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miss A’s Fei Places Her “Naughty Hands” on Min

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On August 1, Fei of miss A revealed a photo with the concept of “Troublemaker” and a caption that said, “Min is so cool, too! Good night, my love.” In this photo, Fei and her fellow member Min can be seen posing very intimately with each other. Fei has her hands on top of Min’s chest and Min has her hands on Fei’s butt. But if you look closely, Min playfully makes a sneaky expression while she has her hands of Fei’s butt, bringing fans to laughter.

Netizens showed various reactions, saying, “Min’s facial expression is so cute!” “Min’s hands are bad hands,” “Fei is so sexy.”

Meanwhile, miss A will once again perform in front of fans at the upcoming 2014 JYP Nation concert, which is scheduled to be held this August.

Upcoming Drama “The Mermaid” to Have Provocative Yet Cute Materials

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The producer of CJ E&M, Baek Seung Ryong, revealed the relationship between the SNL parodies and the upcoming drama, “The Mermaid.”

On July 30, at the Seoul 63 Convention Center, the press conference for tvN’s upcoming drama, “The Mermaid,” was held. Baek Seung Ryong informed that, “We will include parodies within the drama and will include the characteristics of ‘SNL Korea.”

Producer Baek Seung Ryong has worked on “SNL Korea” and “Rude Miss Young Ae.”

Continuing on, he said, “Just like we did in ‘SNL Korea,’ we’re planning on including a music video every week. Just because it’s R-Rated, it won’t have just provocative material but will focus on including outrageous materials

JYP Entertainment clears speculation about miss A’s Suzy getting sexually harassed

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While attending the “Second Water Gun Sprite Shower” event, pictures and videos spread like wildfire all over the internet that caused fans of Suzy to call out the alleged “sexual harassment” incident.

On the 26th of July, Korea’s sweetheart, miss A’s Suzy attended the festival, after receiving lots of love for her Sprite commercial that was released a few months back. Hyping up the crowd with her upbeat and bright personality, Suzy answered questions from the host and even took a “Sprite shower” with the crowd.

The festival ended well and was deemed a success. However, pictures and videos started to rise to the attention of netizens and fans, showing the host of the event laying a hand on Suzy’s thigh. Fans were furious, stating that this was sexual harassment in broad daylight

miss A"s Min is a sexy, blonde bombshell for "International bnt"

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miss A"s Min took part in a fun and diverse photo shoot recently with "International BNT"! Either sporting funky patterns amidst even funkier backgrounds, going for a sweet and innocent look in a babydoll dress, or perfecting a sexy beach look in a bikini-and-denim outfit, she pulled off all the different styles while displaying her unique charms.

In the interview, Min stated, "Even if I had not become a singer, I think I would"ve still continued working in the music sphere. I like dancing so much. I really want to do solo promotions."

When asked about ideal types, she said, "When I"m talking to somebody, I look at his eyes. Looking at his eyes, I think about that person alone." Because of that sweet and innocent response, she was asked about taking part in a photo shoot with a highly exposed body

miss A’s Jia Considering Offer to Star Alongside Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei in Korean-Chinese Film “Third Love”

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miss A member Jia has received an offer to act in a Korean-Chinese joint production titled “Third Love,” and is in the middle of looking it over.

On July 30, a representative of miss A’s agency, JYP Entertainment, told MyDaily, “After receiving a casting offer for ‘Third Love,’ Jia is currently considering it positively.”

“Third Love” is a Korea and China co-produced film that will be led by director Lee Jae Han. As of now, actor Song Seung Hun and Chinese actress Liu Yifei have confirmed their casting for this new movie.

If confirmed, this will be Jia’s first time hitting the big screen, following her television debut in China, through the drama “One and a Half Summer,” which also starred 2PM’s Nichkhun

miss A"s Jia in talks to join Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei in movie "Third Love"

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miss A"s Jia is in talks to make her movie debut through the movie adaptation of the Chinese bestseller "Third Love"!

JYP Entertainment told TV Report, "Jia received the casting offer for the film "The Third Kind of Love" and is positively reviewing it."

If confirmed, she will be joining names like Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei in the movie, which is expected to draw much interest. Jia has also been building up her acting skills, having starred in the Chinese drama "One and a Half Summer", also starring 2PM"s Nichkhun.

The movie is set to premiere next year.

Jo Bo Ah and Song Jae Rim Share an Underwater Kiss for “The Mermaid”

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TvN drama “The Mermaid” revealed an underwater kiss scene between actors Jo Bo Ah and Song Jae Rim.

“The Mermaid,” which has its first broadcast on August 7, is based on the fairy tale of the same name and replicated the romantic kiss scene, which is already moving the hearts of women.

In the picture, you can see the mermaid (Jo Bo Ah) sharing a electrifying kiss with a normal human male (Song Jae Rim) in the water. Song Jae Rim is sure to make fans’ hearts flutter come the first episode when he grabs Jo Bo Ah’s waist and pulls her in.

“The Mermaid” director Baek Seung Ryong revealed his feelings, saying, “Jo Bo Ah had to do quite a bit of underwater scenes, so she has worked hard. Despite shooting for over 14 hours, she continues to film with a bright expression

Reports suggest Shindong may miss out on Super Junior promotions with Leeteuk due to enlistment in August

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Now that leader Leeteuk has been discharged from military service, the baton has been passed over to Shindong who will be the next Super Junior member to reportedly enlist mid August, if reports are to be believed.

According to multiple sources, following his discharge today (29th), Leeteuk will join his fellow members to record their upcoming 7th album and preparations for their their world tour "Super Show 6", which will kick off in Seoul on September 20-21. It"s also been mentioned that he will also be participating in SMTOWN"s concert in August ahead of Super Junior"s comeback schedule.

As for Shindong, fans have been awaiting the confirmation of his enlistment date, and although no official word has come from SM, a few media outlets have reported that it is expected to be mid August

Miss A’s Suzy to appear as only guest on SBS’s “Running Man”

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Miss A’s Suzy will be starring on SBS’s “Running Man” as the only guest for next week’s episode.

On the 28th of July, a crew member from the show revealed that Suzy is currently filming for SBS’s “Running Man”, and is filming all around Seoul.

The mission that was given to her for this show is to tour around Seoul city by using public transport and visit important subway stations and locations to complete specific games.

Suzy has starred on “Running Man” several times, showing that the staff of the show and producers really enjoy her presence and the brightness she emits while participating in the show.

The episode of “Running Man” featuring Suzy as the only guest will be aired next week on August 3rd, in which the theme of the episode will be “friends”

miss A’s Suzy to Guest Star on “Running Man” for a Seoul Tour Episode

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Miss A‘s Suzy will be making a guest appearance on SBS‘ popular variety show “Running Man.”

On July 28, a representative revealed that the idol is currently filming the episode in various locations around Seoul. She appears on the show as “The Representative Goddess of Hallyu.”

The episode will challenge the members to tour around Seoul by using public transportation. The producers have set up fun games for the cast to play at subway stations and other landmarks, making the episode even more entertaining. It has also been reported that Suzy is the only guest participating in this episode.

In the past, Suzy has charmed the viewers of “Running Man” with her bright personality and everlasting energy

miss A’s Suzy Sexually Harassed at a Public Event? JYPE Responds

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On July 26, miss A’s Suzy attended the opening ceremony for the ‘Sinchon Water Gun Festival’ in Changchun-dong, in order to participate in the ‘Sprite Shower’ countdown, as the endorsement model for Sprite.

However, after fan-taken videos from the festival were uploaded onto the Internet, fans were shocked to find footage of what appears to be Suzy being inappropriately touched by a man standing next to her. They began to point out that one of the event moderators standing next to the miss A member on stage, seemed to brush his hand against Suzy’s thigh and butt two times.

Following the spread of these accusations, many of the fans stated that it was most likely an intentional action on the part of the accused and are currently demanding an explanation as well as an apology from the event coordinator

10 Female Idols who could be Miss Korea

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Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than just a swimsuit ready, model body and a princess look to be a Miss Korea. To win over a nation and convince it that you are the female embodiment of its best qualities, you need the whole package--looks, talent, and style galore. And what better pool of candidates than female idols?! Female idols know how to wow us on the regular with their visual concepts and multiple skills. They can look cute, sexy, and they can sing, dance, and act. But most importantly, they know how to entertain a nation and cheer it on when it needs it the most.

Just last week, South Korea announced its Miss Korea of 2014 to be Kim Seo Yeon, an Ewha Womans University student. Now it"s your turn K-Pop fans to decide: among the many talented female idols, who would you pick to hold the highly coveted title of Miss Korea? allkpop has rounded up our top 10 picks for you to vote on in our poll below

HyunA Joined by “Friend” Miss A’s Jia for Next Episode of “HyunA’s Free Month”

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Photographs released ahead of the latest episode of HyunA’s reality show, “HyunA’s Free Month” show Miss A star Jia making a cameo appearance. The program will air on SBS MTV on July 28 at 11pm. The photos also reveal a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the filming of the 4Minute star’s forthcoming music video, “Red.”

During the show, HyunA is paid a visit by Jia, who takes time out of her busy schedule to come to support her. Jia, who is described as being a “friend” of the 4Minute star, reportedly says of HyunA’s comeback, “The jacket is exceptional – more so than any other album. It is another level of sexy.”

HyunA also speaks of her friendship with Jia, explaining that the two stars share a passion for eating

Lee Soo Young’s Son Mistakes miss A’s Suzy for His Mom?

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Singer Lee Soo Young has revealed that her 4-year-old son has a tendency to mistake miss A‘s Suzy for his mother.

On an upcoming episode of KBS2TV’s “Immortal Song,” the singer rocked the stage and entertained the audience with an energetic performance.

As it was time for a short chart, she shared a hilarious story about her young son, “My son recognizes me when I appear on TV. But he thinks all pretty people on TV are me. In particular, he mistakes Suzy for me and gets very excited.” Hearing this, the crowd could not help but giggle over the adorable confession.

This episode featuring Lee Soo Young’s unexpected transformation into a charismatic dancing diva airs on July 19 at 6PM (KST).

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Girl’s Day’s Minah Admits She Was Jealous of miss A and SISTAR

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The normally bubbly and smiley Minah of Girl’s Day shared her feelings to the audience of sadness and disappointment during the early days of her group.

On KBS2TV’s “1 vs. 100″, she revealed that she felt jealous of girl groups miss A and SISTAR  who debuted in the same year as they did and yet they have already received their first place awards on music shows.

However, all ended well as she expressed her happiness and further explained that she cried when Girl’s Day finally received their first place award on a music show.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day released the music video for their new song “Darling”yesterday. It’s the title song of their new mini album “Summer Party” which swept various music charts upon release today