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Shim Eun Kyung finally confirmed as lead in "Cantabile Romance"

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After a bit of back and forth, Shim Eun Kyung has finally been confirmed for the part of Nodame in the upcoming remake series "Cantabile Romance"!

Shim Eun Kyung will be playing the adored character opposite of hot actor Joo Won. Though the actress initially turned down the offer due to the film "Waiting for You", Group Eight Production revealed on July 29 that it"s finally confirmed she"ll be playing the part of Nodame.

She"s remained the top fan choice for the role, even pushing aside Girls" Generation"s YoonA. Shim Eun Kyung said, "I had fun reading the ["Nodame Cantabile"] manga, and personally, I"m a big fan of Ueno Juri, who played Nodame in the Japanese live action of the drama... I will work hard to show you the Nodami-side of Shim Eun Kyung

[Video] Added Korean drama "Trot Romance" episode 11

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Added episode 11 for the Korean drama "Trot Romance"

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"Trot Romance" (2014) Directed by Lee Eun-jin, Lee Jae-sang Written by Kang Yoon-kyeong, Oh Seon-hyeong With Ji Hyeon-woo, Jung Eun-ji, Sin Seong-rok, Lee Se-yeong, Son Ho-joon, Sin Bo-ra,... 20 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00 Also known as "Trot Lovers" Synopsis A woman in her 20s who has a talent for trot, meets a genius trot writer and becomes a trot singer. Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/06/23

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Actress Shim Eun Kyung Confirmed for Lead Female Role in “Cantabile Romance”

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Actress Shim Eun Kyung has officially been cast as the lead female role in the upcoming Korean remake of popular Japanese drama “Nodame Cantabile,” titled “Cantabile Romance.”

According to TV Report on July 29, “Shim Eun Kyung has finally been confirmed to star in the Korean version of ‘Nodame Cantabile.’”

With Shim Eun Kyung’s outstanding acting abilities and cute appearance, she was chosen as the most desired actress for this particular role and received endless ‘love calls’ from producers.

Previously, the actress had turned down the casting offer due to a conflicting schedule with filming for the movie “Waiting for You.” However, it seems that she is now able to take on the role, as she recently made adjustments to her original schedule in order to accommodate “Nodame Cantabile

Top model Dae Na is set to star in the first Korean American drama series, "The Romance Artist" with New York theatre actress Esther Nam

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Plot: Lorraine is a con artist, who conned the wrong group of people this time. On the run from the Italian mafia, she finds sanctuary in a nunnery. There, she meets Devin, and for the first time, gets a taste of true love and happiness. The quiet life not being for her though, she winds up having to steal from Devin (her easiest yet hardest target yet). Having to have one more look at him before she leaves the country, she goes to watch him from a distance one last time. But he catches her and demands his money back.

She asks if she could pay him back by sharing life experiences together. He refuses, saying that he wants nothing to do with her, and only wants his money back. Except, she doesn"t have it, at least not all of it. He eventually agrees though, striking a deal with a much larger organization, the "Media Mafia" to bring her down

Lee Seung Gi To Romance Moon Chae Won In 'Today's Love'

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Lee Seung Gi will romance Moon Chae Won in an upcoming film that has been described as a realistic love story.

In "Today"s Love," he plays Junsu, a man who can"t make his relationships work because he always gives too much of himself. Moon Chae Won plays Hyun Woo, a witty, talkative meteorologist.

The film has been described as a romance movie that depicts relationships between men and woman as being as delicate and complex as the weather.

As there are all kinds of weather, the couple"s relationship might have to weather tumultuous storms, heat waves or a chilling frost.

Lee Seung Gi has previously said he is very fond of acting in romantic comedies and the bigger the challenges a fictional couple faces, the better

Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won cast as leads in romance film "Today"s Love"

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Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won have been cast as leads in the upcoming romance film "Today"s Love".

The two actors will be working together again after co-starring in the 2009 drama "Brilliant Legacy". "Today"s Love" is Moon Chae Won"s return to the big screen after "War of Arrows" in 2011 as well as Lee Seung Gi"s film debut. Lee Seung Gi will be playing the role of Junsu who is generally unsuccessful in relationships because he doesn"t know when to stop giving, while Moon Chae Won will play a weather woman who"s both sharp and aggressive.

He commented, "What drew me in is the everyday story, and I like this kind of genre. I"m also a fan of director Park Jin Pyo, so I"m happy for this opportunity to work with him. It"s my first movie role so I feel pressure, but I will approach it from a learner"s point of view

Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won Confirmed for New Romance Film

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The new film “Today’s Love” has confirmed “Brilliant Legacy” co-stars Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won as the two leads, and will head into filming at the end of this month.

Lee Seung Gi, in his first movie role, plays Junsu, a character who fails at relationships, and always gets broken up with because he just gives too much. Moon Chae Won, on the other hand, returning to the big screen in three years after “War of the Arrows” in 2011, plays the meteorologist Hyun Woo, a woman with a witty tongue and aggressive manner.

“The story about a natural relationship that just might really exist in the world drew me in, and it’s the kind of genre that I like,” Lee Seung Gi said. “I also am a fan of Director Park Jin Pyo, so I’m glad for this opportunity to work with him

Han Ji Hye Returns after Six Months with New Drama “Witch of Legend”

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Actress Han Ji Hye will be making her comeback on television with the new MBC drama, “Witch of Legend.” (tentative English title of “전설의 마녀”)

According to an interview of a representative with isPlus, Han Ji Hye is back and ready to show a new side of herself in the MBC weekend drama “Witch of Legend” only six months after she finished the KBS 2TV “Beyond the Clouds.”

In the drama “Witch of Legend,” Han Ji Hye plays the role of an eldest daughter-in-law of a new baking company. She is the role model of ladies in Korea in their 20s and 30s who want to enter into the families of conglomerates. Bright, energetic, and cheerful, she is sincere and always positive no matter what the situation is.

“Witch of Legend” is about the four detained prisoners in room no

Lee Joon Gi and Nam Sang Mi Talk Romance in ‘Joseon Shooter’

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Lee Joon Gi and Nam Sang Mi brought up what sets their romance apart.

Lee Joon Gi and Nam Sang Mi attended the press conference for KBS2’s Joseon Shooter on July 22 at the drama set in Chungcheong province an dsaid, “The romance between Park Yoon Gang (Lee Joon Gi) and Jung Soo In (Nam Sang Mi) is the one that people can sympathize with.”

Lee Joon Gi said, “The viewers who have been watching our drama from the beginning have peaked in their interest for our romance. We will be showing a romance that you fall into deeper and deeper as you watch.”

The actor continued, “The strength of our couple is that we’ll be depicting romance in both historical and periodic genre. SBS and MBC are both airing romantic comedies. I believe the viewers who get sick of rom-coms will fall for our drama

Shinhwa′s Eric and Jung Yumi Take Lots of Sweet Selfies for ′Discovery of Romance′

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After floating a string of stills and teasers, Discovery of Romance decided to keep love in the air by releasing yet more stills from the drama.

New selfie stills from the KBS2 drama Discovery of Romance were released on July 22.

In the stills, Jung Yumi and Shinhwa′s Eric (real name Mun Jung Hyuk) each pose as their roles Han Yeo Reum and Kang Tae Ha, appearing as a lovey dovey and cute couple.

A source from the drama′s production company JS Pictures commented, "Jung Yumi and Mun Jung Hyuk kept having to move to new locations and change clothes, but they still managed to draw out many different expressions as if they were really enjoying a date. This series of selfies again represents how realistic the drama will be. Discovery of Romance will be a drama that everyone, whether in a relationship or not, can relate to

Eric, Jung Yoo Mi, Sung Jun and More Attend Script Reading for ‘Discovery of Romance’

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The upcoming Discovery of Romance held its first script reading.

On July 1, KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama Discovery of Romance held the first script reading, attended by Eric, Jung Yoo Mi, Sung Jun, Yoon Ji Ni, Yoon Hyun Min, Kim Seul Gi and more. Director Kim Sung Yoon and writer Jung Hyun Jung also attended.

Before the script reading began, director Kim Sung Yoon said, “The results are important too but I think enjoying the process is more important. Let us enjoy the process so that we can have a happy after party once the drama is over.”

Lead actress Jung Yoo Mi said, “I’m happy to be acting with such great people. I hope we can all have fun filming and enjoy the summer together.”

Discovery of Romance is a drama that depicts a realistic love story, unlike other melodramas or romantic comedies

Sojin and Minah talk about their dating styles on 'Witch Hunt'

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Girl"s Day"s Minah and Sojin talked about how they are when they go on a date.

On July 4, Minah and Sojin were guests on JTBC"s "Witch Hunt". MC Shin Dong Yup asked both of them how they were like when they date, and Sojin answered, "During the day, I have a lot of aegyo. At night, I"m very passionate."

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Sung Si Kyung then addressed Minah. Since both of them have eyes that slope downward, he said, "I haven"t met anyone else whose eyes are droopy like mine. Don"t people like us have less strength?". 

Minah answered, "I recently read Heo Young Man"s physiognomy comic "Kkol"

Shinhwa′s Eric, Sung Jun, and Jung Yumi Pose for Test Photo for ‘Discovery of Romance’

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Making anticipation for the drama grow, a photo of Shinhwa’s Eric, Sung Jun, and Jung Yumi was released for KBS’ Discovery of Romance.

The photo was revealed on June 30 through the Facebook page of JS Pictures, the drama production company for Discovery of Romance. The Facebook admin wrote, “The test shooting for Discovery of Romance! Predicting a huge hit even with just one picture~~”

The photo taken of a photo on a camera screen showed Sung Jun, Jung Yumi, and Eric smiling as the two male leads crouched besides the heroine.

Discovery of Romance will begin after the conclusion of Trot Lovers in August.

Photo Credit: JS Pictures

Yoon Ji Ni to Form Loveline with Sung Jun in ‘Discovery of Romance’

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Yoon Ji Ni has been confirmed for KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama, Discovery of Romance.

Making her debut through SBS’s A Gentleman’s Dignity, Yoon Ji Ni has proved her stable acting ability through various acting projects and will be carrying out her activities through the new KBS drama.

Discovery of Romance will depict the honest dating stories of modern men and women, setting it apart from other melodramas or rom-com dramas.

Written by writer Jung Hyun Jung, who wrote the ‘I Need a Romance’ series, Discovery of Romance has already been gathering anticipation from her previous drama fans.

Yoon Ji Ni will be acting as ‘Ahn Ah Rim’ in the drama, a tough, energetic and innocent character

Soyu and Park Min Woo indulge in a cute high school romance in K.Will's teaser for 'Day 1'

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Koreans love counting the days to any milestone in a romantic relationship, and this part of their culture is explored in K.Will"s upcoming summer track, "Day 1"!

The MV teaser above shows the adorable blossoming relationship between high schoolers SISTAR"s Soyu and Park Min Woo, although it is honestly hard to state whether the cute scenes at the end are actually from the early stage of their relationship or all in Park Min Woo"s head. Clearly, he"s the enamored one.

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Either way, it seems like it will be an adorable MV with a similar young love vibe as Soyu and JungGiGo"s "Some," so stay tuned for the full version on June 26!