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Shoo is asked about a potential S.E.S reunion + Bada gives up on marriage

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On the September 17 radio broadcast of SBS"s PowerFM "Kim Chang Ryul"s Old School", host Kim Chang Ryul asked Shoo if she had any plans for a reunion with the S.E.S members a la g.o.d.

To this, Shoo replied that it was a bit difficult seeing her former S.E.S members let alone having a reunion, stating: "When we try to meet once in a while our efforts get crumpled. Last time, we spoke for only a short while because we were are all so busy… [but] once in a while we have the heart [to have a reunion]."

She continued, "I think when we are over forty we won"t [have a reunion]. We said that if we were going to do a reunion we would do it before we were forty." She added, "While we"re still pretty," with a laugh

Suzy Transforms Into an Autumn Goddess for CéCi

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miss A‘s Suzy has become the cover girl for the fashion magazine CéCi. On September 16, the magazine revealed the cover for their October issue through their official Facebook page.

With her long wavy black hair, the singer looks like an autumn goddess. More pictures of Suzy for CéCi can be seen through the October issue of the magazine.

On the other hand, Suzy is currently preparing for her movie comeback through “Dorihwaga” which will be released in 2015. She will be portraying the role Jin Chae Sun.

Apart from singing “Wind, Wind, Wind” for her Bean Pole commercial and appearing as a cameo in the widely popular drama “Man From the Stars,” Suzy has only been busy shooting for pictorials including CéCi and GRAZIA

New Still of Girls’ Day Sojin in Upcoming Drama “Greatest Marriage” Released

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On September 13, the production team of TV Chosun’s upcoming weekend drama, “Greatest Marriage,” released a new still of Girls’ Day Sojin on the set. In the photo, Sojin shows a different charm from her charismatic on-stage self. Rather than the sexy and powerful image from her performances, she transforms into a more innocent character for the drama.

Sojin will be portraying Lee Yoo Ri, a rich heiress with “Gangnam charms,” meaning that she has a nice body and nice face with a financially advantageous background. She hangs out with the upper class even after she graduates from college. With regards to her acting, a representative of the production company stated, “Her passion towards her first acting attempt is like no other. She is thoroughly preparing for her ‘Gangnam charm girl’ character

Tyler Kwon denies marriage rumors with Girls" Generation"s Jessica

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After rumors erupted yesterday that Girls" Generation"s Jessica was engaged, alleged fiance Tyler Kwon stepped up to deny the reports.

Tyler Kwon posted to Weibo on September 12, "Hmm, can someone please explain to me what part of "best man" wasn"t clear? Also, how did my friend"s rings become my rings?" He also added a reference to his previous post with the rings in question and the message, "It was an honor to be your best man..."

It was previously posted by Chinese media on the 11th that Jessica and Tyler Kwon were preparing to get married. Reports said that the Girls" Generation member was in Guangzhou, China for a LiNing fan meeting on the 6th, and the Korean-American Coridel Group CEO was spotted in the audience being chummy with her parents

g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo Reveals His Thoughts on When He Announced His Marriage

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Groups g.o.d and 2PM starred on the latest episode of MBC’s “Stargazing,” which aired on September 11. During the talk, g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo opened up about announcing his shotgun marriage.

A fan of g.o.d said, “Before announcing his marriage, Kim Tae Woo was oddly very nice to the fans. It turned out that he was nice because he was about to make a critical announcement.”

Another g.o.d fan added, “Kim Tae Woo is normally very quiet and stiff, but he started to take pictures with fans and even added a PS at the end of his autographs. We all thought it was weird that he was being so nice. But late at night Kim Tae Woo left a message on the fan café site. He said he had a girlfriend. We were all shocked but we understood and figured he needed to date since he wasn’t at a young age

“Greatest Marriage” Makers Release Powerful Park Si Yeon Poster

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The makers of TV Chosun’s forthcoming drama series “Greatest Marriage” have released a powerful poster image featuring actress Park Si Yeon ahead of the launch of the new series.

The picture features the star apparently breastfeeding a young baby, with the show’s title on her bare back, the second half of which is shaped to look something like a tattoo. The drama’s narrative follows the story of a popular television news anchor who becomes a single mother.

A spokesperson for C Story, the production company behind the drama, explained the show’s makers will not shy away from tackling controversial issues. The representative said, “We are intending to make a series that asks some pretty hard-hitting questions about the institution of marriage as we know it

Park Si-yeon in "Greatest Marriage" poster

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A killer poster of "Greatest Marriage", based on the subject of "Miss Mom" (women who don"t want to marry but have children), has been released. Unlike unmarried women who have children but are not married for various reasons, financially stable women who refuse to get married reflect the social status of women today. In the patriarchal society, if a woman has children and concentrates only on housework, it will cut off their social experience.

Park Si-yeon who takes on the role of a star reporter named Cha Gi-yeong, is wearing a red dress and glaring at someone from behind. Her back is exposed and from her neck down, are the words, "Greatest Marriage". The contrast of the title of the concept of the poster makes one feel that this is no ordinary drama.

Cha Gi-yeong is also exposing her chest and holding a child, whose father is unknown

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Rumored to Be Considering Marriage by Chinese Media

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Girls’ Generation member Jessica is once again caught up in rumors with Korean-American Tyler Kwon, this time about a future wedding.

On September 10, a Chinese media source reported that it looks like Jessica and Tyler Kwon will be getting married soon. The two were seen together in China recently, and it was reported that Tyler attended a fan meeting with Jessica’s parents.

The report also argued that there were signs in Tyler and Jessica’s respective Weibo accounts. In their recent photo updates, both Jessica and Tyler are wearing similar looking rings.

Tyler Kwon is a CEO of a finance company and known to be close to several entertainment industry people, including G-Dragon. Pictures and rumors of their dating relationship came out in March, but SM representatives denied that it was a romantic relationship and that the two were just friends

Girls" Generation"s Jessica and Tyler Kwon rumored to be prepping for marriage

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Jessica and Tyler Kwon have been swept up in rumors once again, but this time reports are claiming that the two are preparing to get married.

According to Chinese media on September 10, Hong Kong news outlet Shu Nam Zi Xian reported that Jessica and Tyler Kwon may soon be tying the knot. Reports say that the Girls" Generation member was in Guangzhou, China for a LiNing fan meeting on the 6th, and the Korean-American Coridel Group CEO was spotted in the audience being chummy with her parents. 

The below post Tyler Kwon made to Weibo is also fanning the flames of the rumors, especially considering both he and Jessica were reportedly photographed in various locations with rings on their ring fingers. 

It was previously reported back in March that the two were spotted dating secretly in Hong Kong

[Photos] Updated cast and added new Park Si-yeon stills for the Korean drama "Greatest Marriage"

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Updated cast and added new Park Si-yeon stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Greatest Marriage" (2014)Directed by Oh Jong-rokWritten by Ko Yoon-heeNetwork : TV ChosunWith Bae Soo-bin, Park Si-yeon, Noh Min-woo-I, Eom Hyeon-kyeong, Sojin, Jo Eun-ji,...16 episodesSynopsisA drama about the relationships between four different couples and a marriage centered around a woman who voluntarily becomes a single mother.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/09/27




Park Si Yeon Portrays A Confident News Anchor in "The Greatest Marriage"

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C Story, the production company behind the upcoming TV Chosun drama "The Greatest Marriage," stands behind their decision to cast actress Park Si Yeon in a leading role. In the latest stills for that drama, the actress is seen as a TV news anchor, preparing to read the day"s leading news stories. She seems poised and confident.

But that may be because her character is not just any news anchor. Her character Cha Ki Young is so attractive that she has been voted the woman men most want to marry. And university students want to be just like her.

It"s Park Si Yeon"s first drama role since Nice Guy" in 2012. She did work on the film "The Last Knights" with Clive Owen, Morgan Freeman and Ahn Sung Ki set to premiere in Korea in 2015.

"It has been a while since Park Si Yeon appeared in a drama," a C Story representative said

“Greatest Marriage” Producers Drop Stills of Park Si Yeon as a News Anchor

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The makers of forthcoming TV Chosun drama “Greatest Marriage” have released three still photos of actress Park Si Yeon playing the part of Cha Ki Young, a popular TV news anchorwoman.

The show’s producers have explained that Cha Ki Young is the host of a 9 p.m. news program, and that she is so beautiful that she has been voted “female university students’ leading role model” and “the woman who men want to marry the most.”

The photos show Park Si Yeon looking quite convincing as a TV anchor, wearing a lapel microphone and reading through the day’s news stories ahead of a broadcast. The actress last appeared on the small screen in KBS2‘s “The Innocent Man” in 2012, and fans have been looking forward to her return

August OST Roundup: Marriage, Not Fated to Discover Trot

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August OST Roundup: Marriage, Not Fated to Discover Trot Written by Joyce On September 4, 2014

A crazy, crazy month for OSTs, with It’s Okay That’s Love releasing a total of five tracks, Fated to Love You and Marriage Not Dating delivering a couple each. As I’m currently following a ton of dramas, it struck me how much more I appreciate the soundtracks when I’m actually watching the series, compared to when I hear it as a lone track without the context. I realized, the fact that I have it drilled into my head during the most emotional peaks of the drama increases my attachment to the song. That said, a lot of the tracks released this month are pretty impressive even as standalones and serve as great additions to the artists’ resumes.

Yoon Mirae‘s “I Love You”, It’s Okay That’s Love OST

The last time Yoon Mirae sung an OST was “Touch Love” for Master’s Sun, which turned out to be quite the phenomenal hit, topping charts for weeks after its release

Park Shin Hye Is an Autumn Goddess for Agatha

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On September 1, the new pictorial cuts for French jewelry brand Agatha was revealed, featuring actress Park Shin Hye.

In the first image of the pictorial, Park Shin Hye sports a trench coat that gives the feeling of autumn. She expresses elegance, by emphasizing her attire with bold layered jewelry.

In the second shot, she wears a black off-the-shoulder dress, revealing her delicate collarbone, expressing her seductive charms. The jewelry of choice was the pearl, which expressed elegance.

Park Shin Hye wears a sleeveless pink top and a thin gold bracelet in the last shot. This simple arrangement shows off a lovely atmosphere.

Along with last year, Park Shin Hye is currently on and Asian-wide tour titled “2014 story of Angel.” She has currently concluded her fan meetings in Japan and China

‘It's Okay, That's Love’ Jo In Sung discusses marriage with Gong Hyo Jin

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The romantic comedy SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love" actor Jo In Sung discussed marriage with actress Gong Hyo Jin.

On the most recent episode of the SBS Wednesday Thursday miniseries "It"s Okay, That"s Love," which aired on August 27, 2014, detective novelist Jang Jae Yeol, played by actor Jo In Sung, discussed marriage with his girlfriend and psychiatrist Ji Hae Soo, played by actress Gong Hyo Jin. At his radio station, Ji Hae Soo and Jang Jae Yeol talked about marriage. During his radio show, while talking about the topic of breakup, Jang Jae Yeol said he is thinking of his girlfriend as a future wife, saying, "I want to settle down and clear up the life as a wonderer." When it was commercial break time, Jang Jae Yeol said to Ji Hae Soo, "When you like the person, it is natural to think, "Should I marry her?"" However, Ji Hae Soo said, "I don"t plan to marry