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Celebrity couple Han Ye Seul and Teddy revealed to be still going strong

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Celebrity couple, actress Han Ye Seul and YG producer Teddy, are revealed to still be going strong with their relationship, despite rumors of the two having drifted apart being brought up.

One rep of Han Ye Seul stated, "We"ve checked [with them] that there is no problem whatsoever between the two of them."

Although Han Ye Seul is currently busy with her SBS drama, "Birth of a Beauty," she is said to be enjoying dates with Teddy without fail whenever she has a day with no filming. One on-line community site also claimed the two were spotted enjoying a date in the middle of the night in Hongdae, Seoul.

The rep stated, "She didn"t have filming on November 24 either, so the two went on a date

‘Tomorrow Cantabile' Shim Eun Kyung And Joo Won Act Like Married Couple

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The KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Tomorrow Cantabile" Shim Eun Kyung and Joo Won acted like a real couple again. On the most recent episode of the KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Tomorrow Cantabile," which aired on November 1, 2014, pianist Sul Nae Il, played by actress Shim Eun Kyung, and composer Cha Yoo Jin, played by actor Joo Won, hung out at Cha Yoo Jin"s house after the concur competition. Sul Nae Il said to Cha Yoo Jin that she had been waiting for Cha Yoo Jin"s message on passing the first concur. Cha Yoo Jin said, "You will do better from now" and looked at Sul Nae Il endearingly. Sul Nae Il, who loved spending time with Cha Yoo Jin at his place, said, "It feels like we are a married couple." In related news, the new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Tomorrow Cantabile" tells a story of an orchestra composer Cha Yoo Jin, played by actor Joo Won, who is a man who has everything but feels empty inside, and pianist Sul Nae Il, played by actress Shim Eun Kyung, who has nothing but is filled with positive energy

‘Running Man' Monday Couple Wins Over Kim Jong Gook

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The popular SBS entertainment program "Running Man" Monday Couple won over Kim Jong Gook. On the most recent episode of the SBS entertainment program "Running Man" which aired on November 23, 2014, the seven Running Man members teamed up as Team Mars and Team Venus, and played games, without knowing which member was from which planet. Later it was turned out that Kim Jong Gook was the only alien from Venus, and the rest was from Mars. During the last round of games, Monday Couple and Kim Jong Gook fought to be the last surviving aliens. The Monday Couple teamed up against Kim Jong Gook and Kim Jong Gook and Gary"s nametags were ripped off at the same time, making Song Ji Hyo the winner. In related news, on the most recent episode of the SBS entertainment program "Running Man," called "Adaptation to the Green Planet," Running Man members played games as aliens from Mars and Venus

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Couple Expecting First Child

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Celebrity couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are expecting their first child. The couple married in September of 2013 after revealing in 2007 that they were dating. These two actors met in 2004 while appearing in the drama “Save the Last Dance” in 2004. Lee Bo Young is currently ten weeks pregnant.

Ji Sung’s management agency, Namoo Actors, commented, “Currently both are very happy with the news of the pregnancy. Please send many congratulations to the couple.”

Congratulations once again!

‘Monday Couple’ Reunites for a Snack Mission on “Running Man”

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Gary and Song Ji Hyo, the one and only ‘Monday Couple,’ reunited for a special mission on the latest episode of SBS’ “Running Man.”

On the November 23 episode of the show, the members dressed up as shiny and mysterious aliens from another world. In order to return to their home planet, the aliens had to complete challenging missions.

After successfully completing the first mission, in which the members had to create a ‘mystery circle,’ the aliens were given their next challenge. The second mission was to eat 100 pieces of chips rolling down from the conveyor belt. To make everything even more challenging, the members were prohibited from using their hands in the process.

When it was time for Song Ji Hyo to try her luck, Gary stepped in to assist his partner and placed Song Ji Hyo’s head on his knees while tightly grasping her head with his hands

Vote For Best Actor, Best Kiss, Best Couple, In The Dramafever Awards

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K-drama lovers can now vote for their 2014 favorites to win the next Dramafever awards. As the content provider shows dramas and films from China, Japan, Europe and South America, some of the categories have international contestants but most of the categories are filled with Korean actors.

For example, the best actress category includes Krystal Jung, Gong Hyo Jin, Shim Eun Kyung, Song Ji Hyo, Gu Hye Sun and Spanish actress Amanda Ugarte.

The best actor category only contains Korean actors. The category features Rain, Lee Jong Suk, Choi Jin Hyuk, Joo Won, Jo In Sung and Lee Jun Ki.

And who would not want a chance to revisit some of the year"s best kisses? Contenders for the award in this contest include kisses between Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin, Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon, Jin Se Yeon and Lee Jong Suk

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun take on a couple photoshoot in preview cuts for "We Got Married"

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Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun posed for a steamy pictorial in preview cuts for MBC"s "We Got Married"!

On the upcoming episode, the onscreen couple arrived to the studio with an excited heart for their couple photoshoot. Upon seeing Kim So Eun all dolled up with her makeup and hairstyle, Song Jae Rim was left in awe as he commented, "You are so beautiful." He then got busy complimenting his "wife" on her beauty.

Although the two were supposed to give off a chic vibe, Kim So Eun couldn"t help but be shy and awkward around her "husband," while Song Jae Rim couldn"t stop smiling when he looked at his her. The photographer even commented, "You two look awkward around each other

KARA"s Hara and Seo Kang Jun are a chic, visual couple for "1st Look"

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KARA"s Hara and 5urprise"s Seo Kang Jun brought out the envy or jealousy of all the fanboys and fangirls out there as they coupled up for a pictorial with "1st Look" magazine!

Hara and Seo Kang Jun previously met up as hosts for the "2014 Hallyu Dream Concert" and during the recording for the upcoming episode of SBS" "Roommate" so they looked comfortable with each other as they displayed some natural skinship. To perfect the couple look, they donned matching outfits in neutrals to bring all the attention to their flawless visuals.

KARA is currently continuing their Japanese tour in Yokohama, while Seo Kang Jun jis juggling filming "What"s With This Family" and "Roommate" as well as promoting for 5urprise"s official debut.

Seo Kang Joon and KARA’s Goo Hara Model Couple Looks for 1st Look Magazine

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Lifestyle and fashion magazine 1st Look has released photographs taken from a recent photo shoot with actor Seo Kang Joon and KARA member Goo Hara.

In one of the photographs the two stars pose in together, Goo Hara wears a long jacket and Seo Kang Joon wears a stripy suit, with the KARA star resting her head on the actor’s shoulder. Another picture shows the two stars holding hands.

It has been a busy year for Seo Kang Joon, who stars in KBS2 drama series “What’s With This Family?” and is one of the cast members of SBS reality show “Roommate” (along with Goo Hara’s KARA bandmate Heo Youngji). Seo Kang Joon is also a member of actor-idol boy band 5urprise. The group yesterday unveiled the music video for its latest track “From my Heart

‘Running Man’ Leeteuk’s Question to Hong Jin Young Kim Jong Gook Couple

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The popular SBS entertainment program "Running Man" guest Leeteuk asked a question to the Kim Jong Gook and Hong Jin Young couple, to everyone"s dismay. 

On the most recent episode of the popular SBS entertainment program "I Like Sundays - Running Man," which aired on November 16, 2014, Running Man members and guests worked on the tunnel digging mission. Running Man guest Hong Jin Young called over Kim Jong Gook, saying she got something in her eyes. Kim Jong Gook got really close to her and blew air into her eyes, and the Running Man members made fun of them, saying they are creating an unnecessary romantic scenes in front of them.

Leeteuk then jokingly asked, "I am really curious. Can people kiss others if they want to while filming Running Man?" and made everyone laugh

“We Got Married” LTE Couple Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun’s BTS Pictures from Allure Photo Shoot Released

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Fashion magazine Allure Korea recently posted some behind-the-scenes photos from their photo shoot with “We Got Married” LTE couple, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun.

In the pictures, the touchy couple can be seen posing for the camera on a couch together. Another image released is a selfie that the couple took together on set of the shoot.

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun’s couple photo shoot for Allure Korea will be in the December issue of the magazine, which will be released next week.

The couple, known as the “LTE Couple” for their rapid progression, has been extremely popular on the virtual marriage variety show, “We Got Married.” On the latest episode of the program, they said that they would pick each other again as their “We Got Married” partners, showing their dedication to each other

How Sweet It Is: Pepero Day and Korean Couple Culture

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How Sweet It Is: Pepero Day and Korean Couple Culture Written by Chelsea On November 12, 2014

November 11 marks the celebration of Pepero Day: an unmistakably corporate holiday that is marketed heavily by South Korea’s Lotte Corporation. Lotte is so successful in this endeavor that Pepero Day sales (from October to November) make up half of the candy company’s annual profit. It’s impossible to miss the signs of Pepero Day approaching. Stands and towers of Pepero and romance themed gifts pop up just about everywhere, even in stores that may not otherwise carry candy products regularly. Idol group endorsements also flood the media (this year with Exo and Red Velvet).

South Koreans celebrate Pepero Day much like Valentine’s Day. In lieu of valentines, they exchange boxes and sticks of the popular chocolate-coated cookie sticks (worry not — there’s a space on the back dedicated to writing your own love message to the recipient)

Girl’s Day’s Yura and Hong Jong Hyun Talk About the LTE Couple of Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, End Up Talking About Babies

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On the latest episode of the MBC variety show “We Got Married” aired on November 8, the couple of Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day’s Yura had some chicken and beer and got to talk about some things such as the LTE couple of Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, as well as their plans of having babies.

While having chicken and beer, Hong Jong Hyun started talking and asked his on-screen wife Yura whether he already saw (episodes) of Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun.

“I heard it only took them two days to have the same progress that we had in three months,” Yura said and contained herself from laughing.

Hong Jong Hyun replied, “Is the program ‘We Got Married’ originally like that? Are we weird? What could come out of that couple after three months? I think they’ll have a baby

Olthakhuna couple looks so cool on "We got married"

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I am really joyful when calling this couple with the name OlthaKhuna Couple. This name is orginated from the name of their cats (Ola and Khun). In this episode, this couple continues to be cool and fuuny which make audiences can't help watching.This part reveals their dinner last week except for their hug in the preview. MBC got a small mistake when it cut the best scenes. I don't know why it cut these hug scenes. However, it is lucky that this couple have the happy time over 25 minutes.While finishing up their meal, So-Eun asked if he wanted more meat. He did but needed to unbutton his pants first. LMAO! Who hasn’t eaten so much that your pants become too tight? So-Eun tells him he’s too realistic but I’m gonna give that a big NO. We love his realism and don’t want it to stop!He asks what she wants him to call her and lists examples: So-Eun? My honey? Baby? Khunie’s Mom? Plus what does she want to call him? She asks what he wants to hear? *kekeke* He changes the subject completely when he points out he’s noticed her little habit of crinkling one eye when she talks and shows her

Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk are a cute school couple in stills and BTS photos from SBS" "Pinocchio"

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Upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama "Pinocchio" released more stills and BTS photos of Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk looking like a cute, countryside couple in school uniforms!

The drama got fans hyped for the Choi-Choi couple (Choi In Ha and Choi Dahl Po) with stills of Choi Dahl Po (Lee Jong Suk) giving Cho In Ha (Park Shin Hye) a piggyback ride. They also showed off their cute chemistry in BTS photos.

According to Park Shin Hye"s agency, the actress also chose the skirt-and-sweats fashion in order to express the energetic and bright characteristics of Choi In Ha. They said, "Park Shin Hye took a long time in analyzing In Ha"s character, and is focusing on her acting so please show support and cheer her on