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Woman Crush Wednesday: “Prime Minister and I’s” Nam Da Jung

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This week on Woman Crush Wednesday, we’re taking a trip to the Blue House and featuring the Prime Minister’s contract wife, Nam Da Jung, in “Prime Minister and I.” As a scandal reporter, she was following the Prime Minister candidate, Kwon Yul, for the next big scoop or an exclusive, but ended up getting caught in a compromising situation. In a sudden whirl of events, the tale was spun that they were in love, and as the hole they dug got deeper and deeper, marriage bells were forced to ring.

But Nam Da Jung becomes a breath of fresh air for the lonely, guilt-ridden Kwon Yul and it isn’t long before real sparks start flying. Even though “Prime Minister and I” ended with 17 episodes, for me, the drama reached its happy ending in Episode 13

1theK releases fourth and last episode for “Prime” ft. WINNER

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1theK’s “Prime” releases the last episode featuring WINNER!

On September 5th, 1theK uploaded WINNER’s fourth and last episode for “Prime” where 99 fans had the chance to meet the group. Set in Club 99, the audience waved light sticks as they welcomed each member walking down the runway.

Excited fans were able to view special behind-the-scenes footage from both their teasers and music video. As the footage played, WINNER shared the behind story of their trip and exchanged funny banters on their recent trip to New York. In the said session, they mentioned how Minho almost made them miss their flight back to Korea.

In the second half of the meet, WINNER, showing their close bond with their fans, revealed personal information about themselves during their talk session

WINNER meet with fans for last episode of "Prime"

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WINNER met up with fans for the last part of the "PRIME" series!


In the YG Entertainment group"s final part of their 4-part "PRIME" feature, the boys had a special meeting with 99 fans in a segment called "Club99". The WINNER members shared behind-the-scenes stories from their debut music videos for "Empty" and "Color Ring" and had a high-touch time with the fans!

Check it all out above!

WINNER share their thoughts on debut and more in 3rd episode of "Prime" series

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WINNER shared their thoughts on their debut and more for 1theK"s "PRIME" series!

For part 3 of their 4-part "PRIME" series, the boys of WINNER sat down for a "Profile" and interview. The YG Entertainment group discussed their debut stage, how they felt about topping the charts, and tracks in their album. 

Check it all out above! (Make sure to turn on subs.)

WINNER Reveals Thoughts on Debut, Topping the Charts, and More on 1theK’s “PRIME”

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On the third episode of 1theK “PRIME,” WINNER shared their feelings and stories about their album with their fans.

In the video uploaded on 1theK’s official YouTube channel on September 2, WINNER appeared in the “Profile” episode of the online program “PRIME” wherein they got to express their thoughts about the group and their music.

The five guys talked about what “WINNER” means to them, how they felt during their debut stage and when they ranked first place on the music chart, and what they think of the songs in their album, among others.

Aside from their sincere thoughts, the members of WINNER also showed their playful side as they goofed around and had fun while answering the questions.

1theK’s “PRIME” is a new program wherein fans can enjoy seeing their favorite artists answer interesting questions during interviews, perform live performances, and even hold fan meetings within four episodes

WINNER"s 1st two episodes on 1theK"s show "PRIME"

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1theK has its new original online show entitled "PRIME," a platform to enjoy your favorite artist"sperformances, interview and fan meeting within four episodes.

YG Entertainment"s WINNER was featured. On the first episode, WINNER sang the acoustic version of "Color Ring, " while on the second episode they performed their debut song "Empty."  The third episode will be released on September 2nd.

Watch below:

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SOURCE:  1theK (former LOEN MUSIC)

WINNER performs “Empty” for 1theK’s show, “Prime”

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On the second episode of 1theK’s “Prime,” WINNER showcased their vocal talent and dance moves in a performance of their debut song “Empty.”

The performance took place in a naturally lit, spacious room with diffuse ambient light. In contrast with the original music video, this performance of “Empty” has an airier feel because of the lighting, which allows fans to see the song from a different perspective.

Fans have responded enthusiastically, happy to experience more of WINNER’s smooth choreography and good looks.

Earlier this month, WINNER made their debut with “Empty,” which was met with incredible success. In addition, last week, the group did an impressive acoustic live performance of another one of their songs, “Color Ring,” for the first episode of “Prime

WINNER Gives Off Emotional Performance of “Empty” in 1theK “PRIME”

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After doing a soulful rendition of “Color Ring,” the five boys of YG Entertainment‘s super rookie group WINNER showed off their acting prowess in the second episode of 1theK “PRIME” wherein they performed their song, “Empty.”

Released on August 29, the second episode of Winner on 1theK’s “PRIME” featured the boys’ inspired performance of their hip-hop ballad “Empty.”

Shot in a spacious and relatively empty apartment, the boys of WINNER perfectly acted out emotions of longing for someone who has recently broke up with a loved one.

1theK’s “PRIME” is a new program wherein fans can enjoy seeing their favorite artists answer interesting questions during interviews, perform live performances, and even hold fan meetings within four episodes

WINNER perform "Empty" for 1theK"s new "PRIME" series

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WINNER showcased their vocals and choreography for "Empty" on the 2nd episode of 1theK"s new "PRIME" series!

This is part of 1theK"s new "PRIME" series, which is apparently made up of 4 parts that will include performances, interview, and mini fan meetings. WINNER crooned a live acoustic version of "Color Ring" for the 1st episode, a performance version of "Empty" for the 2nd episode, and will feature in a 3rd episode which will be released on September 2.

Check out their soft and sexy performance of "Empty"!

WINNER Shows Off Vocal Charms in Acoustic Version of “Color Ring” in 1theK “PRIME”

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On the first ever episode of 1theK‘s newest program, “PRIME,” YG Entertainment‘s super rookie group WINNER showed off their vocal charms and sang the acoustic version of their latest single, “Color Ring.”

The video of the acoustic live performance uploaded on 1theK’s YouTube channel on August 26 showed the five members of WINNER in chic casual black and white outfits that fit the stylish and charismatic aura of the group.

Leader Kang Seungyoon sat in the middle and played the acoustic guitar, vocals Nam Taehyun and Kim Jinwoo are seated on each of his sides and rappers Lee Seunghoon and Song Minho stood at the back. The five members poured out their emotions as they sang the live rendition of “Color Ring” as Kang Seungyoon strummed the guitar

WINNER perform acoustic version of "Color Ring" for 1theK"s new "PRIME" series

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Hot rookie group WINNER are here to treat fans to the acoustic version of their song "Color Ring"!

This is part of 1theK"s new "PRIME" series, which is apparently made up of 4 parts that will include performances, interview, and mini fan meetings. The first episode for WINNER is a live acoustic performance of their latest song.

The only bad part of this video is that it"s too short! However, you"ll be treated to episode 2 of this segment coming up on the 29th featuring more from the members. So stay tuned while you check out "Color Ring"s acoustic version above!

Taecyeon jokes that 2PM was too young during Kim Hee Sun's prime and shares his aspiration as an actor

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2PM"s Taecyeon jokingly assured HOTTEST that he doesn"t have his eyes on his "Very Good Days" co-star Kim Hee Sun!

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The February 22 installment of "Entertainment Relay" sat down with the cast of "Very Good Days" and the reporter asked, "Since you"re with the beautiful Kim Hee Sun, I feel like your members would be jealous." Taecyeon shared, "But to be honest, we were too young during Hee Sun noona"s prime..." 

When Kim Hee Sun heard this she jokingly got up and acted like she was angry making Taecyeon go in defense mode with a bright smile.

The reporter also brought up Taecyeon"s wish to focus on acting, leading Kim Hee Sun to jokingly fire back that he"ll leave 2PM

“Prime Minister and I” Actor Yoon Shi Yoon Talks About YoonA’s Real Personality

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Actor Yoon Shi Yoon earned the nickname of “bookworm” for always having a book in his hands, even on the drama set and was recently picked as the most clean-cut celebrity by industry insiders. In an interview with Sports Seoul, Yoon Shi Yoon talked about filming the drama, “Prime Minister And I” and his co-star, Girl’s Generation member YoonA. In the drama,Yoon Shi Yoon plays the role of Kang In Ho, the Prime Minister’s assistant, who develops feelings for YoonA’s character, Nam Da Jung.

Yoon Shi Yoon went on to give YoonA glowing praise for her professionalism and sweet personality. “YoonA is such a down-to-earth person with a good heart. She’s pure; she’s a great actress. She has a way of expressing gentle emotions in a sweet way

Lee Bum Soo’s Reveals Thoughts on Wrapping Up “Prime Minister and I”

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Actor Lee Bum Soo recently revealed how he felt about KBS 2TV drama “Prime Minister and I” ending its run via a handwritten letter which he posted on his Twitter on February 5.

He began by saying, “When a project ends, memories remain.” He briefly mentioned the unfortunate events that had befallen him, such as his father’s passing shortly after drama filming began and his hand injury for which he was unable to receive surgery on during the drama.

“We shared a short four months together and today we go back to our daily lives, but the faces of the colleagues who gave comfort to my exhausted mind and body come to mind.”

Lee Bum Soo followed by thanking those that he had worked with one by one, such as Lee Han Wi, Ryu Jin and Yoon Shi Yoon, as well as the rest of the staff

Lee Bum Soo shares his thoughts on the loss of his father and the cast of 'Prime Minister and I'

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Lee Bum Soo warmed hearts this winter with his handwritten letter of gratitude to the cast, staff, and viewers of "Prime Minister and I" following its finale.

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Lee Bum Soo shared his handwritten letter on Twitter on the 5th: "Once the production ends, the memories will stick with me. From the first filming, my father, who was my life mentor, passed away, and I had to go through grief and suffered a fractured finger during filming. Through the nonstop filming day after day, I was able to experience the fate of an actor with no time to recover normally from it."

"Around today when it becomes four months that were both long and short since [the first filming], I think of my colleagues" faces who encouraged me, who was exhausted in both body and mind