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Seo In Guk Cries in the Rain in Episode 12 Preview Stills for “High School King”

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Cable channelt tvN has revealed new preview stills for the upcoming episode of its popular Monday-Tuesday drama, “High School King.” It shows lead Seo In Guk crying in the rain, sitting in the flooded streets without an umbrella. Lee Yeol Eum is also shown in the preview collage, holding an umbrella as she looks at what is presumably Seo In Guk. Heroine Lee Hana is shown leaning against a door, look forlorn.


Episode 11, which aired on Monday, showed Lee Hana’s character, Soo Young, run away to her hometown after discovering that her boyfriend, Min Suk (played by Seo In Guk), was really a high school student and the object of her younger sister’s long-time one-sided loved.

Episode 12, which airs tonight, will show Min Suk experience another setback within his ongoing troubles and Soo Young deciding to move to a new home

‘High Schooler King of Life’ to be Extended and Air Special Episode

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High Schooler King of Life will be extended by one episode.

An affiliate of tvN’s High Schooler King of Life told Newsen on July 22, “We’ve decided to extend High Schooler King of Life by one episode.”

The drama, originally planned to air 16 episodes, has been discussing the possibility of extending thanks to its popularity. After taking many production conditions into consideration, the production team decided to air one more episode as well as a special episode, airing a total of 18 episodes.

The affiliate added, “We’re still discussing what we will be including in the special episode.”

Meanwhile, High Schooler King of Life will be ending on August 12, followed by tvN’s My Secret Hotel

tvN Drama “High School King” Confirms One Episode Extension, Will Also Air Special Broadcast

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On July 22, a representative of tvN’s Monday—Tuesday drama “High School King” told Newsen through a phone conversation that the drama will be getting a one episode extension.

“High School King” was initially scheduled to end with a total of 16 episodes. However, due to the great amount of love shown by the viewers, they have confirmed the extension. After receiving the opinions of the production team, they have come to the decision to extend the drama with one extra episode and to add an extra special broadcast, for a total of 18 episodes.

The drama’s rep explained, “We are still discussing the details of what will be aired on the special broadcast.”

You can watch “High School King,” which will be coming to an end on August 12, here exclusively at KDrama

Sweety Pie Lee Junsu Will Be Making a Special Appearance on Next “Daddy, Where Are We Going” Episode

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Father and son Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Junsu who were the members of the first season of “Daddy Where Are We Going” will make a special appearance for the second season of the show that will be airing on July 27.

The upcoming episode will show the kids and their fathers visiting and hanging out at a swimming pool to celebrate the kids’ summer vacation. There, the audience will be able to see Junsu for the first time in a long time showing off his adorable smile while playing various games with the other kids.

On the other hand, the recent episode that aired on July 20 showed the members experiencing the farm life in Moondang Village. The point of the episode was to make the kids realize the harshness of the farming life.

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H.J.g.R. Shares Their Ghost Stories on “Wish”

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The members of H.J.g.R have appeared on OnStyle’s new variety show, “Wish,” also known as “Where Is My Hero?” and many are expecting this show to be a hit.

On July 19, the first episode of “Wish” was aired where Moon Hee Jun, Chun Myung Hoon, Danny Ahn, and Eun Ji Won appeared and discussed about capturing the hearts of women. In the preview of the first episode, the group talked about seeing a ghost.

In the entertainment industry, there’s a myth that when one sees a ghost in a recording studio or on set, then it’ll be a big hit. The members of H.J.g.R. recorded the first episode during May. During the recording, Moon Hee Jun’s mic that was attached to his clothes kept falling off and said, “I’m getting an ominous feeling

Behind the Scene Stills of Kang Ha Neul and Kim So Eun on Set of “A Girl Ghost Story” Revealed

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Sweet stills of actors Kang Ha Neul and Kim So Eun on the set of the recently released film, “A Girl Ghost Story” have been revealed.

The film is about a lonely boy who is able to see ghosts. He meets a girl ghost who lost her memory and builds a friendly relationship. From the ghost story of a bloody mask that’s been spreading around the school to his classmates going missing and unwinding the secret that involves the girl ghost, this is an emotional horror film.

In the first still, Kim So Eun is smiling brightly in front of Kim Ha Neul with her hands on his shoulders. In the film, Kang Ha Neul plays In Soo who has the ability to see ghosts and Kim So Eun plays the girl ghost with secrets. The lovely atmosphere between the two actors reminds of the innocent and fresh romance between In Soo and the girl ghost

EXO's Chanyeol to once again serve as the narrator for upcoming episode of 'Roommate'

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"Roommate" will show a continuation of the cast"s trip in Gangwondo and who better to narrate for this upcoming episode than the Kang-Yeol travel agent, EXO"s Chanyeol!

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"Roommate" staff posted, "[Roommate] This week"s narration is by the "visual" Kang-Yeol travel agency"s team leader Chanyeol! "Viewer~ Please listen to this~" The kang ryeol [intense] vacation in Gangwondo that your eyes and ears will enjoy! You"ll regret if you miss out~!

“You’re Surrounded” Episode 19 Preview

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The Violent Crimes Unit Team 3 is currently in the worst situation imaginable with Cho Hyung Cheol’s (Song Young Gyu) suicide, Kang Seok Soon’s (Seo Lee Sook) car accident, and even Yoo Ae Yeon (Moon Hwui Kyung) reported to be missing. Yoon Dae Gu (Lee Seung Gi) and Eo Soo Sun (Go Ara) look to find clues from Cho Hyung Cheol’s recorder, which Kang Seok Soon left behind while Seo Pan Seok (Cha Seung Won) starts to find evidence that Yoo Moon Bae (Jung Dong Hwan) incited the murder. Meanwhile, Eun Dae Gu faces Shin Ji Il (Lee Ki Young) after seeing Shin Ki Jae bring the results of the parental testing

(Drama Review) 'Triangle' - Episode 21

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Dong Soo wants Young Dal to leave Yang Ha alone, but the young tough refuses. Young Dal remembers all the times the two youngest brothers were at each others" throats and weeps for what he has do. Director Yoon informs Yang Ha that he will be made CEO if he takes down Dong Soo and Young Dal. General Manager Hyun and Chairman Go plot how to take down Yang Ha, and so they use Jung Hee, keeping her employed as a dealer as she is Yang Ha"s weakness. Yang Ha asks Yoo Jin what he can do to make things right between them.

Young Dal finally gives in to Jung Hee"s repeated requests for a date and enjoys an idyllic time with her. Even Jung Hee tells him to leave Yang Ha alone as he is a tortured soul

Song Ji Hyo Transforms into Snow White for Upcoming Episode of ‘Running Man’

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Song Ji Hyo has transformed into Snow White.

July 13’s broadcast of SBS’s Running Man will air a special episode re-telling the story of ‘Snow White’ in a race.

With Song Ji Hyo transforming into Snow White and the other Running Man members, Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Gary and Lee Kwang Soo as well as special guest Ryu Seung Soo transforming into the seven dwarves, they will be engaging in a fantasy race that has never seen before on variety shows.

Known for her easy going personality, Song Ji Hyo made a 180 turn as she dressed as pure Snow White, wearing a large red ribbon on her head and the traditional Snow White costume.

Song Ji Hyo perfectly acted out taking a bite out of the poisoned apple and passing out and falling asleep cast by the witch’s spell

(Drama Review) 'Triangle' - Episode 20

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Dong Soo watches while Young Dal and Yang Ha exchange threats. Busan boss Myung Jae is told that he has to meet the criteria to gain access to the VIP room, but is given special dispensation by Young Dal as part of the young man"s plan. Chairman Yoon fires Jung Hee so that Yang Ha will not be distracted, but the youth quits Daejung as well. The game in the VIP room begins with Boss Min and Man Bong v. Myung Jae. Busan boy even borrows money from Chairman Go, but bets it all on a single hand and loses. The game ends with Myung Jae impoverished and having to withdraw back to Busan.

Jung Hee goes to Director Hyun and informs him she will sue to get her job back as she was only fired because of Yang Ha"s one-sided love

(Drama Review) 'Triangle' - Episode 19

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Shin Hye informs Dong Soo about Yang Ha, but he refuses to believe it. Chairman Go calls Myung Jae about eliminating his problems, and the latter capitulates by summoning his gang from Busan. Young Dal approaches Yoo Jin, a rich girl that Chairman Yoon tried to set up with Yang Ha to cut a deal with her family, Han Chang Group; in return, he will send them foreign customers. Young Dal engineers Myung Jae"s loss at his casino and gets him to borrow money from the pawnshop owner as part of his plan to impoverish the boss.

Dong Soo follows up on the info from Shin Hye and ends up talking to an old-timer at Daejung Group, who tells him that Yang Ha is happier now that he"s a chaebol

'High School King' in talks for a two-episode extension

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"High School King" is already in talks for a two-episode extension!

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A tvN rep told TV Report on the 8th, "We are in talks for a two-episode extension of "High School King". We are in the early stages [of discussion]. We need to adjust to the actors" schedules."

Seo In Guk"s agency rep revealed they"re already trying to see if they can work things out concerning his schedule, commenting, ""High School King" is originally a 16-episode production. We are in talks over [Seo In Guk"s] following schedule." Lee Ha Na"s side also stated, "Talks about a possible extension was brought up towards the end of last week

′Triangle′ Gets a Two-Episode Extension

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MBC′s Triangle will run for one more week.

A rep for Triangle told Newsen on July 7 that "the drama was extended for two episodes."

Triangle was originally to run for 24 episodes, but now it will run for 26.

The decision was seemingly made due to a recent rise in viewership ratings.

The drama tells the story of three brothers.

The Night Watchman′s Journal, which was to air in the time slot after Triangle′s conclusion, will consequently be postponed for a week.

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(Drama Review) 'Triangle' - Episode 18

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Man Bong"s words echo in Young Dal"s head, that Myung Jae would harm someone close to him. Then he gets the report that Jang Soo was kidnapped by a Macau gang. Yang Ha follows up with Chairman Go on Jung Hee"s abduction; Go denies involvement. Young Dal talks with Shin Hye about Myung Jae, and her advice is to not show any weakness to the kidnappers. Dong Soo plans an assault on the place where they are likely holding Jung Hee. Myung Jae calls our young tough, and Young Dal denies that there"s anything between him and Jin Hee, trying to convince them they"re wasting their time, rather than admitting to how frustrating and hurtful the situation really is. This, of course, throws them off and tears Jung Hee"s heart to pieces