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[Throwback Thursday] Happy Anniversary, U-KISS! Fans Look Back on the Past Six Years + #SoompiAS4U Finalists!

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U-KISS Current Members: 7 (Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, AJ [inactive], Hoon, Kevin, Jun) Former Members: Alexander, Kibum, Dongho Leader: Soohyun | Maknae: Jun Year of Debut: 2008 Fanclub: KISSMe Official Soompi Thread

Six years ago, they were the “new kids on the block,” hot off the trails of a Korean mini-album release and a Japanese debut. Now, they are one of the veterans of K-Pop and international darlings to fans all over the world.

The original U-KISS, which stands for Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star, was made up of six members: Kevin, Eli, Soohyun, Dongho, Kibum, and Alexander, with member Kiseop joining a year later in 2009. Together, the seven launched K-Pop classics such as “Man Man Ha Ni” and “Bingeul Bingeul

Kang Dong Won Reveals He Has Maintained the Same Weight for 12 Years

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Actor Kang Dong Won has made his anticipated return to the big screen with two major pieces, “Kundo: Age of the Rampant” and “My Brilliant Life,” rewarding his fans for the long wait of four years.

Even in the midst of his hectic filming schedule, the star has put great effort into his caring for his figure. Known for his slim body, Kang Dong Won revealed he went through a rough period of gaining and losing weight for his two movies.

“Before we started filming ["My Brilliant Life"], I gained ten kilograms (22 pounds). For my character in ‘Kundo,’ I got down to 64 kilograms (141 pounds), but right after wrapping it up, I put on a lot of weight and weighed 74 kilograms (163). I was on my heaviest since filming the movie ‘M,’ when I also weighed that much

TOUCH make their first domestic comeback in 2 years with remake of their debut song "Me"

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Male idol group TOUCH are making their domestic return after 2 years!

They once again seem to have gone through another member change, this time adding in maknae Sangwook. The new release from this boy group, who made their debut in 2010, is actually the remake of their debut song "Me", which was originally composed by Brave Brothers.

The members revealed that they tried to rearrange the song to make it feel more on trend with 2014.

A video has been released to go along with the song, so check out the new version of their song "Me" above as you welcome them back!

Younha Appointed Ambassador for UN’s “International Day of Peace” for Two Years Running

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Singer Younha has been appointed as goodwill ambassador for UN’s “International Day of Peace” for the second year running.

This coming August 23, Younha will be attending the UN ceremony and drawing nationwide interest in the “International Day of Peace,” as a way of bringing people closer to achieving world peace.

The “UN International Day of Peace” lands on September 21 of every year. It is known as a day that commemorates putting a halt to wars and violence around the world, and to bring the country and its citizens forward to take action for peace.

Younha expressed that it is an honor for her to be able to take part in such meaningful work as an ambassador for the important day. She said that she will try her best to spread the message of peace to many people

Big Bang celebrates 8 years since debut

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Boy group Big Bang celebrated eight years of being together yesterday, releasing a photo of all five members on its agency"s official website. "Only eight years, still a long way to go", said G-Dragon. Other members also made comments to thank fans who have stayed by their sides throughout the years.The group, which debuted in 2006, has become one of the popular idol stars representing the K-pop scene. Its music video "Fantastic Baby" received more than 100 million views on YouTube. The members said that they will do their best to release another album this year. The members announced the news over the weekend at a concert at Jamsil Sports Complex in southern Seoul. BY LEE SUN-MIN [[email protected] ]

Girl2school returns after 3 Years with “Hands in the Air”

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After a long three years since their last release, “Poison”, fans of Girl2school have eagerly been awaiting their next comeback. With the promise of new members and an upbeat song from their teaser, Girl2school was expected to make a comeback splash onto the kpop scene.

But netizens noticed something strange about this 2 minute music video from Girl2school’s official YouTube account. They asked, “Where is the full version?” and “Is this another teaser?”

The video started with an intro about one of the members practicing dance and meeting up with the rest of the members at a skate park. Sounds fairly straightforward until you realize the song doesn’t start playing until a minute and a half in, leaving viewers confused as to why this would be called the “story version”

VIXX reveals how they want to be remembered in 20 or 30 years

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Koreaboo and VIXX sat down for a heart-to-heart talk about their return to KCON, acting careers, and their solo concert. We asked about how they want to be remembered, and VIXX answered.

Q: In 20 or 30 years, when your juniors and fans think about VIXX, what kind of group would you like to remain as?

A: In simple terms, we would like people to think, “VIXX was a legend”. And also, we would like to be a group that was a trend for that era. We would like people to think that we were a group that led the trend during that era, after 20 years.

VIXX has already showed that they are the “trend”, receiving 1st place for their most recent comeback with “Eternity" and has been releasing OST songs and collaboration songs with highly acclaimed senior singers, like Lyn

JYJ’s Yoochun Reflects on the Years After the Split of TVXQ

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JYJ‘s Yoochun recently sat down for an interview with media outlet StarIn during promotions for his movie “Sea Fog.” During the interview, he was asked to discuss his thoughts concerning his former group, TVXQ.

When asked how he assess his activities after leaving his former group, Yoochun said: “I was happy. But as more time passed, a thought occurred to me- what was it all for? We chose our different paths for our each of our own lives, and I have no feeling of hatred left at all. I sincerely wish for everyone to be happy.”

Yoochun even expressed encouragement for TVXQ’s Yunho and his appearance in MBC’s ongoing Monday-Tuesday drama, “The Night Watchman,” saying, “I’m anticipating Yunho’s drama

Lee Ji Ah Reveals that She Hid Her Marriage with Seo Taiji from Her Parents for Seven Years

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On the latest episode of SBS talk show “Healing Camp,” actress Lee Ji Ah finally opened up about her former marriage to star Seo Taiji.

She shocked the viewers by revealing that she cut off all contact with her family for years while she was married to Seo Taiji. She said, “I contacted my parents after seven years. It took me seven years to see them. That was the situation back then. I chose to live an abnormal life because that’s what that person [Seo Taiji] wanted. I thought that was part of protecting our love.”

In 2011, Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji’s former secret marriage was brought forth into spotlight due to the proceeding divorce settlements.

Lee Ji Ah also spoke of the day that the news broke out

JYJ to hold first fan signing event in 3 years to celebrate release of "Just Us"

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JYJ will be greeting their fans through a signing event to celebrate the release of their long-awaited second studio album, "Just Us"!

On August 8, C-JeS Entertainment revealed that the members will be holding this event on August 11 at the IFC Mall"s North Atrium in Yeoido, Seoul. It has been three years since all three of them took part in a signing event together!

An explosion of fans at the North Atrium is expected at the event, considering each member had a lot of fans come in for even solo fan signing events!

Meanwhile, JYJ will also be performing on August 9 at the Jamsil Stadium in front of 40,000 fans for their 2014 Asia tour, "The Return of the King

Buzz returns with pre-release track “The First Summer in 8 Years”

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After a long hiatus, band Buzz is finally set to make their return and has pre-released the appropriately titled track “The First Summer in 8 Years”!

Amongst the older groups making their return this year, eight years since their last release, Buzz has finally re-united, exciting fans with the news of their impending return.

Similar to the comeback teaser image and music video teaser that were released, their summer song is an upbeat and playful rock anthem, with the music video bright and vivid, showing the excitement of summer activities.

Buzz made their debut in 2003 and have been inactive since their 3rd album in 2006, with many of their members unfortunately leaving for their mandatory military service. Years since their last release, Buzz is finally getting ready for a new album!

After listening to their summer song, are you anticipating Buzz’s return?

Source: CJENM Music

Buzz get into the spirit of summer with "The First Summer in 8 Years" MV

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Buzz are beginning their long-awaited comeback with a pre-release song "The First Summer in 8 Years"!

Like its title, the video for the song depicts individuals having fun during the summer and participating in fun outdoor activities.

It"s said that international video production team 37th degree produced the video and various video directors collaborated through social networks to bring this work to life.


Take a look above as you await Buzz"s full comeback with their album!

Buzz Is Back in “The First Summer in 8 Years”

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Rock group Buzz has made their comeback with the release of their music video for “The First Summer in 8 Years” through the official CJ E&M YouTube channel.

Buzz debuted in 2003 and was one of the original “Flower boy bands.” After going through some member changes and a long hiatus, Buzz has made a comeback after eight years with the suiting title “The First Summer in 8 Years.” The upbeat rock song celebrates life and appreciating the little things in life.

The music video was shot in five different cities, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Camoli and shows a diverse group of central characters who are enjoying their summer lives to the fullest.

Buzz return with MV for "The First Summer in 8 Years"

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Just like what the title of their song says, Buzz return with "The First Summer in 8 Years".

The music video features some summery clips taken from various countries like LA in California, Thailand, Italy, London, and more. Summer activities by foreigners are collected to produce a lively rock song.

Check it out below:

Jung So Min, Lee Yoo Bi, Min Hyo Rin, and Jung Joo Yeon Cast in “Twenty”

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The ladies of the upcoming film “Twenty” have been confirmed!

Four young actresses Jung So Min, Lee Yoo Bi, Min Hyo Rin, and Jung Joo Yeon were cast for the upcoming comedy film “Twenty.”

Directed by rising director Lee Byung Hun, “Twenty” is a movie about three 20-year-old best friends and their navigation through life. In the leading male roles, it stars Kim Woo Bin, Junho of 2PM, and Kang Ha Neul.

Jung So Min will portray the on-and-off girlfriend of Kim Woo Bin’s character Chiho, while Lee Yoo Bi will play the love interest of Junho’s character.

Min Hyo Rin will play a mysterious character similar to her role in “Sunny,” while Jung Joo Yeon will play the love interest of womanizer Chiho