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‘Non-Summit' Kim Bum Soo On Managing His Younger Brother For 6 Years

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The cable channel JTBC"s talk variety show "Non-Summit" guest Kim Bum Soo shared his thoughts on managing his younger brother for six years. He gave a video letter to his brother, and showed his love for his brother. Kim Bum Soo also added at the end of the episode, "When I go to other programs as a guest, I feel like I always have to do the talk. But here, I was comfortable not talking and just listening," and added that he had learned a lot from the panelists. In related news, the cable channel JTBC"s talk variety show "Non-Summit" airs every Monday night and features a panel discussion of eleven non-Korean men who live in Korea and speak fluent Korean language. Its panelists are from a variety of countries, and include Guillaume Patry, Alberto Mondi, Zhang Yuan, Enes Kaya, Daniel Lindemann, Julian Quintart, Tyler Rasch, Robin Deiana, Sam Okyere, and Takuya Terada

Yang Hyun Suk to Appear on “Healing Camp” after First Appearance Two Years Ago

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YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk will be appearing on talk show “Healing Camp.”

This will be his second appearance on the talk show, as he first guested on the program two years and six months ago.

According to a broadcast insider, this episode of “Healing Camp” will be different from the show’s usual format.

Yang Hyun Suk’s previous appearance on “Healing Camp” was divided into two parts. First part looked at his life and work, while the second part was about his life with his family. The first episode of Yang Hyun Suk’s appearance on “Healing Camp” had a 9.1% rating, which was way over the show’s average rating.

Now, the attention is on what Yang Hyun Suk will be talking about during his upcoming appearance on the talk show

Yang Hyun Suk to guest on "Healing Camp" after 2 years

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YG Entertainment"s CEO Yang Hyun Suk will make a guest appearance on SBS"s "Healing Camp" after 2 years and 6 months.

According to multiple officials on November 16th, Yang Hyun Suk will participate in the recording of "Healing Camp" 19th in the afternoon at Seoul Dongdaemun DDP Center.

His first appeared on "Healing Camp" was in May 2012 when he opened up about Seo Taiji & Boys and his love story with his wife Lee Eun Joo. Upon the news that he will guest on the show again, many people are looking forward to what kinds of story he will share this time since there have been quite a lot of uncertain things happened to his company artists.

This episode is scheduled to broadcast later this month.

[HanCinema"s Film Review] "26 Years"

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Race Starts 2 Press Conference : Running Man Casts Appreciate the Laughter and Support Over the Years

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(Photo : Ain Osman)

Since its" premier on ONE HD 3 years ago, Running Man has achieved a huge number of viewership and has reigned as the No. 1 rated program across all pay TV channels in Singapore and Malaysia during it"s time slot. After the incredibly successful run of the first season in Singapore last year, ONE HD , the home of Running Man in Asia together with the cast of Running Man took the region by storm again which started with Malaysia (Nov 1st), followed by Singapore (Nov 29th) by gathering 5 members from the urban action variety show in Malaysia namely, Kim Jong Kook, HAHA (Ha Dong Hoon), Song Ji Hyo, Ji Suk Jin and Lee Kwang Soo. Prior to the 2 hour fan meeting which was set to be held in Stadium Negara later that night, the casts met with the press at Double Tree Hilton, Kuala Lumpur.

Q1: Can you tell us your feeling about being in Malaysia?

Kim JongKook: It"s my third time being in Malaysia and also first with all Running Man members, I"m very happy for that, whenever I came here I always received a warm welcome, I really appreciate that

[Spoiler] "Secret Door" Lee Je-hoon and Yoon So-hee reunited in 3 years

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Lee Je-hoon and Yoon So-hee met 3 years later in the Gibang.

On the fourteenth episode of the SBS drama "Secret Door", Lee Seon (Lee Je-hoon) reunited with Ji-dam (Yoon So-hee) 3 years later.

Lee Seon told Kim Taek (Kim Chang-wan) that he would make him his political teacher. Lee Seon had made Kim Taek"s grandchild Kim Moo (Lee Won-geun) and other children of the Noron into his henchmen. He even enjoyed the Gibang while ignoring Yeong Jo"s calls.

Chaejegong asked Lee Seon to return to the palace but Lee Seon refused. He said the atmosphere had been disturbed so to call on different Gi girls.

Woon-sim (Park Hyo-joo) told him the new Gi girl wouldn"t serve them but just play an instrument and Kim Moo said, "Why is she so stuck up?"

Ji-dam appeared when the doors opened and Lee Seon was shocked

'Legendary Witch" Han Ji Hye Sentenced To Two Years In Prison

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"Legendary Witch" Han Ji Hye was in pain.

On the MBC weekend drama "Legendary Witch" broadcast on November 2nd, Moon Soo In (played by Han Ji Hye) was dragged to the prosecutor"s office because of fixing stock prices and went through a public trial.

On this day, Moon Soo In signed the contract that her father-in-law had prepared. She realizes that her father-in-law Ma Tae San (played by Park Geun Hyung) had falsely framed her and was extremely disappointed and angered.

In the end, the judge said, "Despite having the social responsibility to contribute to society, the defendant fixed stock prices. Thus, I am sentencing her to two years in prison."

At this, Moon Soo In screamed "That"s a lie. You wanted to frame me from the very beginning

Actress Choi Kang Hee Confirms Return to Small Screen After Two Years with Drama “Heart to Heart”

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Actress Choi Kang Hee is getting ready to make her comeback to the small screen with a new drama after two years.

It has been confirmed that the actress will be starring in the new tvN drama “Heart to Heart,” which will be premiering in January of 2015. It has been almost two years since her last drama, “7th Grade Civil Servant” in 2013.

Choi Kang Hee is set to take on the lead female role of Cha Hong Do, a woman whose face turns uncontrollably red due to facial flushing. Her character’s severe sociophobia keeps her from leaving the house, and the only way for her to go outside is to disguise herself as a grandma. “Heart to Heart” is a medical romantic-comedy drama that takes place in a psychiatric ward, and tells the story of Cha Hong Do and a male psychiatrist that is experiencing trauma due to his older brother’s death

Han Ye Seul talks about making her comeback to drama"s after three years

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Gorgeous actress Han Ye Seul attended the press conference for her first drama in three years, "Birth of a Beauty," on October 30 at the SBS building where she talked about making her comeback! It is possible the instance she is discussing during the press conference was her leaving drama "Spy Myung Wol" during the middle of production in the past, which earned her a lot of criticism.

She said, "I returned with a drama in three years. It has been a long time. It was a time for me to personally think about myself only and to mature. I haven"t lived a long time, but as you live, I think there"s no choice but to have an ordeal come in your life. Whether it"s in the private or public sphere, there are unfavorable factors you can"t avoid, and I think I likewise went through an instance I could not avoid

Han Ye Seul chooses "Running Man" as her first variety show appearance after 7 years

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Actress Han Ye Seul will guest on the upcoming episode of SBS"s "Running Man".

On October 15th, an official broadcaster revealed that the cast of  SBS"s upcoming weekend drama "Birth of a Beauty" includes Han Ye Seul, Joo Sang Wook, Jung Gyu Woon, Wang Ji Hye, Han Sang Jin will participate in the recording of "Running Man" on Octobe 21st.

In particular, this will be Han Ye Seul"s 1st appearance on a variety show since "Knee Drop Guru" in 2007 so many people are very looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, "Birth of a Beauty", which tells the story of a woman named Sara(Han Ye Seul) who has her life changed after undergoing plastic surgery and a diet, will be broadcasted on November 1st.

DramaFever Celebrates Five Years Of Subtitled Korean & International Drama

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(Photo : Angie Mills for Kdramastars)
The DramaFever 5th Anniversary Party was a fantastic time for K-Drama fans.

On Thursday, October 9 online subtitled content provider DramaFever celebrated its five year anniversary. The DramaFever 5th Anniversary Party was held at Toshi’s Living Room, a midtown Manhattan venue which also hosted INFINITE’s MTVK performance in 2013.


K-Drama and international drama fans gathered together for the opportunity to mingle with one another and speak with DramaFever staff. The party featured a live band who performed rousing renditions of K-Drama original soundtrack hits. Attendees also enjoyed the an open bar and appetizers, during the three hour party.

(Photo : Angie Mills for Kdramastars)
Party-goers had the chance to see a preview of "Tomorrow"s Cantabile

First Generation Artists Make Solid Comebacks Amidst One Of The Most Scandalous Years In K-Pop History

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(Photo : Seo Taiji )

Seo Taiji made a solid comeback with "Sogyeokdong" from the "Quiet Night" album.

2014 has been a rather unusal year for Korean pop music. Popular groups like EXO and Girls" Generation have become the subject of repeated scandals, leading many fans to debate whether K-Pop is in the midst of a decline. While Korean entertainment news has been dominated by negative headlines about younger stars, 2014 has been an excellent year for older artists such as Seo Taiji, g.o.d, and Shinhwa"s Eric Mun. 

Seo Taiji, g.o.d, and members of Shinhwa have made comebacks which could be considered more sophisticated than their former concepts or music. The success of these comebacks has started to plant the seed for other first generation artists who were considering a return to K-Pop

Hyosung celebrates her birthday + SECRET marks 5 years since debut

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Hyosung celebrated two milestones today - her birthday and the 5th anniversary of her idol group, SECRET!

"Really thank you so so much♡" she said. "It"s a happy birthday ㅠㅠ I love you all ㅜㅜ thank you everyone♡ I"ll live harder than anyone else and cherish every moment >_w< whatever your reason and from whenever it may be, thank you so much for being with us~ seriously T^T ... because so many friends gave us strength, we can stay happy until now. I"m always sorry for not taking care of each one of you, but I"m always thankful!"

"Congrats SECRET 5th anniversary♡♡♡" Ji Eun posted. "Because you were with us, we were able to be loved for so long and sing and dance^^ thank you so so much and we love you~~"

Hana also posted her lovingly hand-drawn letter

Seo Taiji makes his first variety show appearance in 10 years on KBS “Happy Together 3”

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Original idol Seo Taiji made a guest appearance on KBS2 show “Happy Together 3” on October 9.

The episode started off with a one-on-one interview with MC Yoo Jaesuk and Seo Taiji, discussing various topics such as his controversial songs, family, and rumour-clouded personal affairs. They were then graced with the presence of Seo Taiji’s best friend and singer Kim Jongseo, who came to support his friend.

The full cast of Happy Together then gathered, where the MC’s were given a listen to Seo’s comeback track “Sogyeokdong.”

Initial photos of Seo Taiji being spotted on his way to a variety show filming sparked an overwhelming response from netizens, as this marked his first variety show appearance in 10 years. Not only has it been a while since the last time we’ve seen the legend on a variety program, but his collaboration “Sogyeokdong Project” with IU, which has been achieving all-kills since the release of IU’s version, marks his comeback after 5 years

Seo Taiji spotted filming for a variety show for the first time in 10 years

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Seo Taiji was spotted on his way to film for an episode KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3.”

On October 4th, Seo Taiji, dressed in a fashionable knit sweater and cap, was seen entering the KBS station in Yeouido to begin filming for an episode of “Happy Together 3.”

This episode marks Seo Taiji’s first appearance on a variety show in 10 years, and the reunion of Yoo Jaesuk and Seo Taiji for the first time since 1993. The production team previously announced that Seo Taiji will hold a one-on-one discussion with Yoo Jaesuk before the rest of the hosts join them on the show.

In other news, Seo Taiji recently released a collaboration track with IU called “Sogyeokdong” which received favorable responses even though it has also been met with plagiarism suspicions