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T-ara"s Eunjung shows off her perfect body through "international bnt"

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T-ara"s Eunjung showed off her perfect body through a fitness photoshoot!

She"s recently lost 10 kg (22 lbs) through strict dieting, pilates and PT, and she showed off the amazing results through the "international bnt" photoshoot! She revealed that it would have been hard if it she just thought of it as a normal diet, but she did it by thinking she was showing love to her body, so she had fun.

Check out the BTS video and some of her photos below!

Miss A’s Suzy Seems Like The Perfect Model For Casual Sports Wear MLB

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Casual sports brand wear MLB revealed a pictorial of Miss A’s Suzy wearing several of its clothing for the 2014 F/W season.

MLB’s acting chief of the marketing team Kim Soo Han declared, “For this F/W’s products, we have made them to be wearable right from early fall when it’s quite warm during the day but a bit cold at night. With layered clothing, MLB is showing its originality through this pictorial. We paid careful attention to our stadium jackets which is what we’re known for and to the monster jackets as contrary to its name, we made sure it provided our customers with a slim fit once they wear them.”

From August 20, the monster jackets, which are expected to be a huge hit, will be out in stores and in a first come first serve basis, customers who buy this very jacket will be handed a lucky box from the brand’s MONSTER PACK promotion

A Pink Reveals Unrealistically Perfect Skin Without Makeup on “Showtime”

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On the second episode of “A Pink’s Showtime” that aired on August 14, member Yoon Bomi walked around with a self camera attempting to get a shot of the other members after they had washed off their makeup.

Her attempts were not easy, as the other members were hesitant to readily cooperate with her filming. But Bomi did not give up! After various attempts, she finally got a shot of their bare faces.

This episode garnered much attention because their skin was so perfect even without makeup. Their makeup-less faces enhanced their sweet, innocent charms.

Meanwhile, “A Pink’s Showtime” airs every Thursday on MBC Every1. A Pink guest stars for the third season of the show, following EXO and BEAST.

What do you guys think of their bare faces?

Which INFINITE member is your perfect match?

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Summer is almost over! Before it"s gone, what would you like to do again? Go on a romantic trip and plan an event for my significant other~ ✓ Just go clubbing all day, e"er day - all seasons, too, really - the cold can"t stop my moves! ✓ Bring out the inner bookworm! Read under a tree in the park. ✓ Volunteer my services for fun outdoor activities! ✓ Visit the beach! Ooh the waves! Sandcastles! ✓ Shopping. Endless shopping galore for summer stuff before it"s time to bundle up again. ✓ Enjoy nature -- take pictures of nature -- look good for nature. ✓ You"re going to buy a timepiece as a present to yourself.. what type do you pick? An alarm clock! Don"t want to be running late! ✓ A small clock on a long necklace chain. ✓ A small, delicate Rolex Cellini with a leather strap would work. ✓ An expensive Patek Philippe watch that will appreciate in value over time

Eom Ji-won to play a perfect principal

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Actress Eom Ji-won of the TV drama "She Gets Married Thrice" on JTBC has confirmed her new role in the film "Girl".Eom will act as the principal of an all-girl"s school who exhibits exemplary behavior to all of the students. But she ends up showing her darker side to a student named Ju-ran, who gets close to knowing the school"s biggest secret. Ju-ran will be played by actress Park Bo-yeong.The movie will depict stories happening at a girl students" dormitory back in 1930 when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule. The movie is scheduled to be released next year. The filming started on Sunday.BY LEE SUN-MIN []

[POP QUIZ] Which SISTAR member is your perfect match?

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Time to cool off with some watermelon. How do you like to eat it? Scoop the watermelon with a spoon and pop them in your mouth ice cream style. Quirk marks the spot. ✓ Watermelon? By itself? Likely story. Give me all the fruits you have – Imma eat "em all. ✓ Cut the watermelon into dainty pieces and place them on a plate. ✓ Just gobble it up, seeds and all. ✓ You break up with your bf/gf! How do you cope? Put on a bright smile. Happier days will come again, right? ✓ Silently weep alone in your room. ✓ Sweat out all the memories - work out til you drop! ✓ Gurrl, you must not know "bout me. I can have another guy in a minute, matter of fact he"ll be here in a minute. ✓ Tattoo time! Which body part do you want to permanently ink for the rest of yo life? Upper chest area. ✓ Wrist. ✓ No tattoo for me, thank you. ✓ Lower back

Clara reveals the secrets to her perfect body on "Beauty+"

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Clara revealed how she keeps her amazing figure.

She recently held a photoshoot with the magazine "Beauty+". Instead of her usually sexy image, she went for a more elegant and innocent image instead, wearing almost no makeup with a white one-piece dress.

In the interview, she revealed how she kept her figure. She chose dancing diet as the best, and said, "If you follow Girl"s Day"s "Female President" choreography, there"s a lot of moves where they twist their upper and lower bodies in different directions. It"s the best for making abs."

She added, "I exercised for 2 hours every day for 6 months. I maintain my s-line through lifting dumbbells."

On food tips, she said, "When I eat bibimbap, I don"t put in the pepper paste or sesame oil

Jessica comments she likes her "Ice Princess" nickname

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Jessica revealed that she liked her "ice princess" nickname!
Jessica and Krystal had an interview with MBC"s "Section TV". During the interview, Jessica said, "I thought all siblings were like us. I cook often for Krystal."

On her nickname, she said, "I like it because not anyone can have the nickname". She also gave Krystal a nickname on the spot because Krystal didn"t have one, and the nickname she gave made everyone burst into laughter.
The interview will air at 3:10 PM KST on the 3rd!

Kim Soo Hyun and Angelababy Are a Perfect-Looking Couple for Samsonite Pictorial

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Kim Soo Hyun and Angelababy‘s unreleased pictures of their pictorial have been revealed.

The pictorial was for the bag brand Samsonite for the 2014 Fall/Winter season.

While the two are from different nationalities the two stars apparently bonded very well and they look very stylish for this business casual-themed pictorial.

Being Samsonite’s global model, Angelababy looks lovelier than ever with her cute smile and chic-looking red lipstick.

Samsonite’s new products can be seen from the beginning of August.

In other news, Kim Soo Hyun has set a new record for appearing in 35 commercials, which means having 35 product endorsement deals. 15 of them are for South Korean product endorsements and others, like Coca Cola, Samsung Electronics, and Häagen-Dazs and many others are for Chinese and Asian product endorsements

5 K-Dramas that are perfect to get your friends addicted to

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If you’ve been struggling to find ways to get your friends into Korean dramas, or just Asian dramas in general, fear no more! These K-Dramas provide everything from romantic comedy to science fiction. I’m sure many of you have already watched at least some of these dramas, but if you haven’t, you should consider marathoning them with some of your friends! This will probably end up succeeding in getting them into Korean dramas, at least a little bit. So next time your friends have a sleepover, bring out the junk food and put on a K-Drama for all to enjoy! Here are 5 new shows you can start with:

1) My Love From Another Star

People all over the world were bewitched by this show about a 400 year old alien who falls in love with a modern-day Hallyu actress

Lee Kwang Soo impresses with the perfect portrayal of his character with Tourette syndrome on “It’s Okay, That’s Love”

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The giraffe we all love from Running Man because of his sense of humor and variety skills is now impressing viewers with his acting skills from the new SBS drama “It’s Okay, That’s Love”.

Lee Kwang Soo is playing the role of Park Soo Gwang, son of Sung Dong Il, who has Tourette syndrome. Standing behind his parents" door, Kwang Soo showed signs of Tourette syndrome making involuntary tics or repetitive movements and sounds. 

Because of his perfect portrayal, netizens flattered him with compliments such as, "Lee Kwang Soo portrayed his character well! I didn"t expect he"s doing such role.","He"s so versatile. I like his acting.","He"s going to be a good actor in the future.","I"m going to watch your acting from now on." and more.

Meanwhile, “It’s Okay, That’s Love” premiered on July 23 and airs every Wednesday and Thursday on SBS

f(x)'s Sulli lives out a princess fantasy in 'Etude House' CF

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f(x)"s Sulli lived out a pink princess fantasy in her "Etude House" CF!

SEE ALSO: f(x) earn themselves the "Show Champion" trophy for "Red Light"

The CF starts with what sounds to be Krystal"s voice-over as she tells girls that they"re all born a princess. Following that introduction to her true identity, Sulli entered a secret entryway to a dream house where she can turn anything pink!

Watch Sulli let her pink out in the CF!

Park Shin Hye is Princess of Fan Service at ‘Median’ Fan-Signing Event

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Park Shin Hye shared special moments with her fans.

As the model of Amore Pacific’s dental beauty care brand ‘Median,’ Park Shin Hye attended a fan signing event titled ‘It’s White’ to spread the importance of dental care.

The fan signing event held on July 15 in e-mart in Sungso gathered a large crowd of fans who came to see the actress.

Park Shin Hye met eyes with each of the fans that came to see her, responding to their enthusiasm with smiles. She also caught attention by sharing her own tips on maintaining healthy, white teeth.

Park Shin Hye said, “I continually use ‘It’s White’ products in order to smile confidently. The products also have a pretty design so it’s a must-have item in my pouch.”

Randomly selected fans also received ‘Park Shin Hye dental beauty kit’ and took pictures with the actress on the spot

Song Ji Hyo Asks for Princess Treatment on ‘Running Man’

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It appears being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked out to be.

On the July 13 broadcast of SBS’ Running Man, Song Ji Hyo got to be a princess for a day - much to her dismay.

Upon arriving on the scene dressed as Snow White, Song Ji Hyo hid her face in shame, saying “Can I please change my clothes? This is so embarrassing.”

Although she was to play princess for a day, Song Ji Hyo wasn’t feeling the princess treatment from the staff and other members as they teased her, leading her to exclaim, “Please treat me like a princess! What kind of princess is [treated] this?”

Fiestar’s Jei Joins Cast of ‘Surplus Princess’

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Fiestar’s Jei will be joining the others in an upcoming drama Surplus Princess.

According to multiple broadcasting affiliates, Jei has recently been confirmed to appear in tvN’s upcoming drama Surplus Princess.

An affiliate of Surplus Princess told Newsen on July 10, “It’s true that Jei is starring in Surplus Princess. She will be acting as Song Jae Rim’s assistant chef.”

Meanwhile, Surplus Princess is a romance fantasy drama inspired by ‘Little Mermaid.’ It will depict the story of a mermaid who becomes human and begins her life in Seoul as she searches for true love.

The drama is set to air on August 7.

Photo credit: Newsen