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Team behind “Good Doctor” Reunites for a Vampire Medical Drama

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The production team behind the critically acclaimed drama “Good Doctor” will be collaborating once again for a new vampire medical drama.

Producer Ki Min Soo and writer Park Jae Bum have both signed onto work on a new KBS drama called “Blood” (working title).

“Blood,” similar to “Good Doctor,” will be a medical drama, but unlike “Good Doctor,” it will be a fantasy mellow drama about a vampire doctor.

The production company for “Blood,” IOK Media, has announced that they have begun searching for the male lead.

According to KBS, the exact airing dates are not yet decided, but they are currently aiming for an early-2015 airing

Idol Group NU’EST Is Helping Out Children With Disabilities Through WEGENERATION Fundraising Campaign

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Idol group NU’EST is participating in a fundraising event by acting out as star supporters for the WEGENERATION campaign which raises money for children with disabilities’ hospital fees. This time, the event was set up to help a 2 year-old child name Soree who has microcephaly and a brain disability.

In the video the group made, they asked for help and said, “It’s important for Soree to receive hospital care continuously so that she gets well soon. Unfortunately, her financial situation is very much limited and it is hard for her family to pay the hospital fees.”

NU’EST will be picking one of the sponsors by drawing a lot and will have dinner with whoever is picked. Many other sponsors will be able to receive polaroid pictures and signed CDs of the group as well

MNET introduces Infinite Sungjong as the new "Super Idol Chart Show" MC in a preview clip

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MNET releases a preview clip for their upcoming episode of "Super Idol Chart Show", introducing their newest MC Infinite Sungjong.

In the preview clip, Sungjong is seen going around the set while checking the displays and practicing hosting by himself.

Infinite"s maknae Sungjong is joining Super Junior Ryeowook as the MC starting on August 1 after taking over BEAST Dongwoon"s role as the latter decided to leave the show to focus for his group"s promotions.

INFINITE"s Sungjong to replace Dongwoon and work with Ryeowook on "Super Idol Chart Show"

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With the departure of B2ST"s maknae Dongwoon from "Super Idol Chart Show," a new maknae will be taking his place: INFINITE"s Sungjong!

A rep from Mnet said on July 28, "Sungjong has been made host of "Super Idol Chart Show." From hereon, he will be working with Super Junior"s Ryeowook." This will be Sungjong"s first time MC-ing as a part of his solo activities!

You"ll be able to see his bright and happy face starting in the middle of August.

Girl"s Day"s Sojin to join MBC Music"s "Idol School" as new MC

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Sojin will have her first MC challenge through MBC Music"s new variety show "Idol School".

According to MBC Music on July 28th, Sojin has been confirmed as the new MC for "Idol School" and she will be hosting along with Kim Yeon Woo and Jun Hyun Moo.

"Idol School" is said to be a show which will combine both games and music. About 3-4 teams of rookie idol singers will be invited on the show as guests and they will be competing each other through various games in order to find equipments to set up their own stage at the end.

The first episode will be premiered on August 19th at 6pm kst.

Girl’s Day Sojin Confirmed as Host for MBC Music’s “Idol School”

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Sojin of Girl’s Day will be taking on her first role as an MC through MBC Music’s new variety show “Idol School.”

According to recent reports, the idol will be joined by popular MC Jeon Hyun Moo and singer Kim Yeon Woo.

“Idol School” is a variety show that challenges idol groups to build their music show stages. To earn equipment such as lights, they have to win fun games, and the final winner gets to utilize the props during their performance.

In addition to receiving her first-ever hosting position, Sojin was recently cast for a role in TV Joseon’s new drama “Greatest Marriage.”

“Idol School” will premiere in August, while Girl’s Day is actively promoting their bright summer song “Darling

SISTAR"s Dasom explains her eye-opening idol business moment

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The life of an idol is not all glitz and glamour, and SISTAR"s Dasom recounted the story behind her eye-opening experience.

"With the SISTAR album or my solo album, I wanted to challenge myself with genres like R&B or African American music, the kind that few people like," her groupmate Hyorin said on "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook". "But the company always turned me down. They said that it wasn"t popular enough and that only I could sing it."

"A company"s goal is to create a profit," Dasom explained. "Since that"s the objective, Hyorin"s song wasn"t put on the album because it didn"t have a wide enough audience. The song itself was excellent."

The MC, Yoo Hee Yeol, expressed his surprise at Dasom"s worldliness

Jung Hyung Don and B2ST's Dongwoon share an accidental kiss on 'Weekly Idol'

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Remember when G-Dragon sent a wreath to the set of "Weekly Idol" to congratulate them on their third anniversary? Remember that he only mentioned Defconn and completely left out his well-known bromance partner, Jung Hyung Don? Well, it looks like Jung Hyung Don has exacted his revenge on the "Weekly Idol" special for the third anniversary that aired on July 23!

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The B2ST members came on the show as part of the 100 idols who visited especially for the third anniversary special. During their segment on the show, Jung Hyung Don asked them to fulfill their promise to them after winning on a music show by giving him a peck on the cheek. The boys complied, so that Jung Hyung Don walked down the line to get a kiss from Doojoon and Yoseob on the cheek

“Weekly Idol” Gathers Total of 100 Idols Including BEAST, A Pink for 3rd Anniversary

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The MBC Every1 show “Weekly Idol” proved its power over the K-pop idols and personally invited 100 of them to come to the show to celebrate its 3rd year anniversary.

On the July 23 episode of the show, “Weekly Idol” has an ambitious project for its 3rd year anniversary wherein they personally invited the “100 Idols Who Graced Weekly Idol.”

In the preview for the episode, the “Weekly Idol” MCs Jung Hyung Don (Dony) and Defconn (Cony), who were the first ones to step on the red carpet, said, “‘Weekly Idol’ that was supposed to be on a six-week, short term show has finally reached three years. We’ve written a new history in idol programs.”

Then, the idols who were invited to the special 3rd year anniversary show--BEAST, CN BLUE, 4Minute, A Pink, Rainbow, BTOB, GOT7, and others popular idol groups–started visiting the program nonstop from morning until night

Which collaboration with a female idol does Park Myung Soo like the most?

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Comedian Park Myung Soo has been lucky enough to work alongside female idols like Girls" Generation"s Jessica, former KARA member Nicole, and Kim Ye Rim, but which collaboration does he like the most?

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On the July 22nd broadcast of KBS COOLFM"s "Jo Jung Chi and Jang Dong Min at 2 O"Clock", Park Myung Soo revealed, "To be honest, the previous songs were released with help from programs. I want to be recognized for the music that I enjoy doing. I think because Kim Ye Rim featured for me that the response was doubled, and I"m happy that I got recognition."

Park Myung Soo released "Myungsoo"s Ddukbokki" featuring Kim Ye Rim just last week. He also revealed that it only cost 80,000 Won (~$78 USD) to produce the track, saying, "I only fed the kids [who worked on it] food

B2ST's Dongwoon to leave 'Super Idol Chart Show'

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B2ST"s Dongwoon will be leaving Mnet"s "Super Idol Chart Show".
According to insiders, Dongwoon recently finished talking to the staff of the "Super Idol Chart Show" about leaving the show and finished up his final recording on the 16th. He joined the show in January, so it"s been 6 months since he started.

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Dongwoon is leaving to focus on B2ST"s promotions. He also has B2ST"s solo concert coming up in August, so he has to focus on that as well.
There"s no one currently in line to take his place. For now, Ryeowook will be MCing alone until they decide on a replacement. 

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7 Best Female Idol Rappers

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These days rapping is not exclusive to males. There has been a sharp incline in the number of female rappers that have dominated the game. Let"s take a look at which idol group members have established a name for themselves as top rappers in K-pop!


AOA Jimin

AOA"s Jimin was the one member that really stood out to me when I first heard of the group during their "Miniskirt" promotions. She has a particular, unique sass in her voice when she raps--it"s a harsh sound yet feminine at the same time. She proves that talent and competition is growing stronger for the new wave of rappers in idol groups. I"m looking forward to seeing her take a leading role in the new generation of girl groups.


SISTAR"s Bora may be the visual of the group (this is debatable, but she is in my opinion nonetheless), but she"s more than just a pretty face

A Pink Confirmed as Next Idol Group to Take Over ‘Showtime’

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A Pink has been confirmed as the new idol to take over Showtime.

The production team of MBC Every1’s Showtime announced on July 18, “Following EXO and B2ST, the third group of the show is A Pink.”

Having experience leading a variety show through A Pink News, A Pink will be sharing everything about themselves through Showtime, including their daily activities.

In a pre-broadcast interview with the production team, the A Pink members reportedly showed passion to challenge themselves with various sports and wild experiences in the show and coolly agreed to reveal their bare faces.

A Pink’s Showtime is set to air in August.

Photo credit: MBC Every1

BEAST’s Dongwoon to Leave “Super Idol Chart Show”

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BEAST‘s Dongwoon surprised his fans and viewers alike when it was announced that he will be leaving MNET‘s “Super Idol Chart Show” after many talks with the staff of the cable program. He has been a co-MC at the show with Super Junior‘s Ryeowook since late January this year and will be leaving this month.

Dongwoon reportedly explained that he will be focusing on his activities in BEAST for the mean time and preparing for their upcoming concert “The Beautiful Show 4“.

It is still unclear who will be replacing Dongwoon at the cable show, but for the mean time, Ryeowook will be hosting the show alone. Dongwoon filmed his last episode yesterday, July 16.

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Jung Joon Young Leaves Defconn out in the Cold on Weekly Idol

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On July 16, Jung Joon Young was invited to appear on MBC every1′s “Weekly Idol’s” “Idol of the Week” edition. As soon as he entered the studio, he shouted “1 Night 2 Days!” laughing brightly.

Talking about fellow guest Defconn, he stated “His appearance on ’1 Night 2 Days’ and ‘Weekly Idol’ is different. On ‘Weekly Idol’ he acts like a real man’s man, but on ’1 Night 2 Days’ he’s a worrywart. It seems like he worries every episode,” he said.

When asked who the funniest members on “1 Night 2 Days” are, Jung Joon Young said “Kim Jun Ho is first, second is Kim Jong Min, and third is Kim Ju Hyuk.” Unconcerned with the nervous Defconn’s feelings, he continued “Fourth is Nada, fifth is Cha Tae Hyun,” leaving poor Defconn rather embarrassed