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K.Will takes #1 place on Music Triangle with Please Dont..

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According to the music sales chart, talented singer K.Will recently took #1 place on ‘Music Triangle‘ for the last week of October with his latest track “Please Don’t..“!

The show had often announced the winner through Mnet’s official website every week, however, this time MC Yoon Sang directly gave the trophy to K.Will.

Upon receiving the award, K.Will expressed, “This is my first time on ‘Music Triangle’, and I’m thankful that I got an award. It was a song that brought me a big transformation, and I’m really happy to receive this award.

In response, MC Yoon Sang said to K.Will, “It was a song I couldn’t forget after hearing it once. Congratulations.


Girl’s Day’s Dont forget me to sweep various charts

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Girl’s Day’s newly released single “Don’t forget me” has been making storms on online music charts.

Dreamtea Entertainment made a statement on October 27th, “Girl’s Day’s ‘Don’t Forget Me’ is charted number 1 on Bugs, number 5 on Melon and Naver Music, number 2 on Soribada and Daum.”

The agency also added, “The group has matured. The lady-like look goes well with the song. Perhaps this is why the song is getting so many attention. I hope the group ranks at the top in other real time charts.”

The ladies of Girl’s Day are expected to participate in Korea Series Game 3, where they will introduce the program during a substitution changing periods.



miss A updates fans with practice video for I Dont Need A Man

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miss A recently returned to the music scene with mini-album ‘Independent Women Pt 3‘ and title track “I Don’t Need a Man”.

Following the official comeback, the girl group has now updated fans with a full practice video for the title track.

In the newly released video, miss A members wore simple clothes while showing off their amazing dancing skills.

Have a look at the practice video below!

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MV teaser for Dont Call Me Baby of upcoming idol group Mr. Slam ihas been released

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The music video teaser for the debut song, “Don’t Call Me Baby“ of brand new idol group Mr. Slam has been released.

Made up with five members, the group seems to pursue a dance-heavy concept for their debut with an electronic dance track that has  hints of dubstep.

Their digital single, “Don’t Call Me Baby”, will be released on September 26 KST.

Check out the MV teaser as well as group photos of Mr. Slam below!

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Navi releases MV for Dont Go

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Solo singer Navi will be making her comeback with her new single, “Don’t Go“. After releasing her music video teaser recently, the talented vocalist releases music video for “Don’t Go”, on her new mini album ‘Real Love‘, heightening up anticipations from fans.

“Don’t Go” is a ballad track which features Navi’s heartfelt vocals. The single will mark her comeback since releasing her single ‘Together Forever Vol.2’ along the track “Because It’s You” featuring Noel, back on March.

The music video has been revealed, so check it out for yourself!

Navi turns back with Dont Go on M! Countdown

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Navi has finally turned back again with her newest mini-album titled ‘Real Love‘ and her title track “Don’t Go“.

“Don’t Go“ shows Navi’s heartfelt vocals which help express the emotions of a woman calling for her lover.

Don’t forget to watch Navi’s heartfelt stage below!