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2AM Jo Kwon to Act as a Gay Drag Queen in New Musical

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Taking on a new character challenge, 2AM Jo Kwon has been cast in the new music Priscilla, the Queen of the Desert.

On April 16, Newsen spoke with a JYP Entertainment rep, who said, “Jo Kwon has been cast as the main lead in the musical Priscilla."

Priscilla is a hit musical about a transgender and two gay men who travel to perform at a drag show. The 28 musical numbers in the production include hit pop songs by Madonna, Cindy Lauper, and other artists who are loved around the world.

Jo Kwon will be playing the role of Adam, a gay drag queen who sings and dances on stage.

“It’s a gay role. He could feel a bit burden by it, but because the role is quite unique and the production itself has a lot of good feedback, he decided to appear in it,” said the rep

Figure skating queen Kim Yuna sings and skates to 'Let It Go' in Samsung's new CF

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As a true "ice queen", figure skater Kim Yuna sang her own version of "Let It Go" from "Frozen" as she took to the ice to showcase her grace and skills for a CF!

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Kim Yuna proved that she is a triple-threat with her figure skating talent, visuals, and singing skills. She joined the children"s choir Cute Angels for Samsung"s "Smart Air Conditioner Q9000" for the song to make it extra special.

The figure skater will also perform an ice show for Samsung"s "All That Skate" at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium on May 4-6.

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul Makes Kissyfaces, 2NE1’s Minzy is the Lion Queen and More

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preview nextview 1/9 preview nextview The stars showed off their personalities, ranging from cute to hilarious, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

Actress Ha Ji Won update fans with a photo on Instagram, writing “Wild flowers...pretty.”

SNSD’s Sunny posted a selfie of herself in pigtails on Instagram on March 26.

Meanwhile, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul made kissyfaces at actor Jang Kwang, as indicated by this photo he posted on his Instagram.

JACE member Seung Hyun posted a photo with fellow You Who Came From the Stars actor Kim Soo Hyun on his Weibo on March 26.

SHINee’s Key posted a photo on his Instagram, showing off his latest Nike kicks with the caption “What a max.”

Dana updated fans with a selfie from a scenic field on March 27, writing “Riding on a 70,000 pyung green tea field in the drizzling rain

Figure skating queen Kim Yuna rumored to be in a relationship!

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The next dating report to come from Korean media outlet "Dispatch" is none other than 2010 Olympic gold medalist and 2014 Olympic silver medalist Kim Yuna, also known as "Queen Yuna"!

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The figure skater is rumored to be in a relationship with a hockey player by the name of Kim Won Joong. It"s said the two were able to grow close because they went to the same college and also shared the same ice rink during training in Korea. As figure skaters and hockey players practice at different times, it"s difficult to run into each other, but with the common skating interest as well as being college buddies and also training for the Olympics, the two are said to have grown a bond.

Due to their busy schedules, the two are said to only meet up two or so times a month, but they do make sure to spend special occasions together like their birthdays or Christmas eve

Retro queen Park Ji Yoon releases official audio for 'Beep'

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While we wait for the official music video, Mystic89 has treated fans to an the official audio for Park Ji Yoon"s latest single, "Beep"!

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Although Park Ji Yoon has been promoting "Beep" on music shows this past weekend but now the song is officially available on music sites.

She"s already released her pre-release track "Inner Space" (Korean title: "Brain Structure"). Both "Inner Space" and "Beep" were composed by Postino and written by the collaborative efforts of Park Ji Yoon herself and Yoon Jong Shin.

Which song is your favorite, ""Beep" or "Inner Space"?

MYNAME's Insoo shows off his moves with teaser video for Japanese album 'Five Stars'

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MYNAME has now revealed the next video teaser for upcoming Japanese album "Five Stars" featuring Insoo!

His teaser follows after his fellow members GunwooChaejinSeyong, and JunQ"s, and shows off Insoo"s upcoming look as he suits up but offers a contrast with his bandana and cornrows. He also shows us some of his skilled dance moves, leaving fans to wonder what kind of choreography the boys are preparing.

The album will be released on March 26, but stay tuned for more updates to come in the meantime as you check out the new one above!

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SNSD′s Yoona, the Queen of Natural Beauty

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Despite the trend among many female celebrities in Korea, who choose to have plastic surgery on their face, Girl’s Generation (SNSD)’s Yoona has always been named one of the rare natural beauties in the country.

As the star of the week, we thought a look into Yoona’s beauty from the time she was a child to now was worth our attention.

Yoona from Childhood to High School

Netizens began spreading Yoona’s childhood photos in online communities when SNSD made a head-turning debut.

Whoever spread the photos, and whatever their intentions were, they revealed that the SNSD member was indeed a natural beauty.

Even as a baby, Yoona still has the ′deer-like′ eyes that make us adore her.

Yoona′s face becomes more recognizable as she enters her teenage years

“Man From the Star’s” Jun Ji Hyun is the Queen of Purses in ELLE Magazine

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The natural beauty Jun Ji Hyun showed off stylish and chic purses for a pictorial in ELLE fashion magazine. The actress has been gaining much praise for her popular drama “Man From the Stars” where she plays the glamourous actress Chun Song Yi.

In this picture, Jun Ji Hyun looks comfortable and stylish in her loose black and white outfit. She complements the outfit with the snake skin V purse.

Jun Ji Hyun goes for a more formal and business look with her white blouse and gray blazer.

The glamourous actress displays the big V bag which was featured in the 8th episode of “Man From the Stars.”

Jun Ji Hyun looks ultra chic in this black leather one piece

Who Was Named This Year’s CF Queen?

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Actresses Shin Min Ah, Jun Ji Hyun, and miss A’s Suzy were named the CF (TV commercials) queens of 2013.

MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News,” which aired on December 29 revealed stars’ appearance on CFs and how much money they earn from being in a CF.

The reporters revealed, “Although Shin Min Ah did not make any TV appearances, she made 3 billion won (approximately $2.8 million). She recently purchased a house without spending money on anything else.”

miss A’s Suzy was also mentioned by another reporter who said, “Suzy appeared in 22 CFs in the past year. She gained the nickname ‘100 billion won girl.’”

Lastly, a reported stated, “Jun Ji Hyun left the world of CFs for a while, but made her return after appearing in ‘Thieves,’ and ‘Berlin’ as well as ‘Man from the Stars

Park Shin Hye to become a Queen in new film “King’s Costume-making Office”

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Korean actress Park Shin-hye is turning into a queen of the middle age of Korea.

Park has confirmed to star in new film, whose title is translated into “King’s Costume-making Office,” set to crank in next February, her agency S.A.L.T Entertainment said on Thursday.

Set in the real governmental office in the Joseon Dynasty, the period-set movie will center around the Queen and the King (Yoo Yeon-seok), who became embroiled in huge affair due to loyal courtier Dol-seok (Han Seok-gyu) and costume-making genius Gong-jin (Ko Soo)

Park Shin Hye to Go From a Poor Girl to a Queen

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The Heirs heroine Park Shin Hye will transform into a queen in her upcoming movie, Royal Tailor (tentative).

After acting as a girl from poor family in SBS’s The Heirs, Park Shin Hye decided to take on a role that is quite different than her previous role.

Royal Tailor is a film about love, talent, jealousy and desire revolving around the king, queen, and the royal tailors. The filming will start in February.

Park Shin Hye will act alongside the king, acted by Yoo Yeon Seok, and genius tailor Go Soo.

S.A.L.T Entertainment, Park Shin Hye’s agency, stated “We’ve decided on the movie because it has an interesting scenario based on things that happened during the Joseon dynasty and she will be able to show off her charms as a girl-turned-woman though the captivating character

Senior Singer Byun Jin Sub and Girl Group Queen B’Z Releases Collaboration Song MV

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Singer Byun Jin Sub, who made his debut in 1987 with first album “To Be Alone,” collaborated with rookie girl group Queen B’Z to release special mini album “Sweet Memories.”

The well-respected singer rearranged one of his biggest hits “Wishlist,” which was included in his second album in 1993. He was still considered a rookie at the time, which makes the collaboration more meaningful as he teams up with today’s rookie artists for “Wishlist.”

The song talks about what kind of ideal men women want these days while the song also conveys the male’s perspective in their desired ideal type.

Without further ado, watch and listen to the music video below!

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Ice Queen Kim Ji Won Cries within 3 Seconds with Lee Min Ho in The Heirs

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Oh wow! The Ice Queen – Rachel Yoo (Kim Ji Won) has finally cracked and cried in front of Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) in another latest stills from The Heirs. The news article notes that this scene will be aired in tonight’s episode.

The crew and Lee Min Ho made sure they keep the filming site quiet for Kim Ji Won so that she can focus on expressing her emotions when the camera starts rolling. Kim Ji Won impresses the crews by tearing up within 3 seconds for this scene and successfully complete the filming within an hour. It will be the first time viewers see her vulnerable side. Kim Ji Won shares that she listens to music and forms images in her mind (of the written script) to keep herself focus when in preparation for the crying scene

Dancing Queen Kahi Takes You Behind the Scenes of MV “It’s ME”

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Dancing queen Kahi takes us behind the scenes of her new music video “It’s ME,” and shows us how to stroll around Barcelona like the coolest girl in the world.

The fashionable entertainer appears with her eye-catching blonde hairdo and sophisticated style as she films her music video in beautiful Spain. Her mature and edgy style fits well with the classical and urban landscape.

Even though Kahi is busy shooting her music video, she still makes time to greet her fans. In the video, we see Kahi talk with a group of teenage fans and take photos with them. She also gives an exclusive solo dance performance in a stylish red suit and flashes her signature smile as she jokes around with the camera crew.

Kahi’s new electronic dance single “It’s ME” comes from her 2nd mini album “Who are you?” and features L

Crayon Pop Dances in the Moonlight for ‘Dancing Queen 2.0’

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Bringing an exciting song back into the spotlight, Crayon Pop released a music video for Dancing Queen 2.0.

The video came out on September 27 and proved to have the spunk and humor of the Crayon Pop members as shown to their mega hit, Bar Bar Bar. Crayon Pop released Dancing Queen in November of 2012, but promoted the song without a music video, which is why the group created one now for the fans.

Crayon Pop released its mini album, Saturday Night on September 26,which includes remixed version of Bar Bar Bar, Bing Bing, Saturday Night and Dancing Queen.

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