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Gummy Postpones May Comeback and Solo Concert

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Singer Gummy has joined the rest of the music industry and postponed her comeback which was originally scheduled for the beginning of May, and with the delay of her comeback, her concert for the beginning of June has also been pushed back. The new dates for these have yet to be determined.

Gummy had planned to release a bright and light-hearted spring song for her upcoming comeback, her first comeback in four years, and had a concert scheduled at Ewha Women’s University on June 7. However, in light of recent events, with the Sewol ferry accident, she decided that it wasn’t befitting of the situation and postponed the dates.

In the meantime, Gummy has appeared on KBS’s “Immortal Song,” where she set a record score of 445 votes on the Joo Hyun Mi episode, further increasing anticipation for her return to the stage

Gummy to postpone her comeback and concert

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It may not be a surprise anymore to fans given the current situation in South Korea, but Gummy has also announced that she will also be delaying her comeback, which was initially set for early May.

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Her agency C-JeS Entertainment rep told OSEN on the 23rd, "After holding a meeting recently, we decided to postpone her comeback... We are adjusting the exact schedule and we also plan to push back her concert."

Gummy previously stated that she planned to make her comeback in four years next month "as May is considered the happiest and brightest [time of the year]" but given the somber mood and situation, she will be postponing her return in respect for the incident and those in mourning

Phantom to delay their comeback

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Phantom has become the next group of artists to delay their comeback in light of the recent tragedy that has struck South Korea.

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Phantom"s agency reps announced through the group"s official fan cafe on April 22, "Phantom"s full-length album "Phantom Power" set for release on April 24 will be delayed... South Korea is in a deep state of sorrow right now. The Phantom members thought that releasing their album at this time of mourning is inappropriate, and after a meeting with all of those in our agency, we made the decision to delay the album release."

The reps added, "As this is their first full-length album since their debut, they have been preparing a lot for it daily and focused only on their comeback

Hyun Bin’s Comeback Movie “The Fatal Encounter” Hits N. American Theaters in May

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The Fatal Encounter” will be coming to many theaters in North America next month on May 23.

For Hyun Bin, this is his first major movie role after completing his mandatory military service. Also starring in the movie is Jung Jae Young (Welcome to Dongmakgol), Jo Jung Suk (The Face Reader), and Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince).

Synopsis: In 1777, one year since he had taken reign, King Jeong-jo (Hyun Bin) bears a perilous palace life with his dedicated court servant, Gap-soo (Jung Jae Young), amidst opposition and threats from those around with political ambitions. Meanwhile, Eul-soo (Jo Jung Suk), a member of a secret assassin group, receives orders to kill Jeong-jo.

Gap-soo, who had also been in the same secret assassin ring as Eul-soo, later confesses to Jeong-jo about his dark past and his motive for coming into the palace

G.NA to postpone her comeback until further notice

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G.NA will be indefinitely postponing her "Pretty Lingerie" comeback.
Originally, G.NA was supposed to release her new song today and start her comeback performance. However, she has canceled all her promotional activities after the Sewol sinking and is waiting only for good news from rescue efforts.

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Cube Entertainment said, "As for G.NA"s official comeback date, we"ll be generally adjusting her schedule through another conference later so she can come back with a good image. We express our deep condolences once again on the Sewol sinking, and hope for a miracle."

EXO-M performs comeback track 'Overdose' on Chinese television!

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Although EXO"s newest album has been delayed due to the ongoing Sewol ferry tragedy, that didn"t stop the group"s Chinese half, EXO-M, from making an explosive comeback in their home country with "Overdose"!

The group performed the song for the first time earlier today on "Global Chinese Music", wowing their legions of fans with their tight choreography and powerful vocals.

Meanwhile, the album release has been moved to a later date. "We ask for understanding from the fans who"d been awaiting the music as this decision resulted from our desire for the safe return of the passengers and condolences for the victims," SM Entertainment said. "We thank the fans for their great interest in new mini-album "Overdose" and will later on announce the release date once it"s been confirmed

EXO-M Has Comeback Stage Through “Global Chinese Music”

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EXO‘s China focuses division EXO-M held their “Overdose” comeback stage through CCTV‘s weekly ranking music program, “Global Chinese Music.”

EXO-M performed title track “Overdose” from their new mini album of the same name. Wearing all white suits, the boys threw a powerful performance, finally revealing the whole track and stage.

Despite EXO-M’s comeback stage, EXO’s “Overdose” album release, which was originally planned for April 21, and EXO-K’s comeback, which was originally planned for April 18 through “Music Bank,” has been delayed to an undetermined date due to recent ferry tragedy in Korea.

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Shinhwa’s Eric to Make Comeback in “Trot Lovers” Drama?

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Shinhwa member and actor Eric may be returning to the small screen!

Eric recently received an offer to appear in KBS 2TV drama, “Trot Lovers” which is scheduled to air sometime in June following “Big Man.” He is currently reviewing the role and the details of the plot.

If he accepts the role, it would be his first new project since appearing in 2011 KBS 2TV drama, “Spy Myeong Wol.”

“Trot Lovers” is about a young woman in her twenties who has the potential to become a trot singer. When she meets a genius songwriter, she embarks on a journey to develop into a trot singer.

So far, Eric’s representatives have responded to the report by telling OSEN over the phone, “We only received the script; no discussion has taken place yet

EXO Delays Comeback Due to Ferry Tragedy

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Boy group, EXO, is delaying its comeback due to the Sewol Ferry tragedy that took place in Korean on April 16.

SM Entertainment announced on April 18 through EXO’s official homepage that the release of the group’s new mini album, which was originally scheduled for April 21, has been postponed.

The agency stated, “After discussing with the EXO members regarding the release of their new album and their promotion activities in Korea, we have decided to postpone the release of their new mini album “Overdose,” which was originally scheduled to release on April 21.”

The statement continued, “The decision has been made to offer our condolences to the victims and our hopes and wishes that the missing persons will return back safely. We ask the fans who have been waiting for the release of the album for their understanding and patience

Kim Yeon Ji of the original SeeYa releases comeback single 'Sad Day'

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Talented singer Kim Yeon Ji, who was a member of the now disbanded female trio SeeYa, has returned with a new release!

This is her first official comeback in four years, so it should be a treat to those who have missed the talented singer or the original SeeYa.

Check out her title track "Sad Day" (aka "Everyday Farewell") above!

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Infinite Hints at Nearing Comeback with “Last Romeo” Website and Posters

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Attention all Inspirits, we have new updates on Infinite‘s upcoming comeback!

On April 17, the official homepage of Infinite underwent a complete transformation, and the visitors are now met with a simple black-and-white message saying “Infinite Season 2.” Written beneath the text is “Last Romeo,” which has raised the anticipation for the group’s previously announced comeback.

Fans are now wondering the meaning behind the sudden change, and many are leaning towards “Last Romeo” being the name of Infinite’s title track. So far, there have been no official statements by Infinite’s agency, but according to the teaser video released two weeks ago, the comeback will take place this month.

In addition, mysterious posters around Seoul have caught the fans’ eyes. A video taken at the Hongdae subway station shows the clean promotional posters on the walls, which can only mean that the comeback is not far away

All Music Shows Canceled This Week, Affecting Comeback Stages of Block B, EXO, and More

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All weekly music shows from the various TV networks have been canceled this week starting today due to the Sewol Ferry tragedy that shook the nation yesterday.

Thursday’s (April 17 KST) music show from Mnet, “M!Countdown,” Friday’s (April 18 KST) music show from KBS, “Music Bank,” Saturday’s (April 19 KST) music show from MBC, “Music Core,” and Sunday’s (April 20 KST) music show from SBS, “Inkigayo,” have been canceled.

The cancellation of these various music shows affects the promotion schedules of many singers in the industry, as well as reflecting the desires of the artists to defer promotions out of respect for the hundreds of victim of the ferry tragedy. Some of the comebacks affected are from singer Kim Jin Ho of SG Wannabe, Lena Park, Block B, EXO, and Junggigo

Original SeeYa member Kim Yeon Ji teases for her solo comeback with 'Sad Day'

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Talented singer Kim Yeon Ji, who was a member of the now disbanded female trio SeeYa, is getting ready for her return with a teaser!

She will be releasing a new album "Never Land Project", which she worked on with composer Kim Se Jin, and this will be her first official comeback in four years.

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So check out her teaser for title track "Sad Day" (aka "Everyday Farewell") above and stay tuned for the full release on the 18th!

G.NA's comeback MV to star actors Otani Ryohei and Kim Min Gyo

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G.NA has already started filming the music video for her comeback track "Pretty Lingerie" ("GN.A"s Secret"), and it looks like Japanese actor Otani Ryohei as well as actor and director Kim Min Gyo will be featured in the MV!

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Cube Entertainment shared the above behind-the-scenes photos of G.NA with the starring actors on set, raising curiosity about what kind of roles they"ll have in the MV. Kim Min Gyo and G.NA previously worked together on the tvN comedy program "SNL Korea", and from the still cuts, it seems he"ll be playing a less-than-polite character.

"Pretty Lingerie" is about what happens when a woman falls in love. Stay tuned for G.NA"s first comeback in a year on April 21!

G.NA makes a lovely bride in a wedding dress in comeback teaser images

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G.NA is here to surprise you as a lovely bride in the next set of teaser images for her comeback!

This is definitely a change from her first image which showed us a peek at her "Pretty Lingerie", which is the Korean title of her new song. Dressed in bridal gear this time, the singer leaves us to wonder about the concept and who the dashing groom could be!

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According to her latest Facebook post, it seems she"ll be going with the title "G.NA"s Secret" for the international audience. So get ready to learn about her "secret" with her single on April 21!