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Girls" Generation"s Seohyun models shoes from "Steve Madden" for "InStyle Korea"

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Girls" Generation"s Seohyun displayed her maturing beauty as a fresh college graduate for "InStyle Korea"!

There"s a saying that good shoes take you to good places and Seohyun followed that motto by posing with with kill heels, slip-ons, and boots from "Steve Madden"s 2014 F/W collection. Her sophisticated dresses and antique hotel backdrop gave off the mature vibe of a woman ready to go on a vacation by herself.

Also don"t forget to check out TaeTiSeo"s new reality show OnStyle"s "THE TaeTiSeo" on the 25th at 11 PM KST!

Jo In Sung Gifts Walking Shoes and Hats to Entire “It’s Okay, It’s Love” Team

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Recently, Jo In Sung, who is currently starring in the popular drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love,” gifted the entire staff with Black Yak walking shoes and hats. These were of the brand that he is currently modeling for, and it’s been revealed that the shoes and hats cost approximately 30 million won (approximately $30,000 USD) in total.

Jo In Sung gifted these because he wanted his staff to be comfortable while they worked in hot settings for prolonged periods of time. He wanted them to be at least comfortable while they stood, and wanted to help block the heat with the hats.

The staff have been said to be very touched with Jo In Sung’s gesture because he asked around for the shoe size of each and every one of the individual staff members before he gifted them. He also personally handed them out at the Incheon set location, showing his endless love and support for his colleagues

Chu Sarang Poses With Swagger in Daddy’s Shoes

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Adorable Chu Sarang is back to charming her fans with her cute antics!

On June 5, a photo of Chu Sarang was posted on her official Facebook page. In the photo, Chu Sarang strikes a cute pose while wearing a pair of shoes that are ten times too large for her toddler feet. It was later revealed that the shoes belonged to her father Chu Sung Hoon. She is also seen wearing a flower-patterned bucket hat.

Chu Sarang’s claim to fame was her adorable personality as shown on the KBS 2TV variety show, “Superman Returns.” From Girls’ Generation to Rain, Chu Sarang has a strong following of adoring fans.

The beloved toddler also went on a date with her boyfriend Yuto in the last episode of “Superman Returns.” You can view the stills here!

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'Nylon TV' reveals BTS footage of Sunmi's photo shoot for 'SKONO' shoes

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Last month, "Nylon" magazine released pictures of Sunmi from her photo shoot for "SKONO" shoes. Now, "Nylon TV" uploaded a behind-the-scenes video, showing the charismatic Sunmi try on different expressions in front of the camera as a breeze gently goes through her clothes and hair.

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In the interview portion, Sunmi discussed how it was her first time modeling for "Nylon" magazine, but she greatly enjoyed it as she got to show a sweet, refreshing, and girly side to herself. Check out the video above!

DJs Steve Wu and DOOS Collaborate for “Black Shoes” Music Video Featuring Lil Cham

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Eastribal RecordsSteve Wu and international DJ duo DOOS worked together for a Deep House collaboration called “Black Shoes” featuring female rapper, Lim Cham. The music video was shared through CJ E&M‘s official YouTube channel.

Deep House is a sub genre of House music and has a blend of Chicago house, 80s soul, jazz-funk and Detroit techno. Although more well known in other parts of the world, this genre of music is relatively new to Korea but growing in popularity, particularly in clubs and lounges in Itaewon.

“Black Shoes” is about exactly that, black shoes. Rapper Lim Cham, the femme fatale behind “Bad Girls’ Anthem,” narrates her love and preference for sexy black shoes with her distinct voice and flow

Big Bang’s Faces Meet Glass and Machine to Produce Hilariously Bizarre Results

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In a futile attempt to duplicate their awesome selves, the members of Big Bang enlisted the help of a copy machine, only to produce horrifyingly distorted imitations that one would hope would never see the light of day. Or so a gothic horror novel would read of this image.

But this isn’t a horror novel so we’ll go straight with this photo that just screams for K-Pop memes. G-Dragon uploaded onto his Instagram account an image that should have fans holding their bellies in laughter. The image shows Polaroids of all the Big Bang members’ faces pressed up against a glass, producing hilarious results. The bottom right photo shows exactly how these Polaroids were produced- with each member photocopying their faces through a copy machine! Seungri or V.I. is the only who didn’t want to mash up his pretty face, it seems, only taking a profile copy of himself

KARA's Seungyeon shares her love of shoes with 'Sure' magazine

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KARA"s Seungyeon shared that shoes are not just an important fashion staple in her drama "Her Lovely Heels" but also in her day-to-day life!

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For her photo shoot with "Sure" magazine, Seungyeon donned tribal and ethnic-inspired accessories to spice up her outfits in the 2014 S/S trend color white. She also took on a bold look in a red wig with charisma to back it up.

Seungyeon shared, "For women, shoes have more meaning than just a fashion item. Because you are presenting yourself! Of course, on days when I want to look pretty and regular days as well, I think a lot about which shoes I"m going to wear. On days when I wear pretty shoes, I feel like I"m walking on air and I feel good

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon Shares What It’s Like as an Idol-Actress at Press Conference for “Women, Comics And Shoes”

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KARA’s Han Seung Yeon recently talked about the advantages and disadvantages of being an idol-actor.

On February 14, Han Seung Yeon attended the press conference for SBS Plus mini drama series, “Women, Comics, and Shoes” along with fellow actors Hong Jong Hyun, Jung Ga Eun, and Yoon Jong Hoon at the Sapphire Ballroom in Lotte Hotel World.

During the Q&A portion of the press conference, Han Seung Yeon opened up about her experiences as an idol-actor. “I think one advantage of being an idol-actor is that you have a lot of experience standing in front of the cameras, so it’s easier to adapt. There other countless difficulties that come with being an idol-actor, but I think one of them would definitely be the added burden of being able to get the [audience’s] feedback right away,” she said

Stills and Trailer Released for Han Seung Yeon’s Mini Drama “Women, Comics and Shoes”

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Han Seung Yeon is beautiful in her newest still from her upcoming drama “Women, Comics and Shoes.”

In the still, Han Seung Yeon looks lovely with her pink purse and blue jacket as she goes on her first date with Hong Jong Hyeon. The drama follows the love story between Shin Ji Hoo (Han Seung Yeon), a woman who is fearful of love after having a bad first love experience, and Oh Tae Soo(Hong Jong Hyeon), a man who doesn’t believe in love.

You can also watch the recently released trailer for the drama below. The trailer shows Han Seung Yeon and Hong Jong Hyun first meeting each other at the shoe store and going on dates. It ends with a romantic scene of the two gazing into each other eyes.

The picture below was taken at a photo shoot for the drama’s poster

B2ST slip into 'Clarks' shoes as new exclusive models

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Shoes brand "Clarks" released an image from a photo shoot with their new exclusive models, the handsome boys of B2ST!

Each member looks cozy and casual in various shirts and cardigans as well as fashionable shoes for a London-themed shoot. They smile brightly, showing their individual charms while working the team chemistry into this cute picture.

A rep from "Kumkang Shoes" said, "B2ST"s modern and fashionable vibe are perfect for "Clarks", so they were chosen as exclusive models. B2ST plan on beginning various promotions as "Clarks" models after this advertisement shoot."

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You can see B2ST"s photo shoot with "Clarks" starting at the end of this month through "Kumkang Shoes", "Lesmore", and "Clarks" market

‘Girls Comic Shoes’ Kara’s Han Seung Yeon and Hong Jong Hyun Shoot Drama Poster

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Kara’s Hang Seung Yeon and Hong Jong Hyun met to shoot the drama poster for the upcoming drama Girls Comic Shoes.

During the photo shoot for drama poster, Hong Jong Hyun, who is a model-turned-actor, was seen leading on Han Seung Yeon as they posed for the camera.

In Girls Comic Shoes, Han Seung Yeon will act as ‘Shin Ji Hoo,’ a new girl at work who is afraid to fall in love and develops a crush on her co-worker Hong Jong Hyun.

Hong Jong Hyun will act as the guy who has lots of dating experience and is rather cynical about love, but slowly transforms as he meets Ji Hoo.

A drama staff stated, “This was the first time that Han Seung Yeon and Hong Jong Hyun have acted opposite each other, but they showed great team work, to the point where one might think they are lovers in real life

Hong Jong Hyun Cast for “Women, Comics, and Shoes,” Joins Kara’s Han Seung Yeon

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Model and actor Hong Jong Hyun has joined the cast of SBS Plus’ upcoming drama “Women, Comics, and Shoes.”

He will be taking on the role of Oh Tae Soo, and act with Kara‘s Han Seung Yeon (Shin Ji Hoo). After trying to make multiple relationships work, Oh Tae Soo has lost his hope in love. With his cold attitude, he starts dating Ji Hoo, who is inexperienced in the field of romance. Not only is he handsome, but he casually takes care of Ji Hoo, making him the perfect guy that girls will fall for.

Ahn Kil Ho PD revealed the reason for casting Hong Jong Hyun, “I believe he will be able to show the charm of Oh Tae Soo, who comes off cold at first, but slowly opens up his heart. In addition, Hong Jong Hyun cut his hair shot for the role, showing his dedication for acting

Kara’s Seung Yeon Cast in SBS’s Office Love Drama “Woman Comic Shoes”

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Kara‘s Han Seung Yeon has been cast in SBS‘s upcoming mini drama “Woman Comic Shoes.”

The drama will run for 10 episodes, and it is based off a popular webtoon. Seung Yeon will play the character Shin Ji Hoo who is fearful of love after having a bad first love experience. She will have a secret office love affair in the drama.

Regarding her casting, Ahn Gil Ho PD stated, “We believe Han Seung Yeon’s maturity and innocence will allow her to capture Ji Hoo’s heart fluttering love story. Not only that, since her debut, she has kept up her cute performance in which she receives a lot of praise.”

Han Seung Yeon’s upcoming drama will premiere on February 24 on SBS Plus

G-Dragon goes OMG for Food, EunHae Gets Couple Shoes,Hye Sung and Min Woo Practice, and More

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From getting ready for concerts to going nuts over good food, your favorite idols celebrated the end of the weekend in today′s Twitter Roundup.

2NE1’s CL rocked some shades on her Instagram, writing, “C7213.”

Minzy also got fashionable, posting this picture with the caption, “Satin Laurent. My style.”

B.A.P completed its Japanese tour, making Himchan instagram, “As of today, our first Japanese tour Warrior Begins is completed. I was happy to see you today as well. Thank you for creating good memories. I love you. There’s no such thing as last. Let’s go together BABY.”

Perhaps feeling like he should commemorate the special occasion as well, Bang Yong Guk presented fans with a picture of himself – a rarity

G-Dragon Gives a One of a Kind Pair of Shoes to Defconn

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After revealing that shoe collecting has gotten harder with G-Dragon wearing all the latest styles, Defconn received a very special present from the Big Bang member.

On December 4’s broadcast of MBC every1’s Weekly Idol, Defconn came out in the opening like he usually does, but this time, carrying a shoe box with him.

“G-Dragon gave me a very special pair of shoes,” shared Defconn, commenting that it’s the only ones that exist in the world. “He takes good care of me.”

He later revealed the shoes, saying, “They’re the shoes he wore at his first concert.”

Defconn promised to use the shoes for something good, and joking added that he′ll do so under his name. “I won’t sell this to get the cash.”

On the reason why Defconn will do something good with them, Jung Hyung Don said, “Defconn can’t wear it because the size doesn’t fit