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Shin Jihoon releases MV for comeback single “Crybaby”

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Cube’s Shin Jihoon has released a music video for digital single “Crybaby”, which is now available on online music sites.

Shin Jihoon was scouted by Cube Entertainment through “K-Pop Star 2”, and with her mature singing voice, it might be unbelievable to many that she is only 17 years old this year. Following news that Cube Entertainment and Cube DC, the agency for Shin Jihoon, would be merging into Cube Entertainment, Shin Jihoon is the first artist up to make her return with the assistance of BEAST’s Junhyung!

The music video starts off with everything in black and white and slowly fades into color with an ominous merry-go-round in the background. Although the music video had only one background as the filming scene, Shin Jihoon’s voice complements well with the mood of the song as she is immersed in emotions while being surrounded by pianos and furniture on fire

Teen Top Reveals Intense Video Teaser for Comeback Title Track “Missing”

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Male group Teen Top has kicked off the teasing by unveiling a dark video teaser for their comeback song, “Missing.”

The music video teaser, released on September 2, shows the members exploring the dark sides of the city. From the intense acting to the thrilling plot twists, the clip hints at an emotional story that is also represented in the lyrics.

For the upcoming single, the group has teamed up with hit producers Rado and Choi Kyu Sung, better known as Black Eyed Pilseung. This will mark the end of the collaboration between Teen Top and Brave Brothers, with whom the group has worked for the past three years, resulting in hits like “No Joke,” “Miss Right,” and “Crazy

Clover’s Gilme to make solo comeback with 2nd studio album; reveals 1st MV teaser for “Success”

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Having first made her solo debut with title track “Love Cuts” back in 2009, female member rapper and vocalist Gilme of the trio Clover (Gilme, Mister Typhoon, and Eun Jiwon) will return as a soloist on September 4 with her 2nd regular album!

The news was revealed through her agency’s official Twitter earlier on September 1 in which album concept photos and the music video teaser for her next title track were unveiled.

From the teaser photos, fans can see that she is opting for a more vibrant, urban and hip-hop image this time around, adding lots of color and charisma to her visuals. The teaser too goes in accordance to her image, as it shows the same pink hair, jewelry, and outfit style represented earlier.

However, the fact that she is walking around a dimly lit music room after having risen from the sofa leads to an anticipative music video plot especially as her title track is called “Success

6 Reasons To Be Excited For The Comeback Of 2PM

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(Photo : JYP Entertainment ) 2PM wants fans to "Go Crazy!" for their comeback.

JYP Entertainment"s 2PM are set to make their comeback with their fourth album. On September 1, 2PM released teaser photos for their upcoming release “Go Crazy”

Few details have been released about “Go Crazy” 2PM will release their comeback music video on September 10 along with a pre-party.

JYP has provided information regarding the location of the pre-party, which will be held at Gangnam"s Club Octagon.

On September 11, 2PM will perform their comeback stage on M Countdown. Their album will be released on September 15.

News regarding their comeback started to be released on August 29, when the members of 2PM shared photos which depicted party scenes, which were shared on SNS

2PM reveals more information regarding pre-party with fans for “Go Crazy” comeback on September 10th!

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With their music video release scheduled for September 10th through various teaser images, 2PM has previously revealed subtly that they will be holding a pre-party in correlation with the music video release. Now, they have released more information on how to apply for the event for any nearby HOTTESTs to join!

From the official poster, fans can see that two more parties with fans are planned throughout the duration of 2PM’s Fall comeback – three guerrilla parties, as well as one final after-party. However, information for those are blurred, leaving fans to solely anticipate the pre-party for now. Scheduled to be held at 9:00 PM at Club Octagon, there is so far no age limit of any kind. They will then perform first at Mnet’s M! Countdown the next day, prior to their 4th full album release scheduled four days later on September 15th

John Park Set to Make His Return on September 12, More Details on His Comeback Revealed

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More details have recently been released on singer John Park’s upcoming return to the stage as a singer.

On September 1, a representative of John Park’s agency, Music Farm, told The Fact, “John Park will release his new single ‘U’ this coming September 12.” It has been a little over one year since the singer released his first full-length album, “Inner Child,” in July of 2013.

The upcoming single titled “U,” is a song with a soul-based UK pop style. It is a song of quality that will bring out his bass range voice and a more developed expression of emotions. The song was tuned by producer Shin Hyuk—the composer of EXO’s “Growl”—and created by the team of producers who made the hit song “One Less Lonely Girl” by singer Justin Bieber

Teen Top discloses date for first comeback teaser

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Teen Top will be returning this September with a new album and recently disclosed the date to their first comeback teaser via their SNS accounts

The image noticed posted on Teen Top’s Twitter account read, “TEEN TOP ‘ÉXITO: Not Easy’ TEASER #1 2014.09.02 PM12,” revealing the first video teaser for Teen Top’s new album.

Teen Top is returning with a Spanish theme as indicated by the title “ÉXITO,” in which they will demonstrate the experience they have gained from their World Tour.

"ÉXITO" is Teen Top’s first comeback album since last year making many fans anticipate their return. They last released the mini-album "Teen Top Class" last August which was followed by the repackaged release in October.

Source: TEEN_TOP, Sports Donga

2PM reveals teaser images for "GO CRAZY!" comeback

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2PM is back in the house, and that can mean only one thing - it"s time for fans to "GO CRAZY!"

The boys revealed several image teasers today, showing off a vibrant, colorful new side to the members as they party hard! For 2PM, who have traditionally stuck to a more masculine, powerful image, their latest comeback is sure to be a refreshing change of pace.

Check out more of the images below and stay tuned for more teasers ahead of their comeback on September 10!

MBC Music Core 08.30.14 – Comeback Performances by Super Junior, SISTAR, BESTie, EXID

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MC : SoHyun, MinHo(SHINee) , ZICO(Block B)

♬ Comeback Stage- Super Junior 『Shirt』,『MAMACITA』- SISTAR 『I Swear』- BESTie 『I Need You』- EXID 『UP&DOWN』

♬ Hot Stage- KARA 『Mamma Mia』- Orange Caramel 『My Copycat』- TAEMIN 『Danger』- SECRET 『I’m In Love』- SunnyHill 『Monday Blues』- BTS 『Danger』

♬ Hot Debut- HIGH4 『Headache』- 4TEN 『TORNADO』

♬ Sound-HOLIC- LADIES’CODE 『KISS KISS』- Park Bo Ram 『Beautiful』- Lip Service 『Too Fancy』

♬ New Song- AlphaBAT 『Oh my gosh!』- LABOUM 『Pit-a-pat』

J.Tune Camp Teases Possible MBLAQ Comeback in September with “Monster”

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Earlier today, MBLAQ‘s agency J.Tune Camp tweeted out an image that showed the words “Monster” with a “coming soon” September release date. As nothing else is mentioned, many are guessing that it is for a September comeback.

I’m not a monster Coming soon 2014.9

— jtunecamp (@JTune_official) August 29, 2014

Previously, the group came back in March with their sixth mini album “Broken,” featuring their title track “Be A Man.”

Since “Be A Man” was a slower R&B track, this comeback could possibly be a more intense dance track, especially with having a title of “Monster.”

What kind of song are you hoping for?

MBLAQ possibly making a comeback?

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It looks like MBLAQ might be making a comeback soon!

On August 29, J.Tune Camp posted the above image to Twitter as well as the message, "I"m not a monster. Coming soon 2014.9." Fans are suspecting that the agency is teasing MBLAQ"s impending return. 

If the fans are right, the teaser image indicates that the boys will be taking on a dark, creepy concept next.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Sunny Hill show their preparation process for their comeback in behind-the-scenes video

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As a special treat for fans, Sunny Hill released a behind-the-scenes video of their comeback with "Monday Blues." The girls strut their stuff as they march over to the music show program where they will be having their comeback stage, looking business-like and sexy in form-fitting black skirts.

However, once they get to the waiting room, they break into their cute smiles as they excitedly prepare for their stage. Check it out above!

Super Junior will perform their first comeback stage on KBS Music Bank

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Having released their 7th studio album "MAMACITA" and their title track music video online earlier today, Super Junior will take on their first comeback stage tonight as planned on KBS Music Bank.

It has been reported that Super Junior will be performing two tracks as part of their comeback stages, their title track “MAMACITA (YAYAYA)” and the Duble Sidekick produced track “Shirt,” also co-composed and co-written by Super Junior’s Donghae.

"MAMACITA (YAYAYA)" is an Urban New Jack Swing genre featuring rhythmical Indian Percussion drum beat and a piano melody. The music video was directed by Hong Wonki and features the brilliant acting of Super Junior. A variety of special equipment was used to create the music video including a high-speed phantom camera, a techno crane and MOVI to make a dynamic video

Insiders give more details on 2PM"s comeback set for September

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JYP Entertainment previously announced 2PM"s upcoming comeback this September followed by teaser images tweeted by the group, hinting that their comeback is drawing near and now it is being rumored among insiders that 2PM is set to make a comeback on September 15!

According to an exclusive by OSEN, insiders stated that 2PM are set to release their 4th full-length album on September 15 and plan to kick off their comeback stages on music shows in the 2nd week of September. This will mark their first comeback in 15 months since their 3rd full-length album "GROWN".

The title track is reported to be an upbeat song much like "Hands Up" which fans already predicted, judging by the exciting teaser images unveiled earlier today

TEEN TOP reveal the title track for comeback through an event with fans

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After an event in which TEEN TOP asked fans to guess the title track off their upcoming album, "ÉXITO," the group has now revealed the title!

The boys will be making their return with "It"s Not Easy," although the question remains, "What"s not easy?" Undoubtedly the boys will be able to provide you with the answer through some ear candy.

Were you able to guess the title correctly?