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Singers Ye Eun and Baek Ah Yeon Take A Shiny New Selfie Together

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The two JYP Entertainment singers Ye Eun and Baek Ah Yeon took a selfie together and it was posted by Baek Ah Yeon on July 30 with the words “At Ye Eun’s HA:TFELT Exhibition. Ye Eun you’re the best! Please give her lots of love.”

Ye Eun is coming back to us after a much-waited time with her first solo mini album “Me?” on July 31. On that same day, she is showing her first solo debut performance through Mnet’s “M! Countdown.”

As for Baek Ah Yeon, after appearing in K-Pop Star for which she was in the top 3, the singer made her debut through “Sad Song” in 2012 and “A Good Boy” in 2013. It has not been revealed when her next comeback is due but let’s hope that it will be very soon

Kim Soo Yeon of Bubble Sisters to Get Married

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The wedding bells are ringing for Kim Soo Yeon, a member of the vocal group Bubble Sisters.

Kim Soo Yeon will be marrying at a wedding hall located in Seoul on November 7 at 5:30 PM. The groom is an entrepreneur running an inter design company. A representative in the music industry stated “The two have been dating for several years and have deep affection and trust for each other. Their personalities and interests align well, so their relationship naturally went towards marriage.”

Both families already knew that both of them were dating, and both families got together for their first meeting and have been in contact ever since. After receiving permission from both families, Kim Soo Yeon and her fiance chose a date.

Kim Soo Yeon is from the vocal group Bubble Sister, which debuted in 2003 and became one of the female power vocal groups that received attention along with Big Mama

Talented soloist Son Seung Yeon releases MV for her new song "Love Again"

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Power vocalist Son Seung Yeon is back with a new song and the music video for it!

She"s dropped "Love Again", which is part of her second mini album "Sonnet Blooms" and also its title track. The impressive pop ballad showcases her strong vocals to effectively deliver the emotions conveyed in the lyrics.

Take a listen to the song by watching the music video above!

Would Son Ho Joon Date Yoo Yeon Suk?

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Talk about bromance! Actor Son Ho Joon shares that if his friend Yoo Yeon Suk was a woman, he would definitely date him.

Actors Son Ho Joon and Yoo Yeon Suk, who knew each other from the drama "Reply 1994," have always been open about their close friendship, and during the "Youth Over Flowers" press conference on July 28, the two talked about how much they value each other.

Son Ho Joon shared, "I learned that during a trip, it"s a must that Yoo Yeon Suk should be with me. He"s the type to squeeze toothpaste for someone when they"re brushing their teeth, and it"s not just for show! He"s like that even off-camera."

"If he was a woman, I would definitely date him," he admitted, rousing laughter from the audience

Park Si Yeon, Bae Soo Bin, and more attend first script reading for TV Chosun drama "Greatest Marriage"

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Park Si Yeon, Bae Soo Bin, and more attended the first script reading for the upcoming TV Chosun drama "Greatest Marriage".

According to the drama"s production company on July 29, the cast and staff attended the first script reading at the TV Chosun headquarters in Gwanghwamun, Seoul on the 15th. Park Si Yeon, Bae Soo Bin, Noh Min Woo, Uhm Hyun Kyung, Jo Eun Ji, Yoon Mi Ra, Song Young Kyu, Lee Young Ran, Park Ji Il, Kim Jin Ho, Jung Se Hyung, Choi Jae Sub, PD Oh Jong Rok, writer Go Yoon Hee, and more came together for the first time to go through the lines.

Park Si Yeon shared, "It"s thrilling and fun to do a script reading with the entire cast today. It now feels like we"re really entering production

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon Receives a Signed CD from g.o.d. for Her Birthday

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Kara’s Han Seung Yeon expressed how happy she was for receiving a signed CD from g.o.d.

On July 27, Han Seung Yeon posted a short message on her Twitter account along with two pictures. The message stated “Look here. I’m a successful fan.” Han Seung Yeon’s birthday was on July 24, and the CD contained congratulatory messages from the g.o.d. members. Danny wrote “Seung Yeon, happy birthday and listen to the songs a lot. Fighting.”

Meanwhile, g.o.d. released their eighth album, “Chapter 8,” through all of the online music sites on July 8. Then on July 12 and 13, g.o.d. held their 15th anniversary concert, “g.o.d. 15th Anniversary Reunion Tour” at the Jamsil Sports Complex.

The Seoul concert finished successively, so g

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon Buys a Building in Cheongdamdong

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It is being reported that girl group KARA member Han Seung Yeon has bought a building in Cheongdamdong, a high-scale neighborhood in Seoul.

According to the press, she bought the building for 4,550,000,000 Korean won, which is approximately 4.4 million USD. The building is a commercial building that is five stories tall, and it houses various businesses and offices. Her fellow group member Goo Hara also owns a commercial building nearby.

Han Seung Yeon’s agency DSP Media announced that this is a private matter for their celebrity and they were not aware of her recent acquirement.

Han Seung Yeon is currently starring in the hit weekend drama “Jang Bo Ri Is Here!” as a supporting character. Her group KARA is scheduled to have a comeback this August with their new member

“Roommate” Cast Member and MMA Fighter Song Ga Yeon Shows Off Her Amazing Abs

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MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter Song Ga Yeon, who is also currently appearing on SBS’ variety program “Roommate,” unveiled a photo of herself from her everyday life.

On July 23, Song Ga Yeon posted a brief message through her own personal Instagram account stating, “There’s not much time left,” attached with a photo of her extremely fit body.

In the revealed picture, the “Roommate” cast member can be seen taking a selca through a mirror, wearing a mint colored workout top and camouflage printed pants. It seems that the photo was taken shortly after a workout, as she appears to be in a locker room with her hair tied up in a tight ponytail.

However, the reason this picture is especially drawing the attention of a lot of people is due to the display of Song Ga Yeon’s amazing body and perfectly toned abs in particular

Son Seung Yeon (Sonnet Son) shows her maturing beauty in album jacket for 'Sonnet Blooms'

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Son Seung Yeon (Sonnet Son) bloomed, literally, as shown by her maturing beauty in the jacket for her upcoming album "Sonnet Blooms"!

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Her agency Fortune Entertainment unveiled the album jacket on July 22 ahead of her album release on the 30th. Her upcoming album "Sonnet Blooms" consists of 10 tracks including title track "You Again", "I"m Not Crazy", "I Hear Your Voice", "It Became Bearable", and "Different Tears Everyday".

Son Seung Yeon will awaken our ears with her beautiful voice once again in her MV teaser for "You Again" on the 28th and album release on the 30th!

SUJU Heechul, Lee So Yeon, Kim Je Song and More to Appear on ‘Running Man’

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Running Man will be airing a special ‘acquaintance’ episode.

An affiliate of SBS Running Man told Newsen on July 23, “Nam Hee Suk, Park Soo Hong, Kim Je Dong, Lee So Yeon and Kim Hee Chul finished filming the Running Man ‘acquaintance’ special on July 21. It will air in about two weeks from now.”

Nam Hee Suk, Park Soo Hong and Yoo Jae Suk all entered the broadcasting company as comedians at the same time while Kim Je Dong is acquainted with Yoo Jae Suk and Haha. However, it is vague what ties the relationship between Nam Hee Suk, Park Soo Hong and Kim Je Dong.

This is also the first time that Kim Hee Chul and Lee So Yeon will be making their appearance on Running Man

Actor Couple Son Ji Chang and Oh Yeon Soo to Reside in the US for Two Years

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Husband and wife Son Ji Chang and Oh Yeon Soo are planning on residing in the US for two years for their children’s education.

Oh Yeon Soo will be leaving with her husband on July 23, and the couple will fly back and forth between Korea and the United States for any business that they have.

A rep from Oh Yeon Soo’s agency said, “In order to help her children fit in while in the US, she’s planning on residing there for two years. However, she is planning on continuing her career as an actress. Son Ji Chang is planning on continuing his business as well.”

The rep continued, saying, “She is currently looking over drama and film scripts for a comeback later this year.”

Meanwhile, Oh Yeon Soo left MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Triangle” on July 22

Heechul, Lee So Yeon, Kim Jae Dong, Park Soo Hong, and Nam Hee Suk attend filming for 'Running Man'

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Super Junior"s Heechul, Lee So Yeon, Kim Jae Dong, Nam Hee Suk, and Park Soo Hong recently attended filming for the upcoming "Running Man"s "friends special"!

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A "Running Man" rep got fans of the show buzzing when he told Newsen on the 23rd, "Nam Hee Suk, Park Soo Hong, Kim Jae Dong, Lee So Yeon, and Heechul completed filming for the "Running Man" friends special on the 21st. It will air approximately two weeks later."

Nam Hee Suk and Park Soo Hong are Yoo Jae Suk"s fellow comedian friends and Kim Jae Dong is Yoo Jae Suk and Haha"s friend. This will be the first time that Heechul and Lee So Yeon will partake in the variety program. Considering that Heechul also previously mentioned that he found "Running Man" a bit childish for his taste, it will be interesting to see how he adjusts to the challenges on the show and whether he"ll change his opinion!

Stay tuned for this upcoming episode!

Heechul, Lee So Yeon, Kim Jae Dong, and More to Appear on Upcoming ‘Friends’ Episode of “Running Man”

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SBS’ variety program “Running Man” will be broadcasting a “friend” special in a future episode.

On July 23, an SBS representative told Star News, “Park Soo Hong, Nam Hee Suk, Kim Jae Dong, Kim Heechul, and Lee So Yeon wrapped up recording for ‘Running Man’ on July 21. This filming was a special featuring friends [of the cast].”

For this upcoming episode of the show, the cast members individually invited their close friends to be a part of the recording. The combination of these guests and fixed members will display a synergy that has never been seen on the show before.

Viewers’ expectations are rising, as it is the very first time that host and entertainer Nam Hee Suk and actress Lee So Yeon will be appearing on “Running Man

Park Shin Hye and Yoo Yeon Seok Are a Cheerful Couple for Ceci Korea

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Actors Park Shin Hye and Yoo Yeon Seok posed for the latest issue of fashion magazine, Ceci Korea.

In the photo shoot, they posed as a cheerful couple, dressed up in classy outfits.

During the shoot, both were very comfortable with each other, which resulted in the great fashion spread. Park Shin Hye and Yoo Yeon Seok will grace the three magazine covers: Ceci Korea, China, and Thailand.

The two actors have recently completed shooting “The Tailors.” “The Tailors” is a historical film about tailors for the Joseon monarchs, and their fight for love and success. Along with Park Shin Hye and Yoo Yeon Seok, it stars Go Soo and Han Suk Kyu. “The Tailors” is scheduled to be released sometime later this year in theaters

G-Dragon Talks About Marriage, Tablo’s Daughter Haru, and BIGBANG’s Comeback

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On the July 19 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” cameras followed BIGBANG’s G-Dragon to the set of an advertisement photo shoot, where he took part in an interview for the entertainment news program.

During this specific interview, G-Dragon talked about various different topics, including his thoughts on getting married, as well as Epik High Tablo’s adorable daughter Haru.

When the interviewer asked the BIGBANG member about Haru—who has previously proven herself to be a huge fan of G-Dragon—he expressed, “Haru is so pretty. I really like that she calls the BIGBANG members ‘uncle,’ but she only calls me ‘oppa.’”

Previously, on “Superman Returns,” Haru asked Tablo if she could buy G-Dragon with his credit card, and in this interview, he shyly responded, “You can’t buy me, but I’ll buy you delicious food instead