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UNIQ have a good time in MV making video for "Penguins of Madagascar" OST, "Celebrate"

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UNIQ are giving fans a peek at their goofy side with the latest clip they"ve released for your enjoyment! 

They recently released the MV and dance version MV for their "Penguins of Madagascar" OST entitled "Celebrate", but they now also dropped some behind-the-scenes footage on the set of the MV!  You can see each member goofing around cutely, looking like a little boy as they bob their heads while eating, and doing silly dances in the video above.

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"The King"s Face" premieres, but which Wed-Thurs drama topped its time slot in viewer ratings this week?

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"The King"s Face" made its premiere, but it was "Mister Baek" which continued to go strong in its time slot this week!

According to AGB Nielsen Media ResearchMBC"s "Mister Baek" achieved a 11.1% viewer rating on Thursday which is a 0.1% decrease from its previous viewer rating of 11.2% on Wednesday.

SBS" "Pinocchio" rose 1.0% from a 9.4% viewer rating on Wednesday to a 10.4% viewer rating on Thursday, reaching double digits. KBS 2TV"s "The King"s Face" premiered last in its time slot with the tough competition, coming in with a 7.1% viewer rating on Wednesday and 6.1% viewer rating on Thursday.

Which Wed-Thurs drama helped you get through the week?

Actor Jung Woong In Goes Camping With Daughters For the First Time on “Dad! Where Are We Going?”

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There are fathers who are close to their daughters and there are those who are closer to their sons. Under which type does actor Jung Woong In fall? This was what viewers will find out on the upcoming episode of the MBC variety show, “Dad! Where Are We Going?”

On the upcoming episode of MBC’s “Dad! Where Are We Going?” which airs on November 23, actor Jung Woong In will be shown spending time with his three daughters Se Yoon, So Yoon, and Da Yoon. As it is the actor’s first time to go on a camping trip with his three daughters, without his wife, many viewers are anticipating how he will take care his three lovely kids.

Known to be a fool for his daughters, actor Jung Woong In can be seen doing everything for his daughters from cooking seafood, baking sweet potatoes for dessert, and even setting up fireworks for them to enjoy the camping experience

Yang Hyun Suk to appear on "Healing Camp" for the second time

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Yang Hyun Suk will be on "Healing Camp" once again!

According to insiders, Yang Hyun Suk will be filming for the show on the 19th at the Seoul Dongdaemon DDP Center. It"s been 2 and a half years since his appearance in May 2012.

This episode will be slightly different from the normal "Healing Camp" shows, although it has not be specified how. Still, his first appearance on the show recorded 9.1% in terms of ratings, higher than the average for "Healing Camp", so eyes are on him once again - especially given the tumultuous year that YG has had so far!

Song Il Kook"s triplets meet Sean"s four children for the first time in preview cuts for "Superman Is Back"

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Song Il Kook and his triplets will be meeting Sean"s four children in the upcoming episode of "Superman Is Back"!

This will be the first meeting between Dae Han-Min Guk-Man Se and Ha Eum-Ha Rang-Ha Yool-Ha El, and the episode already sounds like a handful with 7 kids at once!

Sean"s father instincts naturally kicked in for Song Il Kook"s triplets as he took care of them and even fed them, earning him their affections.

Although their playroom became a chaos with 7 children running about, with Sean"s expertise, he was able to instantly calm the situation as he knew just what to do to catch the attention of the kids. He was even able to get those who didn"t eat to start eating by themselves and organize the mischievous toddlers, leaving Song Il Kook in awe

Ha Ji Won Has Devoted Her Time To The Needs Of Children

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Ha Ji Won"s latest charity work is going to help children smile. She recently became the second Asian honorary ambassador of the children"s charity known as Operation Smile. As Jackie Chan was the first Asian ambassador, she is the first Asian woman to represent the group. Past representatives include Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson.

The international children"s medical charity provides cleft lip and palate surgeries, as well as ongoing medical therapies to children with facial deformities. The charity helps children in less developed countries, currently reaching out to children in 63 nations.

She begins her work for the charity on Nov. 15 in Hanoi at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Operation Smile Vietnam. The charity invites medical personnel from all over the world to the event

“Pride and Prejudice” Choi Woo Shik, Showing a New Layer To His Character Every Time

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"Pride and Prejudice" Choi Woo Shik"s still cuts on set is a topic of interest.

On the MBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Pride and Prejudice" (script Lee Hyun Joo, director Kim Jin Min), Choi Woo Jin plays the role of a fashionista prosecutor Lee Jang Won who is perfect in every sort of way. From his charisma-filled scenes to his more mischievous sides, he is an onion-like man who shows new layers of charisma, one after another.

In the pictures released through the official JYP actor website, Choi Woo Shik is wearing a Bluetooth headset and looking around in a sharp way, showcasing his charisma. In addition, he is looking at the documents that are piling up on his desk, as he shows a sincere side as a prosecutor.

Meanwhile, he also shows a very cute and perky charisma while filming, and is focusing on his cell phone with his tight lips, as he is drawing out various vibes

Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara Talk about Their Upcoming “Time Slip” Drama

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MBC’s fifth “Drama Festival” special, called “Old Goodbye” (tentative English title), has dropped stills of stars Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara, who will be making a quick reunion following “Fated to Love You.”

“Old Goodbye” is a ‘time slip’ story about second chances, and tells the story of a man, who, for his dying wife, goes back in time to when she was twenty-two, seventeen, and ten, and falls in love with her as if it’s for the first time.

Jang Hyuk plays the character Soo Hyuk, a former boxer who lives a reckless life, and Jang Nara plays Chae Hee, a woman who relishes the freshness of having just fallen in love.

On the drama, Jang Hyuk said, “It’s a story that gives of the vibe of a movie in a short time

Joo Won Spends Time in the Phillipines

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The new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Tomorrow Cantabile" Joo Won enjoyed spending time on the beach in the Philippines with other actors and actresses. Actor Joo Won"s agency Sim Entertainment shared pictures from the agency"s 10th anniversary party on the magazine Singles. On the pictures, actor Joo Won posed with other actors and actresses in the Sim Entertainment and looked happy together. In related news, the new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Tomorrow Cantabile" is a music drama about orchestra, the latest of the genre since the MBC drama "Beethoven Virus" and, more recently, the cable channel JTBC drama "Secret Love Affair." The KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Tomorrow Cantabile" which premiered on October 13, 2014, tells a story of an orchestra composer Cha Yoo Jin, played by actor Joo Son, who is a man who has everything but feels empty inside, and pianist Sul Nae Il, played by actress Shim Eun Kyung, who has nothing but is filled with positive energy

[Album Review] B2ST - "Time"

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Track List:
01. 12:30
02. Drive
03. It"s All Good
04. Close My Eyes
05. Stay
06. So Hot (Bonus Track – CD Only)

Just in "Time" for their fifth anniversary, B2ST dropped their new mini-album, their seventh one to date. "Time" is the newest follow-up to "Good Luck," and five of the six tracks were written, composed, and arranged by Kim Tae Joo and Junhyung.

"12:30," the first track, is a ballad. While I like the lyrics, I don"t care for the melody so much. It"s a bit meandering for my taste. That being said, I like the arrangement, a ticking clock turns into the beat behind a piano accompaniment. I really dig the imagery in the lyrics:
Right now, we"re like the clock hands at 12:30
Our backs turned against each other, looking at different places, about to throw everything away
Right now, we"re like the clock hands at 12:30
We"re walking to a place that we can never return from

Smooth and funky with a rap intro, "Drive" is a good mid-tempo song

Album Review: BEAST Follows Up The Success Of 'Good Luck' With The Powerful Release ‘Time' [AUDIO]

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(Photo : Cube Entertainment)

BEAST returns with the soulful mini album "Time."

Cube Entertainment’s BEAST continues with refined sophistication through R&B ballads on their latest mini album “Time.” “Time” is a six track follow up to their “Good Luck” EP that was released in June 2014.

“Time” is a special release marking the fifth anniversary since BEAST made their debut. BEAST has been able to combat the so-called "five year K-Pop curse" through their dedicated fandom and the strong evolution of their musical style. The overall concept of “Time” is sensually soulful with tracks like “Close My Eyes” and “12:30” helping to stir listeners hearts.

“Time” benefits from the lyrical, composition, and production work of Good Life

Sunhwa talks about the difficulty of playing the female lead for the first time

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During the press conference for "Rosy Lovers" at MBC"s Golden Mouth Hall on October 13, SECRET"s Sunhwa talked about being the female lead for the first time, comparing herself to fellow acting-dols Krystal and Sooyoung, who are likewise starring in their very own dramas at the moment.

She said, "It would be a lie to say I feel no burden whatsoever in relation to my first lead role. There was a considerable amount of studying I had to do, maybe because when I first saw the script, the amount was definitely for the female lead. In relation to those parts, I was very worried until I went into the drama. At the beginning, I couldn"t get a sense of it, so there were more difficult parts. However, Jang Woo gave advice during filming, and I am gradually getting the feel

BEAST drops final audio teaser for “Drive” off comeback mini-album “Time”

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BEAST has unveiled yet another teaser for their upcoming special 7th mini-album “Time”, which is intended to celebrate their 5th debut anniversary on October 16th.

BEAST has been teasing fans for 6 days from October 10th to October 15th at 12:30AM every night with an instrumental video teaser for track 6 “SO HOT”, as well as audio teasers for title track "12:30", "It’s A Good Thing", "Close My Eyes", and "STAY".

Today, the group unveils an audio clip for their remaining song in their album, which is track 2 titled “Drive”. The song is said to have an emotional hip-hop style. With a grooving rhythm and driving brass line, the new track highlights the group’s shining vocals.

Earlier on, the group had unveiled a series of teasers including Instagram teasers (1,2), two sets of jacket photos (1,2), a video clip, announced that the title track to be “12:30”, and revealed the tracklist

B2ST drop audio teaser for "Drive" off "Time" mini-album

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B2ST dropped another amazing audio teaser from their upcoming 7th mini-album, "Time."  

The audio teaser for "Drive" starts with Junhyung"s soothing vocals and a laid back beat before introducing a jazzier instrumental and faster tempo.  This song looks like it"ll be smooth and catchy like all the other tracks so far on the album.

Check it out above!  "Time" will be released on October 20.


Kim Sa Eun"s side after Sungmin"s confirmation, "She"s having hard time because of bullying, pitiful"

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Sungmin"s bride-to-be Kim Sa Eun, is getting malicious comments from netizens after the news of their marriage is confirmed by the Super Junior member.

Kim Sa Eun"s representative denied the marriage news initially but hours later, Sungmin announced it himself through a fanletter posted on his blog. Netizens flock on every news articles and posted malicious comments attacking the actress.

Kim Sa Eun"s representatives told MyDaily, "Kim Sa Eun told us that she"s tired of malicious rumors from netizens. Added to her busy drama shooting schedule, she"s also suffering mentally from the attacks of netizens and it"s pitiful."

Meanwhile, Sungmin is going to marry Kim Sa Eun on December 13. All the best for this couple and hope that netizens would stop their disgraceful acts.

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