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Legendary Idol Group S.E.S Members Show Off Their Strong, Lasting Friendship in Recent Reunion

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Legendary idol group S.E.S members Eugene, Bada, and Shoo reunited, and pictures of their reunion was posted by Bada on April 15 through her Twitter. Alongside the pictures, the singer wrote, “We are three…we still look good together. Life is beautiful.”

The girls look very happy in the pictures and it is nice to see that even through all this time, the friendship shared among those three has not changed. It has been more than 17 years since their debut, yet they still look young together.

Netizens’ comments included, “S.E.S, my childhood heroes,” “S.E.S are my sisters forever,” “Their friendship is so beautiful.”

Bada is currently starring in her own musical productions, and Eugene is working as a full-time actress. It has been reported that Shoo will be making her official acting debut very soon

Which Idol ‘Roommate’ Do You Want to Move in With?

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So what happens when you throw a bunch of celebrities into a house? Well, we’ll soon find out, when SBS’ new variety show Roommates airs on April 20.

Korea’s top entertainers will be living under one roof, but we’re most excited about the three idols confirmed for the new show, so let us know who your dream idol roommate is by voting below!

After School’s Nana

Orange Caramel may play cute on stage, but member Nana has proved she can keep it real, especially when it comes to her love life.

From revealing she was hit on by 10 celebrities to addressing her scandal with Kim Soo Hyun and even boldly stating she wants to kiss a boy idol, there’s no stopping Nana. And she’s just the roommate we need to mix things up on the show.

2NE1’s Park Bom

From the Roommates staff to K-Pop fans, there’s no denying 2NE1 member Park Bom’s appearance on the show is one of the most anticipated

Kikwang to be the first male idol on 'Witch Hunt'

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B2ST"s Kikwang will be making an appearance on fun variety program "Witch Hunt" as the very first male idol!

Broadcasting reps revealed on April 14 that he was taking part in the show from the first part "Turn on the Green Light" corner to the second part with female panelists, "Turn Off The Green light." The reps said that the filming took place in the JTBC building where he did not refrain from giving honest thoughts and stories.

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People are curious about what kind of 19+ remarks he may make with MCs Shin Dong Yup and Sung Si Kyung as the first male idol on the show. You can find out when the episode airs!

BEAST’s Lee Kikwang Becomes First Male Idol to Appear on “Witch Hunt”

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Lee Kikwang of male group BEAST will appear on the witty and naughty talk show “Witch Hunt” as a special guest.

According to sources in the entertainment industry, the idol participated in filming the episode on April 14. While many female idols, including After School‘s Lizzy, Jewelry‘s Ye Won, and Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha, have been guests on the show and gained attention for their honest comments regarding relationships and men, Lee Kikwang will be the first male idol to appear on the popular talk show.

As BEAST is a group popular amongst young females, it will be interesting to see what topics Lee Kikwang will open up about. Unlike most guests, he will be joining both the first and second part of the episode

B2ST Lee Gi Kwang to Be First Male Idol Group Member to Appear on ‘Witch Hunt’

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Ready to talk dirty, B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang will be appearing on jTBC’s Witch Hunt.

On April 14, Newsen spoke with a Cube Entertainment rep, who said, “Lee Gi Kwang will be appearing as a guest on Witch Hunt. He’s filming during the afternoon on April 14.”

Lee Gi Kwang will be the first male idol group member to appear as a guest on Witch Hunt. Other idol group guests included Rainbow’s Jae Kyung, Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain and Narsha, Dal Shabet’s Subin, After School’s Lizzy, and Jewelry’s Kim Ye Won.

Witch Hunt is an honest talk show led by four hosts and guests, who discuss dating, love, and intimacy. With Lee Gi Kwang being quite honest with refreshing charms on many different kinds of variety shows, his appearance on Witch Hunt is already gathering anticipation

POP QUIZ: Which role would you play in an idol group?

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Which role would you play in an idol group? 

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What day of the week are you? Tuesday ✓ Sunday ✓ Tuesday ✓ Saturday ✓ Wednesday ✓ Friday ✓ Monday ✓ Pick an Instrument! Mic ✓ Keyboard ✓ Drum ✓ Bass ✓ Guitar ✓ None - Im PERFECT ✓ Maracas ✓ If you were stuck on a deserted Island... =0 Crawl up in a ball and cry… ✓ Make a survival plan / find shelter and food ✓ Record your days in a makeshift journal ✓ Explore and play games to kill the time ✓ Yell and yell for help ✓ Build a raft and go searching for land ✓ Soak in the sun ✓ What"s your favorite thing to see in the sky? Airplane ✓ Lightning ✓ Fluffy clouds ✓ Rainbow ✓ Stars ✓ Sun ✓ Crescent moon ✓ Which high school stereotype best describes you? Towel boy/girl ✓ Theater geek ✓ Class clown ✓ Jock ✓ Valedictorian ✓ Prom Queen/King ✓ Rebel ✓ What would you do in your free time? Read or Write ✓ Homebody ✓ Go Drinking with Pals ✓ Go Shopping ✓ Karaoke ✓ All Work No Play ✓ Hit the Clubs ✓ Pick a character from "The Avengers" Nick Fury ✓ Black Widow ✓ Thor ✓ The Hulk ✓ Loki ✓ Captain America ✓ Tony Stark / Iron Man ✓ POP QUIZ: Which role would you play in an idol group? LeaderYou"ve proven yourself to be the rightful leader of the group for your responsible and hardworking nature, making sure that things get done promptly and accepting punishment for when you fail

Kim Hyun Joong shares his thoughts on idol life and dating

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Kim Hyun Joong sat down for an interview with Sports Seoul, which also happened to be on the day that Nichkhun and Tiffany went public with their relationship, making it inevitable that the veteran idol star would be asked to give his two cents on idols dating.

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Kim Hyun Joong shared, "[The competition] was intense during my twenties. Ever since I started as an idol, there was no time to rest, and I wasn"t able to date properly... I think the social conditions have changed a lot these days, so it feels new and different."

"I don"t regret it even if it means not being able to date properly. Although it felt like an invasion of privacy at times, in order to become a singer, I was the only one selected out of 1 million people who auditioned and made my debut

EXO's Kris is the next SM idol to join Instagram

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EXO"s Kris has brought great news to fans with a new update on his Weibo account - he included information for a new Instagram account at the top as a new way for his fans to connect with him on his daily life!

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He uploaded one picture so far of him looking pretty cool by the mirror in a loose shirt, backwards cap, and sunglasses. If you want more updates as he adds pictures, make sure you follow him @galaxy_fanfan.

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After School’s Uee Speaks Up on Acting as an Idol

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‘Kim Baek Won’ from MBC’s recently ended drama Golden Rainbow is an optimistic character. Despite all the difficulties she faced, she smiled at the rainbow in the end.

Taking the role of ‘Kim Baek Won,’ After School’s Uee seemed to have learned and felt many things. During a recent interview with Newsen, Uee said, “I still can’t believe the drama is over. I just feel so thankful for all the viewers who watched until the end.”

“When I acted in Jeon Woochi after acting in a longer and slower paced drama, I realized how conceited I was. I was not at all used to the fast paced filming throughout the nights and getting scripts at the last minute. I felt my own shortcomings and it almost led to a trauma in acting. I even avoided mini series for awhile,” confessed Uee

4minute eat lobster and fail at aegyo on 'Weekly Idol'

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4minute were the guests on the April 2nd episode of "Weekly Idol" and got to sample some delicious lobster as well as fail at aegyo.

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The girls had to complete missions in order to be treated to delicious Korean beef as is usual on the show, but the members stated, "We like sashimi." Instead of sashimi, the crew brought over lobster dishes, and host Jung Hyung Don, who paid for the meal, said sadly, "I said it jokingly, but they really bought it." The members" voracious appetites especially caught viewers" attention.

Member Gayoon also tried her hand at aegyo though she admitted that she doesn"t know how to do wink. She attempted it a few times, but ended up repeating, "I really can"t wink."

Check out 4minute"s segment in the clip above!

MBLAQ’s G.O. Confesses It’s Hard to Live as an Idol

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MBLAQ’s G.O. revealed his thoughts on living as an idol.

G.O. joined musical Seopyeonje which launched on March 20, taking the role of ‘Dong Ho’ along with Song Yong Jin and Michael Lee, who have been tri-cast for the role.

About his first experience performing in a musical, G.O. said, “I have acting experience from SBS’s drama Ghost, but acting in a musical was very different. It was difficult to notice the difference and act out accordingly. On musical stage, you have to stay alerted the whole time and use big gestures to appeal to the audience. I had many thoughts about what I could do to show good acting. I’ve been learning a lot, since I’m working alongside with many senior actors.”

When asked if he felt pressured to be acting out the same role as Song Yong Jin and Michael Lee, who have more experience, G

Mnet “Dirty Talk” Compares Idol Rappers Zico and G-Dragon

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On the second episode of Mnet variety show “Dirty Talk” aired on March 27, the panelists discussed the subject of whether BIGBANG’s G-Dragon or Block B’s Zico is the better rapper.

In order to properly compare the two, the show had prepared a chart of idol rapper rankings currently making its rounds on an online community forum. According to the chart, Zico ranks at number one, with G-Dragon in second place, and B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk and Block B’s Kyung tied for third. They are followed by BIGBANG’s T.O.P and Brown Eyed GirlsMiryo, while BEAST‘s Yong Jun Hyung and 2NE1‘s CL are notable mentions

Fans Choose Which Male Idol Groups Are the Most Likely to Still be Together in 10 Years

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An online community portal site, DC Inside (, conducted a survey from March 18 to March 25 asking, “Which male idol group do you think is most likely to be together and actively promoting in the next 10 years?”

The results showed JYJ in the No. 1 spot with 40.1% of the votes (1,215 votes out of 3,029 votes). JYJ is consists of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu, who formed a trio in after leaving the five-member group, TVXQ, which debuted in 2009. All of the members have been promoting individually through solo albums, starring in musicals, dramas, and films.

Another group that made it on the list was TVXQ with 504 votes (16.6%). The five-member group became a duo in 2011 with U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin as the remaining members

Block B to Directly Experience Idol Taboos in New Variety Program

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Making you wonder if they’re really idols or not, the Block B members will directly experience idol taboos in their new variety program, 5 Minutes Before Chaos.

On March 27, Seven Seasons announced that Block B will go through several issues that idols would like to avoid on Mnet’s 5 Minutes Before Chaos, which will broadcast live.

The members will go through hidden cameras to check the group’s teamwork and even have surprise blind dates. Not only that, Block B will be watching the program as it airs. The show will be broadcasted with “three screens,” in which the Block B members will be interacting with viewers through television, computers, and mobile phones at real time.

“We’ve been starving for reality,” said Block B. “We’ll show a lot of not so obvious scenes, so please watch our show!”

“As the Block B members are rebels, who are totally unpredictable, we have no idea how the live broadcast will be, but it’ll be filled with the real images of the Block B members

JYP Pictures to make an idol-studded movie for the Chinese market

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JYP Entertainment"s affiliated company JYP Pictures will be making a collaborative movie between Korea and China that will target 500 million viewers in the marketplace of the Great China region.

The first movie will be a human drama called "I Wanna Hold Your Hand." As it will include dancing and singing, a well known MV director Hwang Soo Ah will be grasping the megaphone for the movie. She had previously directed the MVs for INFINITE"s "The Chaser," IU"s "Good Day," Ga In"s "Bloom," and more.

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With this news, a lot of people are interested in the cast as a lot of idol stars are expected to participate