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Onew apologizes to fans for not making it to 'SHINee World III' in Indonesia

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As previously reported by SM Entertainment, Onew was unable to attend SHINee"s third exclusive concert "SHINee World III" in Jakarta, Indonesia as he is still recovering from throat surgery.

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However, fans attending the concert still got to see his sweet face as he prepared a video message to greet them and apologize for his absence. He wrote his messages onto cards that said, "I am sorry for not attending the concert. I promise I will go to the next concert. I thank you all very much for understanding my feelings. We prepared a special gift, so be prepared!"

Hopefully, he is recovering well and will be completely better soon!

SHINee Captures Heart of Indonesia with First Solo Concert

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SHINee successfully ended its first solo concert in Indonesia, heating up the night in Jakarta.

SHINee launched its concert SHINee Concert “SHINee World III” in Jakarta on June 22 in Meta Elang International Stadium, getting explosive responses from the audience.

SHINee performed a total of 26 songs, including a parade of its hits Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, Sherlock, Dream Girl, Everybody as well as the album tracks Real, Hitch Hiking, Like A Fire, Destination and more, presenting unique music and powerful performance that harmonized with the sophisticated stage setting.

The audience shouted out SHINee’s name and sang along the songs during the entire concert, passionately enjoying the concert.

The fans also prepared a special event for SHINee, holding up signs that said ‘let’s be together forever,’ when the group performed Selene 6

2NE1 Successfully Wraps Up Concert in Indonesia and Continues World Tour

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2NE1 successfully held a concert in Mata Elang International Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 8.

Presenting both powerful and sexy dance moves as well as sentimental vocals, 2NE1 captivated the audience with its dynamic performances.

2NE1 opened the stage by performing Crush from its second full-length album. Then it continued performing a total of 21 songs, including Come Back Home, Scream, MTBD, Gotta Be You, I Don’t Care, I Am the Best and more.

The concert was participated by world famous director Travis Payne, who also worked with 2NE1 during its first world tour, the live band that worked with Big Bang and G-Dragon, Live Nation, which also promoted world tour for Lady Gaga, Madonna and more.

Having wrapped up the concert in Indonesia, 2NE1 will be heading to Singapore on June 28 to carry on its world tour concert

'Running Man' releases preview for 200th episode in Indonesia!

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The cast of "Running Man" will be traveling to Indonesia next week to participate in the 2014 Asian Dream Cup!

The episode, which is also the 200th episode since the show started airing in 2010, will feature Park Ji Sung as well as a veritable cavalcade of exotic locales and wildlife.

Check out the preview below!

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Kim Jong Kook revealed to have visited the hospital after contracting a virus in Indonesia

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Although the cast of "Running Man" posted pictures of their fun time in beautiful Indonesia with soccer player Park Ji Sung for their "Asian Dream Cup 2014," the fun did not last for member Kim Jong Kook. His rep exclusively disclosed to allkpop that the singer visited the emergency room after returning to South Korea on June 4 due to a virus he contracted in Indonesia. He received treatment and an IV shot before being discharged.

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He was originally scheduled to head out to Malaysia next week to meet his fans there, but that may now all depend on how quickly he recovers. Hopefully, he will be back on his feet in no time. Stay tuned at allkpop to get updates on his health condition

“Running Man” Members and Park Ji Sung Show Close-Knit Teamwork and Love for Indonesia

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The members of SBS’ “Running Man” revealed photos from their time in Jakarta with retired soccer player Park Ji Sung.

On June 4, “Running Man” cast members Ji Suk Jin, HaHa, and Lee Kwang Soo unveiled several pictures that were taken in Jakarta for the annual charity soccer match, Asian Dream Cup.

On their respective Twitter accounts, HaHa posted, “thank u!!! Indonesia!! I luv Indonesia!! See u soon!! [sic],” while Lee Kwang Soo wrote, “We love Indonesia♡,” and Ji Suk Jin expressed, “Goodbye Indonesia~ See you again~ Thankyou so much~ I love Indonesia~♥ [sic],” displaying their immense love for the country.

In the pictures, the “Running Man” members (Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Gary, Song Ji Hyo, and Lee Kwang Soo) and Park Ji Sung are huddled together in what appears to be their dormitory during their stay in Indonesia

'Running Man' members and Park Ji Sung spotted having fun in Indonesia

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"Running Man"s Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Ji Hyo, and Gary were spotted hanging out with retired soccer player Park Ji Sung in Jakarta, Indonesia!

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As mentioned before, Park Ji Sung joined the "Running Man" cast for the "Asian Dream Cup 2014" in Jakarta, Indonesia as part of the JS Foundation which is in charge of hosting the charity soccer event. But fans were happy to know that when the cast were not filming, they enjoyed each other"s company and showed off their close friendship. The Monday Couple were also spotted spending some one-on-one time together in the back, fueling shippers" happiness.

HaHa also showed his love for fans in Indonesia on his Twitter on the 4th, writing, "thank u!!! Indonesia!!I luv Indonesia!!see u soon!!", while Ji Suk Jin wrote, "I love Indonesia", and Lee Kwang Soo shared, "We love Indonesia", showing their love for Indonesia

Park Ji Sung likely to join 'Running Man' for its 'Asian Dream Cup 2014' special in Indonesia

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"Running Man" will resume filming after five weeks and one of the upcoming recording schedules for the show include participation at the "Asian Dream Cup" in Indonesia!

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The "Running Man" team is reported to depart early next month to attend the "Asian Dream Cup 2014" in Jakarta, Indonesia. Park Ji Sung, who is part of the JS Foundation which is in charge of hosting the charity soccer event, is quite likely to join the cast on the show again as he will be in attendance at the game.

The PD of the show told Newsen, "We have confirmed to be participating in the "Asian Dream Cup 2014" in Jakarta. We will probably leave either on the 1st or 2nd of June

Kim Soo Hyun Receives Casting Offers from Singapore and Indonesia

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With Kim Soo Hyun gaining more popularity across the countries in Asia with his newest drama SBS’s You Who Came From the Stars, Indonesia and Singapore have been out to get him on the screens.

Keyeast Entertainment, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, told enews, “We’ve been receiving casting offers from Singapore and Indonesia asking Kim Soo Hyun to star in their projects.”

Acting as aliens Do Min Jun in You Who Came From the Stars, Kim Soo Hyun has been taking the heart of many drama viewers with his gentle but charismatic acting.

In order to thank his fans all over Asia, Kim Soo Hyun will be launching an Asia tour once he finishes drama filming, visiting eight cities in six countries starting in the middle of March

Kim Soo Hyun adds a date in Indonesia to his fan meeting tour

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Due to the hot response from international fans, Kim Soo Hyun has added a date in Indonesia to his fan meeting tour!

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A Key East Entertainment rep told OSEN on February 11, "An additional date in Indonesia has been arranged, and the tour is currently set for a total of nine cities in seven countries... Due to the requests for a fan meeting in other countries, there is a possibility that more dates may be added."

"Following the news of the fan meeting, we are receiving requests for interviews from the media and more. We will prepare, so that [Kim Soo Hyun] may meet closely with fans in as many countries as possible."

The actor will meet fans in a total of nine cities across seven countries around Asia

Win a Summer Trip to Korea with ′M COUNTDOWN Halo-Indonesia′

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Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN will be heading to Indonesia on July 3 as part of its Global M COUNTDOWN Tour but it′s also bringing more goodies for a few lucky fans.

As part of the promotions of M COUNTDOWN Halo-Indonesia, Mwave is giving away major prizes, including a summer vacation to Korea!

All you need to do is head over to and vote in the three polls everyday to fill up your voting calendar.

Each time you vote, you′ll earn a stamp, putting you one step closer to winning an awesome prize.

One lucky winner (and a friend) will get a summer trip to Korea as well as M COUNTDOWN tickets - you′re only eligible to win this prize if you′ve voted everyday, so make sure to vote!

Other prizes include a Samsung Galaxy Note and luggage

Singer Eru Talks About Being Popular in Indonesia

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Singer Eru recently talked about his fame in Indonesia, earning him the nickname “Indonesia’s Prince.”

On December 1, Eru made a guest appearance on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News.” Eru and fellow artists Ailee and Wheesung previously returned the love they received from Indonesia by holding a concert for laborers. He also gave a concert for the Indonesia-Korea 40th Anniversary for Diplomatic Relations on November 24.

Eru commented on the amount of love he received as an artist saying, “I’m filled with awe and I’m grateful. They just have such a favorable impression of Korean artists in general and like us. They show great interest in me. They treat me like an older brother from the same neighborhood. They pat me on the back while hugging me

Jaejoong holds a fan meeting in Indonesia despite undergoing a serious sore throat

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On November 3rd, JYJ‘s Jaejoong held a solo fan meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia despite undergoing a serious sore throat.

His agency C-JeS Entertainment shared, “A day before leaving for Indonesia, Kim Jaejoong had caught a cold that affected his throat and was advised by the doctor to get rest. Thus, we discussed cancelling or postponing the event, but Jaejoong insisted on meeting with fans who had been waiting for him for a long time.”

Over 4,000 fans attended the event which was taken place at Mata Elang International Stadium to show their support for their idol.

Jaejoong could hardly talk, so he tried his best to communicate with fans through text message and a hand written letter, capturing all the fans’ hearts

Phantom to conclude first international concert in Indonesia

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Only 3 months after their debut with “Burning“, Phantom has successfully concluded their first concert abroad.

Members Hanhae, Kegan, and Sanchez attended the 3-day ‘Galaxy Superstar S4 Jakarta 1st Concert‘ which took place in Indonesia on October 29th. They brought to the show various hit performances including “Burning” as well as “Ice” and “Hole In Your Face”.

The three member were also invited to participate in an interview on the ‘Buaya Show‘ and SCTV‘s ‘Music Show Inbox‘.

The group revealed, “We don’t think we’ll be able to forget the concert in Indonesia