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Rom-Com Queen Lee Ha-na Returns to Airwaves

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Actress Lee Ha-na has returned to television in a new romantic comedy after a five-year absence. The 32-year-old plays a clumsy office worker in the tvN drama "The King of High School Manners".

The Chosun Ilbo met Lee on set in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province, on Monday. "I cannot deny that I"m good at playing bubbly roles in rom coms", she said confidently, adding that she reevaluated her career during her time off. "I thought a lot about what fans want to see from me during the break". Lee was known for her quirky but lovable characters from previous dramas but felt typecast despite fans" support. "I had a hard time because the roles I wanted were different from what fans expected from me", she said. "But now I"ve come to terms with it and try to focus my efforts on doing what I"m good at. I just hope people can relieve some of their stress from everyday life by watching my dramas -- like a nice cup of coffee"

Choo Sarang maintains her title as the "eating broadcast queen" in preview cuts for "Superman is Back"

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Choo Sarang will once again charm viewers as she continues to maintain her title as the "eating broadcast queen" for "Superman is Back"!

On the upcoming episode, Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang went on a play date with other families at a zoo. Choo Sung Hoon and the other families treated each of the kids to ice cream at a food joint where Choo Sarang caught the attention of everyone there with her never-ending appetite.

Choo Sarang found all kinds of ways to eat her soft serve ice cream cone and once she was done, Choo Sung Hoon told her, "Sarang ate it all. Now stop." But she didn"t want to miss out on any of the ice cream left and put the entire plate over her mouth to wipe the plate clean. This left her with an ice cream mustache, leaving the others to chuckle

Jun Ji Hyun Is the Advertising Queen

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Jun Ji Hyun has been crowned the queen of all Korea’s CF models.

According to Korea’s Advertising Research Institute, she was domestic advertisers’ top pick for the month of June, being chosen by 10.97% of those surveyed and maintaining her position at the top of the charts from February to April. The results were influenced by the popularity of her recent drama, “Man From the Stars.”

However, it is unknown whether she will continue to hold advertisers’ interest into July. A political controversy involving the Chinese drinking water brand she modeled for as well as allegations of plagiarism regarding one of her beer CF advertisements have the potential to negatively affect her image.

Jun Ji Hyun was followed in second place by Korea’s ice queen Kim Yuna, winning a total of 9

R&B queen Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) sings bittersweet ballad for 'Temptation' OST

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R&B queen Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) sang a bittersweet ballad for the "Temptation" OST!

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The love song, which features piano and strings, tells the story of a fated love that can"t be denied and was played as the ending theme on the July 14th premiere of the drama. It was produced by Choi Kab Won, Kim Do Hoon, and Lee Hyun Seung, who also collaborated for Baek Ji Young"s hit song "Don"t Forget" and Gummy"s "Love You Even if I Die".

Listen to the song above! Did you watch the premiere of "Temptation"?

Jo Kwon again addresses criticism regarding his drag queen role for musical 'Priscilla'

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It appears the criticism is not over yet for 2AM"s Jo Kwon, who has challenged himself of late by taking on a gay drag queen role for musical, "Priscilla." Already, he addressed criticism with the release of the promo images. Once again, he left a very long message on his social media on July 8 after the press call for the musical.

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He wrote:

"I know that there are a lot of misunderstandings and malicious comments toward the many pictures taken by the press. I am writing this to help people understand... You could think that it is just a gay show from the poster or pictures. However, our musical "Priscilla" is not just a musical that portrays the homosexual and transgenders" views, but also a sincere musical that portrays family, friendship, love, paternal love, and emotions

Jo Kwon responds to the negative comments towards his promo images and gay drag queen role for musical 'Priscilla'

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2AM"s Jo Kwon has been attracting quite a bit of interest lately with the eye-catching promo images for his upcoming musical "Priscilla", for which he will be playing a gay drag queen. However, it seems some left rude comments regarding him taking on the role as well as belittling his promo images for the musical, leading Jo Kwon to respond with his thoughts on the matter.

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As mentioned earlier, Jo Kwon plays the role of Felicia in "Priscilla", a story about two drag queens and a transsexual who perform at a resort in a remote desert. Jo Kwon has been sharing the news of his musical on his Instagram with photos of him dressing in drag, bringing a mixed set of responses.

It seems Jo Kwon wanted to make sure and get his thoughts about this across to a wide audience as he wrote in English

A Pink's Eunji is a cute trot queen in behind-cuts for 'Trot Lovers'

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A Pink"s Eunji made it hard for fans to wait for the premiere of her upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama "Trot Lovers" with behind-cuts of her looking like the cutest trot queen ever!

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It has been reported that Eunji always arrives to the set early and gets deep into practicing her script. She"s also the energizer on set with her cheerful charms and is humble enough to consistently ask the director and sunbaes for advice. Fans last saw her in a shimmery gold dress and now they get to see her in a shimmery red dress which suits her new black hairstyle and trot queen image.

The drama"s rep commented, "Eunji"s lovely smile recharges the morale of the staff who are exhausted by the heat wave

Choo Sarang becomes the youngest CF queen with 13 CFs

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Choo Sarang now has 13 CFs under her tiny belt, making her the youngest CF queen ever!

Because of KBS 2TV"s "Superman is Back", Choo Sarang has been the heartthrob of all viewers as the cutie pie of the show. Her adorable aegyo and incredible "eating broadcasst" landed her the spot as the "nation"s baby". 

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Even though all of the children on "Superman is Back" are receiving a lot of love, Choo Sarang has snagged the title of the "CF queen" with the most number of endorsements under her name. 

Who is your favorite child on "Superman is Back"?

Ballad queen Baek Ji Young announces her domestic tour kicking off in September

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Baek Ji Young will return to the fans who are "still in love" with her music through her upcoming solo concert!

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According to her agency WS Entertainment on the 28th, the ballad queen will kick off her domestic tour in Seoul on September 20. She will perform in a total of four cities across South Korea, making this her first concert in a year since "An Outing After 7 Years" last February.

Baek Ji Young recently made her comeback with "Still in Love" and will perform her first comeback stage on "Show Champion"!

Figure Skating Queen Kim Yuna Goes Vintage for Vogue Korea

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Figure-skating Olympic gold and silver medalist Kim Yuna tried a vintage look during her photoshoot for Vogue Korea. Known for her elegance on the ice, Kim Yuna seamlessly transitioned her natural grace and poise into an editorial setting. The images that were released depicted the former skater with a black-and-white vintage feel; from long to short, Kim Yuna was able to successfully pull off different outfits. Furthermore, unlike the usual updo that many have seen Kim Yuna sport while on the ice, the two-time Olympic medalist had her hair styled in defined waves, reminiscent of a 1920′s flapper.

Perhaps it was her familiarity with practicing for long hours, but Kim Yuna did not show any signs of fatigue throughout the eight-hour photoshoot

Kahi Posts Photo with Ice Skating Queen Kim Yuna

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Singer Kahi has posted a photograph of herself with Olympic figure skating gold medalist Kim Yuna. The picture was uploaded to the former After School leader’s Instagram account on May 5.

Kahi was one of the many fans who turned up at Seoul’s Olympic Park Gymnasium for Kim Yuna’s farewell skating performance, held on May 4-6. It appears the singer was able to use her star status to sneak behind the scenes and get her picture taken with the ice skating queen, though the image reveals Kahi looking a little bashful in the presence of the sporting heroine.

The ex-After School singer is currently starring in the musical “Bonnie and Clyde,” alongside ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik at Seoul BBC Art Center, which runs until June 29

2AM Jo Kwon to Act as a Gay Drag Queen in New Musical

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Taking on a new character challenge, 2AM Jo Kwon has been cast in the new music Priscilla, the Queen of the Desert.

On April 16, Newsen spoke with a JYP Entertainment rep, who said, “Jo Kwon has been cast as the main lead in the musical Priscilla."

Priscilla is a hit musical about a transgender and two gay men who travel to perform at a drag show. The 28 musical numbers in the production include hit pop songs by Madonna, Cindy Lauper, and other artists who are loved around the world.

Jo Kwon will be playing the role of Adam, a gay drag queen who sings and dances on stage.

“It’s a gay role. He could feel a bit burden by it, but because the role is quite unique and the production itself has a lot of good feedback, he decided to appear in it,” said the rep

Figure skating queen Kim Yuna sings and skates to 'Let It Go' in Samsung's new CF

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As a true "ice queen", figure skater Kim Yuna sang her own version of "Let It Go" from "Frozen" as she took to the ice to showcase her grace and skills for a CF!

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Kim Yuna proved that she is a triple-threat with her figure skating talent, visuals, and singing skills. She joined the children"s choir Cute Angels for Samsung"s "Smart Air Conditioner Q9000" for the song to make it extra special.

The figure skater will also perform an ice show for Samsung"s "All That Skate" at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium on May 4-6.

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul Makes Kissyfaces, 2NE1’s Minzy is the Lion Queen and More

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preview nextview 1/9 preview nextview The stars showed off their personalities, ranging from cute to hilarious, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

Actress Ha Ji Won update fans with a photo on Instagram, writing “Wild flowers...pretty.”

SNSD’s Sunny posted a selfie of herself in pigtails on Instagram on March 26.

Meanwhile, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul made kissyfaces at actor Jang Kwang, as indicated by this photo he posted on his Instagram.

JACE member Seung Hyun posted a photo with fellow You Who Came From the Stars actor Kim Soo Hyun on his Weibo on March 26.

SHINee’s Key posted a photo on his Instagram, showing off his latest Nike kicks with the caption “What a max.”

Dana updated fans with a selfie from a scenic field on March 27, writing “Riding on a 70,000 pyung green tea field in the drizzling rain

Figure skating queen Kim Yuna rumored to be in a relationship!

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The next dating report to come from Korean media outlet "Dispatch" is none other than 2010 Olympic gold medalist and 2014 Olympic silver medalist Kim Yuna, also known as "Queen Yuna"!

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The figure skater is rumored to be in a relationship with a hockey player by the name of Kim Won Joong. It"s said the two were able to grow close because they went to the same college and also shared the same ice rink during training in Korea. As figure skaters and hockey players practice at different times, it"s difficult to run into each other, but with the common skating interest as well as being college buddies and also training for the Olympics, the two are said to have grown a bond.

Due to their busy schedules, the two are said to only meet up two or so times a month, but they do make sure to spend special occasions together like their birthdays or Christmas eve