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Idols Starring in Films for Second Half of 2014 Include T.O.P, Sulli, D.O, Dohee and More

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More and more idols have started to make their names known through acting, also known as ‘acting idols.’ ZE:A’s Im Siwan earned praise for his role in “The Attorney,” B1A4’s Jinyoung received a lot of love for his part in “Miss Granny,” and increasing numbers of idol actors are showing their abilities to act through dramas and films.

To start off, Tiny G’s Dohee, who was first recognized for her ‘dialect’ acting in tvN’s “Reply 1994,” will be taking a shot at a horror movie for the first time through “Tunnel 3D.” She has taken on the role of a mysterious girl who constantly lingers around a tunnel, and is planning to show her abilities to express emotions using her eyes, rather than speaking in this film

IU to be temporary weekend DJ on radio program 'Yoo In Na's Raise the Volume'

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Known to be good friends with actress Yoo In Na, IU will be filling in as the weekend DJ of KBS radio program, "Yoo In Na"s Raise the Volume"! She will be taking a seat in the recording studio this weekend from July 25 to 27.

Although it will be a short opportunity for fans to hear her charming voice through the radio, it"s still bound to have a lot of fun moments as she was greatly absent through broadcasts in the first half of 2014 because she was working on her music.

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This will also help out her friend as Yoo In Na has been cast as the female lead in tvN"s new drama, "My Secret Hotel," alongside Nam Goong Min and Jin Yi Han

5urprise's Seo Kang Jun and Lee Tae Hwan make you giggle in shorts for 'The Star' and 'Arena Homme Plus'

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5urprise"s Seo Kang Jun and Lee Tae Hwan surprised fans with their goofy side for "The Star" and "Arena Homme Plus"s August issue!

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Seo Kang Jun and Lee Tae Hwan have been making a name for themselves as actor-dols and are currently starring in the upcoming KBS 2TV weekend drama "What"s With This Family" and tvN"s "High School King", respectively.

The flower boys showed fans that they"re not always as serious as they appear to be in their dramas and warmed up to fans with their goofball expressions in shorts. Seo Kang Jun also picked roommate Jo Se Ho as the funniest comedian he knows.

Catch Seo Kang Jun and Lee Tae Hwan on "What"s With This Family" and "High School King"!

JYP Releases Fun “Exclusive Interview” for 2014 JYP Nation “One Mic” Concert

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Are you ready for JYP Entertainment’s 2014 JYP Nation “One Mic” concert? It’s coming up soon on August 9 and 10 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, and the JYP artists have just released a goofy ‘exclusive interview’ video, raising fans’ anticipation once again for seeing all of the artists on the same stage.

In the interview, the artists have fun trying to name the concert lineup, their most anticipated performance, and the concept of the concert.

JYP head Park Jin Young said, “The theme of this concert is ‘One Mic.” It means the singers will sing in one microphone. Watching singers’ connected stages will be a point to focus on.”

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'K-Pop Star 2's Song Haye to make her official debut on August 8

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"K-Pop Star 2"s Song Haye will reportedly make her official debut on August 8!

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Song Haye updated fans on her personal Facebook on the 22nd, "Only a few days left until I will finally meet you all through my own song. I can do well, right? One can only practice! I am going to practice today as well. Please support me", and showed her blossoming beauty with a selca.

The singer, who came into the spotlight with her triple threat of dancing, singing, and pretty visuals, made it into the "Top 8" as the leader of the 5-member project girl group, YouU.

Fans will also get to listen to Song Haye"s "A Person Who Gives Happiness" for the SBS morning drama "Cheongdamdong Scandal" OST which will be heard on the July 24th broadcast and will be released ahead of her official debut on August 8!

K-Pop Star 2’s Song Ha Ye Speaks Out Ahead of Solo Debut

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Audition show star Song Ha Ye has taken to her Facebook page to speak out about her imminent debut solo release and to post a recent photograph of herself. The singer shot to fame when she took part in the SBS talent contest, “K-Pop Star Season 2,” in 2013.

In the photo, the star appears to have lost a considerable amount of weight since her appearance on the show.

She accompanied the picture with a caption which read, “At last! There are only a few days left until you can hear my song. Will I do well? The only way to survive is to keep practicing. So I am going to keep on doing just that. Please support me!”

Song Ha Ye’s debut solo release will be available on August 8.

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AOA Pulls Off Bright Summer Styles for THE STAR Magazine

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The members of girl group AOA recently took part in a pictorial for star and style magazine, THE STAR. During the photo shoot, the girls tried on various styles that are perfectly fitting for the summer season.

In the photos, the AOA members can be seen dressed in bright, colorful outfits, looking dreamlike while showing off their sexy yet refreshing charms.

During an interview following the photo shoot, AOA was asked about their dreams of “escape.” Member Seolhyun talked about what she believes youth and escape means to her: working hard and living in the present. On the other hand, Mina shared her dream of going on a trip with complete strangers, while Hyejeong expressed her desire to race on a scooter without a specific destination

Sunny and Key Take a Photo Together on “Star Gazing”

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SHINee member Key shared a photo he took with label mate Sunny on his personal Instagram account.

On July 22, Key shared the photo and wrote, “Star Gazing Thursday Night 11 o’clock.” In the photo he poses cutely with Girls’ Generation member, with their hands framing their chins.

It was recently announced that Sunny would be a guest on “Star Gazing” and for that episode she was joined by actor Ahn Jae Mo and Super Junior-M (and fellow label mate) member Henry.

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Which K-Pop Star Looks the Hottest with a Tattoo?

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SISTAR made a splash with its recent comeback, but the girl group was in the spotlight for another reason – Hyolyn’s new ink.

As the girls strut their summer bodies in the music video for Touch My Body, fans’s eyes were drawn to Hyolyn’s tattoo, seen peeking out of her clothes throughout the video.

However, idols with tattoos are no novelty, and we’ve gathered a few of our favorite inked idols for this week’s poll. Vote for your favorite below!

SISTAR’s Hyolyn

Known for their toned, bronzed bodies, we would have never guessed that SISTAR’s Hyolyn was insecure about her stomach.

However, with the group’s recent comeback, Hyolyn revealed that the tattoo of a cross on her stomach, which she got to cover a scar, has given her the extra boost of confidence she needs to continue to be sizzling hot

Park Shin Hye graces Japan during her '2014 Story of Angel in Japan' tour

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Park Shin Hye stopped by Japan for her solo fan meeting!

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According to her agency S.A.L.T. Entertainment on July 22, Park Shin Hye met with fans on her "2014 Story of Angel in Japan" tour at Osaka and Yamano Hall, Tokyo on July 19-20. Park Shin Hye showcased her singing ability, performing six songs including her remake of Standing Egg"s "Breakup For You, Not Yet For Me", "Arm Pillow", "Pitch Black", and "My Dear". Park Shin Hye"s older brother and the composer behind "My Dear", Park Shin Won, also made a surprise guest appearance and played the guitar for Park Shin Hye"s performances.

During the talk session in the latter-half of the concert, Park Shin Hye chatted about "Heirs", played a "Cha Eun Sang impersonation" game with fans, and made mango juice

SNSD’s Sunny Shows Her Sincerity on Radio

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Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Sunny revealed her actual personality.

During July 20’s broadcast of MBC FM4U’s Sunny’s FM Date, DJ Sunny asked the listeners, “Are you the type to share your sincere or deep thoughts?”

Sunny then said, “Now that I think of it, I don’t think I talk about what’s really inside my head. I guess I assume that the other person will feel my sincerity even if I don’t say it out loud. I also think sincerity is something that can be felt, even if it’s not put into words.”

Sunny said, “Many couples bring this up too. One person would say ‘I love you,’ and the other person says, ‘Yes, thank you,’ so they ask ‘Why don’t you say that you love me too?’ I think I would answer, ‘Do I have to say it out loud for you to know?’”

The SNSD member then added, “I will try to convey my sincere heart to you all today

SNSD’s Sunny Lightly Injures Her Eye After Getting Hit by Door Car

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It has been revealed that Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Sunny has injured her eye.

SM Entertainment spoke with Newsen on July 22 and said, “Sunny got hit by the door car on July 20, injuring her left eye. The eye is red and since some of the capillaries have burst in her eye, she has been directed to wear an eye patch.”

SM rep shared, “The injury has not been interfering with her daily life activities. She is filming MBC’s Star Gazing at the moment. She will be carrying out all of her schedules as planned.”

Meanwhile, Sunny attended filming for MBC’s Star Gazing along with Super Junior-M’s Henry and actor Ahn Jae Mo. The episode will air next week.

Photo credit: Newsen

AOA don sassy summer looks for 'THE STAR' pictorial

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AOA looked sexy and sassy for summer with their "miniskirts" and "short hair" for "THE STAR"!

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In addition to posing for some photos, the girls shared how they would like to break away from daily routine if they had the chance. Seolhyun said, "Living today to the fullest itself is a breakaway [from daily routine] and youth," while Mina shared, "I dream of going on a vacation with strangers." Hyejeong shared her wish, "I want to ride a scooter and race without a destination."

Check out more of AOA"s pictorial and interview in "THE STAR"s August issue!

Jang Geun Suk Oozes With Boyish Appeal in THE STAR Magazine

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Sometimes it’s hard to believe that “Asia’s Prince” Jang Geun Suk is already 27 years old.

With a bubble gum on his mouth that slightly covers his smile, Jang Geun Suk looks very young and fresh on the cover of THE STAR Magazine‘s August 2014 issue.

The actor with the pretty boy good looks showed off his boyish charisma in the photo shoot wherein he wears fashionable pieces perfect for summer. In the photos, Jang Geun Suk also showed how while being a top star, he is also like the other regular boys as he held a skateboard and played a guitar.

In the interview, Jang Geun Suk talked about being an actor backed by 23 years of experience. He also shared his honest thoughts about the burden of succeeding early in his career, the expectation of the public, and his plans for the future

Seo In Guk and VIXX Chosen as Ambassadors for Korea Expo 2014 in Brazil

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Solo artist Seo In Guk and boy group VIXX will be the representatives of Korea’s entertainment industry for 2014 Korea Brand and Entertainment Expo held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in August.

The two popular Hallyu artists were chosen to be the faces of the annual large-scale event for buyers and sellers of Korea’s rising IT and entertainment industry. The expo is organized by Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA).

This marks the fifth year that KBBE is being held. The previous ambassadors being Super Junior, miss A, JYJ, and 2NE1, the event targets also the fans of Hallyu.

Kim Byung Kwon, the Marketing Director of KOTRA, revealed, “With Seo In Guk and VIXX as the ambassadors, KBEE will offer the visitors the chance to experience Hallyu firsthand through various events