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Kdrama Pinocchio Episode 4 recap

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Kdrama Pinocchio Episode 4 “Romeo and Juliet” by jooniWe pick up where we left last episode with Dal Po asking In Ha to join him in becoming a journalist. This time we learn that In Ha’s dad, Dal Pyung, had been watching.In the elevator down from the roof, In Ha worries about her grandpa. He can’t know Dal Po is smart enough to become a reporter! Dal Po assures her that there is no chance he will become a journalist so there is no need to worry. In Ha corrects him that his chances are 50-50, not zero, since he either becomes one or doesn’t.Dal Pyung comes home and In Ha is afraid to tell him she is going to try to become a journalist again. But unexpectedly, Dal Pyung calls out Dal Po to talk outside and In Ha wonders why her dad would need to talk about her with Dal Po.Outside, Dal Po also thinks Dal Pyung wants to talk about In Ha’s future but he doesn’t

Kdrama "Pinocchio Episode 1" Video Recap and Screenshots

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SBS Pinocchio Episode 1 Video More videos from SBS Pinocchio Episode 1. Let's check! Can't wait for the English Sub of Pinocchio Episode 1. Let's check the clip cut below. Lol, so funny :)) Young Choi Dal Po and Choi In Ha   Choi Dal Po meets Choi In Ha in rain Choi In Ha in School   Lee Jong Suk as Choi Dal Po - SBS Pinocchio Episode 1 Screenshots   Korean SBS Pinocchio Episode 1 Screencaps  

Kdrama Pinocchio Episode 1 Rating

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Based on tentative rating from DC, it seems that Pinocchio's 1st ep rating will be between 5-6% while Mr Baek is around 11-12%..   [caption id="attachment_188571" align="aligncenter" width="850"] Pinocchio's 1st ep rating will be between 5-6%[/caption]    

KDrama "Pinocchio Episode 2" Preview EngSub

By in posted Oct Comments off SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 2 Preview English Sub Translate [0:00] In-ha: You won..*?* [0:01] In-ha: Is it too cool? / Don't be too cool. [0:02] In-ha: Don't misunderstand. I'm not taking your side because I like you. [0:06] Dal-po: ??? [0:08] In-ha: Harabuji!!! (Grandfather) Halbuji~ Halbuji~~ [0:10] Grandfather: I don't have money [0:11] In-ha: Aah... Please buy me a bicycle... [0:13] In-ha: Dalpo-yah... YAH!!! Do you really hate me? [0:17] Dalpo: That decision was so alert and hard so I thought I will never be shaken. [0:21] Dalpo: ........... From here on, is a secret [caption id="attachment_188569" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 2 Preview[/caption] Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 2 (피노키오 2회 예고)

[ Spotlight] First Impressions - "The Three Musketeers - Drama"

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There are only a few actors that have such mass appeal among international audiences that once their name is mentioned for a drama, everyone is prepared to subscribe. Lee Min-ho, Kim Soo-hyeon-I, and Jeong Yong-hwa are in that top, elite class (among others of course). So when Jeong Yong-hwa was announced to star in TvN"s latest drama, "The Three Musketeers - Drama", it was an automatic "must-watch".

Before I share my first impression of the drama, I must come clean about something: I"ve never read anything about the original "The Three Musketeers - Drama". In fact, I know nothing about the story except that there are, apparently, three men. If you"re in the same boat, don"t worry! You"ll still be able to enjoy the drama - and you don"t have to worry about spoiling it for yourself with knowledge of the original storyline!

Jeong Yong-hwa playes Park Dal-hyang, a seriously sheltered country boy heading to the Joseon capital, Hanyang, to take his military service exam

[ Spotlight] "The Idle Mermaid" - First Impressions

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TvN has decided to try something new - a new time slot that is. Rather than their usual Monday/Tuesday, Friday/Saturday primetime drama slots, their newest drama "The Idle Mermaid" is airing only once a week on Thursday evenings.

Described by TvN as the Korean Little Mermaid, there was some eyebrow raising by drama fans at the rather unorthodox genre. There was even more eyebrow raising when TvN announced that members of Saturday Night Live Korea would also be joining the cast. Add heartthrob actors Song Jae-rim, Jo Bo-ah, and On Joo-wan and drama fans were intrigued.

The results so far? A seriously amusing romantic comedy (emphasis on comedy) about a young mermaid, Princess Aileen (Jo Bo-ah), who is obsessed with Korean technology, fashion, dramas, and a certain human chef named Kwon Si-kyeong (Song Jae-rim)

[ Spotlight] "It"s Okay, That"s Love" First Impressions

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When SBS revealed the theme of the follow-up drama to "You"re Surrounded", I"ll admit that I was skeptical. A romantic comedy centering around psychiatric patients? Could this type of drama be done in a tasteful way?

Well, add a superstar cast - Kong Hyo-jin, Jo In-Seong, Lee Gwang-soo, Seong Dong-il - and a well-written script and it seems like this show might be a smash hit for SBS. The director himself said that the drama"s underlying message would be one of tolerance and breaking social prejudice and so far he is living up to his promise.

All of the characters are written in a way that does not define them by whatever psychological diagnosis they may have received. Sure, Lee Gwang-soo"s character (confusingly named Soo Kwang) has Tourette Syndrome but it has not defined his character at all - instead, his fit of ticks is viewed as something that happens from time to time and no reason to worry or ostracize him

Kdrama Empress Ki Ep37 Video Preview

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Kdrama Bride of the Century Ep 6 preview

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Kdrama Bride of the Century Ep 6 preview, Kdrama Bride of the Century Ep 6 reccap

Kdrama Empress Ki Ep 36 Preview

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Empress ki episode 36 preview 

Screencaps credit: EK DC

Kdrama Empress Ki Ep 36 Preview, Kdrama Empress Ki Ep 36 video Preview

Kdrama Age of Feeling: Episode 15 recap

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EPISODE 15 RECAP by Dramabeans

Even after Shinichi receives one of Baek-san’s finishing moves, he continues to fight until a group of Kaya’s henchmen come to fetch him on her orders. Shinichi refuses at first, wanting to finish the fight, but acquiesces immediately when the henchmen show him a mysterious black bag.

Baek-san acts all friendly to Jung-tae after the fight, though Jung-tae’s not too keen on returning the kindness. He promises to repay the debt he owes Baek-san (for saving him from Shinichi), but there’s something darker in that promise—he’s talking revenge.

But Baek-san, none the wiser, tells him that he owes him nothing: “Hwangbang will always protect you.” Oh, you mean when Hwangbang isn’t trying to kill him?

Kaya gets another chance to ask Leader Seol who killed her mother, but instead of answering her directly he tells her about her mother; the way she lived and the way she was loved at Club Shanghai, even though she was the highest female on the yakuza food chain

Kdrama "Bride of the Century" Ep4 Recap

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Kdrama "Bride of the Century" Ep4 Recap by kdramarecaps.tumblr

MadamM and YKyun (fiancée) are watching as DoRim goes to find drunken YHyun. MM warns her not to trust her half brother too much. They have to take their secret to the grave. Even full siblings will stab each other in the back.

DoRim finds oppa drunk in the street. He tells her the story of his seventh birthday party. His mother bought a cake but forgot the candles. She went out to buy them and was killed on the way home (another hit-and-run accident?)

DoRim takes oppa’s hand to comfort him and helps him home. He starts to caress her face and hair when CEO drives up. He remindes her that she invited him to the party. They help oppa in and put him to bed

Kdrama Three Days Ep2 Video Preview

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Kdrama Three Days Ep2 Video Preview                 

Kdrama Three Days Ep1 Recap (Screencap)

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Kdrama Three Days Ep1 Recap (Screencap) Kdrama Three Days Ep1 Preview, Kdrama Three Days Ep1 Recap (Screencap) Online

kdrama Cunning Single Lady Ep3 Preview

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앙큼한 돌싱녀’, 주상욱, 극과 극 캐릭터 완벽 소화 ‘순진남+까칠남’

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Greater stone Singh ', notes Chiang sang-wook, the pole and polar character in perfect digestion would fill the ' naïve m + m '