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'Pinocchio' Jin Kyung Playing New Character Full Of Evil

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In the new SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama, Jin Kyung plays the role of Song Cha Ok, who is the mother of Choi In Ha (played by Park Shin Hye).

In the drama, Song Cha Ok is a legendary news anchor who does not hesitate in manner or form to deliver the most dramatic news. By doing this, she is in a bad relationship with Choi Dal Po (played by Lee Jong Suk) and Choi In Ha as she is deeply involved with the initial issues of the drama. Because of this, viewers are curious to see what the story is between Dal Po, In Ha, and Cha Ok.

Until now, the staff members of "Pinocchio" have avoided talking about the details of the role of Song Cha Ok. Now, the staff is saying, ""Pinocchio" which will be aired for the first time this week will show how Choi In Ha, his mother Song Cha Ok, and Choi Dal Po are related

'Pinocchio' Jin Kyung As Park Shin Hye's Mother And Link to Evil Relationship

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The character of Park Shin Hye"s mother Jin Kyung (role of Song Cha Ok) that was hidden under a veil until now in "Pinocchio" is getting more attention.

On November 12th, the staff members of the new SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama special "Pinocchio" started to talk about the anchorwoman character "Song Cha Ok." In a previous press release, media clips highlights were shown to the public in which the character of Song Cha Ok asked sharp questions.

The role of "Song Cha Ok" that Jin Kyung plays is a female news anchorwoman who has had a legendary career as the Social Bureau Head of MSC. This character is the mother of Choi In Ha (played by Park Shin Hye) and doesn"t hesitate to exaggerate and fabricate news scenes for a different result. She is a brazen character that will pretend not to know her own daughter and will strike back with harsh words

'Blade Man' Lee Dong Wook's Evil Deeds, Will Lee Mi Sook Find Out

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A man had resented his father for sending his loved one somewhere without letting him know. Thinking about the pain that this woman went through, he even had blades coming all over his body as he was in disgust of his father. However, the hatred was misplaced. The person who had been behind everything was none other than his housekeeper.

On the episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama "Blade Man," broadcast on November 6th, Hong Bin (played by Lee Dong Wook) started to get suspicious of Lady Yoon (played by Lee Mi Sook).

Before this, Hong Bin had learned that his sibling Hong Joo (played by Lee Joo Seung) ha sent a letter about Tae Hee (played by Han Eun Jung). Hong Bin hears from Hong Joo that he had given a letter to the gardener, and Hong Bin started to question the gardener intensely

[Spoiler] "The Night Watchman"s Journal", when will Sadam"s evil deeds end?

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Kim Seong-oh forced Kim Heung-soo and Ko Sung-hee to spend the night together.,

On the eighteenth episode of the MBC drama "The Night Watchman"s Journal", Sadam (Kim Seong-oh) led Doha (Ko Sung-hee) into Kisan Gun"s (Kim Heung-soo) bedroom.

Kisan Gun tried to bring in Park Soo-jong"s (Lee Jae-yong-I) daughter Park Soo-ryeon (Seo Ye-ji) into his palace, but Sadam suggested Doha to take revenge on Lee Rin instead (Jeong Il-woo).

Later, Sadam used Mae-ran Bang-joo (Moon Bo-ryeong) to bring Doha into her room and erased her memory. Doha then followed Sadam into Kisan Gun"s bedroom. Fat Monk (Ko Chang-seok) and Song Nae-gwan (Lee Se-chang) witnessed this.

Fat Monk and Song Nae-hwan ran to tell Lee Rin and said, "Doha was taken to the Majesty"s bedroom by Sadam

Song Il Gook: “I Have Already Picked Names for My Future Twin Daughters”

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Actor Song Il Gook has confessed to having plans of adding daughters to his growing family!

On the September 7 broadcast of KBS2TV’s “Superman Returns,” the father and his lovely triplets Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se gathered to the KBS studio with fellow cast members to celebrate the show’s first anniversary.

When asked if the idea of having daughters has ever crossed his mind, Song Il Gook revealed, “I want to have them, but I simply haven’t told my wife yet. I have even chosen the names. If they turn out to be twins, I want to name them Woo Ri and Na Ra.”

The names Woo Ri and Na Ra translate to “our” and “land,” which is used by Koreans to refer to their homeland

Son Tae Young Plays the Evil Witch for “High Cut” Pictorial

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Actress Son Tae Young transformed into a evil witch for “High Cut” pictorial. Apparently, the concept was inspired by Angelina Jolie‘s recent portrayal of the witch in her recent movie “Maleficent.” 

During the interview that followed the pictorial, Son Tae Young said, “I really enjoy doing different things. I thought that portraying the evil yet sexy character from ‘Malificent’ would be fun. I want to strip away the ‘Mommy’ character and go on to play various roles just like actresses from Hollywood.’”

Son Tae Young is currently appearing in the TV Chosun channel drama “Into the Flames” and often shows pictures of her daily life with fellow actor husband Kwon Sang Woo and their son Kwon Rook Hee on her SNS

UEE reveals she wants to try acting out evil roles

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UEE revealed she wanted to try out various characters in her acting career!

During her interview with TenAsia, she revealed that she wanted to try different characters than her usual optimistic girls. She explained, "The words "she just looks nice" were stimulating. Now I want to try evil roles, and I also want to try feminine, tender roles. I think I need a change."

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She added, "When I wasn"t confident of my acting, I thought I should do roles that match well with my image. But after playing Kim Baek Won in "Golden Rainbow", I think it"s time to change. I"ve now played enough optimistic, reliable characters. I want to research and study more to be able to play more roles."

After "Golden Rainbow" was over, the PD of the drama said, "UEE is always kind"

Shoo's twin girls have a double play date with Lee Hwi Jae's twin boys on 'Superman Is Back'

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The upcoming episode of KBS 2TV"s "Superman Is Back" features S.E.S"s Shoo and her adorable twin girls, Ra Hee and Ra Yool, who came for a double play date with Lee Hwi Jae"s twin boys, Suh Un and Suh Joon! As a matter of fact, Shoo just left her twins under Lee Hwi Jae"s care before hastily departing, leaving him with four babies to look after.

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The twins will be showing their "eating broadcast," as you can see in the pictures. Looks like they"re playing nice as they share a bowl of strawberries!

Make sure you catch the episode on May 4.

Son Hyun Joo, Ma Dong Suk, and Choi Daniel Confirmed for New Movie “The Chronicles of Evil”

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Actors Son Hyun Joo, Ma Dong Suk and Choi Daniel  have been casted in director Baek Woon Hak‘s new movie, “The Chronicles of Evil.”

Son Hyun Joo decided to take the role in this movie as his drama “Three Days” neared completion. It has been reported that his reaction to the offer has been very positive. Son Hyun Joo will play a police detective who gets involved in a murder case in “The Chronicles of Evil.”

Ma Dong Suk has also signed onto the project, and he will be acting alongside Son Hyun Joo as a detective. Details of Choi Daniel’s character have yet to be released, although it was reported that he will play a very important character.

“The Chronicles of Evil” will be a crime thriller about a detective who gets involved in a murder case right before a promotion

Hyoyoung and Hwayoung Thank Fans for Their Twin Cake

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Ryu Hyo Young revealed the cake she received from her fans.

Ryu Hyo Young uploaded a picture with a message on her Twitter on April 28 by saing, “DoubleRyu, thank you. I’ll keep pushing on.”

Their birthday was last week on April 22.

In the picture, the twin sisters Ryu Hyo Young and Ryu Hwa Young are posing in front of the cake they received from the fans. Also, the small figure of the twins that’s on top of the cake is what caught the attention of many.

As soon as Ryu Hyo Young uploaded the picture online, Hwa Young retweeted the picture, showing the affection they had for each other.

People who saw this commented by saying, “A twin cake. It’s really cute,” “They were very detailed,” “She must’ve been very happy receiving a cake from her fans,” “I want to see the pretty sisters, Ryu Hyo Young and Ryu Hwa Young perform again

K-Drama Feature: Six Evil Drama Mamas

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With Mother"s Day right around the corner, I thought I"d compile a list of the most evil mothers ever to grace the screens of South Korea. If you"re a guy, just hope that whoever you"re with or end up with doesn"t have a mother like any of the ones on this list!

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Bang Young Ja A Hundred Years" Inheritance

Jealous of every woman her son brings home, this woman terrorizes our heroine, Chae Won. She hits her, screams at her and insults her. She makes her son believe Chae Won is cheating on him. As if all that"s not enough, she jails Chae Won"s father, and has her committed! And that"s just a partial list of this woman"s crimes.

Jung Ji Sook Heirs

Ji Sook lives in a difficult situation, to be sure, but two wrongs don"t make a right

Kim Ji Won Wants to Change Her Evil Image from ‘The Heirs’

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Kim Ji Won brought up her evil character from The Heirs.

Kim Ji Won recently attended filming for Arirang TV’s Showbiz Korea.

After making her debut through a cellphone commercial with Big Bang in 2010, Kim Ji Won has been making appearances in numerous projects, including MBC’s sitcom High Kick, movie Scary Story, SBS’s The Heirs and more.

About her drama character, Kim Ji Won said, “When I first read the scenario for The Heirs, I thought she was really evil. But the more I read it, the more I started thinking from Rachel’s situation, so I began to feel sympathy for her.”

When asked who is closer to her ideal type between ‘Kim Tan’ and ‘Choi Young Do,’ Kim Ji Won chose ‘Choi Young Do’ without hesitating

Junsu sends samgaetang to set of 'Empress Qi' for his twin brother, Kim Moo Young

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JYJ"s member Junsu showed off his brotherly affections towards his older twin, Kim Moo Young (previously Kim Jun Ho) as he is currently acting in the MBC drama "Empress Qi."

Agency C-JeS Entertainment said on March 28, "As a present, Junsu sent enough samgaetang (ginseng chicken soup) for 300 people to the film location in Yongin, Gyeonggi for MBC"s Monday-Tuesday drama "Empress Qi" in which his brother Kim Moo Young stars in. This event was Junsu"s personal idea as he was always a fan of "Empress Qi.""

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Kim Moo Young was even seen distributing the samgaetang to each staff member, showing that the two brothers shared this generous and kind personality trait!

Junsu said, "I do mean this to tell my brother fighting and stay strong until the very end, but I personally am also a huge fan of "Empress Qi

JYJ’s Kim Junsu Sends 300 Meals to ‘Empress Ki’ Staff for Twin Brother

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Supporting his twin brother, JYJ’s Kim Junsu sent 300 meals to the set of MBC’s Empress Ki.

On March 28, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “For his older brother, Kim Moo Young, who is currently filming Empress Ki, Kim Junsu sent 300 servings of samgyetang (chicken soup with ginseng) to the drama set in Yongin. Kim Junsu thought of the idea himself as he’s a fan of Empress Ki.”

“I wanted to tell my brother to continue working hard until the end, but I’m also personally a big fan of Empress Ki,” said Kim Junsu. “I hope all the staff and actors will be energized for the rest of the filming.”

In reply, Kim Moo Young said, “Thank to my brother, I think I can work even hard during the filming

Nana relays a message to 'twin' Lee Jong Suk + talks about being labeled 2nd most beautiful woman in the world

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On the March 20 edition of SBS radio program "Cultwo Show", Orange Caramel made a guest appearance and member Nana revisited some hot topics. She talked about having a doppelganger, actor Lee Jong Suk, and also about being labeled the second most beautiful woman in the world in a global ranking.

In relation to Lee Jong Suk, Nana explained that they went to the same salon to get their hair and makeup done. When the DJs asked how she felt whenever she heard they looked alike, Nana replied, "I like it. He"s pretty successful," making everyone laugh.

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She then relayed a video message to Lee Jong Suk: "Jong Suk oppa, you keep getting more handsome and more popular, so I"m happy