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Girl"s Day film for "Real Men" + Hyeri to display her aegyo once again

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The Girl"s Day members are set to join the soldiers in an upcoming episode of "Real Men". While recording for this episode, the members attended the Ground Forces Festival and were seen participating in a special parade.

During the parade as the "Real Men" soldiers passed by, they were greeted with cheers and support from the onlookers. Super Junior"s Henry even received a surprise kiss from a grandfather, confirming his popularity across all ages.

However, their popularity was short-lived as the ladies of Girl"s Day appeared in an open car. When the Girl"s Day members appeared, all the citizens and onlookers immediately made their way towards them, completly ignoring the "Real Men" soldiers

A Pink are back with final episode of "Oven Radio"!

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A Pink have wrapped up their run on the "Oven Radio" series!

The girls gave fans an extra treat with 5-minute clips each day, and it"s already the final 5th episode. A Pink went wild with selfies this time, covering all their bases by going for an "ugly" selfie as well as a sexy pose. Bomi does her best impression of actor Jo In Sung, and they also discuss fashion!

Check out the 5th episode of "Oven Radio" above!

Highlights: “Liar Game” Episode 12 (Final)

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We’ve come to the end of “Liar Game”, and the finale is filled with revelations, drama, and guns. The main storylines are brought to a close, but the door is left tantalizingly open for a second season.

After running through my five favorite scenes, I’ll share my thoughts on the drama as a whole, and akinahana89 will share hers, since covering this drama was a team effort. I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did!

These were my five favorite scenes from “Liar Game” episode 12:

1. Lee PD defends her show

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it many times: I really like Lee PD. She’s wonderfully professional, but she clearly cares about people. I loved her in this episode, as she did her level best to make a good episode of television, even as all of her contestants were acting out and plotting and settling scores

Shinhwa tease for their 3D documentary film premiering in theaters next month with a trailer clip

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Fans will get to watch Shinhwa"s 3D movie in theaters across Korea when it premieres on December 11!

"SHINHWA LIVE 3D THE LEGEND CONTINUES" is a documentary film with footage from Shinhwa"s 15th anniversary concert last year as well as the making film for the "This Love" MV and their parody of the movie "Nameless Gangster", and more.

Shinhwa also plan to make a comeback with their 12th full-length album in January, so it seems there are quite a few treats in store for all the fans out there this holiday season!

You can also check out a trailer clip for the upcoming film above.

"Interstellar" shines for 3 weeks at No. 1 in Korea

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For three weeks in a row, Christopher Nolan"s "Interstellar" has not budged an inch from its No. 1 place at the Korean box office. It added another 1,265,631 viewers last weekend, bringing its total to 6,865,803. According to statistics by Box Office Mojo on Sunday, Korea became the third-highest grossing country for the film after the United States and China, pulling in 56.2 billion won, or $50.5 million.Brad Pitt"s war movie "Fury" debuted in second place, beating out Jennifer Lawrence"s "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" by a thin margin. The former garnered an audience of 389,243 on 529 screens while the latter opened with 387,785 moviegoers on 630 screens."Fury", which was promoted by Pitt himself when he visited Korea on Nov. 12 with co-star Logan Lerman, is set in the last year of World War II when a five-member American tank troop lead by Sgt

Fashion King: What a Commercial Film Misses

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Fashion King: What a Commercial Film Misses Written by Thuy On November 25, 2014

Being the first film ever to be adapted from a Naver webtoon, and not to mention a majorly successful series that hit a record of 4 million views, Fashion King cannot avoid being subjected to heavy expectations from the comic’s fans.

For the original webtoon version of this story, the author Kian84 is said to have “captured [Korean] teen-culture with wit and satire” with a matching sketchy drawing style. The characters may appear in over-the-top appearances and behaviors, but they are also realistic enough so that teenagers can relate to. Missing these appeals, the film is considered incapable of doing justice to Kian84′s work.

In all honestly, the product is not a bad representation of Kian84′s original work, as some reviewers have pointed out

Korean drama starting today 2014/11/24 in Korea

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Korean drama starting today 2014/11/24 in Korea: "Only You My Love"

"Only You My Love" (2014)Directed by Jin Hyeong-wookWritten by Ko Bong-hwangNetwork : KBSWith Han Chae-ah, Seong Hyeok, Ji Joo-yeon, Choi Dae-cheol, Kang Nam-gil, Kim Hae-sook,...Mon~Fri 20:25SynopsisBased on the concept of a "sharehouse" that"s been an issue these days, this drama is about discovering the true meaning of family through various families living under one roof.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/11/24

BTS are suave young men for “W Korea”

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BTS utilized their handsome, fresh looks in their latest pictorial for W Korea’s December issue, displaying the youthful charms that only men their age have.

The members of BTS display another facet of their group dynamics, switching from their charismatic aura on-stage and silly personas off-stage to serious, languid young men for this photo-shoot. Each of the members’ relaxed poses and intense expressions reflect the ease and professionalism with which they work.

They dress in stylish suits and over-sized coats, modeling the trendiest outfits for the winter season. The monochrome colors of the photos draw attention to the boys’ poses and expressions.

In contrast to the serious mood of their monochromatic photos, the boys also shot some photos in color, displaying the crazy, fun side of being young men in their twenties

Kim Jaejoong in Final Talks to Lead KBS Drama “Spy”

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Kim Jaejoong might once again return to the small screen for the upcoming KBS drama “Spy” which will be his first drama in the channel ever since his debut.

CJeS Entertainment confirmed earlier today that the JYJ member received a casting offer to play a part for the said drama and they are currently looking into it, however nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Although the male lead has been offered to Kim Jaejoong, there has been no word out on who will be playing the female lead.

The upcoming KBS drama “Spy” is a fictional story about what happened after the North Korean politician Jang Seong Taek dies. The drama will be having its first broadcast on January 2015.

T-ara & Chopstick Brothers get funky in hilarious remake of "Little Apple" + making-of film

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T-ara and Chopstick Brothers have just released the Korean remake of the popular song "Little Apple"!

As mentioned before, Chopstick Brothers recently flew to Korea to film the remake MV with T-ara, and the bunch suited up in suits and tracksuits looking ready for a fight! We can definitely expect a hilarious video to come judging by the clips revealed through YOUKU and Web TV Asia.

Check out the clips below! The Korean remake of "Little Apple" will be revealed on November 24.

Chopstick Brothers shared, "We are joyful to do a Korean version of "Little Apple" with popular girl group T-ara, and we had fun throughout filming for the MV

Korean dramas starting today 2014/11/23 in Korea

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Korean dramas starting today 2014/11/23 in Korea "Doctor Frost", "Drama Festival - Guitars and Hot Pants" and "Drama Special - The Reason Why I Drink"

"Doctor Frost" (2013)Directed by Seong Yong-ilWritten by Heo Ji-yeongWith Song Chang-ee, Jeong Eun-chae, Lee Yoon-ji, Seong Ji-roo, Choi Jeong-woo, Lee Hee-jin,...10 episodes - Sun 23:00SynopsisA mystery drama based on the web toon "Doctor Frost".

"Drama Festival - Guitars and Hot Pants" (2014)Directed by Park Sang-hoon-IWritten by Ryoo Moon-sangNetwork : MBCWith Kim Da-hyeon, Kim Yeong-hoon, Jang Won-yeong, Oh Jong-hyuk, Jeong Eun-hye, Han Seung-yeon,...1 episode - Sun 00:05Part of the "Drama Festival" seriesSynopsisTae-joo, a former leader of the band, One Day, lives an unwilling and guilty like after losing co-member Ki-chan in an accident 15 years ago

HI SUHYUN and iKON"s Bobby share more adorkable moments in "I"m Different" making-of film

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HI SUHYUN and iKON"s Bobby had an absolute blast filming the music video for "I"m Different"!

Although HI SUHYUN don"t win their crush"s heart in the official MV, the girls do have Bobby and everyone else on set happily soaking up their infectious charms. In behind-the-scenes footage from the set of "I"m Different" the girls use their down time to keep warm and have fun. There seem to be even more great scenes that didn"t make the cut in the official video, but are shared for fans who just can"t get enough of HI SUHYUN and Bobby.

Despite filming in frigid temperatures, the trio never lose their smiles or cheerfulness. Check out all their antics above!

[HanCinema"s Film Review] "The Gifted Hands"

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Despite the kidnapping and murders not being the main draw of the film, it does pretty well with that part of its plot, as it has all the necessary elements to make it engaging. Most will worry over a child, the investigative process is made highly suspenseful with a couple of well placed chases and as portrayed though Choon-dong"s emotional reactions to it and the killer is very unsettling when he does appear. An overall good production and the good cast do not disappoint here.

In its main appeal, the movie really hits all the right notes. We have a slightly naive, but good-hearted cop who is shunned by his peers, a mysterious young man who in behavior is the polar opposite to the protagonist and a brotherly bond based on a common goal and past trauma. The characters are written with just enough baggage and emotion to not be overly corny, at least for the most part, and the chemistry elevates this

[HanCinema"s Film Review] "Our Town"

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Comedienne Lee Gook Joo Goes for Sexy in W Korea + Talks Body Confidence

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Roommate” cast member and comedienne Lee Gook Joo showed off her unexpected sexiness in a new pictorial.

Lee Gook Joo recently took part in a photo shoot for the December issue of fashion magazine W Korea. Titled, ‘My Light Girl’ (a play on words with drama title “My Lovely Girl”), the comedienne broke away from her usual comical image and took on a bold, sexy concept for this pictorial.

Starting with her outfit, she wore a form-fitting black asymmetrical dress decorated with chiffon, with garter belt tights underneath to emphasize her figure. The comedienne also struck poses that overflowed with confidence, showing off her legs and S-line.

Following the end of the photo shoot, Lee Gook Joo shared during an interview, “I’ve never really liked my body until now