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Talented trio 8eight make their first comeback in 3 years with "Let"s Not Go Crazy"

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Big Hit Entertainment"s talented co-ed trio 8eight, comprised of Lee Hyun, Joo Hee, and Baek Chan, are finally back for their first official release as a whole in 3 years!

Although they participated in some projects and OSTs more recently, this is the trio"s first official release in a long time. They sing "Let"s Not Go Crazy", which is actually a song that Baek Chan and producer Bang Shi Hyuk wrote together back 5 years ago. It was actually a contender for being chosen as a title track alongside "Without a Heart", their huge hit back in 2009, but it was unfortunately pushed to the side.

Now we finally get to hear it and the amazing harmony of the three singers who sing about a painful breakup

TaeTiSeo Makes a Grand Comeback with “Holler” MV

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TaeTiSeo Makes a Grand Comeback with “Holler” MV Written by Willis On September 18, 2014

The Girls’ Generation subunit TaeTiSeo has made a grand return with title song and mini album “Holler.” A little over two years have passed since we last saw the trio of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun in action promoting “Twinkle” together. At that time, seeing the members of Girls’ Generation performing something different from their usual style was exciting. It even spurred on speculation of other potential Girls’ Generation groupings. Alas, the fans got no new subunit, but instead the established subgroup of TaeTiSeo has graced us with the upbeat pop number “Holler.”

At first glance, the stylistic elements of “Holler” feel similar to the “Twinkle” era with a glam aesthetic as the girls take the audience through the different floors of ‘Hotel Holler

Winner Wins “M!Countdown,” TaeTiSeo Makes Comeback with “Adrenaline” and “Holler”

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Congratulations to Winner! The YG group took the first place win on the September 18 episode of “M!Countdown.”

Winner competed for the number one spot with their song “Empty” against Park Bo Ram‘s “Became Prettier.” For their win, Winner thanked their CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, their fan club, and their parents.

Along with performances from Royal Pirates, BTS, Spica.S, 2PM, T-Ara, Teen Top, High-5, and other groups, Girls’ Generation‘s sub unit TaeTiSeo made their comeback with performances for their songs “Adrenaline” and “Holler.”

Check out Winner’s win and performance along with TaeTiSeo’s comeback below!

Winner performing “Empty”

Winner winning #1


Kim Soo Hyun Might A Comeback In 2015 At The Earliest

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Actor Kim Soo Hyun will be out of the drama and film limelight, at least until 2015.

Kim Soo Hyun is one of the biggest drama stars during the start of 2014, thanks to the success of his drama "Man From The Stars," bu what"s next for the actor?

An acquaintance of Kim Soo Hyun said, "Until next year, Kim Soo Hyun"s schedule is filled to the brim. After the broadcast of his drama "Man From The Stars," he received several advertising offers both locally and overseas, and he is busy with promotional events and activities."

In addition, "We thought his load would lessen in the second half of the year, but he received a lot of projects in China. He will also be busy on December, which will be full of year-end ceremonies

Juniel Drops Teaser Image ahead of Forthcoming Comeback

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FNC Entertainment, the talent agency that represents solo star Juniel, has released a teaser image ahead of the singer’s upcoming comeback. In the image, the star is shown crouching by a lush flowerbed, and appears to be sporting a new hairstyle.

FNC has confirmed that the star’s comeback date will be September 29, almost a year and a half since her most recent hit, “Pretty Boy,” taken from the mini album “Fall in L.”

Juniel made her Japanese debut in April 2011. She released her first Korean mini album the year after, which featured the songs “Illa Illa” and “Fool” (a collaboration with CNBLUE member Jung Yong Hwa). She followed up that release with “1&1,” which included the track “Bad Man.”

Ailee Releases Teaser Photos for Upcoming “Magazine” Comeback, Makes Complete Style Transformation

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Singer Ailee’s agency, YMC Entertainment, has recently shared more detailed information about her upcoming comeback.

On September 18, YMC Entertainment revealed, “Ailee will be showcasing a more powerful song and performance through the British-pop style rock title song called ‘Don’t Touch’ (tentative English title) from her third mini album ‘Magazine.’”

Earlier, on September 16, Ailee had unveiled a few teaser images with a pierrot concept, officially announcing her return with a new mini album.

In these newly-released teaser photos, she can be seen showing off a complete style transformation, especially with her short hairstyle. Also, she is dressed in a crop top and tight black pants that emphasize the results of Ailee’s successful diet, during which she was able to achieve a slimmer body line and face shape

Ailee reveals a new look with short hair for comeback + more details on new title track

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In addition to going through a weight loss, Ailee has also made a dramatic style transformation for her upcoming comeback!

Her agency YMC Entertainment rep shared more details on the 18th, stating, "Ailee will show a more powerful song and performance with her 3rd mini album "Magazine"s title track, "Don"t Touch" [or "Hands Off"], which is a Britpop-style rock song."

Ailee will release "Magazine" on the 25th and hold a showcase at Ilchi Art Hall in Cheongdamdong, Gangnam on the same day.

Juniel sets her comeback date for September 29th

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Juniel has been confirmed to make a comeback on the 29th!

According to FNC Entertainment on the 18th, Juniel will release a new album on the 29th in 1 year and 5 months since "Pretty Boy". A teaser image of the singer-songwriter shining with her golden hairstyle and looking as sweet as the flowers in the photo was also unveiled to ease the wait.

Look forward to her sweet tunes to comes on the 29th!

F.CUZ Releases Comeback MV for “CHA-GA-WA”

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Boy group F.CUZ makes their comeback this with their new mini album “Bargaining for Love” and has released the music video for title track “CHA-GA-WA.”

“CHA-GA-WA,” which literally translates to “Cold,” is a pop dance track by hit-making team Kave.

F.CUZ previously made a comeback earlier this year in March with “One Love,” following a two year hiatus.

BTOB Announces September Comeback!

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BTOB is ready to make music once again! Cube Entertainment announced that the group will be releasing a new mini-album titled “Move” this month.

Aside from the agency, member Peniel also announced the comeback on his Instagram account along with an apology to fans for taking so long. No other details have been revealed except for the comeback date so fans can expect more announcements and surprises from the group in the days to come.

“Move” will be BTOB’s fifth mini-album and their second release for the year. They excited fans earlier this year with their fourth mini-album, “Beep Beep,” with the single of the same title last February.

BTOB will make their comeback on September 29.

F.CUZ kick off their comeback with "CHA-GA-WA" MV

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Boy group F.CUZ are marking their latest domestic comeback with the release of their new mini album and MV for title track "CHA-GA-WA"! 

Their mini album "Bargaining for Love" contains 5 songs in total and depict the whole process of love from falling in love to breaking up with the lyrics.

The release comes before their showcase on the 18th, giving fans time to acquaint themselves with the new songs before they attend the event.


Without further ado, check out the video for "CHA-GA-WA" above!

SISTAR’S Soyu Hint at Next Solo Comeback

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Although she is still promoting “I Swear” with her fellow members, SISTAR member Soyu hinted at a solo comeback through her group’s official Twitter account.

On September 16, the official SISTAR twitter account shared a teaser photo and wrote, “[Soyu] Some 2~~???? An exciting song suited for Autumn will be released on September 26!! Please wait for it.”

In the teaser photo, Soyu poses with a colorful background filled with drawings, including cartoon tails and ears. The words “Who Is Next” offer a hint to what the title of the song may be.

Earlier this year, Soyu collaborated with Junggigo for the chart topping hit, “Some.”

F.CUZ tease for their comeback with teaser photos and video

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Boy group F.CUZ who previously announced their plans for a domestic comeback have dropped teaser images and a video to get you hyped for their return!

The group usually focus on their promotions in Japan, but they"re returning to domestic fans once again with their mini album titled "Bargaining for Love" and the title track "CHA-GA-WA".

The release is set for the 16th, but in the meantime you can get a feel for their new sound and look with the teasers above and below!

Hello Venus to Make October Comeback with New Member

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Girl group Hello Venus is set to add a new member and make a comeback, with new material scheduled to drop sometime in October. The group is now working exclusively with Fantagio, a talent agency that also boasts artist such as actor-idol boy band 5urprise.

The move follows the departure of two of the group’s former members: Yoo Ara and Yoonjo.

The girls are now set to enlist the help of hit-maker Brave Brothers, who will be in charge of production on the new album. The producer, who has worked with girl groups such as After School, 4Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, and SISTAR, has already begun meeting with the group and its representatives about the forthcoming comeback.

The group’s most recent major release was “Do You Want Some Tea?” The song was a hit for the girls in May last year

Ailee to Make Her Comeback with Brand New Mini-Album “Magazine” This Month!

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It has been announced that singer Ailee will be marking her return with the release of her third mini-album titled “Magazine” this month.

The brand new mini-album release date has been confirmed for this coming September 25. Ailee’s agency, YMC Entertainment, revealed teaser photos through their official Twitter account on September 16.

With these newly-released teaser images, in which Ailee can be seen with her hair styled in braided pigtails as she shows off a transformation into a pierrot (clown), people’s curiosity and anticipation are at an all-time high.

YMC Entertainment shared, “Through this album, you will be able to see an even more developed and mature Ailee. You can look forward to different sides of Ailee, as she shows off new and unique charms