred in the hit KBS drama "Likable or Not" (2008), walked down the aisle Saturday at the Shilla Hotel, central Seoul. Local media reported that her husband-to-be, who the actress formerly said was a non-celebrity working for a company, is actually a producer at broadcaster JTBC. The groom, Go Jung-ho, worked behind the scenes for JTBC drama "Heartless City" (2013), which starred Jeong Kyeong-ho and Nam Gyoo-ri. Local media outlet Newsen quoted an insider from Lee"s agency, J, Wide-Company, as saying that the actress and her fiance met "naturally" through a mutual acquaintance, and that no such business matters were involved in their relationship. Guests for the Saturday ceremony included actor Lee Sang-yoon and Kim Ji-seok, and actress Jo An. The nuptial song was performed by singer Jo Sung-mo

[Spoiler] “Mama – Nothing to Fear” Song Yoon-ah impressed by Moon Jeong-hee who comes running for Yoon Chan-yeong

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Song Yoon-ah was touched at the fact that Moon Jeong-hee came running for Yoon Chan-yeong.

On the eighteenth episode of the MBC drama "Mama - Nothing to Fear", Groo (Yoon Chan-yeong) was shaking in fear of the thunder and lightning outside.

Seung-hee (Song Yoon-ah) was in the hospital before she got home to comfort the boy.

Ji-eun (Moon Jeong-hee) appeared just then. She"d been worried about Groo. Seung-hee was so touched by the fact that Ji-eun came all the way there in the heavy rain for him.

Seung-hee followed Ji-eun out and said, "I am sorry I bothered you all this while". Later, Ji-eun could but only watch Seung-hee moving.

Meanwhile, "Mama - Nothing to Fear" is about a terminally ill single mother trying to make a family for her only son and becoming friends with the wife of her ex-lover

[MV and Single Review] Ji Eun – “Don”t Look At Me Like That”

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Ji Eun of Secret has just dropped her new MV and single, "Don"t Look At Me Like That." Having released a slew of singles already, she"s certainly no stranger to the solo schtick.

Those who have read my previous reviews probably know I"m not a big fan of ballads. However this song grabbed me. I like the way it starts out, her voice being the focus, spare of instrumentation. Gradually it builds momentum until we hit the chorus, sung powerfully and passionately to power chords. It ends quietly, with her last vocal stark against the silence. Her English is pretty fluent as well.

The song itself seems to be about people judging her about the way she loves, and she wants to be left alone. The relationship she refers to appears to be one that is not accepted by some people, whether it be interracial or homosexual in nature

Jung Yong Hwa Mixes Song Composition With Sword-Fighting Practice

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CNBlue"s Jung Yong Hwa is a man of many talents and his accomplishments will soon include producing a solo album. He currently plays the idealistic troubadour Park Dal Hyang in the Korean drama adaptation of "The Three Musketeers." In the drama he serves Crown Prince Sohyeon, played by Lee Jin Wook, but the two men have a complicated relationship. Jung Yong Hwa"s character is in love with the woman the prince married.

Jung Yong Hwa can now wield a sword with confidence and his acting skills improve with every new drama.

He was the first CNBlue member to be cast in a drama, although all the members have since acquired acting credits. Lee Jung Shin just finished a supporting role in "Temptation" and Kang Min Hyuk was seen in the hit drama "The Heirs

[Video] Kim Bum-soo unveils digital song

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R&B singer Kim Bum-soo released his new digital single "Teardrop of My Heart" today after promoting the song yesterday with a short video.The 40-second teaser was uploaded onto the official website and the YouTube channel of the singer"s agency, Polaris Entertainment.

"We initially planned to release a full-length album but unfortunately had to delay the schedule", an insider from the agency was quoted by Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, as saying. "Instead, we"ve decided to release a digital single for our fans". Kim"s last full-length album, "Solista: Part 2", came out in 2011. A look at the teaser yesterday shows a calligrapher writing the title of the album on what appears to be hanji, or traditional Korean paper. A gayageum and a danso, both traditional Korean instruments, can also be heard in the background

[Spoiler] “The Night Watchman”s Journal” Jeong Il-woo finds out Lee Jae-yong-I and Kim Heung-soo”s plan

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Jeong Il-woo cried out after finding out Lee Jae-yong-I and Kim Heung-soo"s plan.

On the fifteenth episode of the MBC drama "The Night Watchman"s Journal", Lee Rin (Jeong Il-woo) comforted Kim"s spirit with the help of Moo-seok (U-Know) and Doha (Ko Sung-hee).

Lee Rin and Moo-seok induced Kim and Sadam"s (Kim Seong-oh) spirits. Doha used amulets to lead them to the way of Heaven and stopped Lee Mugi"s ascension.

In the process, Lee Rin ran into Kim"s spirit and despite the fact that she was attacking him, allowed her to possess him and heard out her guilty story.

Kim revealed the wiser version of her once inside Lee Rin"s body and called his name saying, "Lady Dae-goon".

She then brought up the memories of Kisan-gun (Kim Heung-soo) who set up Hae-jong (Choi Won-yeong) to Queen Han (Song I-woo) on Park Soo-jong"s (Lee Jae-yong-I) orders

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun Engage in a Battle of Lies for First Episode of “We Got Married”

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On September 20, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun’s first meeting was finally revealed on “We Got Married.” Their first meeting was unlike any other, as they met in a pitch dark café, where they couldn’t actually see each other—they literally had a blind date. Song Jae Rim, who had arrived first, was already adapted to the darkness as Kim So Eun arrived. The first thing he did was to sniff in her direction in order to smell her first, which brought laughter to viewers.

In the interview with the production team he revealed his first impressions, “The smell of her cosmetics was good. And with the view I got of her face from the reflected light I could tell that her face was slender.”

As conversation wore on, Song Jae Rim decided he would play around with her and started to lie about who he was

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun have a completely “blind date” on “We Got Married”

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Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun"s first meeting on "We Got Married" was different than the previous couples" on the show.

On the September 20 episode, the two actors met in a completely darkened room for a special "blind date." Though they were able to talk to each other, neither was able to see the other"s face. Song Jae Rim said, "I think a person can get more brave when they can"t see," and worried that he"d make a mistake.

Kim So Eun arrived, but she unexpectedly took the lead, suggesting, "Let"s start a game." The actor went on to toy with her, lying that he was in his older thirties. She said during her solo interview, "I knew he was lying. I heard it in his voice."

Hilarity ensued later in the episode when the two met in daylight. Both were unable to recognize each other

Song Il Kook runs as a torchbearer for the “17th Asian Games Incheon 2014″ + agency rep denies Min Guk got hurt at the event

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Song Il Kook and his triplets, Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se, were the torch bearers for the "17th Asian Games Incheon 2014" ("2014 Incheon Asian Games")!

According to the Incheon Asian Games Committee, Song Il Kook carried his triplets and ran as the torchbearer for the relay, which spanned from Gangnam to Incheon on the morning of September 17. Silver medalist and short track speed skater Lee Eun Byul also participated the same day.

But one citizen shared on Instagram, "People kept trying to touch the triplets so the triplets got hurt.. Min Guk even got a scar on his face ㅠ Please spread this so things like this won"t happen," along with a questionable photo of Min Guk"s scar

Polaris pays tribute to EunB & RiSe with music video for Ladies” Code”s “I”m Fine Thank You”

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Polaris Entertainment has just uploaded a music video for Ladies" Code"s "I"m Fine Thank You", a song that recently climbed to #1 on music charts as netizens and fans joined efforts to pay tribute to the late EunB and RiSe. The lyrics have especially struck a chord with listeners with lines about saying goodbye and asking to be remembered.

The agency had previous remarked, "We saw the music chart. The workers and everyone saw it and gained strength. We are more grateful because even fans [from other fandoms] are coming forward to show support." So it seems the staff and the members decided to show their gratitude for the support, as well as pay tribute to the members who have passed with this emotional video, which ends with a clip of RiSe saying, "I"m really thankful", and EunB saying, "I love you

Wooyoung-Park Se Young Couple to Leave “We Got Married,” Actors Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun Join as New Couple

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To the disappointment of many fans of the couple, 2PM’s Wooyoung and actress Park Se Young will be ending their run on MBC’s variety program “We Got Married.”

According to a broadcast official, the Wooyoung-Park Se Young couple completed their final recording for “We Got Married” last month. It was reported that the two of them expressed much sadness during their last filming together.

It has been about nine months since the couple first joined the show following the exit of SHINee’s Taemin and A Pink’s Naeun.

Wooyoung and Park Se Young received much love during their time on “We Got Married” as they didn’t hold back on displaying affection for one another