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From the Underground to the Mainstream — “I gotta smile … cuz I’m an idol”

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From the Underground to the Mainstream — “I gotta smile … cuz I’m an idol” Written by Laura On September 20, 2014

Even without a deep understanding of hip hop, it’s easy to see that authenticity makes for an important part of it. Rappers may talk about a variety of subjects in their songs but their younger years and the obstacles they’ve had to overcome are often an important theme.

It will likely hurt a rapper’s credibility if it’s discovered that they’ve lied about their personal history, or if people come to think that they’ve strayed too far away from the elusive definition of what ‘being hip hop’ really means.

The second criticism is one that’s often directed at idol rappers, especially those who’ve had their origins in the underground hip hop scene

NU"EST and FIESTAR have a sexy freestyle face-off on "Weekly Idol"

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On the September 17 broadcast of "Weekly Idol", idol groups NU"EST and FIESTAR made a guest appearance and did a freestyle face-off, showing off their sexy and silly moves to the amusement of hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn.

Starting at the 20:30 mark in the video above, FIESTAR"s Yezi starts us off with a popping dance to Kanye West"s "Stronger", only to be unexpectedly joined by Ren who attempts to follow. Other highlights include JR"s flailing dance and his spastic version of AOA"s "Miniskirt", Yezi"s booty popping session, and Ren"s surprisingly accurate cover of Girl"s Day"s "Something".

In the same episode, the two idol groups danced to their own choreography and shared funny impressions.

Check out the hilarious clip above and stay tuned next week, when "Weekly Idol" returns with T-ara as its next guest!

TEEN TOP comment about competing against idol seniors such as Super Junior and 2PM

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At a recent press release event held in Seoul Hapjungdong Lotte Art Center, the members of TEEN TOP commented on competing against their senior groups such as Super Junior and 2PM, who have released their respective albums recently. The boys revealed that just being considered competitors to the idol seniors is a huge "honor."

TEEN TOP stated, "At the beginning of our debut, we had the nickname, "baby beast-dols" because of the 2PM seniors. If we are to be seen as competition for idol seniors like them, we are honored. Even the fact that we are able to perform at the same time as our idol seniors is an honor."

The members of TEEN TOP also pledged that they will show a matured group in terms of music as well as image since all members have reached their early 20s this past year

Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (September 7- September 13)

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Another week has come and gone, but our favorite idols have been keeping things lively on their social media accounts. Here is a run-down of the best idol Instagram posts of the week!

2NE1 Dara shared a childlike photo while in Singapore.

Kahi looks sexy in her surfing outfit.

Kangin shared what he got for Chuseok. Wow! that"s a lot.

ZE:A"s Kevin shared his sweet tooth treats. Are you hungry?

Super Junior"s Kangin shared his selca "V sign" along with Eunhyuk and Donghae. Preparing for their performance?

CNBLUE"s Yonghwa in a Joseon-era outfit and preparing to have a meal. He looks hungry, don"t you think?

f(x)"s Amber showed her dog transformation

Infinite’s L Feels Empathy Towards His Character as Lonely Idol on “My Lovely Girl”

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L, member of male group Infinite, has confessed to feeling empathy towards his character on SBS’ new drama, “My Lovely Girl.”

On September 15, the cast of the upcoming drama gathered to the SBS headquarters in Mokdong for the production conference. Taking part in the event were Park Hyung Gi PD, Rain, Krystal, Cha Ye Ryun, L, Park Yong Gyu, and Haeryung.

L, who has been cast for the role of idol star Shi Woo, revealed, “I appear on the drama as a singer, and the part I can relate the most to is the behind-the-scenes image – the sad and melancholic part that you cannot see,” and added, “Shi Woo is always smiling on the TV, but he also goes through internal struggles, which I can relate to the most,” explaining that idols experience mood swings, ups and downs, and hardships – just like anyone else

Rain: “I Understand the Concerns Over the Idol Cast of ‘My Lovely Girl’”

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Singer/actor Rain has addressed the public’s concerns over the large number of idols cast for SBS’ “My Lovely Girl.”

The star took part on the production conference of the drama on September 15, held at the SBS Mokdong headquarters at 2 PM.

He revealed, “I know there are concerns. However, Krystal will strengthen her position among the 20s actresses through this piece. L and Hyeryung are acting very well, too.”

“I am a singer-turned-actor myself, and if you can’t act, you are naturally met with criticism, but it is also possible to succeed and enjoy the synergy effect of the entertainment industry,” Rain added.

In regards to the atmosphere on set, he said, “Working feels very comfortable

All 6 members of T-ara to appear on "Weekly Idol" for the first time in a while

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T-ara will reportedly be the upcoming guests on MBC Every1"s "Weekly Idol"!

A broadcast rep told Star News on the 13th, "T-ara recently completed filming for cable channel MBC Every1"s variety show "Weekly Idol"."

This will mark their appearance with all 6 members on the show for the first time in about 2 years. Although Jiyeon and Hyomin previously appeared on "Weekly Idol" in May and June, respectively, as solo artists, the last time that T-ara as a whole appeared on the show was back in 2012.

Queen"s should make sure to tune in for this episode on the 24th! Also continue to catch their comeback stages for new title track "Sugar Free" this weekend!

[POLL] Natural vs. Dark: Male Idol Makeup

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While it"s less likely to see male idols primped for a natural and sweet image, it"s not often you see them roaming around the whole day in heavy, dark make up, either. Usually, they opt for casual, light make up, thinly outlining their eyes as just a light touch up to their already good looks. Then, for music promotions, they turn it up by thickly outlining their eyes, even going for the smoky look, while accentuating their jawline and cheekbones with contouring, and sometimes even putting on some lipstick to really get all their facial features standing out.

While some girls can"t help but scream and swoon at the sight of their biases with those intense, darkly lined eyes and stage make up, others prefer the more natural look, sometimes even deeming the former too feminine depending on how it"s done

Youngji talks about what it"s like to be an idol + praises her KARA unnis

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It"s been one month since KARA"s newest maknae Youngji made her debut in the group. Fans have been curious to see if Youngji would be able to fit in with her already-experienced sunbaes to create a new kind of KARA ensemble. On September 12, Newsen interviewed Youngji on her debut experience, and found that Youngji had a lot to say regarding the hard work behind the K-Pop lifestyle and her KARA unnis professionalism.

"It"s only been one month since my debut but I had a lot to do," Youngji told Newsen. "By [performing and promoting] alongside the [KARA] unnis, I definitely could see why they were pros."

On becoming an idol, Youngji shared, "It was difficult to transition from my trainee days to my new lifestyle as a singer, and I didn"t realize I would need to work so hard

[POLL] Natural vs. Dark: Female Idol Makeup

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There appears to be only two big dichotomies when it comes to appearances in K-Pop. Either you have the sweet and innocent image or you have the fierce and sexy image--although idols usually take on both looks at some point in their career.

A lot of female idols look like angels or goddesses with their very natural makeup consisting of a nude or light pink/orange palette. There"s just a tinge of blush flushing the cheeks for a youthful appearance, lightly done eye makeup, and a touch of color on the lips for an overall girly appearance. Yet in other shoots or promotional concepts, things can get edgy as they show a different side to themselves. They sport the smoky and dark eye makeup that thickly lines their eyes for intense gazes. They usually use bold lipstick to further the dramatic appearance and contour their cheeks for a sharper look in general

Happy Birthday to BTS Rap Monster, Winner of the Soompi Idol Rap Battle!

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Congratulations to BTS‘ Rap Monster who has been crowned the winner of our Soompi K-Pop Idol Rap Battle!

The BTS leader went against 31 other idol rappers in five rounds, beating out other top acts like 2NE1‘s CL, GOT7‘s JacksonB.A.P‘s Bang Yong Guk, and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. In the final round he won against B.A.P‘s Zelo with 51.35% of the votes.

Here is what some of our Soompiers had to say about his win:

KarinH: Congratz Namjoon Ah! We A.R.M.Y.s did this for your birthday! I’m proud of you!

hiphoppie: WOAHH so Rap Mon won! But Zelooooo~ His rap is also great! And I’m both an ARMY and BABYZ~ Both are great and I have a hard time to choose which one

"My Lovely Girl" introduces idol group "Infinite Power" feat. Hoya and L

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Aside from the story line of the drama, another thing to watch out for from SBS upcoming drama "My Lovely Girl" is their very own idol group "Infinite Power".

The group is formed as a part of the plot which centers around an entertainment agency AnA. "Infinite Power" or "MHDR (Muhandongryuck) " consists of members Infinite"s Hoya, L, Sungyeol"s younger brother Dae Yeol, and Woollim"s trainee Choi Sung Yoon.

To make it more convincing, SBS officials releases a group photo and concert poster. Are you looking forward to them? "My Lovely Girl" premieres on September 17.

"My Lovely Girl" unveils album jacket and poster for L and Hoya"s idol group "Infinite Power"

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Upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama "My Lovely Girl" introduced INFINITE"s L and Hoya"s idol group in the drama through an album jacket and concert poster!

As you may already know, "My Lovely Girl" centers around entertainment agency AnA which is home to an idol group made up of four members, who go by the name of Rae Hun (Hoya), Shi Woo (L), San Ah (Sungyeol"s younger brother Dae Yeol), and Jun Jun (Woollim Entertainment trainee Choi Sung Yoon).

The four members make up the group called "Infinite Power" or "MHDR" (going by the Korean initials), and they make for quite a convincing team in the faux album jacket photo and concert poster.

"My Lovely Girl" is set to premiere following "It"s Okay, That"s Love" on September 17 at 10 PM KST!

KARA members do the cutie player, cover "Warrior" and "Sherlock," and more on "Weekly Idol"

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The sexy and cute ladies of KARA appeared on the September 10 installment of "Weekly Idol" for a fun time with the ever humorous MCs, Jung Hyung Don and Defconn.

Each member did the "cutie player," starting at 14:45 in the video clip. While all members were undeniably adorable, despite Gyuri"s mental breakdown, in the end, new maknae, Youngji, won over the MCs hearts with her youthful and doe-eyed take on the "cutie player," earning herself some yummy beef.

Youngji also showed that she could dance to B.A.P"s "Warrior" and SHINee"s "Sherlock" to the entertainment of the others, who couldn"t help but laugh at how the manly concept clashed with her slim and feminine figure.

You can check out more in the clip above!

Actors Go Se Won and Yoon Sang Hyun Trained to Be in a 4-Member Idol Group in the Past

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On the September 8 broadcast of JTBC’s Chuseok special pilot variety program “Same Age Friend,” actor Go Se Won revealed that he used to be a trainee to be in an idol group with fellow actor Yoon Sang Hyun back in the day.

During the show, Go Se Won explained, “In the past, I prepared to become a singer in a four-member boy group. At the time, the team leader was actor Yoon Sang Hyun. Also, Choi Won Jun, who is currently promoting in M-tiful, was a part of the four members.”

The actor continued, “Yoon Sang Hyun left by himself to make it on his own. I don’t have dreams of being a singer now. With the practice I had, I set out to become a musical actor.”

Meanwhile, “Same Age Friend” is a talk show hosted by MCs Kim Gu Ra, Moon Hee Jun, Eun Ji Won, and Brian