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EXO ‘Overdose’ Album Release Postponed to Later Time

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With the ongoing tragedy of the sunken passenger ship, SEWOL, EXO’s anticipated album Overdose will be released at a later time.

On April 18, SM Entertainment announced through EXO’s homepage, explaining that everyone at SM Entertainment is currently grieving over the recent tragedy of SEWOL, the passenger ship that sunk on April 16. Due to the incident, EXO’s new mini album, Overdose will not be released on April 21 as previously announced.

“This decision was made with mourning for the victims and the hope that all missing people will return safely, so we ask for understanding from all the fans waiting for the album,” said the notice.

SM Entertainment wrote that the new release date of the album will be announced in the near future.

Meanwhile, there have been 28 casualties with 268 people still missing from the sunken ship

Juniel's 'The Day After' tops real-time music charts!

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Juniel"s collaboration track with Brave Brothers, "The Day After", has topped real-time music charts!

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"The Day After" the track was released on April 17, it took the #1 spot on the real-time charts of Bugs and Soribada. It"s currently ranking high on the Melon, Mnet, Daum Music, Naver Music, and Olleh Music real-time charts as well.

Juniel is the fifth artist to take part in Brave Brothers" 10th anniversary project series following Lim Chang Jung, 4minute, After School, and Electroboyz. It"s a song that anyone who"s experienced a break up will be able to relate to as it describes the memories from the day after drunk dialing an ex.

Check it out below if you missed it!

Lee Hyori and Moon So Ri meet for the first time for their upcoming talk show 'Magic Eye'

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Lee Hyori and Moon So Ri had better chemistry than most couples as MCs for their upcoming SBS variety show "Magic Eye"!

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Lee Hyori tweeted on April 12, "First meeting with So Ri unni who I am still a little awkward with~ I hope we become good friends~^^," and "The two of us at a flower garden~. Sori Hyori." Their rhyming names is hopefully another sign that they"ll get along great as hosts!

"Magic Eye", a new kind of women"s talk show, will hold its first filming on the 17th with the recent addition of MC Kim Gu Ra to give the male point of view!

Sung Si Kyung says 90% of the time he's disappointed when he notices a woman who's pretty from the back

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Sung Si Kyung brought up women who are beautiful from the back on the April 11 installment of JTBC"s "Witch Hunt".

He said, "I often jog by the Han River and while I"m jogging, there are times I see a woman in front of me who looks lovely from the back and get curious about how she looks from the front. However, when I do see her face, I"m disappointed 90% of the time."

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Heo Ji Woong asked, "Do you look back at them?" Sung Si Kyung explained, "I look from the corner of my eyes."

Shin Dong Yup added, "That"s why his eyes are always bloodshot," making everybody laugh.

Lyn Appears on Chinese Variety Show for the First Time

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Lyn has been fairly busy in recent times. She has appeared on various variety shows such as “Radio Star” and “Immortal Song 2.” Now she is expanding her activities overseas, appearing on a Chinese variety show for the first time.

On April 10, Lyn appeared at a recording at the Chinese channel “Zhejiang TV” for their show “I Love to Remember the Lyrics” as a Korean representative. The show first started airing 2007 and since that time, it has been a popular music show featuring various famous guests. Korean guests have also frequented the show in past years, with actor Jang Geun Seuk and Miss A appearing on the show during the last couple years.

Lyn has seen her popularity surge in recent months thanks to the success of the SBS drama “Man from the Stars,” for which she provided the popular OST song “My Destiny

Junhyung admits for the first time that he has a variation of color blindness

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On the April 10 installment of MBC Everyone"s "Showtime - Burning the B2ST", Junhyung admitted for the first time that he had color weakness, which is a variation of color blindness in that colors appear less distinctive for him than it would for others.

Kikwang said, "There was a time Sunmi came out with pink hair," and a fun time ensued as the other members chatted about this when suddenly Junhyung said seriously, "Don"t talk about colors."

Surprised, everyone asked him why and Junhyung broke into laughter and said, "Because I have color weakness."

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Taken aback by his sudden confession of having color weakness, the other B2ST members said, "Even the fans don"t know

Girls' Generation's Sunny discusses playing a married character for the first time in 'Rio 2'

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Girls" Generation"s Sunny commented on her voice-over role for the animated movie "Rio 2".

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Sunny, who voices the parrot Jewel, attended the press conference for the film on April 8. She shared, "I had a lot of fun watching the original "Rio", so when I received the casting offer for "Rio 2", I accepted right away."

She added, "When I confirmed I"d be voicing the role, I found out that I"d be playing a mother of three. I was caught offguard when I found out that I"d be playing a married woman for the first time."

"Rio 2" is about parrots Rio, Jewel, and their three kids who leave their home in Rio de Janeiro to journey to the Amazon rainforest.

Block B promise to carry out a viewer mission if their show reaches #1 on real-time searches during broadcast

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Block B has promised to perform a viewer mission if their reality show "5 Minute Before Chaos" hits #1 in real-time searches during the first broadcast!

The boys just recently released the promised video, urging all fans to not only watch the show but also to search for their show on portal sites.

"5 Minutes Before Chaos" is a live reality show that shows the Block B boys going over the limits of what normal idols do. The boys will have blind dates and, check their teamwork through hidden cameras. The boys will pre-record a part of the episode, but have the opening and closing live. The boys will be watching their own program live and comment through SNS. Viewers will be able to communicate real-time with Block B through TV, PC and their phones.

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The first episode will air on April 10 so make sure you watch to see these hilarious men do silly antics leading up to that "chaos" hinted in the title, and get searching!

Choi Jin Hyuk Shows Fatherly Side When Spending Time with Baby from “Emergency Couple”

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Recent images of actor Choi Jin Hyuk lovingly holding the baby actor from tvN‘s “Emergency Couple” just melted the internet’s heart! The photos of the actor spending time with the baby actor originated from baby actor Kwon Joon Young‘s blog.

As Kwon Joon Young acts (or more like sits there looking extremely adorable) as Gook, the child received much love off screen from the other actors and staff. Along with the photos, the baby (or his parents?) wrote, “Emergency Couple’s Gook/ Kwon Joon young with hyung Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) who smells like flowers. Many people have shown love for Joon Young, but Choi Jin Hyuk has especially shown his affection as he always washed his hands before holding Joon Young

'Ssul Jeon' discuss the hard time Henry is having on 'Real Men'

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On April 3, "Ssul Jeon" discussed Henry"s appearance on MBC"s "Real Men," talking about how he appeared to be clueless about the Korean military and having a hard time on the show.

Heechul said, "Henry is ignorant about the military to the point that he does not understand the concept of group punishment. Before going, he"ll say to me, "No way, hyungnim," and then after filming, he"ll say, "Hyungnim, I don"t want to go.""

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Kim Gu Ra then revealed he heard directly from the MBC producer that at the first recording, Henry called for his manager and after the second recording, he said he could not do it anymore.

Heechul added, "He says it"s so hard

Eddy Kim’s Debut Single “2 Years Apart” Tops Online Real-Time Music Charts

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It’s only been a day since rookie singer Eddy Kim dropped his debut single “2 Years Apart,” but has quickly gained the interest of music critics for topping the online real-time music charts despite competing with respectable singers Park Hyo Shin and Lim Chang Jung as well as girl group A Pink, among others.

Fans who have followed him when he auditioned for the fourth season of “Superstar K” as Kim Jung Hwan might recognize the song as it is a song that he performed during the program, which received a lot of love.

“2 Years Apart” is a catchy tune composed and written by Eddy Kim during his time in military service. The song captures his loneliness and being separated from his girlfriend for two years due to serving in the military

Seungri talks about getting advice from T.O.P + acting officially for the first time in 'Angel Eyes'

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Big Bang"s Seungri appeared at the press conference for his first official drama "Angel Eyes" at the SBS building on April 3. There, he revealed his first thoughts on taking on this new challenge.

He said, "I am happy that I get to play a character who instills energy in the drama. I feel this way as a Big Bang member and am happy to get this chance to show a new side of myself to the viewers. I will engage in acting sincerely as an actor."

In addition, he revealed he got a lot of advice for acting, some from his fellow member T.O.P. Seungri said, "T.O.P was in movies and dramas before me; he told me that it would be good if I poured in my bright and upbeat energy into acting."

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He continued, "This is my first official drama in Korea

Ga In enjoys her time in Bali for a photo shoot

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It"s not "all work and no play" for Ga In as she enjoys the beautiful, sunny weather after leaving for Bali on March 28 for a photo shoot.

Stylist Kim Woo Ree uploaded pictures of the lovely Ga In wearing a summery outfit onto Instagram along with, "Look forward to it! Ga In"s photo shoot! Ga In so pretty!! During the shoot, she invoked a sense of fun by even sticking a flower in her hair!!! The weather is killer, Ga In is pretty, I"m excited, the pictures are cool, and my mood is the best in Bali."

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Ga In looks super sweet in these pictures with her light colored, short hair with a flower cutely tucked in, don"t you think?

Shinhwa's Dongwan leaves Liveworks Company and to go abroad to Canada for the time being

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It has been revealed that after leaving his agency of three years, Shinhwa"s Dongwan will go abroad to Canada to study English for the time being.

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Liveworks Company stated on April 2, "As his contract expiration drew near, Dongwan and Liveworks Company discussed it for a long time. We made this decision for each other"s growth and will support each other"s future."

"Although his contract as an artist under the agency has come to an end, Liveworks Company will continue to support Dongwan"s individual and group activities with Shinhwa."

Dongwan will stay in Canada for the time being before he returns to his activities with Shinhwa through an advertisement shoot in July and prepare for Shinhwa"s upcoming 12th album

INFINITE's Woohyun says no to plastic surgery + relays a time he almost died

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INFINITE"s Woohyun proved to be busy promoting with Key as duo group Toheart as the two appeared on both KBS 2TV"s "Hello" and "Crisis Escape No. 1" on March 31.

On "Hello," the guests were asked if they ever considered doing plastic surgery. Woohyun said, "I don"t think I ever really thought about it." The MCs joked, "Maybe you already did it?"

Taken aback, Woohyun stuttered, "Not--not yet--I haven"t done it yet," which caused the whole studio to burst into laughter as it unintentionally sounded like he would in the future.

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On "Crisis Escape No. 1," Woohyun talked about an alarming incident from his childhood