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Details Released on Lee Jin Wook’s New Film

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Actor Lee Jin Wook has recently confirmed his appearance in the movie “Time Escapee” (working English title).Director Kwak Jae Yong, who directed “The Classic” and “My Sassy Girl,” is directing “Time Escapee,” which is about two men from 1983 and 2015, respectively, tracing a murder case to change the fate of one woman.

In the movie, Lee Jin Wook will play the role of Kim Gun Woo, a talented detective with quick judgment skills. Gun Woo is the man from the present and possesses an elaborate personality and bold drive, and he is the one who quickly realizes the mystery of the past and present and digs up the case.

This is Lee Jin Wook’s first attempt at a detective role, so he plans on capturing the audience through his smooth charisma and stylish charms that are unique to him

Korean movies opening today 2014/08/28 in Korea

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Korean movies opening today 2014/08/28 in Korea: "Night Flight" and "Pick Up Artist"

"Night Flight" (2013)Directed by Lee Song-hee-ilWith Kwak Si-yang, Lee Jae-joon, Choi Joon-ha, Kim Chang-hwan, Lee Ik-joon, Jeong In-gi,...The 15th Jeonju International Film Festival SelectionSynopsisThree teenage boys who were once close friends grow apart when they reach high school: Yong-ju lives hiding his true gender identity, Gi-woong becomes the leader of the school gang, and Gi-taek an obsessive manga fan. Tired of the constant malicious bullying by Gi-woong"s gang, Gi-taek betrays them by disclosing that Yong-ju has loved Gi-woong for years. Surrounded by an insecure boundary of the school and wounded by betrayals, the boys are driven into catastrophe

Sunmi to cover Park Ji Yoon"s hit song "Adult Ceremony" for "Fashion King Korea 2"

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Sunmi will be covering Park Ji Yoon"s hit song "Adult Ceremony" for the August 30th episode of SBS" "Fashion King Korea 2"!

The contestants on the show received the mission for a "Music Collabo Look", which had them take inspiration from music. Sunmi teamed up with designer Yang Hee Min, who wanted to go for a strong statement and chose "Adult Ceremony" for his motif.

The designer himself rearranged the track, while Sunmi got in the studio to record the new version. Sunmi stated, "I like Yang Hee Min"s cover more than the original song," adding that she had confidence in her performance as well as the designer"s clothes.

This episode of "Fashion King Korea 2" featuring Sunmi is set to air on August 30 at 12:15AM KST!

Yoo Hee Yeol Leaves “SNL Korea,” Yoo Se Yoon to Take Over

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Musician Yoo Hee Yeol will be bidding farewell to the viewers of tvN’s “SNL Korea.”

According to sources in the industry, the artist will be leaving the show this week, nearly a year after joining the cast in last September.

At the time, Yoo Hee Yeol replaced anchor Choi Il Goo as the host of “Weekend Update,” and from the fifth season onwards, he has hosted the corner “People Update.”

Due to being busy with his next album and personal matters, Yoo Hee Yeol decided to depart from the show, and his final appearance will take place on August 30.

The empty spot will be filled by comedian Yoo Se Yoon, who is known for his witty and daring wordplay. According to the news, “People Update” will undergo a complete transformation following the addition of the new host, with everything from the name to the setting being changed

T.O.P and Park Shin Hye pair up for "Millet" CF and making film

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Big Bang"s T.O.P and Park Shin Hye, who were previously spotted at the photoshoot for their "Millet" pictorial, have now unveiled their 2014 F/W CF and making film!

The two made the CF feel like a party with Park Shin Hye showing off her dance moves and T.O.P looking charismatic among the flying confetti. They also sported couple looks in their "Millet" outdoor apparel looking ready to take on the chilly weather ahead for fall.

You can catch T.O.P on "Tazza 2" and Park Shin Hye on "The Tailors" when they premiere!

Yoo Hee Yeol to leave "SNL Korea"

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Yoo Hee Yeol will leave tvN"s "SNL Korea".

The show"s rep told Newsen on the 28th, "Yoo Hee Yeol will leave ["SNL Korea"] to focus on his album production with his final broadcast on the 30th. [Yoo Hee Yeol] will share his thoughts on "SNL Korea" during the closing speech of "People Update"... We are in talks concerning the reformatting of the "People Update" corner... We are not sure if we will choose someone else as a replacement, but we are always looking for "SNL Korea" crew."

However, later on, it was revealed that Yoo Se Yoon is in talks to take the spot. Another rep told Sports Hankook"The "People Update" corner might be changed. The staff are currently considering Yoo See Yoon for the MC spot, but they are still in talks

Jaekyung and Heechul transform into "Frozen"s Elsa and Anna for "Tell Me Your Wish"

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Jaekyung and Heechul transformed into Elsa and Anna from Disney"s "Frozen" for MBC"s "Tell Me the Wish," which is a good-will program that grants the wishes of others.

On the recording for the first episode, the main guest was Choi Seo Yeon, a seven-year-old girl who suffers from a rare disease that started causing internal hemorrhages here and there starting from when she was only six months old. As a result, she had to get 28 surgeries thus far.

Her wish was to become the queen in "Frozen" and to sprinkle snow on people; hence, the production crew prepared a large scale event at Kyunghee University on August 27, which included Jaekyung dressing up as Elsa and Heechul as Anna

Swings Takes Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko Off His List of Korea’s Top 5 Rappers Because of Choiza?

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Rapper and Mnet’s “Show Me the Money” judge/mentor Swings has revealed his personal list of Korea’s Top 5 rappers.

The artists was a guest on SBS PowerFM’s “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School” on August 27 together with fellow rapper San E.

When asked to name five of his favorite rappers active in Korea, Swings chose Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko, Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Dok2 and himself. However, he continued by mentioning he would like to add rappers to the list.

He explained, “I originally thought that San E is good, but I removed him from the list after listening to ‘A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young pose as a stylish outdoor couple for "Merrell Korea"

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Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young posed as a chic couple as models for outdoor brand "Merrell Korea"!

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young showed how stylish camping can be in their matching outerwear in the latest ad photos released by the brand. The two are also said to have lightened up the atmosphere during the photoshoot with their jokes and professionalism, receiving compliments from the staff.

The brand"s rep stated, "We plan to hold a fan signing session and various promotions with models Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young to get closer with our customers for the FW season."

CNBLUE’s Jonghyun Poses Under Water for Vogue Korea

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Band CNBLUE‘s Lee Jong Hyun is making fans swoon over his sexy appeal in a recent photo shoot.

Lee Jong Hyun will be showing off his various, colorful charms through the pictorial that can be found in fashion magazine Vogue Korea’s upcoming September issue.

Through this particular photo shoot, the CNBLUE member posed for “underwater” shots, with his hair soaked in water, his clear skin shining under the shadows of water, as well as his deep gaze staring into the camera. The concept of the pictorial was ‘moist, sexy skin that shimmers in water shadows,’ which Jong Hyun was able to pull off perfectly.

Meanwhile, CNBLUE is currently on their live tour “Can’t Stop,” and they are set to open up the “2014 CNBLUE Live Tour – Can’t Stop in Manila” on September 19 in the Philippines

Korean drama starting today 2014/08/25 in Korea

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Korean drama starting today 2014/08/25 in Korea: "One Way Dandelion"

"One Way Dandelion" (2014)Directed by Shin Chang-seokWritten by Lee Hae-jeong, Yeom Il-hoNetwork : KBSWith Kim Ga-eun-I, Ahn Seo-hyeon, Hong In-yeong, Lee Yeong-eun-I, Yoon Seon-woo, Yoo Seung-yong,...Mon~Fri 9:00SynopsisA heart-warming family drama between two sisters" love and friendship based in a flour mill company during the 60s ~ 70s.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/08/25

[To:ur Imagination] BIGBANG Welcomes You to Korea + 1 Week Left to Win a Free Trip for Two!

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Hi Soompiers!

Have you ever wanted to visit Korea, but never did because you’re on a budget? Or perhaps you already did, but still want to go back but can’t because your friend is on a budget and you don’t want to go alone. Well, you’re in luck!

KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) is hosting a fun event titled “To:ur Imagination” where 8 selected participants will win a 4 days and 3 nights free trip for two to South Korea. The event ends in one week! The last day to apply is on August 31 (KST).

Win a Free Trip!

The members of BIGBANG give you a warm welcome, and also some ideas on places and activities below.

And good news for those who don’t get picked! There are other prizes: from iPad Mini Retinas, MCM backpacks, and BIGBANG DVDs personally signed by the members!

If you’ve already visited Korea recently or your schedule doesn’t work out, KTO has another event planned just for you!

Just share a video of any of these four celebrities on your SNS channels and leave your SNS post URL in the comments section, which can be found here

KBS’s Upcoming Drama “The King’s Face” Hit with Petition for Injunction Against Broadcast by “The Face Reader” Film

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The production team behind the movie “The Face Reader” is asking for a prohibition against the production of broadcasting of KBS’s upcoming drama “The King’s Face.”

On August 25, Jupiter Film, the production company behind “The Face Reader,” filed an injunction against KBS Media to ban the “The King’s Face” on account of copyright infringement and unfair competition.

Jupiter Film’s side stated, “Jupiter Film is the copyright beholder and production company behind “The Face Reader,” and since planning the movie starting in December 2012, Jupiter Film was using the “One Source Multi Use” strategy, preparing a drama and a novel at the same time. We approached KBS Media as a co-production company for the drama in 2012, and they even mentioned writer Lee Hyang Hee as the writer of the drama during our planning, but the agreement fell apart

Korean drama starting today 2014/08/24 in Korea

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Korean drama starting today 2014/08/24 in Korea: "Reset"

"Reset" (2014)Directed by Kim Yong-gyoonWritten by Jang Hyeok-rinNetwork : OCNWith Cheon Jeong-myeong, Kim So-hyeon-I, Park Won-sang, Sin Eun-jeong, Song Ha-yoon, Jeong Gyoo-soo,...10 episodes - Sun 23:00SynopsisA thriller about a man who is about to be barred from statute and goes through a series of events due to the crime he committed 15 years ago.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/08/24

Secret hosts “SNL Korea 5” + Hyosung wears revealing maid outfit during “Sherlock” skit

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Girl group Secret became the main host for the August 23rd episode of “SNL Korea 5,” in which they participated in several skits. Playing a maid in the “Sherlock” skit, Hyosung is seen wearing a revealing maid outfit.

In the skit, Sherlock (Shin Dongyup) is attempting to find the culprit of a murder that occurred in the house. Hyosung appears in the skit as a maid, wearing a revealing uniform, and her voluminous body is unveiled once again. Her dark red hair contrasts against the black and white maid outfit giving her a unique and attractive look during the skit.

In related news, Secret also performed a medley of their hit songs including “Madonna,” “Move,” and their recent title track, “I’m In Love.” Secret returned with their 5th mini-album, “Secret Summer,” earlier this month and are currently promoting the album’s title track, "I’m In Love