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WINNER is promising a humorous "Weekly Idol" episode in a preview

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WINNER is going to flutter your hearts with their sense of humor and surprising variety skills in the upcoming episode of Weekly Idol next week.

The short preview is enough for you to anticipate the witty and charming members even making both MCs fall for their adorable charms.

WINNER"s episode will be broadcast on October 22. Watch the preview below:

Weekly Idol releases teasers for Red Velvet appearance

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Weekly Idol releases teaser images of Red Velvet for their appearance  on the show.

The MCs Donnie and Connie seem like having so much fun with the rookie girl group. In the photos, Red Velvet are laughing hardly and doing aegyos that would surely melt their fans.

Red Velvet are appearing on October 16 episode of "Weekly Idol" at 6PM.

Girls’ Day’s Sojin and Cross Gene’s Takuya sing “Feels Like Home” on “Idol School”

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Girl’s Day’s Sojin and Cross Gene’s Takuya have set up a surprise collaboration performance to the song “Feels like Home” on an upcoming episode of MBC’s “Idol School.”

Takuya has surprised the audience not only on his fantastic piano skills but also on his manners by escorting Sojin after their performance. The program’s MC Jeon Hyunmoo humorously expressed his suspicious on the Sojin and Takuya’s closeness, citing how they seem to enjoy the scene.

Meanwhile, you can also anticipate other duet performances by Kim Yeonwoo and Ladies Codes’ Sojung singing VIBE’s “That Man That Woman.” Don’t miss out on Sojung’s reverence and thoughts towards Kim Yeonwoo as well! This episode will air on MBC Music’s “Idol School” both at 6PM and 11PM (KST) on the 14th

[HanCinema"s Idol Actors] Lee Seung-gi

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Lee"s first leading role was in 2009"s "Shining Inheritance" as the quintessential prickly male lead, Seon Woo-hwan. Lee showed an affinity for the camera even though he tended to overact, especially during scenes of anger. This habit trended through many of his dramas save for his latest, "You"re Surrounded". The emotions are clear, but seem overwrought, as if geared for the live stage rather than in front of a camera. This is most evident in "Shining Inheritance" and tones down in each subsequent leading role that he landed. Again, it is Lee"s earnest portrayals of his characters that make him so well-liked despite any flaws he may have as an actor. It"s his appeal that keeps the role offers coming."My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" from 2010 was Lee"s real breakthrough as an actor. He worked beside from the very nuanced actress Sin Min-ah from whom he learned a lot

10 hilarious K-Pop idol Haunted House reactions

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Following our "7 hilarious K-Pop idol rollercoaster reactions" feature, here is another list to get you smiling and laughing at how adorable your favorite idols can be when facing scary situations. With Halloween just a few weeks away, check out some of our favorite hilarious idol reactions to some creepy haunted houses!


The members of A-JAX prove that they"re not just pretty faces but also talented vocalists as they let out various piercing screeches throughout their haunted house tour. Enjoy the performance, ignore the ugly sobs (or laugh at them if you want--we are).

EXO"s Baekhyun

While he normally has a wide-eyed look about him, Baekhyun takes his usually dumbfounded expressions to the next level

WINNER to appear on entertainment program, “Weekly Idol”

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WINNER makes their first variety show appearance on entertainment program, “Weekly Idol.”

On October 9th, MBC’s “Weekly Idol” representatives confirmed that “Weekly Idol” makes their first variety show appearance since appearing on Mnet’s “WIN” and “WINNER TV.” This will be the second time that an artist from YG Entertainment joins the show following G-Dragon’s guesting.

“Weekly Idol” also released photos from WINNER’s recent recording for the show. However, a broadcast date for this episode was not confirmed.

Are you looking forward to WINNER’s debut variety program?

Source: Joongang

Winner to make their guest appearance on "Weekly Idol"

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Winner will make their variety debut on MBC Every1"s "Weekly Idol"!

Following G-Dragon, Winner will be the 2nd artist from YG Entertainment to make their appearance on the show. It was revealed that during the recording of the show, Winner showed their unexpected witty sense of humour and variety show skills which captured the hearts from both the MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn.

This episode is scheduled to be broadcasted this October.

WINNER set to appear on "Weekly Idol"

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Good news for fans of the monster rookie group WINNER as they"ve been announced as upcoming guests on MBC Every1"s "Weekly Idol"!

It has been reported that WINNER chose "Weekly Idol" as their first variety show since their debut to show their hilarious antics that were previously seen on Mnet"s "WIN" and "WINNER TV". This also marks the second YG artist to appear on the program since Big Bang"s G-Dragon showed his bromance with Jung Hyung Don on the show, and it was said that the rookie group impressed MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn with their variety show skills.

The exact airing date has not yet been mentioned, so keep your eyes open for this episode coming your way

TEEN TOP receive kisses as penalties on "Weekly Idol"

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TEEN TOP were horrified by the penalty they received on the October 8th installment of "Weekly Idol".


For the "Random Play Dance" segment, hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn revealed that they would be giving out kisses to the members as penalties for failing. Niel was the first to make a mistake, so he had to choose another TEEN TOP member to kiss.
He apologized as he landed one on L.Joe. Later on, Niel had to suffer through kisses from Jung Hyung Don and Defconn.

Check out what happened below!

VIDEO: MBC “Idol School” airs pre-recorded Ladies’ Code segment on latest episode

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MBC “Idol School” has aired Ladies’ Code’s segment on October 7th previously recorded prior to their fatal accident in early September.

Ladies’ Code participated in two recordings for “Idol School” on August 26th and September 2nd, which also marks the same day of Ladies’ Code’s tragic car accident when the girl group returned from the KBS “Open Concert.”

Ladies’ Code perform the choreography to their track “Kiss Kiss,” with particular attention given to the late EunB and RiSe. The decision to air and include the pre-recorded segment for Ladies’ Code rested on the girls’ families and their agency, not the production company of “Idol School,” who after discussion and careful editing, proceeded

"THE TaeTiSeo" features Soyu, Bora, and Heechul as close idol friends of TaeTiSeo

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SISTAR"s Soyu revealed that Seohyun is not as closed off as she had initially thought while Heechul revealed that his favorite idol vocalist is Taeyeon on the October 7 edition of OnStyle"s "THE TaeTiSeo".

This week"s episode of "THE TaeTiSeo" featured close idol friends of the girls. Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun were seen busily preparing for their guests to arrive with sweet desserts. Seohyun had invited SISTAR"s Soyu, Tiffany invited Bora, and Taeyeon called over Super Junior"s Heechul as her close friend.

While they were chit chatting on the sofa, Bora revealed that she had gotten close with the Girls" Generation members through Sunny whom she had gotten to know through her appearance on KBS2 "Invincible Youth

"Idol School" airs pre-recorded footage + tribute for late Ladies" Code members EunB and RiSe

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On October 7, MBC Music"s "Idol School" aired the episode featuring Ladies" Code before their tragic car accident so that fans could see the bright and smiling faces of late members EunB and RiSe once more. The other groups on the show were Tahiti and B.I.G, and the three groups performed and engaged in fun activities on the show.

Before the show began, the MCs left a thoughtful message, saying, "Through an unexpected and sudden accident, RiSe and EunB had left our sides. We relay our deep condolences to the bereaved families and fans. "Idol School" will forever remember Ladies" Code. We pray that they rest in peace, hoping they are comfortable and without pain wherever they are."

When introducing themselves on the program, RiSe said, "I"m RiSe, who"s in charge of being the grandmother," while EunB stated, "I"m EunB-tamin, EunB," using a play on words to show she could be like a vitamin to others

Ladies" Code appear on broadcast for "Idol School" episode

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After discussing with Ladies" Code"s families, MBC Music airs the "Idol School" episode of Ladies" Code which was recorded on August 26th and September 2nd.

In this episode airs earlier today, we see the five lively girls Ashley, Zuny, Sojung, EunB and RiSe dancing to their single "Kiss Kiss" and actively and cheerfully participated in the challenges.

Without wavering, the girls brought much laughter on the set with their bubbly and witful comments and acts.

It"s bringing back good memories that EunB and RiSe had shown to us so watch the cuts below:

MBC Music to broadcast "Idol School" episode with Ladies" Code

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MBC Music will broadcast the pre-recorded footage of Ladies" Code on "Idol School".

According to the production crew, they will air the episode featuring Ladies" Code on "Idol School" which they previously recorded on August 26th and September 2nd.

A rep from MBC Music also said they weren"t sure whether they should broadcast the episode or not, but after dicussing with the families of the Ladies" Code members, we have decided to go with the broadcast as it"s the will from the families to see the girls" beautiful performance on tv for the last time.

This episode will be broadcasted on October 7th at 6pm kst and later will repeat at 11pm kst.

[POLL] Idol vs. Acting-dol: Female Idols

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Just like we had you do for the male version of this poll, you now need to look at these selected five female idols and decide for yourself whether you prefer their idol or acting-dol side. Again, it"s understandably a hard decision because both halves make a whole and that whole is what you adore so much!

However, there has to be one side you like even a teensy bit more, so make your picks in the polls below!

A Pink"s Eunji
Tiny-G"s Dohee
miss A"s Suzy
Girls" Generation"s YoonA
f(x)"s Krystal
In addition...