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Kim Soo Hyun Receives Casting Offers from Singapore and Indonesia

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With Kim Soo Hyun gaining more popularity across the countries in Asia with his newest drama SBS’s You Who Came From the Stars, Indonesia and Singapore have been out to get him on the screens.

Keyeast Entertainment, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, told enews, “We’ve been receiving casting offers from Singapore and Indonesia asking Kim Soo Hyun to star in their projects.”

Acting as aliens Do Min Jun in You Who Came From the Stars, Kim Soo Hyun has been taking the heart of many drama viewers with his gentle but charismatic acting.

In order to thank his fans all over Asia, Kim Soo Hyun will be launching an Asia tour once he finishes drama filming, visiting eight cities in six countries starting in the middle of March.

The agency rep added, “It might be hard to act in another project abroad right away, but it’s not impossible

Kim Soo Hyun adds a date in Indonesia to his fan meeting tour

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Due to the hot response from international fans, Kim Soo Hyun has added a date in Indonesia to his fan meeting tour!

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A Key East Entertainment rep told OSEN on February 11, "An additional date in Indonesia has been arranged, and the tour is currently set for a total of nine cities in seven countries... Due to the requests for a fan meeting in other countries, there is a possibility that more dates may be added."

"Following the news of the fan meeting, we are receiving requests for interviews from the media and more. We will prepare, so that [Kim Soo Hyun] may meet closely with fans in as many countries as possible."

The actor will meet fans in a total of nine cities across seven countries around Asia

Singer Eru Talks About Being Popular in Indonesia

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Singer Eru recently talked about his fame in Indonesia, earning him the nickname “Indonesia’s Prince.”

On December 1, Eru made a guest appearance on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News.” Eru and fellow artists Ailee and Wheesung previously returned the love they received from Indonesia by holding a concert for laborers. He also gave a concert for the Indonesia-Korea 40th Anniversary for Diplomatic Relations on November 24.

Eru commented on the amount of love he received as an artist saying, “I’m filled with awe and I’m grateful. They just have such a favorable impression of Korean artists in general and like us. They show great interest in me. They treat me like an older brother from the same neighborhood. They pat me on the back while hugging me

Jaejoong holds a fan meeting in Indonesia despite undergoing a serious sore throat

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On November 3rd, JYJ‘s Jaejoong held a solo fan meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia despite undergoing a serious sore throat.

His agency C-JeS Entertainment shared, “A day before leaving for Indonesia, Kim Jaejoong had caught a cold that affected his throat and was advised by the doctor to get rest. Thus, we discussed cancelling or postponing the event, but Jaejoong insisted on meeting with fans who had been waiting for him for a long time.”

Over 4,000 fans attended the event which was taken place at Mata Elang International Stadium to show their support for their idol.

Jaejoong could hardly talk, so he tried his best to communicate with fans through text message and a hand written letter, capturing all the fans’ hearts

Phantom to conclude first international concert in Indonesia

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Only 3 months after their debut with “Burning“, Phantom has successfully concluded their first concert abroad.

Members Hanhae, Kegan, and Sanchez attended the 3-day ‘Galaxy Superstar S4 Jakarta 1st Concert‘ which took place in Indonesia on October 29th. They brought to the show various hit performances including “Burning” as well as “Ice” and “Hole In Your Face”.

The three member were also invited to participate in an interview on the ‘Buaya Show‘ and SCTV‘s ‘Music Show Inbox‘.

The group revealed, “We don’t think we’ll be able to forget the concert in Indonesia. We’ll work harder so we can perform more often for our fans abroad