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Han Ye Seul chooses "Running Man" as her first variety show appearance after 7 years

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Actress Han Ye Seul will guest on the upcoming episode of SBS"s "Running Man".

On October 15th, an official broadcaster revealed that the cast of  SBS"s upcoming weekend drama "Birth of a Beauty" includes Han Ye Seul, Joo Sang Wook, Jung Gyu Woon, Wang Ji Hye, Han Sang Jin will participate in the recording of "Running Man" on Octobe 21st.

In particular, this will be Han Ye Seul"s 1st appearance on a variety show since "Knee Drop Guru" in 2007 so many people are very looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, "Birth of a Beauty", which tells the story of a woman named Sara(Han Ye Seul) who has her life changed after undergoing plastic surgery and a diet, will be broadcasted on November 1st.

DramaFever Celebrates Five Years Of Subtitled Korean & International Drama

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(Photo : Angie Mills for Kdramastars)
The DramaFever 5th Anniversary Party was a fantastic time for K-Drama fans.

On Thursday, October 9 online subtitled content provider DramaFever celebrated its five year anniversary. The DramaFever 5th Anniversary Party was held at Toshi’s Living Room, a midtown Manhattan venue which also hosted INFINITE’s MTVK performance in 2013.


K-Drama and international drama fans gathered together for the opportunity to mingle with one another and speak with DramaFever staff. The party featured a live band who performed rousing renditions of K-Drama original soundtrack hits. Attendees also enjoyed the an open bar and appetizers, during the three hour party.

(Photo : Angie Mills for Kdramastars)
Party-goers had the chance to see a preview of "Tomorrow"s Cantabile

First Generation Artists Make Solid Comebacks Amidst One Of The Most Scandalous Years In K-Pop History

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(Photo : Seo Taiji )

Seo Taiji made a solid comeback with "Sogyeokdong" from the "Quiet Night" album.

2014 has been a rather unusal year for Korean pop music. Popular groups like EXO and Girls" Generation have become the subject of repeated scandals, leading many fans to debate whether K-Pop is in the midst of a decline. While Korean entertainment news has been dominated by negative headlines about younger stars, 2014 has been an excellent year for older artists such as Seo Taiji, g.o.d, and Shinhwa"s Eric Mun. 

Seo Taiji, g.o.d, and members of Shinhwa have made comebacks which could be considered more sophisticated than their former concepts or music. The success of these comebacks has started to plant the seed for other first generation artists who were considering a return to K-Pop

Hyosung celebrates her birthday + SECRET marks 5 years since debut

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Hyosung celebrated two milestones today - her birthday and the 5th anniversary of her idol group, SECRET!

"Really thank you so so much♡" she said. "It"s a happy birthday ㅠㅠ I love you all ㅜㅜ thank you everyone♡ I"ll live harder than anyone else and cherish every moment >_w< whatever your reason and from whenever it may be, thank you so much for being with us~ seriously T^T ... because so many friends gave us strength, we can stay happy until now. I"m always sorry for not taking care of each one of you, but I"m always thankful!"

"Congrats SECRET 5th anniversary♡♡♡" Ji Eun posted. "Because you were with us, we were able to be loved for so long and sing and dance^^ thank you so so much and we love you~~"

Hana also posted her lovingly hand-drawn letter

Seo Taiji makes his first variety show appearance in 10 years on KBS “Happy Together 3”

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Original idol Seo Taiji made a guest appearance on KBS2 show “Happy Together 3” on October 9.

The episode started off with a one-on-one interview with MC Yoo Jaesuk and Seo Taiji, discussing various topics such as his controversial songs, family, and rumour-clouded personal affairs. They were then graced with the presence of Seo Taiji’s best friend and singer Kim Jongseo, who came to support his friend.

The full cast of Happy Together then gathered, where the MC’s were given a listen to Seo’s comeback track “Sogyeokdong.”

Initial photos of Seo Taiji being spotted on his way to a variety show filming sparked an overwhelming response from netizens, as this marked his first variety show appearance in 10 years. Not only has it been a while since the last time we’ve seen the legend on a variety program, but his collaboration “Sogyeokdong Project” with IU, which has been achieving all-kills since the release of IU’s version, marks his comeback after 5 years

Seo Taiji spotted filming for a variety show for the first time in 10 years

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Seo Taiji was spotted on his way to film for an episode KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3.”

On October 4th, Seo Taiji, dressed in a fashionable knit sweater and cap, was seen entering the KBS station in Yeouido to begin filming for an episode of “Happy Together 3.”

This episode marks Seo Taiji’s first appearance on a variety show in 10 years, and the reunion of Yoo Jaesuk and Seo Taiji for the first time since 1993. The production team previously announced that Seo Taiji will hold a one-on-one discussion with Yoo Jaesuk before the rest of the hosts join them on the show.

In other news, Seo Taiji recently released a collaboration track with IU called “Sogyeokdong” which received favorable responses even though it has also been met with plagiarism suspicions

Lee Won Jong thinks Lee Hyori looks kinder after being a vegetarian for 5 years?

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On the October 7 broadcast of SBS"s "Magic Eye", actor Lee Won Jong shared his theory that one"s diet changed one"s aura, particularly the look in their eyes.

Since he is famous for the wild look that his eyes give off in his past productions, the hosts asked if it was true that his strong look came from eating fresh meat like the rumors suggested. Lee Won Jong started by sharing that he was indeed addicted to eating fresh meat. When explaining where this addiction came from, he stated, "20 years ago, I was in a restaurant when as soon as I saw this male stranger, I felt my heart stop."

He continued, "His look was that of a wild tiger. That was the first time I became intimidated by a man"s stare

Hyunbin to make a drama comeback after 4 years with “Hyde, Jekyll, and I”!

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The dearly missed actor, Hyunbin, will finally be making a drama comeback after 4 years since his last drama, SBS “Secret Garden”!

Many fans have been anticipating this moment for a very long time and it has finally happened—Hyunbin will be making a comeback in a drama with upcoming SBS “Hyde, Jekyll, and I.”

Although the actor had already starred in a movie, “The Fatal Encounter” earlier this year following his discharge from his 2-year mandatory military service, “Hyde, Jekyll, and I” will be the actor’s first drama since the discharge and his previous drama, “Secret Garden”.

"Hyde, Jekyll, and I" will be a 20 episode mini-series which will be based off of a famous 2011 Korean webtoon titled, "Professor Jekyll is Hyde"

Actresses Park Shin Hye and Lee Eun Sung Have Been Friends For 10 Years

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Actress Park Shin Hye and actress Lee Eun Sung"s photos went viral last week, which showed their friendship of over ten years. Both actress Park Shin Hye and actress Lee Eun Sung looked the same as now, and they were making cute poses together. Park Shin Hye also visited actress Lee Eun Sung at a postpartum care center soon after actress Lee Eun Sung gave a birth to a baby girl. Actress Park Shin Hye and singer Kim Jong Suh visited actress Lee Eun Sung and her husband and singer Suh Tae Ji at a postpartum care center last week. Actress Park Shin Hye has been known as a best friend of actress Lee Eun Sung, and singer Kim Jong Suh is best friends with singer Suh Tae Ji. They were spotted walking into the bakery together to buy pastries for the Suh Tae Ji and Lee Eun Sung couple. According to the news, actress Park Shin Hye and actress Lee Eun Sung have been friends since they started working as child actresses

V.O.S to hold exclusive concert "2014 V.O.S Concert - After 4 years"

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According to their agency, Star Empire Entertainment, talented vocal group V.O.S will be holding an exclusive concert, "2014 V.O.S Concert - After 4 years," from October 31st to November 2nd after a 4-year hiatus.

With their sweet yet powerful vocals, they will be performing hit songs such as "Look Me In The Eyes and Say," "Beautiful Life," "I"m In Trouble," as well as their covers that they performed while appearing on the show, KBS 2TV"s "Immortal Song."

As a special guest, V.O.S will be inviting their fellow Star Empire Entertainment rookie vocalists considered the "Second Generation V.O.S," SoReal"s Joo Dae Gun and Sungho

Talented trio 8eight make their first comeback in 3 years with "Let"s Not Go Crazy"

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Big Hit Entertainment"s talented co-ed trio 8eight, comprised of Lee Hyun, Joo Hee, and Baek Chan, are finally back for their first official release as a whole in 3 years!

Although they participated in some projects and OSTs more recently, this is the trio"s first official release in a long time. They sing "Let"s Not Go Crazy", which is actually a song that Baek Chan and producer Bang Shi Hyuk wrote together back 5 years ago. It was actually a contender for being chosen as a title track alongside "Without a Heart", their huge hit back in 2009, but it was unfortunately pushed to the side.

Now we finally get to hear it and the amazing harmony of the three singers who sing about a painful breakup

Lee Je Hoon Comments on Working with Actresses 8-15 Years Younger Than Him

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On September 18, SBS held a press conference for its upcoming drama, “Secret Door.”

With regards to working with younger actresses, Lee Je Hoon commented, “There was a 10 year gap with Suzy in ‘Architecture 101.’ There’s also a large age gap with Park Eun Bin with this drama, but there’s even a larger gap with Kim Yoo Jung.”

Kim Yoo Jung was born in 1999 and Park Eun Bin in 1992. With Kim Je Hoon, who was born in 1984, Kim Yoo Jung has a gap of 15 years while Park Eun Bin has a gap of 8 years. Suzy, who had been born in 1994, had a gap of 10 years when they were filming the movie together.

Lee Je Hoon complimented the younger actresses, “Kim Yoo Jung has intelligent, bright eyes that match well with her character as young detective Seo Ji Dam

Paradise Award Committee to honor Sean and Jung Hye Young for their years of charitable work

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The Paradise Award Committee has recently announced that it plans to award the happily married couple Sean and Jung Hye Young on their years of charitable work in an upcoming ceremony.

The couple is certainly deserving of such an award, as Sean and Jung Hye Young together have participated in more than 1000 hours of volunteer work over the past 10 years. They"ve also donated billions of won (millions of dollars) to support children with incurable diseases.

Furthermore, they are honorary ambassadors to Holt Children"s Services Inc., an international adoption service that aids orphaned children across the world. They are also honorary ambassadors for the Purme Foundation, which is currently working on building a rehabilitation hospital for children

Seo Woo in Her First Fashion Spread in Four Years, Shows Determination as an Actor

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Actress Seo Woo appeared in her first fashion photo shoot in four years and showed great determination in her acting during the interview.

In the photo shoot with Bnt International, Seo Woo showed various sides to her, ranging from femme fatale to cute.

During the interview conducted along with the fashion spread, Seo Woo opened up about her career as an actor.

On portraying villains, she said that although it is challenging to play these characters, if she is compelled by the work, she would take on that role.

When asked about an actor she would like to work with, she chose Moon Sori, adding that she is a charming actress. She also picked Choi Min Sik as an actor she really wants to work with.

She showed strong intent as an actor, admitting that she still has more to show the audience

Actor Gong Yoo to Star in a Music Video for the First Time in 13 Years

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It has been revealed that actor Gong Yoo will be starring in a music video for the first time in 13 years. The music video is for singer Kim Dong Ryul’s upcoming comeback in early-October with a brand new full-length album.

On September 14, a music industry rep shared that Gong Yoo wrapped up shooting the music video for the title song of Kim Dong Ryul’s new album at the end of August. Since the actor’s debut in 2001, he has received countless ‘love calls’ to be featured in music videos but was always hesitant to accept. However, it is being reported that Gong Yoo gladly made the decision to appear in this particular music video, as he has always been a big fan of the singer.

It has been about 13 years since Gong Yoo last participated in a music video for a project album with actors Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Yo Won, during the same year as his debut