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NU’EST Talks Baekho’s Cheeseball Hair, Playing with Sparklers and More in ‘Good Bye Bye’ MV at Mwave’s MEETGREET

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Back with a new album Re:BIRTTH, NU’EST stopped by Mwave’s MEET&GREET to talk about its comeback, including the dramatic music video for lead single Good Bye Bye.

During the live, online fan meeting on July 21, the boys walked fans through the striking music video, sharing episodes from the set.

Minhyun revealed that the dance scenes were filmed in a ‘one-take’ style – although the entire music video was shot over 26 hours.

The members also teased Baekho, calling his bright orange ‘do in the music video the ‘cheese ball’ hairstyle, before adding that fans have been asking to see the hairstyle on Baekho more.

And what was really going in the fireworks scene at the end? The boys revealed between laughs that there was a lot of shouting “Hey! Stop! Hey! Don’t come near me!”

To learn more about what went down during the music video shoot, check out the clip below!

Jeon Min Ju and Yuna Kim release a performance video of 'Good Bye Rain'

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Jeon Min Ju and Yuna Kim have released a performance video for their duet song "Good Bye Rain"!

The duo from the upcoming girl group The Ark collaborated with Bromance"s Hyunkyu for the song "Good Bye Rain". The girls had already released their MV, and now fans get a bonus "performance video" from the duo! The new MV focuses mostly on the choreography.

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Check out the video above as we wait for The Ark"s debut!

KARA's Gyuri to make special appearance as weather girl on 'Morning Wide'

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It"s been revealed that KARA"s Gyuri will be making a special appearance as a weather girl on SBS news show "Morning Wide".

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At the press conference for the show on July 18, PD Yoo Young Suk announced that "Morning Wide" would be reorganized to feature more up-to-date news and will also include a weekly weather segment featuring celebrities. The PD explained, "The biggest reason for the reformat is the change in time slot... We"ve made it so viewers can differentiate between the news of yesterday and today... News will be reported as it comes out."

He added, "KARA"s Gyuri will be hosting the weather portion on the July 21st broadcast. Every Monday, another celebrity will appear." 

Don"t you think Gyuri would make an amazing weathercaster?

Go Ara and Ahn Jae Hyeon Say Good-Bye to ‘You Are All Surrounded’

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Go Ara and Ahn Jae Hyeon bid good-bye to You Are All Surrounded.

With SBS’s You Are All Surrounded set to air the final episode on July 17, Go Ara shared her thoughts on ending the drama.

She said, “I was able to smile a lot while filming. I was happy and enjoyed filming with all the staff members at You Are All Surrounded filming site. All the people who worked on You Are All Surrounded worked so hard and I thank you all.”

Ahn Jae Hyeon also shared his thoughts through his agency, saying, “I still remember clearly, running through the streets of the rodeo street in Apgujeong on the first day of filming You Are All Surrounded but it’s already the last day the drama will air

NU'EST release choreography version of their 'Good Bye Bye' MV

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NU"EST gave the best of both worlds with their charismatic close-ups and choreography in the dance version of their "Good Bye Bye" MV!

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NU"EST jumped into your hearts and showed off their synchronized steps in the choreography version. The boys give off a dark and cool vibe in their black outfits and even though they"re dancing in a dark room, their visuals and perfect hairstyles are still able to shine through.

Get a better look at their choreography this time around!

New “Roommate” OST “Good Morning” MV Features Cast Members Having Fun in the Sun

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A new music video for SBS’ “Roommate” OST “Good Morning,” directed by Yoon Jong Shin, has been revealed.

The newly released music video features a highlight reel of the “Roommate” cast members having fun in a water fight and other never before seen footage.

The song is perfect for the summer season, with singer A.T’s refreshing voice, matched with the video clips of the 11 cast members enjoying a pool party, fishing at a river, bungee jumping, as well as having a water gun battle in their backyard.

“Good Morning” was produced and written by Yoon Jong Shin, and arranged by Jo Jung Chi. Additionally, A.T, who earned recognition through KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Song,” lent her soothing voice for the OST

B2ST to have a special stage to commemorate their 11th music show win with 'Good Luck'

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B2ST has prepared a special gift for their fans!
The boys won their 11th music show trophy for this promotional period on SBS" "Inkigayo" on the 13th. Before their "Good Luck" promotions, the boys even won 3 trophies with their pre-release ballad song. Then the boys won 3 times on KBS 2TV"s "Music Bank", 4 times on "Show! Music Core", and 3 times on "Inkigayo".

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To thank their fans, the boys will have a special stage with the Korean version of their Japanese song "Sad Movie". Their first "Sad Movie" stage will be on the 3rd week of July. Are you looking forward to their gift?

Ji Sung Says Jogging 15 Kilometers Every Morning Has Changed His Life

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The reason Ji Sung jogged every morning isn′t a simple one.

Running 15 kilometers every morning, Ji Sung didn’t skip a day even when he was staying in Busan to film Good Friends. And though he had a topless scene in the film, the scene wasn′t the reason he chose to jog 15 kilometers every day.

Meeting with Newsen, Ji Sung said, “I like having a stable life. I don’t want to live a complicated and extraordinary life just because my job is an actor. Everyone has a period of happiness in life as well as a period of trauma and suffering. When I debuted in my 20’s I was lost and struggled a lot. I comforted myself by drinking alcohol and believed that success was the only things that could make me happy. So I just ran as if I was crazy. But I couldn’t do much about feeling depressed deep inside

'K-Pop Star 2's Jeon Min Joo signals upcoming debut with MV teaser for 'Good Bye Rain'

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"K-Pop Star 2"s Jeon Min Joo (20), who was previously nicknamed "little BoA", signaled her upcoming debut with the release of a MV teaser and teaser images!

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Although we only get a snippet of her debut song "Good Bye Rain", the teaser clip is already raising excitement for the singer"s potential. The song also features Yuna Kim and Hyunkyu of Bromance.

Get ready for her debut on the 15th!

Baek Ah Yeon sings 'Morning of Canon' for 'Fated to Love You' OST

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Baek Ah Yeon"s "Morning of Canon" for the "Fated to Love You" drama OST has been released.

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Composed by Oh Joon Sung, the song, which tells the perspective of someone who"s fallen deep in love, is perfectly complemented by Baek Ah Yeon"s clear, pure voice. It"s a fitting theme for the fated love between Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra in the MBC drama.

Take a listen above!

′Good Friends′ Ranks No. 3 on Korean Box Office a Day Before Official Premiere

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Good Friends is creeping up the box office charts even before its official premiere.

According to the Korean Film Council′s Compiled Ticket Computer Network on July 10, Good Friends sold 34,950 tickets on July 9, debuting in third place on the box office chart.

40,524 people have thus watched the film including preview audiences.

Good Friends premieres nationwide on July 10. It decided to premiere a day earlier in 335 theaters, however, when Dawn of the Planet of the Apes moved its premiere date from July 16 to July 10 after much debate.

Good Friends stars Ji Sung, Joo Ji Hoon and Lee Kwang Soo. It is about three men who are caught between friendship and suspicion after they get involved in an incident.

Photo credit: Opus Pictures

NU′EST is Haunted by Memories in ′Good Bye Bye′ MV

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NU′EST launched promotions on July 9 by releasing its new album Re:BIRTH.

The music video for the group′s promotional single Good Bye Bye was also released this day.

The video showed the members in angst, engaging in weird pasttimes to ward it off.

NU′EST will continue to promote its album through various broadcasts.

Photo credit: Pledis Entertainment

NU'EST return to recapture fans' hearts with 'Good Bye Bye' MV

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NU"EST are making their awaited return with not only their full-length album "Re:BIRTH", but also the eye-catching MV for their title track "Good Bye Bye"!.

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To make up for their absence, the boys return with 7 new songs and some of their past hits for a total of 12 songs, including a bonus track, for their album. The MV accompanying their title song has been much looked forward to as the boys showcased some unique seemingly gravity-defying choreography in the teaser for their intro track "Judgement". But it seems rather than focusing on the choreo, we"re being treated to more of the storyline that goes along with the lyrics of the song in the actual video for the title track.

Without further ado, check it out above and stay tuned for their comeback stages coming up!

BTOB's Changsub covers B2ST's chart-topping song 'Good Luck'

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BTOB"s Changsub covered B2ST"s chart-topping song "Good Luck".

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Changsub took on his Cube Entertainment labelmates and sunbaes" latest comeback track, stripping it down to just a piano and his vocals. His barebones rendition of the track definitely gives a completely different twist to the song, while priming down the number of singers to just one adds a more dramatic vibe.

Check out Changsub"s cover above and the original by B2ST below!

Jun Hyo Seong Talks Back Hugs, Seducing the Camera and More for ‘Good-night Kiss’ MV

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Good-night Kiss marks baby-faced Secret leader Jun Hyo Seong’s transition into a sexy diva, but there’s more than meets the eye, as the idol revealed some unknown facts while filming the steamy music video for her solo debut.

During Jun Hyo Seong’s MEET&GREET with Mwave on June 25, the star walked fans through the making of the music video for Good-night Kiss, revealing details from the set.

She may play a convincing seductress in the music video, but Jun Hyo Seong spilled on awkward back hugs, falling asleep as the camera was rolling and more in the live commentary. See what we mean below!