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Kang Ji Hwan Explains a Suspicious Selfie Taken with Woman in Bed

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Kang Ji Hwan cleared up the scandal that followed a selfie photo.

On July 11, a woman uploaded a selfie she took in bed with someone who looks like Kang Ji Hwan sleeping by her side.

The photo sparked controversy over the relationship between Kang Ji Hwan and the woman.

According to Kang Ji Hwan, he had dinner with a Korean guide and his Filipino wife on July 10 in the Philippines. The photo was taken as a joke on the woman′s part.

Kang Ji Hwan was in the Philippines for a photo shoot.

Kang Ji Hwan′s agency said the woman and her husband apologized to Kang Ji Hwan, and that they hoped the incident would blow over.

It said it is not considering any form of legal action as of yet.

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′Suspicious Housekeeper′ Completes Its Run

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SBS’ Suspicious Housekeeper closed its curtains on Tuesday night. There were no twists or romance, but a strong emphasis on familial love.

While the drama starred big names, like Choi Ji Woo and Lee Sung Jae, the drama wasn’t able to pull in big ratings, perhaps due to the popularity of Empress Ki and KBS’ Good Doctor.

Viewers also couldn’t help but to compare Suspicious Housekeeper with the original Japanese dorama, Kaseifu no Mita.

Meanwhile, SBS’ A Warm Word will follow up.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


1. MBC Empress Ki 17.2 →18.1


‘Suspicious Housekeeper’ Moves In

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A new series joins the game as SBS’ Suspicious Housekeeper welcomed itself, replacing The Empire of Gold.

With MBC’s Goddess of Fire Jeongi unfortunately cancelled due to Moon Geun Young’s eye injury, it’s too soon to tell whether or not this new drama will end up being a fierce competitor to either Goddess of Fire Jeongi or KBS’ Good Doctor.

Suspicious Housekeeper already has much burden, as the original Japanese production was well-received with high ratings.

Meanwhile, Good Doctor continues its dance around the border of 20 percent, receiving 19.6 percent on Monday night.

Monday September 24, 2013