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Kim Tae Woo recalls a time he was scolded by J.Y. Park because of his appearance

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The g.o.d members, who first debuted under JYP Entertainment, were the special guests on the August 22 installment of "EXO 90:2014." On this day, talented singer Kim Tae Woo recalled a time he was yelled at by J.Y. Park because of a live performance.

While watching a video of the group"s debut stage, Kim Tae Woo stated, "At that time, I came out without wearing glasses." Park Joon Hyung joked, "At that time, his face really looked like a caterpillar"s," making everybody laugh.

Kim Tae Woo continued, revealing he was criticized because of his appearance, "To make things worse, that was a live performance. The moment I raised my head and sang, my eyes were blinded so I closed them

Which Wed-Thurs drama ranked #1 in its time slot this week?

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Viewer ratings have been in a slump across the board, but "Joseon Gunman" still managed to maintain its #1 spot in its time slot!

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the August 21st episode of KBS 2TV"s "Joseon Gunman" achieved a 11.7% viewer rating, which is a 0.6% increase from its previous viewer rating of 11.1% for its August 20th episode.

MBC"s "Fated To Love You" rose 0.5% from a 10.6% for its Wednesday episode to a 11.1% viewer rating for its Thursday episode. SBS" "It"s Okay, That"s Love" also rose 0.3% from a 9.7% viewer rating on Wednesday to a 10.0% viewer rating on Thursday, but it wasn"t enough to get it out of third place.

Which drama have you been watching?

Girl’s Day’s Yura and Hong Jong Hyun Hug for the First Time on “We Got Married”

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Girl’s Day’s Yura and actor Hong Jong Hyun managed their first hug on “We Got Married Season 4.”

On the upcoming episode of MBC’s “We got Married Season 4,” the second part of entertainer Hong Suk Chun’s lesson for Hong Jong Hyun and Yura will be aired.

Hong Suk Chun cares a lot for Hong Jong Hyun, and when he saw Yura’s bright and innocent personality, he seemed to approve, giving her a passing score for being wife material. Continuing, Hong Suk Chun gave the couple some tips to become more intimate through physical contact.

Just like when they were doing the couple bungee jump, Hong Suk Chun exaggerated loudly and hugged Hong Jong Hyun without any hesitation and told Yura to do the same

WINNER Members Take Photos to Commemorate Their First Time on “M!Countdown”

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YG Entertainment’s rookie group WINNER will officially be making their first-ever appearance on Mnet’s music program “M!Countdown.”

On August 21, “M!Countdown’s” official Twitter account posted, “’WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo and Nam Tae Hyun’s first time at M!Countdown.’ Seems like you’re both in good condition? We welcome you to ‘M!Countdown, with awesome artists and amazing performances. Let’s meet often. Tonight at 6 PM, WINNER.” Along with this welcoming description, they revealed a series of selcas taken by the members of the group.

In one of the uploaded photos, Kim Jin Woo can be seen with his arm around Nam Tae Hyun’s shoulder as he smiles for the camera, while Nam Tae Hyun is pouting his lips with a chic expression on his face

"Finding True Love" premieres, but which Mon-Tues drama was #1 in its time slot this week?

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"Finding True Love" premiered, but it was "The Night Watchman" that broke its own record to maintain its #1 spot in its time slot this week!

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the August 19th episode of MBC"s "The Night Watchman" broke its own record by achieving a 12.7% viewer rating, which is a 0.6% increase from its previous viewer rating of 12.1% for its August 18th episode.

SBS" "Temptation"s rose 0.7% from a 8.1% for its Wednesday episode to 8.8% viewer rating for its Thursday episode this week, and KBS 2TV"s "Finding True Love" achieved a 6.3% viewer rating for both nights.

Which Mon-Tues drama did you kick off your week with?

HyunA says she has no time to think about boyfriends + is moved to tears on "HyunA"s Free Month"

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On the August 19 installment of SBS MTV"s "HyunA"s Free Month," HyunA met up with indie group Oksang Dalbit"s Kim Yoon Joo and Park Se Jin.

She was asked, "What do you do when you want to meet a boyfriend?" She said, "These days, I don"t think about stuff like that. I do think about those stuff when I"m not busy, but not nowadays. This time, we prepared for the album longer than usual. When I start promoting, there are even times I release nine albums in a year, so I have no leisure to think about other things. If I start promoting, I can"t sleep for about a month and a half."

Oksang Dalbit said, "We always have to sleep 8 hours a day."

In addition, Oksang Dalbit performed, "You Did Well Today, Too," which caused HyunA to shed tears

SBS, KBS, and MBC Settle for the Same Time Slot for Their Sunday Variety Shows

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After much conflict in order to get best ratings for their competitive Sunday variety programs, the three major broadcasting networks SBS, KBS, and MBC have finally settled on a same time slot for their programs.

Previously, the three broadcasting networks were in conflict due to their start times, as they tried to win over others by starting few minutes earlier than the usual 4pm time slot.

However, they have all reached an agreement, as all three networks released a statement on August 18: “The three networks have felt the need to consolidate the starting time of the Sunday variety programs. Starting August 24, we have decided to air our variety shows at 4:50pm.”

KBS’ Sunday variety consists of “Superman Returns” and “1 Night 2 Days“, while MBC’s is comprised of “Dad, Where Are You Going?” and “Real Men

Jang Bum Joon kicks off his solo debut to a great start with MV & album release + all-kill on real time charts

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Jang Bum Joon has kicked off his solo debut to a great start, as expected, with the release of his first solo album and MV!

Those who"ve been missing Busker Busker were able to feast their ears through his solo release, which includes the title track "Difficult Woman". 

As mentioned before, the singer produced the album with the concept of a rock festival and keeping his good friends in mind, making the release even more special for him. 

It seems like his efforts paid off as "Difficult Woman" ranked not only at the top of all the major domestic charts with its release, but his other songs included on the album took top spots earlier today as well.


You can check out this MV for his title track above and the playlist of his album tracks below!


More Time Travel For Lee Jin Wook

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Lee Jin Wook traveled back into his own past during the 2013 drama "Nine: Nine Time Travels" and he is currently visiting the Joseon era for his role in the drama "The Three Musketeers." But that will not be the end of his experiences visiting the past. This week he confirmed his role in the new film titled "Time Renegade."

"Time Renegade," also known as "Time Escapee," is the story of a man from the past and a man from the present who attempt to change a woman"s destiny. Lee Jim Wook will play the man based in the present. Jo Jung Suk plays the man in the past. Lim Soo Jung plays the woman they both want to help.

Descriptions of the drama plot do not say whether the woman wants to be helped or why they are helping her. Nor does it say if their efforts are productive or damaging

"Fated To Love You" and "Joseon Gunman" go head to head for #1 in its time slot this week

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It was a battle for #1 in viewer ratings this week with "Fated To Love You" coming in first place on Wednesday and "Joseon Gunman" regaining its top spot in its time slot on Thursday!

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the August 14th episode of KBS 2TV"s "Joseon Gunman" achieved a 11.0% viewer rating which is a 0.1% decrease from its viewer rating of 11.1% for the August 13th episode.

MBC"s "Fated To Love You" gained 11.5% for the Wednesday episode but dropped to 10.7% viewer rating on Thursday. SBS" "It"s Okay, That"s Love" broke its own record by rising 0.4% from a 9.8% to 10.2% this week.

Which Wed-Thurs drama would you recommend?

Lee Jin Wook, Im Soo Jung, and Jo Jung Suk Confirmed for Upcoming Film “Time Escapee”

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Actors Lee Jin Wook, Im Soo Jung, and Jo Jung Suk have been confirmed as the three leads for the upcoming film “Time Escapee.”

On August 14, it was announced that the three actors will be appearing in director Kwak Jae Yong‘s new movie, which will begin shooting this September.

The director of the film, Kwak Jae Yong, is known for his romance films like “My Sassy Girl” and “The Classic.” It will tell the story of a man from the past and a man from the present who struggle to affect a woman’s destiny.

The three lead actors, who have each shown great performances in a variety of projects, are garnering a lot of attention, as fans wonder what kind of chemistry they will have with each other

Starship releases another concert practice video, this time for Mad Clown and Joo Young

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Starship Entertainment released another concert practice video. Before, they revealed a snippet of JungGiGo and Hyorin"s duet for their concert in Busan. This time, they released a video of Mad Clown and Joo Young, collaborating on a very soothing performance of "In My Bed."

With Mad Clown"s smooth rapping and Joo Young"s angelic voice, they quite the powerful duo!

Lee Ji Ah opens up about her former secret marriage with Seo Taiji for the first time on "Healing Camp"

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"Healing Camp" has aired its much anticipated episode with actress Lee Ji Ah, who made her first appearance on a talk show since debut to open up about her former secret marriage with Seo Taiji that left the nation in shock back a few years ago.

If you"ve been a Kpop fan for a while now, you probably know of Seo Taiji and the Boys, a legendary Korean group. So it was no wonder that the nation fell into shock when it was revealed very belatedly that Seo Taiji and actress Lee Ji Ah were once married in secret before she debuted. According to news reports, the two met each other in 1993 in the States and lived together, filed for marriage in 1997, and officially filed divorce papers in 2006 before it became finalized in 2009.

Lee Ji Ah started off, "I learned it"s simply not a matter of hiding behind a rock when you are hiding a secret with a celebrity that the entire nation knows of

A Pink’s Son Naeun Reveals Flawless Bare Face on “Show Time”

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While some ladies don’t dare to go out or be seen without their make-up on, A Pink‘s Son Naeun proves herself to be a real beauty as the singer reveals her clear, flawless skin on camera!

On MBC Every1′s “A Pink’s Show Time” to be aired on August 14, the six ladies of A Pink will show their bare faces on television, much to the anticipation of their fans who would like to see the members in their most natural looks.

In the teaser video of the upcoming episode, A Pink member Yoon Bomi personally held the camera and found each of the members in their dorm. Some of the members screamed in surprise as they were filmed showing their bare faces while some others, like Son Naeun, were more confident in appearing in front of the camera even without make-up

EXO"s Chanyeol enjoys his time off on "Roommate"!

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EXO"s Chanyeol confessed that he"s had precious little time to just kick back and relax.

Traveling to Taiwan with the rest of his "Roommate" family, he said that this was the first time he"s ever had time off when he came abroad.

"When I travel for a concert, the schedule is just rehearsal, concert, departure," he said, sipping on a drink at a convenience store. "This is the first time I"ve just come out on my own abroad."

Jo Se Ho snapped a photo of him relaxing so he would have something to remember his unusually laid-back trip!