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Talented trio 8eight make their first comeback in 3 years with "Let"s Not Go Crazy"

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Big Hit Entertainment"s talented co-ed trio 8eight, comprised of Lee Hyun, Joo Hee, and Baek Chan, are finally back for their first official release as a whole in 3 years!

Although they participated in some projects and OSTs more recently, this is the trio"s first official release in a long time. They sing "Let"s Not Go Crazy", which is actually a song that Baek Chan and producer Bang Shi Hyuk wrote together back 5 years ago. It was actually a contender for being chosen as a title track alongside "Without a Heart", their huge hit back in 2009, but it was unfortunately pushed to the side.

Now we finally get to hear it and the amazing harmony of the three singers who sing about a painful breakup

Lee Je Hoon Comments on Working with Actresses 8-15 Years Younger Than Him

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On September 18, SBS held a press conference for its upcoming drama, “Secret Door.”

With regards to working with younger actresses, Lee Je Hoon commented, “There was a 10 year gap with Suzy in ‘Architecture 101.’ There’s also a large age gap with Park Eun Bin with this drama, but there’s even a larger gap with Kim Yoo Jung.”

Kim Yoo Jung was born in 1999 and Park Eun Bin in 1992. With Kim Je Hoon, who was born in 1984, Kim Yoo Jung has a gap of 15 years while Park Eun Bin has a gap of 8 years. Suzy, who had been born in 1994, had a gap of 10 years when they were filming the movie together.

Lee Je Hoon complimented the younger actresses, “Kim Yoo Jung has intelligent, bright eyes that match well with her character as young detective Seo Ji Dam

Paradise Award Committee to honor Sean and Jung Hye Young for their years of charitable work

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The Paradise Award Committee has recently announced that it plans to award the happily married couple Sean and Jung Hye Young on their years of charitable work in an upcoming ceremony.

The couple is certainly deserving of such an award, as Sean and Jung Hye Young together have participated in more than 1000 hours of volunteer work over the past 10 years. They"ve also donated billions of won (millions of dollars) to support children with incurable diseases.

Furthermore, they are honorary ambassadors to Holt Children"s Services Inc., an international adoption service that aids orphaned children across the world. They are also honorary ambassadors for the Purme Foundation, which is currently working on building a rehabilitation hospital for children

Seo Woo in Her First Fashion Spread in Four Years, Shows Determination as an Actor

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Actress Seo Woo appeared in her first fashion photo shoot in four years and showed great determination in her acting during the interview.

In the photo shoot with Bnt International, Seo Woo showed various sides to her, ranging from femme fatale to cute.

During the interview conducted along with the fashion spread, Seo Woo opened up about her career as an actor.

On portraying villains, she said that although it is challenging to play these characters, if she is compelled by the work, she would take on that role.

When asked about an actor she would like to work with, she chose Moon Sori, adding that she is a charming actress. She also picked Choi Min Sik as an actor she really wants to work with.

She showed strong intent as an actor, admitting that she still has more to show the audience

Actor Gong Yoo to Star in a Music Video for the First Time in 13 Years

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It has been revealed that actor Gong Yoo will be starring in a music video for the first time in 13 years. The music video is for singer Kim Dong Ryul’s upcoming comeback in early-October with a brand new full-length album.

On September 14, a music industry rep shared that Gong Yoo wrapped up shooting the music video for the title song of Kim Dong Ryul’s new album at the end of August. Since the actor’s debut in 2001, he has received countless ‘love calls’ to be featured in music videos but was always hesitant to accept. However, it is being reported that Gong Yoo gladly made the decision to appear in this particular music video, as he has always been a big fan of the singer.

It has been about 13 years since Gong Yoo last participated in a music video for a project album with actors Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Yo Won, during the same year as his debut

Super Junior"s Kibum tweets for the first time in two years

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Super Junior"s Kibum has stayed away from any sort of social media for a while, but it seems he may finally be back!
Fans had gotten glimpses of Kibum here and there, occasionally through Heechul"s SNS, through his dramas, and other events. But it seems like Kibum might be making a regular return back to his Twitter!

He tweeted,

guess who"s back

— 김기범 (@ikmubmik) September 6, 2014
It"s the first time in 2 years since he"s tweeted anything, and it seems like his tweet is telling fans he is back on the SNS!
If you don"t follow him yet, you can do so here.

GLAM’s Dahee Could Potentially Be Facing Five or More Years in Prison for Blackmailing Lee Byung Hun

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GLAM member Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon could potentially be facing five or more years in prison for blackmail.

(See: GLAM’s Dahee Revealed to be One of Lee Byung Hun’s Blackmailers)

The two are currently under arrest, on the grounds of the seriousness of the crime, as well as the determined necessity of detainment, as Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon had bought plane tickets to leave the country.

Following the arrests, Lee Byung Hun’s agency BH Entertainment said in a press release, “This crime was undoubtedly premeditated, considering that they [Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon] had bought plane tickets in advance to Europe for the purpose of escape.” The agency continued, “Their actions, blackmailing for an amount of five billion KRW (approx

Attorney on "One Night of TV Entertainment" brings up the possibility of over five years in prison for GLAM"s Dahee

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The September 3 edition of SBS"s "One Night of TV Entertainment" tackled the controversial topic of attempted blackmailing by GLAM"s Dahee with Hallyu actor Lee Byung Hun as her intended target.

The show wondered what disciplinary action might occur as a result of this attempted crime, and went to Attorney Im Bang Geul, who stated that most blackmailing cases resulted in a prison sentence of less than ten years as well as a fine of less than 20 million KRW (~ $20,000 USD).

However, she continued that because the demanded amount of 5 billion KRW (~ $5 million USD) from the blackmailers Dahee and "B" was quite large, there is the possibility that the prison sentence in this case may be more than 5 years

Kim Hyun Joong Reports To The Police, Could Face Years In Prison

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Kim Hyun Joong reported to the Songpa Police Station on Sept. 2nd to answer charges that he assaulted his girlfriend.

The girlfriend, known only as "A" filed charges against him on Aug. 22. He was asked to report to the police station by the end of August but he was on a worldwide tour. As the singer had a concert scheduled in China, the visit was postponed until early September.

A crowd of reporters was present when the singer and actor showed up at the Songpa Police Station. Kim Hyun Joong"s lawyer and manager accompanied him and escorted him inside without stopping to answer any questions.

His testimony to the police no doubt refuted the charges against him. "A" claimed that the couple dated for two years

24 years after debut, Yoon holds tour

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Singer-producer Yoon Jong-sin, 45, will launch his first national tour on Saturday, 24 years after debuting in 1990, according to local media reports. The tour will kick off in Incheon and will last until early next year, with the singer making stops in Suwon, Gwacheon, Daejeon and Goyang, among others. Yoon"s agency, Mystic89, said that the show will encompass the singer"s entire music career, including his earliest years guest performing for 015B, a Korean dance music group formed in 1989.The line of concerts will run simultaneously with Yoon"s gig as a main judge on the sixth season of "Superstar K", a survival audition program on cable channel Mnet. The first episode of the weekly program aired on Aug. 22. By Lee Sung-eun

[Throwback Thursday] Happy Anniversary, U-KISS! Fans Look Back on the Past Six Years + #SoompiAS4U Finalists!

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U-KISS Current Members: 7 (Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, AJ [inactive], Hoon, Kevin, Jun) Former Members: Alexander, Kibum, Dongho Leader: Soohyun | Maknae: Jun Year of Debut: 2008 Fanclub: KISSMe Official Soompi Thread

Six years ago, they were the “new kids on the block,” hot off the trails of a Korean mini-album release and a Japanese debut. Now, they are one of the veterans of K-Pop and international darlings to fans all over the world.

The original U-KISS, which stands for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star, was made up of six members: Kevin, Eli, Soohyun, Dongho, Kibum, and Alexander, with member Kiseop joining a year later in 2009. Together, the seven launched K-Pop classics such as “Man Man Ha Ni” and “Bingeul Bingeul

Kang Dong Won Reveals He Has Maintained the Same Weight for 12 Years

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Actor Kang Dong Won has made his anticipated return to the big screen with two major pieces, “Kundo: Age of the Rampant” and “My Brilliant Life,” rewarding his fans for the long wait of four years.

Even in the midst of his hectic filming schedule, the star has put great effort into his caring for his figure. Known for his slim body, Kang Dong Won revealed he went through a rough period of gaining and losing weight for his two movies.

“Before we started filming ["My Brilliant Life"], I gained ten kilograms (22 pounds). For my character in ‘Kundo,’ I got down to 64 kilograms (141 pounds), but right after wrapping it up, I put on a lot of weight and weighed 74 kilograms (163). I was on my heaviest since filming the movie ‘M,’ when I also weighed that much

TOUCH make their first domestic comeback in 2 years with remake of their debut song "Me"

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Male idol group TOUCH are making their domestic return after 2 years!

They once again seem to have gone through another member change, this time adding in maknae Sangwook. The new release from this boy group, who made their debut in 2010, is actually the remake of their debut song "Me", which was originally composed by Brave Brothers.

The members revealed that they tried to rearrange the song to make it feel more on trend with 2014.

A video has been released to go along with the song, so check out the new version of their song "Me" above as you welcome them back!

Younha Appointed Ambassador for UN’s “International Day of Peace” for Two Years Running

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Singer Younha has been appointed as goodwill ambassador for UN’s “International Day of Peace” for the second year running.

This coming August 23, Younha will be attending the UN ceremony and drawing nationwide interest in the “International Day of Peace,” as a way of bringing people closer to achieving world peace.

The “UN International Day of Peace” lands on September 21 of every year. It is known as a day that commemorates putting a halt to wars and violence around the world, and to bring the country and its citizens forward to take action for peace.

Younha expressed that it is an honor for her to be able to take part in such meaningful work as an ambassador for the important day. She said that she will try her best to spread the message of peace to many people

Big Bang celebrates 8 years since debut

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Boy group Big Bang celebrated eight years of being together yesterday, releasing a photo of all five members on its agency"s official website. "Only eight years, still a long way to go", said G-Dragon. Other members also made comments to thank fans who have stayed by their sides throughout the years.The group, which debuted in 2006, has become one of the popular idol stars representing the K-pop scene. Its music video "Fantastic Baby" received more than 100 million views on YouTube. The members said that they will do their best to release another album this year. The members announced the news over the weekend at a concert at Jamsil Sports Complex in southern Seoul. BY LEE SUN-MIN [[email protected] ]