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Comedienne Lee Gook Joo Considered Dieting for the First Time in Her Life Because of 2NE1′s Minzy

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On the September 17 radio broadcast of SBS’ “Horan’s Power FM,” comedienne Lee Gook Joo appeared as a guest and shared that 2NE1’s Minzy was the reason that she considered going on a diet for the first time ever.

It is known that Lee Gook Joo has been earning attention with her perfect dance covers for various popular female idols, including SISTAR, A Pink, HyunA, and more. In reference to this, the radio DJ, Horan, asked the comedienne which star she is thinking of taking on next, to which Lee Gook Joo responded that she would like to compete with Minzy.

She further explained, “If I want to be able to dance like Minzy, I had the thought that I have to be a little slimmer

Heechul recalls a time Kangin and Yesung got in a fight because of Moon Geun Young

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On the September 15 installment of KBS 2TV"s "Hello," Super Junior"s Heechul revealed a time when Kangin and Yesung got in a huge fight over actress Moon Geun Young.

The boys were asked about fighting to which Kangin pointed out Heechul, saying, "He was wearing my outdoor clothes as pajamas. They were clothes that were very dear to me," making everyone laugh.

The MCs specifically asked if there was a time when they fought like men. Heechul said, "Yes. Kangin and Yesung in the past..." to which Ryeowook cut in, "Don"t say it."

Heechul continued, "Kangin and Yesung were watching TV. Kangin made me ramen, so I was eating ramen by myself when Moon Geun Young came out on TV

Moon Hee Jun describes the time he fell in love at first sight

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Have you ever seen "The One" across a crowded room and your eyes met, and a bolt of lightning shot across your body? H.O.T"s Moon Hee Jun described a time when he felt a jolt of his own.

"I"ve fallen in love in a strange place before," he recounted on the latest episode of "Quiz To Change the World". "I met a fellow female singer during an event. We were waiting in the tent and we passed by each other, and our hands touched and electricity passed between them."

"We both felt a jolt. She came down from the stage and simply told me, "let"s have dinner sometime"," he said.

Although the cast were waiting with bated breath, Moon Hee Jun refused to reveal any more of the story, only smiling when someone asked if he did indeed go have dinner with her

Actor Gong Yoo to Star in a Music Video for the First Time in 13 Years

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It has been revealed that actor Gong Yoo will be starring in a music video for the first time in 13 years. The music video is for singer Kim Dong Ryul’s upcoming comeback in early-October with a brand new full-length album.

On September 14, a music industry rep shared that Gong Yoo wrapped up shooting the music video for the title song of Kim Dong Ryul’s new album at the end of August. Since the actor’s debut in 2001, he has received countless ‘love calls’ to be featured in music videos but was always hesitant to accept. However, it is being reported that Gong Yoo gladly made the decision to appear in this particular music video, as he has always been a big fan of the singer.

It has been about 13 years since Gong Yoo last participated in a music video for a project album with actors Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Yo Won, during the same year as his debut

Fly to the Sky commemorate their 15th anniversary with best-of album "Back in Time"

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Fans of Fly to the Sky"s sweet-as-honey voices and romantic classics will be itching to get their hands on this remake best-of album, "Back in Time", which was released on the 13th to commemorate their 15th anniversary!

Some hit songs on the best-of album include "Sea of Love," "Even Though My Heart Hurts," "Missing You," and "Like a Man." However, these songs were rearranged and rerecorded, so you will be able to enjoy the old mixed in with the new!

The duo will also be kicking off their encore concert tour in Kyung Hee University"s Grand Peace Palace, Seoul on September 13-14 and perform at a total of 5 cities across Korea until the end of October

All 6 members of T-ara to appear on "Weekly Idol" for the first time in a while

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T-ara will reportedly be the upcoming guests on MBC Every1"s "Weekly Idol"!

A broadcast rep told Star News on the 13th, "T-ara recently completed filming for cable channel MBC Every1"s variety show "Weekly Idol"."

This will mark their appearance with all 6 members on the show for the first time in about 2 years. Although Jiyeon and Hyomin previously appeared on "Weekly Idol" in May and June, respectively, as solo artists, the last time that T-ara as a whole appeared on the show was back in 2012.

Queen"s should make sure to tune in for this episode on the 24th! Also continue to catch their comeback stages for new title track "Sugar Free" this weekend!

Still cut photos of "My Lovely Girl" reveal Krystal working multiple part-time jobs

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Still-cut photos of Krystal from the highly anticipated upcoming drama, "My Lovely Girl" were revealed. She plays the role of Yoon Se Na, who is described as a "dream girl" who lives passionately in order to achieve her dreams despite being very young.

You can see that Se Na is a hard-working female as she tries to make ends meet by working multiple part-time jobs including delivery girl, dog-washer, waitress, and even a hotel employee.

For this role, it was revealed that Krystal had to learn how to ride the motorcycle and actively participated in performing the part-time jobs.

Park Kyung Lim recalls a time Jo In Sung was predicted to fail as an actor

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On the September 10th installment of KBS 2TV"s "Full House", Park Kyung Lim recalled an interesting experience she had with Jo In Sung during the time they were both starring in the hit sitcom "New Nonstop" as a couple.

She said, "In the past, while filming for "New Nonstop", there was a scene in which we went to check our marital compatibility before our wedding. We went to a fortune telling cafe where there was an actual fortune teller."

The comedian went on, "That person told Jo In Sung, "Right now is the prime of your life, and you will not do well as an actor anymore. After you come back from the army, you will have to be a teacher, so go to a school of education and become a teacher

Fly to the Sky to commemorate 15th anniversary with a best-of album "Back in Time"

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Those who love Fly to the Sky"s past hits are in for a treat as the duo will release a remake best-of album on the 13th!

According to their agency, Fly to the Sky will release their best-of album "Back in Time" online on the 13th ahead of its physical release later this month. The album consists of remake versions of their past hits like "Sea Of Love", "Even Though My Heart Hurts", "Missing You", and "Like A Man". This marks their first remake album in 6 years and 5 months since "Recollection" in April 2008.

Fly to the Sky shared through their agency, "Although we put a lot of focus on reviving the feel of the original version even though a lot of time has passed, as it is a new arrangement and recording, you will be able to feel a new and different vibe

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Spends Quality Time with Mom During Chuseok

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Chuseok or the mid-autumn festival is one of the biggest holidays wherein everyone–including idols–get to breathe, relax, and share some quality time with their families or, sometimes, friends. During this period, many celebrities take advantage of the holiday and try to do the things they otherwise cannot do when the city is busy and everyone’s out and about. One of those celebrities who managed to roam around freely and spend time with family is MBLAQ’s Lee Joon.

Recently, photos of the singer spending some time with his mother circulated in online communities. The singer is spotted with his mother having a movie date in Apgujeong. The two are said to have watched the family movie “My Brilliant Life” featuring Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won

Super Junior"s Kibum tweets for the first time in two years

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Super Junior"s Kibum has stayed away from any sort of social media for a while, but it seems he may finally be back!
Fans had gotten glimpses of Kibum here and there, occasionally through Heechul"s SNS, through his dramas, and other events. But it seems like Kibum might be making a regular return back to his Twitter!

He tweeted,

guess who"s back

— 김기범 (@ikmubmik) September 6, 2014
It"s the first time in 2 years since he"s tweeted anything, and it seems like his tweet is telling fans he is back on the SNS!
If you don"t follow him yet, you can do so here.

Lee Hwi Jae and Song Il Kook recall a time when their kids had enteritis on upcoming episode of "Superman is Back"

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The fathers of multiples, Lee Hwi Jae and Song Il Kook, met for the first time on the upcoming 1st anniversary special of KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back"!

While watching past footage of Lee Hwi Jae struggling to change Suh Joon"s diapers, Lee Hwi Jae commented, "The kids had enteritis then." Song Il Kook found this all too familiar as he added, "There was a time when all three of my kids got enteritis at the same time... The day would fly by as I cleaned their poop." Lee Hwi Jae was happy to find a fellow father who understands him, sharing, "Exactly! You know, right? I really couldn"t even get a wink of sleep."

Stay tuned for the 1st anniversary special of "Superman is Back" this Sunday!

AA"s Aoora releases his scandalous track "One More Time"

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AA"s Aoora has released his fourth single "One More Time" featuring Jouet!

The eerie mid-tempo melody of the "19+" track in addition to the mysterious lyrics add to the risque concept that was shown in the teaser video. Known for his scandalous concepts, Aoora has outdone himself yet again following his past singles "Body Party" and "Can"t Stop".

"One More Time" is produced by Aoora and composer Ahn Hyung Sun, and multi-art team NO.19 also helped out for the jacket and MV.

Check out the official track above, the MV teaser below, and let us know what you think!

Aoora releases R-19 MV for "One More Time"

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Aoora release the MV for his 4th single "One More Time" from his [69] album.

Aoora"s sexy yet emotional voice is very indulging in this mysterious video"s story line which goes by a mellow RnB track. The song will be released online at 12PM today.

Watch below:

Sunny Hill"s SeungA reveals she had a part-time job even after debut

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On September 4, Sunny Hill"s SeungA revealed that she had a part-time job even after she made her debut while appearing with her fellow members on MBC radio program, "Kim Shin Young"s Noon Song of Hope."

She explained, "I debuted as a singer with no face. That"s why even after debut, there was a time I had a part-time job at a coffee shop for a few months. While doing that, I even considered changing professions because I had an aptitude for service. I was even recommended because I worked well."

Joobi revealed that she had a part time work as a wedding assistant and as a convenience store worker. SeungA said, "While at the convenience store, Joobi always brought food that was slightly past the expiration date and could not be sold and substituted it for a meal