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Rainbow"s Jisook and Hyunyoung sing "I Love You" for "Iron Man" OST

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Rainbow"s Jisook and Hyunyoung got together to sing "I Love You" for part 2 of the "Iron Man" OST.

As the title suggests, "I Love You", which was composed by the team Shoulder Gangsters, is an emotional ballad featuring Jisook"s powerful vocals and Hyunyoung"s delicate tones. The song serves as the love theme for the characters Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook) and Son Sae Dong (Shin Sae Dong).

Listen to the song above!

Tiny G"s Dohee wins 2 awards at 2014 Korea Drama Award

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On October 1st, the 2014 Korea Drama Awards took place in the Centre of Arts and Culture in Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province to honor many excellent artists in 2014 dramas.
Among many good actors and actresses, Tiny G"s Dohee was outstanding with her lovely look and took her own two awards at the ceremony. Dohee won "Best New Actress" award for her well-portrayed character in "Reply 1994". She also won "Best couple" Award with actor Kim Sung Kyun for their memorable chemistry in the drama.
Dohee is receiving a lot of love and popularity thanks to her natural acting skill and lovely look. She is expected to become a successful idol-turn-actress in the near future.
The Award Lists:
- DAESANG: Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came From The Star)
- Top Excellent Actor - Kim Jae Joong (Triangle) - Top Excellent Actress - Oh Yeon Seo (Come! Jang Bo Ri) - Best New Actress - Min Dohee (Reply 1994) - Best New Actor - Seo Kang Joon (Cunning Single Lady) & Ahn Jae Hyun (YWCFTS) - Excellent Actor - Lee Kwang Soo ( It"s OK, It"s Love) - Excellent Actress - Kang Sora (Doctor Stranger) - Best Couple: Kim Sung Kyun x Dohee (Reply 1994) - Hallyu Hot Star - Kim Soo Hyun - Hot Star: Shin Sung Rok - Best child actress: Kim Ji Young (Come! Jang Bo Ri) - The Global Actor - Otani Ryohei (Joseon Gunman) - Best Drama OST: Ailee (Fated To Love You OST)

Fall in Love with Juniel’s Latest MV “I Think I’m in Love”

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Fall in Love with Juniel’s Latest MV “I Think I’m in Love” Written by Willis On October 2, 2014

It has been quite a good year for FNC Entertainment artists. AOA notched their two biggest hits to date, and CN Blue continues to be one of the top selling acts with “Can’t Stop” promotions.

Fellow FNC artist Juniel has finally made her own return with the digital single “I Think I’m in Love.” It is the first release of the year for the singer-songwriter, who preceded her MV’s release with some reaction videos from her label mates. The MV for “I Think I’m in Love” features a cute story revolving around Juniel and her romantic interest as they share some fun times together. It’s not just sunshine and rainbows, as the video adds a fun twist at the end

Hwanhee and Zia to join the duet trend with "Falling In Love" + MV teaser

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Fly to the Sky"s Hwanhee and talented soloist Zia will be combining efforts as the next male-female duo to release a duet this year!

They"ll be singing the song "Falling in Love", which will no doubt highlight their amazing voices they"ve come to be known for.

The music video will also feature actor Yeon Woo Jin, who has been receiving a lot of love lately. He will act as a struggling musician who falls in love with a woman he meets as if by fate.

You can get a feel for the upcoming song and MV through the teaser above!

ZIA releases MV teaser for "Falling In Love" ft. Hwanhee

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ZIA releases the MV teaser of "Falling In Love" a duet with Fly to the Sky"s Hwanhee.

"Falling in Love" is ZIA"s title song from her upcoming mini album "Falling in Fall" which will be released on October 6.

Meanwhile,  Zia will be holding a VIP premiere event for the music video and new mini album on October 3rd. Watch the MV teaser below for the meantime:

Lee Min Jung models for "Tory Burch"s new watch collection through "W Korea" pictorial

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Lee Min Jung"s beauty shone once again as she modeled the new watches from designer apparel and accessories brand "Tory Burch" for "W Korea"s October issue!

Watches are the perfect accessory for practicality and style, and Lee Min Jung showed how she uses her watch during her entire day of photoshoots and interviews. She was also said to have left the staff in awe with her milky skin and flawless figure.

"FOSSIL Korea"s "Tory Burch" watch rep commented, "Her urban, luxurious, and clean-cut image suits well with "Tory Burch"s new watch collection so we worked together for the pictorial."

Although Lee Min Jung is going through personal issues in the midst of the blackmail case involving her husband Lee Byung Hun, she was reported to have kept a professional attitude and brightened up the set with her smile on set

"My Love From the Star" arrives on US shores

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A popular Korean soap opera, "My Love from the Star", has gone global as a U.S. version of the show is being prepared for the air.Sony Pictures Television recently received a test order from ABC television, and it is rumored that Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft, the screenwriter and producer duo that worked on "Angel" and "The Shield", will take on the project.

The U.S. remake of "My Love from the Star" would be aired on ABC.

This is the third Korean soap opera that has been sold onward recently into the U.S. market, following "Good Doctor", KBS"s medical drama, and "Nine: Time Travelling Nine Times", a time travel romance produced by tvN. Pilots for both of those are being prepared by CBS and Fake Empire Productions, respectively.Pilots are one-off episodes of the series used to test potential viewers" responses

Korean movie opening today 2014/10/01 in Korea

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Korean movie opening today 2014/10/01 in Korea: "I Like Sexy Women 2"

"I Like Sexy Women 2" (2014)Directed by Kim Bong-eunWith Seol Hyo-joo, Bae Geon-sik,...SynopsisA step hotter than before...But still, I like sexy women!Fashion designer Soo-yeon (Seol Hyo-joo) is an attractive and talented as well as sexy woman who is always working and doesn"t care for marriage. Then one day she suggests to her boyfriend, Cheon Tae-pyeong (Baek Geon-sik), to live together on a contract. She writes down the conditions of a contract that involves the fact that they sleep together once a week. Then one day, Yoon Min-woo, a wealthy plutocrat who used to be Soo-yeon"s boyfriend, shows up and he tells her he wants to start over with her. She hides the fact that she"s living with Tae-pyeong and dates Min-woo

Winners from the "2014 Korea Drama Awards"

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The "2014 Korea Drama Awards" took place on October 1 at the Gyeongnam Culture & Arts Center in Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, featuring Korea"s hottest stars like the hosts of this year"s event, Kang So Ra and Oh Sang Jin!

It was a grand ceremony celebrating the talented actors who made this year"s entertainment dazzle through amazing performances in hit dramas.  The actor who took home the special Daesang was none other than everyone"s favorite alien and Do Manager, Kim Soo Hyun!  Congratulations and check out the other winners below.

Daesang: Kim Soo Hyun ("You Who Came From the Stars")

Best Actress: Oh Yeon Seo ("Jang Bo Ri is Here!")

Best Actor: Jaejoong ("Triangle")

Hot Star: Shin Sung Rok ("You Who Came From the Stars")

Best Couple: Kim Sung Kyun & Dohee ("Reply 1994")

Best Global Actor: Otani Ryohei ("Joseon Gunman")

Male Excellence: Lee Kwang Soo ("It"s Okay, That"s Love")

Female Excellence: Kang So Ra ("Good Doctor")

Best Writer: Jung Hyun Min ("Jeong DoJeon")

Best Child Actor: Kim Ji Young ("Jang Bo Ri is Here")

Best Director: Shin Won Ho ("Reply 1994")

Best Male Rookies: Seo Kang Jun ("Cunning Single Lady") & Ahn Jae Hyun ("You Who Came From the Stars")

Best Female Rookie: Dohee ("Reply 1994")

Hallyu Hot Star: Kim Soo Hyun

Best OST: Ailee"s "Goodbye My Love" ("Fated to Love You")

Best Drama: "You Who Came From the Stars"

Congratulations to the winners!

Kim Jaejoong wins Male Top Excellence Award at 2014 Korea Drama Awards

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JYJ"s Kim Jae Joong wins the "Male Top Excellence Award" at the 2014 Korea Drama Awards on October 1 which is held at the Cultural Arts Center in Gyeongsangnam-do.

During his acceptance speech, he expressed, "Filming has been hard but thank you for helping me out with your unwavering smiles. I am so nervous because I don"t appear often on TV. I thank Mr. Baek and JYJ members Yoochun and Junsu. It"s my first leading role so I really grateful for giving me this award. I hope to meet you all again in the future."

Jaejoong has impressed the judges with his acting in his role in "Triangle". Meanwhile, other nominees he bested from the category are Ji Chang Wook, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Jong Seok, and Yoo Ah In.

Kim Soo Hyun receives his daesang from the 2014 Korea Drama Awards in tears

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Actor Kim Soo Hyun has been awarded with the grand prize (Daesang) at the 2014 Korea Drama Awards on October 1 which is held at the Cultural Arts Center in Gyeongsangnam-do.

During his speech Kim Soo Hyun thanked everyone he has worked with from the director, writer, and staff to his family, friends, and fans who have believed in him and promised to always do his best.

Other nominees he bested are Ha Ji Won, Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Min Ho, and Cho Jae Hyun. Congratulations!

Son Ho Young gets love from Kim Tae Woo"s daughter So Yool on upcoming episode of "Oh! My Baby"

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Son Ho Young won the heart of Kim Tae Woo"s daughter So Yool on the upcoming episode of "Oh! My Baby"!

During a recent filming, the Yool sisters (So Yool & Ji Yool) visited g.o.d at their Daejeon concert and started a 2014 version of "g.o.d"s Infant Diary". Kim Tae Woo"s daughters got love and affection from all their g.o.d uncles, but Son Ho Young was the most popular uncle in So Yool"s eyes. Even when her dad Kim Tae Woo called to her, she didn"t leave Son Ho Young"s side.

Park Joon Hyung commented, "Now I know why Ho Young is the "big mommy"," to which Kim Tae Woo cried out, "I"m your dad!"

Stay tuned for this adorable episode on September 4 at 5 PM KST!

[Drama Review] "High School: Love On" - Episode 9

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Seul Bi tries to console Woo Hyun

Seul Bi walks away with Sunbae and at the last minute, stops and tells him she"s not going back. She takes Woo Hyun back to the shop, but all he does is sleep. Later that night, Seul Bi talks to Sunbae, asking to see Grandma one more time. He says it"s beyond his power. Sung Yeol sees her talking to apparently thin air and asks her who she was talking to. Obviously, she tells him nothing. Friends visit the shop the next morning, but nothing rouses Woo Hyun. Sung Yeol comes by; he and Seul Bi look at recipes, prepare food together, and share a moment. Then two loan sharks burst into the shop and start ransacking the place. Apparently Woo Hyun"s father used the shop as collateral for a high-interest loan, but didn"t pay it back

Actor Jo In Sung Leaves Korea For Fan Meeting In China

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Actor Jo In Sung left Korea through the Incheon International airport in the morning of February 14, 2014, to attend the 2014 Zo In Sung First Fan Meeting in Shanghai this weekend, which was his first fan meeting.

Jo In Sung"s agency said on February 14, 2014, "Jo In Sung is going to attend the 2014 Zo In Sung First Fan Meeting in Shanghai this weekend, and connect with his fans in China."

This would be Jo In Sung"s first fan meeting to give back to the fans" love and encouragement that he received while he performed Oh Soo in the popular SBS drama "That Winter The Wind Blows" in the winter of last year. According to Jo In Sung"s agency, Jo In Sung left korea on February 14, and conducted interviews with the media in China, and met with 500 or so fans and reporters in the IFC mall in Shanghai for interviews and photo time

EXO's D.O. Talks About His Big Screen Debut In The Film “Cart”

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With "Cart" being his debut film, Do Kyung Soo had a lot of thoughts about being part of the production.

On September 30, upcoming movie "Cart" held a press conference in Apgujeong, and EXO"s rising star Do Kyung Soo was in attendance along with the rest of the cast and staff.

When asked about how different filming for a movie and drama is, he admitted, "I don"t think there is a big difference for the two. In both projects, I was able to learn from great senior actors, and work with talented production teams. I"m just happy that they accepter me. I worked just as hard in "Cart" as I did in "It"s Okay, It"s Love.""

He also said, "I"m glad that I was able to have a movie debut. Even before I was accepted for the role, I had a lot of worries about acting as my character because he"s a rebel