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Song Hye Gyo and Kang Dong Won on Wearing School Uniforms Again in “My Brilliant Life”

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Actress Song Hye Gyo and actor Kang Dong Won revealed their thoughts about wearing school uniforms in the upcoming film “My Brilliant Life” (aka “My Palpitating Life”)

On August 21, a press conference was held in Seoul for the film, and director Lee Jae Yong, actors Kang Dong Won, Song Hye Gyo, Jo Sung Mok, and Baek Il Sub were in attendance.

“My Brilliant Life” is about a young, married couple who gave birth to a baby boy when they were 17-years-old. However, their son, Areum, was born with progeria (Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome), a rare genetic condition that causes rapid premature aging. Song Hye Gyo plays the role of Areum’s mother, Mira, and Kang Dong Won plays the role of the father, Dae Soo

Kim Yuna Talks about Her Life after Retirement

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“Figure Skating Queen” Kim Yuna opened up about her life after retirement from the figure skating world, in an interview with the fashion magazine Elle Korea.

During the interview, she said, “since I’m not practicing, I’m not hurting anywhere and mentally I’m much more at ease. I don’t have the job, so I’m not stressed and there’s no pressure on me anymore.”

She seemed very content with her life after retirement. When asked about shopping, she happily said, “I used to put down clothes because I never had any use for them. Now I just buy clothes when I like them. When I buy something, I think, ‘one day I’ll have an occasion for it.’” She added that recently, she has been staying up late at night marathoning romantic comedy dramas

[Photos] Added new stills for the upcoming Korean movie "My Brilliant Life"

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Added new stills for the upcoming Korean movie "My Brilliant Life" (2014)

Directed by Lee Jae-yong

With Song Hye-kyo, Kang Dong-won, Baek Il-seob, Kim Kap-soo, Lee Sung-min,...

Formerly known as "My Palpitating Life"
Based on an original by Kim Ae-ran, a story about a boy with progeria disease and his parents.

Release date in Korea : 2014/09/03


BIGBANG’s T.O.P in High Cut Photo Shoot, Opens Up about His Love Life

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BIGBANG star T.O.P (also known as Choi Seung Hyun) has taken part in a photo shoot and interview with fashion magazine High Cut. The star is stepping up his publicity drive ahead of the release of his upcoming movie, “Tazza 2.”

(See: “Tazza 2″ Starring T.O.P and Shin Se Kyung Unveils Main Poster and Trailer)

In the interview, the star talked frankly about his love life and his desire for privacy. He explained, “I want to have a relationship, but I don’t like the idea of telling everyone about it if I am dating someone. Since I debuted [with BIGBANG], I have not really had the chance to date anyone, and I have kept the details of my love life very much to myself. I’m a public figure, someone who lives his life in the spotlight. I know that if I were in a relationship with someone, I would really have to do my best to look after that person

TASTY drop teaser video for Chinese version of "Addiction"

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The twin duo of TASTY, who will be kicking off their Chinese debut soon, are teasing with a short clip for their song "Addiction"!

The Korean version of this song was already revealed through their previous album as well as a separate single release earlier this month. It seems the Chinese version of this song will serve as their debut track in China judging by the teaser clip.


Check out the twins above!


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SISTAR’s Bora and Soyu Enjoy a Tasty Meal with “Human Condition” Cast

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SISTAR members Bora and Soyu impressed the cast of “Human Condition” with their healthy appetite and love for food on the latest episode of the entertaining reality show.

To introduce their private circle to fellow cast members, Kim Sook, Kim Ji Min, Kim Young Hee, Kim Shin Young, Park Eun Ji, and A Pink‘s Bomi invited their friends over for a fun house party. The first ones to arrive were SISTAR’s Bora and Soyu, who were greeted by a table filled with tasty dishes prepared by the cast.

As the show members were on a mission to master the secrets to healthy skin and hair, they asked Bora to share her skincare know-how

2AM"s Jo Kwon enjoys Lady Gaga"s stage at the "AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014"

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2AM"s Jo Kwon let his inner diva out during Lady Gaga"s concert at the "AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014"!

The "AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014" was held at Jamsil Sports Complex Main Stadium, Seoul with YG Family taking over on the 15th and Lady Gaga headlining the concert on the 16th.

Jo Kwon was one of the celebrities in attendance and shared on his Instagram on the 16th, "#LadyGaGa#AIAreallife", and "#LadyGaGa and I", along with a clip of Jo Kwon showing his love for Lady Gaga by passionately singing and dancing along with the diva-like charisma and confidence that is characteristic of both Lady Gaga and our very own Jo Kwon.

Check out Jo Kwon dancing the night away at the concert!

YG Family bring the "power" for "AIA Real Life: Now Festival 2014" ("YG Family 2014: Power in Seoul")

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YG Family held their concert "AIA Real Life : Now Festival 2014" (aka "YG Family 2014 World Tour: Power in Seoul") at Jamsil Sports Complex Main Stadium, Seoul on the 15th with 35,000 fans!

2NE1 opened up the event with their performances of "Crush" and "Fire". They then continued to fire up the stage with "Come Back Home" and "Gotta Be You".

Akdong Musician were next up, showing a completely opposite charm from that of 2NE1 with their cute stages for "Crescendo", "Give Love", and "200%". Epik High then got the crowd jumping with their hit song "Fly" and was joined by Akdong Musician"s Soo Hyun for "Umbrella". They also brought in Dara for "Love Love Love". WINNER also performed "Go Up", "Empty", and "Smile Again"

Song Hye Gyo Turns Into a Loving Mother for “My Brilliant Life,” Also Starring Kang Dong Won

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Top actor and actress Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Gyo have come together again for the movie “My Brilliant Life,” which will be released on September 3. This will be the second time they have starred in a movie together.

“My Brilliant Life” is a touching movie based on a novel about a young couple, Mira (Song Hye Gyo) and Dae Su (Kang Dong Won), who conceive a child at the young age of 17. Their newborn son, Ah Reum, is diagnosed with Progeria syndrome, a rare genetic defect that causes him to age rapidly from an early age.

Actress Song Hye Gyo diverges from her goddess image to play the realistic role of Mira: a beautiful girl that once dreamed of becoming a pop idol, yet through the turn of events of having a child, ends up becoming a hard-working mother who has great love for her son

SISTAR’s Hyorin and Junggigo share live practice video of upcoming concert duet, “Spend My Life With You”

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SISTAR’s Hyorin and Junggigo are preparing for their duet performance for the upcoming "2014 STARSHIP X TROOPERS" concert at the end of the month, and have specially released their live practice performance for fans.

In a dark-lit studio room, individual shots of Hyorin and Junggigo are taken, molded together during duet parts. While the sound is not very clear, it is absolute that Hyorin and Junggigo’s vocals compliment beautifully with one another.

The “2014 STARSHIP X TROOPERS” concert will be held on August 31 at the Seoul Olympic Hall, featuring Starship and Starship X artists Soyou and Hyorin of SISTAR, Junggigo, Mad Clown, and Jooyoung.


TASTY release digital single "Addiction" with two different versions of the song

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The twin duo of TASTY will be kicking off their Chinese debut soon, but ahead of their activities in China, they"ve released a digital single called "Addiction" in Korea so that domestic fans won"t miss them too much!

The single consists of two versions of the song "Addiction", which is an R&B track that incorporates TASTY"s unique flavor.

Give them a listen above and below!

TASTY Makes a Surprise Comeback with Urban R&B Track “Addiction”

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The twins of TASTY will be greeting their domestic fans with a new digital single titled “Addiction.”

The single is scheduled to drop on August 13 at noon, and it will mark the duo’s last Korean single before their Chinese debut.

“Addiction” is described as an urban R&B track that reflects TASTY’s unique music style. Known for their addictive beats and catchy choruses, it will be interesting to see how the new single differs from TASTY’s previous hits “Day N’ Night,” “Mamama,” and “You Know Me.”

On August 22, the twins will be heading to China for their debut showcase, which will mark their official entry to the Chinese music market

Wonderful Days Episode 49 Review: Yoon Yeo Jung Has a New Life!

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Previously, So Shim left her house and Cha Hae Won(played by Kim Hee Sun) had to look after the family.

A month has passed. So Shim live with Ha Young Choon(played by Choi Hwa Jung) and went to school for elderly people to learn how to read and write in Korean.

“Incomplete Life” Confirms Casting, Including Im Si Wan, Kang Ha Neul, and Kang So Ra

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tvN‘s much anticipated drama “Incomplete Life” has confirmed its casting and is scheduled to start shooting soon.

As reported earlier, Im Si Wan, Kang Ha Neul, and Kang So Ra are all finalized to appear in the drama. Reprising his role in the prequel mobile app drama of “Incomplete Life” released last year, Im Si Wan will portray the main character Jang Geu Rae. Kang Ha Neul and Kang So Ra will portray his coworkers.

Actor Lee Sung MinKim Dae Myung, Byun Yo Han, and Shin Eun Jung were also confirmed as part of the cast of “Incomplete Life.”

“Incomplete Life” is based on the webtoon series of the same name. Immensely popular, it is hailed as a “textbook for salarymen,” for its honest depiction of corporate life