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Son Dam Bi and Yoon Park Confirmed to Play a Couple for “What’s with This Family?”

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Actress Son Dam Bi and Yoon Park will become a married couple for KBS2TV’s upcoming weekend drama ”What’s With This Family?”

The beautiful singer/actress has been confirmed for the role of Kwon Hyo Jin, a smart and elegant food stylist from a wealthy family. This will mark Son Dam Bi’s return to the acting scene after a two-year break, her previous work being “Lights and Shadows” in 2012. Through her new character, she can be expected to showcase a soft and feminine side of her.

The role of Kwon Hyo Jin’s husband Cha Kang Je will be played by actor Yoon Park, who made a lasting impression with his performance on “Good Doctor” and “Will You Love and Give It Away?” His character is a professional doctor with no interest in anything else than studying and curing stomach cancer

Beenzino and Go Jun Hee are a sexy couple in 'High Cut' magazine

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Looks like Sohee and T.O.P might have some competition for the title of hottest couple in a photo shoot! On July 18, "High Cut" magazine released couple shots of talented rapper Beenzino and actress Go Jun Hee for the 130th issue.

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Although it was the first time they met each other, the two of them exuded a very natural and sexy chemistry as if they were a real-life couple.

Meanwhile, Beenzino will be performing in New York City on August 2 with Dok2 and The Quiett!

Kwon Sang Woo and Park Ha Sun Rock the Couple Look in “Temptation”

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Actors Kwon Sang Woo and Park Ha Sun rocked the couple look in behind-the-scenes cuts of the newly aired drama “Temptation,” in which they play husband and wife. The photos, taken while the drama was filming in Hong Kong, were released on July 17, and show the two enjoying a tour of Hong Kong, and enjoying the sights with some refreshing drinks in hand.

The two actors’ Hong Kong date scenes were shot over the course of two days, and regardless of the crowd of spectators that gathered at each of the film sites, Kwon Sang Woo and Park Ha Sun comfortable enjoyed their “dates.”

A drama official said, “When Kwon Sang Woo and Park Ha Sun are on set, preparing for scenes, acting, or just having a conversation, they take care of each other like real spouses. It’ll be interesting to see how they portray a loving couple that develops a rift in their relationship because of Yoo Se Young (Choi Ji Woo)

T.O.P and Sohee are a cute couple in romantic shoot for 'Reebok'

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"Reebok" has released pictures from a new photo shoot with T.O.P and Sohee--pictures that could be mistaken as paparazzi taken shots of a secret celebrity couple! They look incredibly good together with a very natural chemistry.

The two wear sunglasses to hide their features as they hold hands like a long-time couple in one picture while they look just as close in others. Fans are sure to be jealous by how good the two look together for "Reebok"s "Ex-o-fit" and "Freestyle"!

Check out more pictures below.

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Girl's Day's Yura and Hong Jong Hyun plan their 'We Got Married' home and take couple pictures

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Girl"s Day"s Yura and Hong Jong Hyun prepared to move into their newlywed home on the rooftop on the July 12th episode of "We Got Married".

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The two played with RC cars on the rooftop and decided what to put into their new house. Yura also practiced driving on the way to the store, and Hong Jong Hyun showed extreme patience instructing her. The couple then picked out their furniture and household items.

They also took their first couple photos for their house, making each other laugh uncontrollably. 

How are you liking the Yura-Hong Jong Hyun couple so far?

'Trot Lovers' unveil more BTS photos of Eunji and Ji Hyun Woo being a cute couple

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A Pink"s Eunji and Ji Hyun Woo brought smiles to fans" faces with how happy they look together in behind-the-scenes photos from KBS 2TV"s "Trot Lovers"!

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Fans can imagine that the set was always full of laughter with Eunji and Ji Hyun Woo around, and Ji Hyun Woo even had a hilarious moment where he showed his manners by covering his armpit hair in front of Eunji.

The drama"s rep stated, "Even in the weather that exceeds 30ºC (86 ºF), which makes us sweat even being still, they don"t lose their laughter. Thanks to them, the staff also gain strength. They show their keen attention to detail and enthusiasm, which is raising the quality of the production

Lee Jung Jin and miss A′s Fei Act Like a Couple for ′Temptation′

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Lee Jung Jin and miss A′s Fei showed some JYPE family love in new stills from the SBS drama Temptation.

On July 3, Lee Jung Jin uploaded photos showing himself with miss A′s Fei on his Weibo account, saying, "In Hong Kong with beautiful Miss Jenny."

Jenny refers to Fei, who will make a cameo in the drama as Kang Min Woo (Lee Jung Jin)′s lover. Jenny is to be a singer from Hong Kong.

One photo shows the two acting with serious expressions, while another shows them posing together with big grins.

Yet another photo shows Fei alone strumming a guitar.

Fei also tweeted one of the revealed photos, saying, "Min Woo and Jenny met in Hong Kong~"

Temptation will air its first episode on July 11

Chansung and Fei stun as a sizzling couple for 'Singles'

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With all the romances being brought to light this year, 2PM"s Chansung and miss A"s Fei gave fans a glimpse at what it"d be like if they were a couple with a stunning pictorial for "Singles"!

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The pictorial was a treat for both fan boys and girls who got to see a shirtless Chansung and Fei"s sexy legs. The labelmates were also ablaze with chemistry as they locked eyes with an intense gaze into each other"s eyes.

A "Singles" rep stated, "Chansung and Fei portrayed a sad couple whose fired up passion eventually starts to die down."

Check out more of their pictorial in "Singles" July issue!

Younha and Jung Joon Young are a couple in 'Sure' photo shoot

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Talented singers Younha and Jung Joon Young, who recently released a duet together titled "Just The Way You Are", took their friendship to a collaborative photo shoot for "Sure" magazine.

A rep said, "We"ve heard that they were rumored to be close friends in the music industry, but we were able to confirm how peculiarly they suited each other despite their different musical tastes and personalities through this time."

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The two met and began a senior-junior relationship through "Superstar K4", but they quickly became friends as they were close in age. Regardless, they were completely different people, so they showed caution when revealing and receiving different opinions

Hong Jong Hyun and Yura to Go Couple Bungee Jumping on ‘We Got Married’

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Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day’s Yura will be challenging themselves with couple bungee jumping.

During a recent filming for MBC’s We Got Married, Hong Jong Hyun and Yura made their way to a bungee jumping site.

Revealing that he has tried bungee jumping several times in the past, Hong Jong Hyun continued to make fun of Yura by saying, “It’s fun to have someone who has never tried bungee jumping.” Seeing how afraid and nervous Yura was, Hong Jong Hyun decided to jump by carrying her in his hands.

But Yura showed her tears in the end, with Hong Jong Hyun patting her on the back, making viewers wonder what actually happened.

Hong Jong Hyun also brought along his RC car, which is one of his hobbies, and let Yura use one of his big RC cars. However, Yura reportedly dropped his RC car into the river by accident

Kim So Eun and Seo Kang Jun look like a sexy real-life couple for 'InStyle'

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Kim So Eun and Seo Kang Jun graced the pages of "InStyle" magazine"s June issue, turning heads with their impeccable good looks.

The two could pass off for a real-life couple with their chemistry, further brought to life by their mature and sexy charms added with the help of makeup and outfits. Kim So Eun owns her dark makeup and colorful clothes, whereas Seo Kang Jun shows why he"s one of the trendiest eye candy at the moment with his suave, good looks.

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A rep from the photo shoot said, "Kim So Eun, a veteran actress of 10 years, and Seo Kang Jun, a rookie who does not seem like a rookie, created a romance work in one aspect through their synergy despite it being a photo shoot with no dialogue

“We Got Married” Couple Wooyoung and Park Se Young Release “Two Hands Clasped”

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MBC’s “We Got Married” Season 4 couple Wooyoung and Park Se Young recently released a romantic duet!

According to the episode that aired on June 7, it was revealed that the 2PM member had composed the music and lyrics, while Park Se Young contributed to the lyrics as well.

The first verse is about Wooyoung and Park Se Young’s expectant wishes, and the second verse a conversation between the two about those wishes.

The love song “Two Hands Clasped” was born out of Wooyoung and Park Se Young’s love for music that was communicated since the first day they met.

In particular, Wooyoung’s good friend and senior Lel also participated in the production of the song.

Wooyoung and Park Se Young’s duet track, “Two Hands Clasped,” is now available for download and purchase on online music stores

B2ST's Hyunseung & BESTie's U.JI perform a sexy couple dance on 'Immortal Song 2'

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B2ST"s Hyunseung and BESTie"s U.JI looked like they could be the next Trouble Maker with their sexy couple dance on "Immortal Song 2"!

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U.JI caught the guys on set off-guard with her sexy hip shaking and was followed by Hyunseung who got into the music with his own strong and hilarious moves. Their matching white outfits and dancing skills made them look good together. But MC Moon Hee Jun thought Hyunseung was more focused on the music than on U.JI, commenting, "The way I see it, Hyunseung didn"t dance to attract a woman"s interest. He danced because he liked dancing." 

When asked to choose between HyunA and U

Park Bom and Park Min Woo shock their 'Roommates' with their secret couple 'Bom-wind project'

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2NE1"s Park Bom and Park Min Woo will be going on a secret mission to get all of their roommates to believe that they"re dating on the upcoming episode!

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It all started when Park Bom announced on the "Roommate" cast"s group chat, "Everyone, I have an important announcement to make!!" Then Park Min Woo caught the ears of Hong Soo Hyun when he got a call from possibly Park Bom and answered, "Noona", in a sweet and gentle voice. Hong Soo Hyun was direct about it and asked up front, "Are you dating Bom? Something is fishy."

The Park-Park couple then got everyone"s attention with their couple phone cases, rings, and sweaters.

The two will start this "Bom-wind project" (play on words with Bom"s name to also mean "spring wind", which can be understood as "spring fling" as well) on the upcoming episode as indicated by the preview above, so make sure to catch the episode on Sunday!

'Triangle' couple Baek Jin Hee and Jaejoong get close offscreen

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"DalHee" couple JYJ"s Jaejoong and Baek Jin Hee have shown onscreen chemistry on "Triangle", but it"s obvious they"re getting along very well offscreen too.

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In recently released still cuts, the two actors can be seen hanging out together as well as with co-stars. Baek Jin Hee (Oh Jung Hee) and Jaejoong (Heo Young Dahl) make a romantic couple in "Triangle", but things are sure to heat up with Siwan, who plays chaebol Yoon Yang Ha, in the picture. According to drama staff, the "DalHee" couple interact like siblings on set.

Make sure to check out allkpop"s reviews of the "Triangle" episodes if you haven"t already. How are you liking the Jaejoong-Baek Jin Hee couple in the drama?