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"My Secret Hotel" excites for upcoming premier with poster of Yoo In Na, Nam Goong Min, and Jin Yi Han

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After casting top stars like Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, and Nam Goong Min, tvN"s upcoming drama "My Secret Hotel" released the very first poster!

For the poster, Yoo In Na, seems as if there"s a secret she doesn"t want to tell with her finger to her lips, while the two men stand on either side, looking smart and handsome in suits. To make things more interesting, the poster captures the interesting mix of romance and mystery that will lace the drama throughout its 16 episodes.

Producer Lee Seung Hoon said, ""My Secret Hotel" plans on presenting a sweet and a tense, thrilling entertainment through a production that entangles a mysterious circumstance with romance, using a hotel as the setting

Secret Releases New Stills from “I’m in Love” MV with a Mysterious Short-Haired Member

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New stills from the set of the music video shooting of Secret‘s ”I’m In Love” have been released.

In the new stills, one of the four members of Secret can be seen with her head low. Fans are guessing on which member it is, as her hair covers her face. In another, the same member’s back can be seen as she monitors the screen.

Four-member girl group Secret has completed the recording for their fifth mini album “Secret Summer“, and is in the last stages of preparation for their comeback. Their upcoming single “I’m In Love” will be a sophisticated track that is uniquely Secret. It was written by hit-maker composer duo, Duble Sidekick.

Secret will officially make their comeback on August 11

Mystery Rom-Com “My Secret Hotel” Starring Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, and Nam Goong Min Unveils First Poster

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On August 1, upcoming tvN drama “My Secret Hotel” unveiled its poster featuring the three main leads, played by Yoo In Na, Nam Goong Min, and Jin Yi Han.

The poster gives off a mysterious vibe with its purple tone, which is amplified by the caption, which states, “At my ex-husband’s wedding, a body fell from the sky!”

“My Secret Hotel” is a so-called ‘killing romance’ blending mystery and romantic comedy that will span 16 episodes. It tells the story about a woman named Nam Sang Hyo (Yoo In Na) who meets her ex-husband Goo Hae Young (Jin Yi Han) for the first time in seven years at his wedding, which is being held at the hotel where she works. Along with their meeting follows a mysterious and unheard-of murder case

SECRET unveil BTS photos of a mystery member on the set of the "I"m In Love" MV

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SECRET got fans wondering which member is in the latest batch of behind-the-scenes photos from their upcoming "I"m In Love" MV!

The mysterious member was spotted with a short hairstyle that none of the members were seen having in the previous teaser images, making it harder to guess who she is.

One thing that"s for certain is SECRET will be deviating from their signature cutesy concept for their comeback with their first collaboration with Duble Sidekick as a group for "I"m In Love".

It"s finally August, so wait just a little bit longer for their comeback on the 11th!

A Still of Secret’s “I’m In Love” Filming Set Revealed

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A still of the music video set of girl group, Secret‘s new song, “I’m In Love,” has been revealed.

In the revealed picture, Song Eun Ji has a serene expression. With her long hair and faint eyes, it seems like Song Eun Ji has some sort of story, making her look alluring.

This year will mark Secret’s sixth anniversary and through their new album, “Secret Summer,” they will be transforming into enchanting ladies who have fallen in love. The revealed still is a spoiler of “I’m In Love.” The group has revealed before that instead of their usual cute and bright image, they’re planning on creating a hot atmosphere.

“Secret Summer” is Secret’s fifth mini album. The title song, “I’m In Love,” is written by Duble Sidekick and its rich melody will capture the attention of the listeners

SECRET give a sneak peek of Ji Eun on the set of their upcoming MV

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Ji Eun hinted that SECRET will be showing a more mature image for their upcoming comeback through a behind-the-scenes photo!

Fans got a sneak peek of Ji Eun"s scene as if they were monitoring the music video filming on set. Although you can"t see anything but her face, her sorrowful eyes hint that the girls will be taking a different route from their previous cutesy "I Do I Do" promotions with the portrayal of an emotional love story.

SECRET have already kicked off their advertisement and TV CF promotions for their comeback and will return with their 5th mini album "SECRET SUMMER" on August 11!

Girl Group Secret Successfully Wraps Up Their Concert In Japan

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Pictures of girl group, Secret, at their concert in Japan has been revealed.

On July 30, the group’s agency, TS Entertainment, revealed photos of Secret’s concert that was held in Japan. On July 19 and July 21, Secret held their third solo Japan concert in Tokyo and Osaka. The name of the concert was “2014 Secret’s Summer LIVE ~YooHoo~ [sic].”

In the revealed pictures, the girls are seen smiling widely while wearing dresses with a white and blue color scheme, bringing out each of the girl’s charms. Jeon Hyo Sung is wearing a stripped-pattern cropped shirt that shows her skinny waist. Jung Hana is wearing a sky blue headband to bring out her cute charm while Song Ji Eun is wearing a white dress. Lastly, Han Sun Hwa is wearing a white dress that has a big ribbon attached in the front, brining out her innocent beauty

Secret shares first CF video teaser ft. Hyosung for “I’m In Love”

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The first video teaser for Secret’s impending comeback with the track “I’m In Love” has been released, featuring the loveable Hyosung!

Just a few days ago, Secret was confirmed for a comeback with a new title track, revealed to be titled “I’m In Love.” The popular girl group will be releasing their 5th mini-album, “SECRET SUMMER,” seven months following their last single release, “I Do I Do.”

The first CF teaser stars Hyosung sitting calmly in the middle of the beach, a fish bowl with a goldfish swimming inside as the ocean’s waves hits the sand. She begins to walk alongside the waves, a tear dropping from her eye.

Source: TS2008

Secret Releases a TV Commercial for “I’m in Love”

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Secret has become the first girl group ever to release a TV commercial for their upcoming single.

Secret has released a 30-second teaser spot for their single “I’m in Love,” prominently featuring group leader Hyosung. This TV spot will air on major broadcasting networks. No other girl group has aired a TV commercial to promote their music releases.

In the commercial, Hyosung can be seen walking on a beach, and at the end of the video, she sheds a single tear. The song sounds like it will be a melancholy track, different from Secret’s previous upbeat image, which was very popular.

The single will be released on August 11.

Check out Secret’s TV commercial for “I’m in Love” below!

SECRET"s Hyosung takes a lonesome stroll on the beach in individual CF teaser for "I"m In Love"

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SECRET are kicking off their CF teasers with Hyosung"s for their new title track "I"m In Love"!

Hyosung showcased her acting skills as an idol-turned-actress as she takes a lonesome stroll on the beach, hinting at a possible emotional love story that will be portrayed in their upcoming music video which is directed by ZANYBROS" Hong Won Ki.

SECRET will be doing things bigger and better by kicking off TV promotions with CFs this time around, so we"re expecting to see more CF teasers for the other members to come soon.

So take a look above and check out BTS cuts of Hyosung filming for the CF clip below while you wait for their comeback on August 11!

Kim Yoo Jung to play the lead female role in SBS" upcoming drama "Secret Door"

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Actress Kim Yoo Jung will make her on-screen comeback in a new historical drama.

According to Sidus HQ on July 28th, Kim Yoo Jung has been confirmed to star in new SBS" drama "Secret Door"(working title) as she previously participated in the first script reading on the 26th"

She will take on the lead female role Seo Ji Dam who is a fictional character in the drama. "Secret Door" will portrait the conflict between King Yeongjo who aims for ultimate power and his son Crown Prince Sado who prefers to equality. The story will unveil the truth about Sado"s mysterious death 500 years ago.

"Secret Door" will follow "Temptation" and broadcast in mid-September.

Hyosung Shares Photos from the Set of Secret’s New Music Video

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Secret’s Jun Hyosung has uploaded several images from the set of her group’s comeback music video.

On July 28, the singer released six photos and a short video on her personal Instagram account, hashtagged “Secret,” “iminlove,” “20140811,” and “Junhyoseong.” 20140811 refers to the date on which the girl group’s fifth mini album “Secret Summer” will be released. The title track and promotional single “I’m in Love” was written by Duble Sidekick and the music video will be directed by Zanybros’ Hong Won Ki.

In the photos, Hyosung wears a summery white dress in the style of the clothing shown in TS Entertainment’s official teaser image

Secret Releases Teaser Image Ahead of August 11 Comeback

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TS Entertainment, the talent agency that represents Secret, has distributed a teaser image ahead of the girl group’s August comeback. The image shows the four members posing in cream and white outfits, and a caption confirms that the comeback track, “I’m in Love,” will be released on August 11.

TS has also confirmed that it will be pulling out all the stops in its promotion campaign for the new release, with television advertisements in the pipelines. The agency will also be making advertising efforts in Seoul’s Gangnam district, as well as in a number of other major Korean cities.

The new release comes almost exactly a year since the girls’ last musical effort, “I Do I Do,” a late-summer hit in 2013.

“I’m in Love” will be taken from the girls’ new mini album, “Secret Summer,” the group’s fifth Korean EP to date

SECRET confirmed to release “I’m In Love” on August 11th

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Secret will be making a comeback with their 5th mini album “SECRET SUMMER” on August 11th. They are coming back with the title song “I’m In Love” after 7 months.

After making their debut in 2009 with multiple hit songs, Secret has officially risen to the top as the “Nation’s Girl Group”.

The song from the start has attracted many people with the “Dream Team” of producers, choreographers and even the dance team. The song was produced by Double Sidekick (이단옆차기) and the music video by a producer named Johnny Bro who have worked with many other popular groups such as SNSD, 4minute, and INFINITE. And finally, Secret’s dance team “PLAY” who has created many of Secret’s famous dances are working with them again to create the “Dream Team”

SECRET"s comeback date confirmed for August 11th with "I"m In Love"

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SECRET has confirmed their comeback date for August 11th!
The girls will release their 5th mini album "SECRET SUMMER" with title song "I"m In Love". We already knew the girls were working with Duble Sidekick for their August comeback, but that"s not all! The girls will also be working with ZANYBROS for their MV, and their dance team PLAY will be working on their choreography once again.

It"s been about 7 months since their "I Do I Do" promotions, and the girls are going full out! The girls will have huge advertisements in Korea"s 5 biggest cities, including at Seoul"s Gangnam district. They"re also going to have a TV CF promotion.

Also, instead of their usual cute, girly concept, the girls will go for a mature, womanly image