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Han Ye Seul talks about making her comeback to drama"s after three years

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Gorgeous actress Han Ye Seul attended the press conference for her first drama in three years, "Birth of a Beauty," on October 30 at the SBS building where she talked about making her comeback! It is possible the instance she is discussing during the press conference was her leaving drama "Spy Myung Wol" during the middle of production in the past, which earned her a lot of criticism.

She said, "I returned with a drama in three years. It has been a long time. It was a time for me to personally think about myself only and to mature. I haven"t lived a long time, but as you live, I think there"s no choice but to have an ordeal come in your life. Whether it"s in the private or public sphere, there are unfavorable factors you can"t avoid, and I think I likewise went through an instance I could not avoid

A.cian are tough boxers in group teaser video for comeback with "Ouch"

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A.cian is making their comeback as a five-member boy group under Mono Music with "Ouch"!

They"ve been dropping individual teaser videos and have now dropped a group image for their comeback. It looks like they"ll be going for the tough, bad boy concept, using the theme of boxing, as the boys punch bags and even incorporate some jabbing movements into their choreography!

The song definitely sounds badass with a super catchy beat that will have fans excited for the full release on October 29! You can check out the group teaser above and the individual ones below.

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BEAST Raises Anticipation with “Drive” Teaser Medley Video Ahead of Comeback

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BEAST continues to raise fans’ anticipation with another teaser—this time with a medley video of the songs that will be included in the group’s upcoming mini album, “Time.”

The video uploaded onto BEAST’s official YouTube channel on October 15 at 12:30 p.m. (KST), like the name of the title track “12:30,” provided a preview of “It’s All Good,” “Close My Eyes,” “Stay,” “So Hot,” “12:30,” as well as an extended teaser of Junhyung’s rap in the second track titled “Drive.”

“Drive” is a song that portrays the story of a man who goes on a drive in order to forget about the pain of a breakup through its sad lyrics.

“Time” is scheduled to be released on October 20

Group S to Hold Comeback Performance at “SM Town Live World Tour IV” Concert in Shanghai

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It seems like 2014 has been a year of comebacks for the first generation wave of K-Pop. Joining the list is SM Entertainment‘s former project group S who will be making a comeback after eleven years.

The project group, which is composed of Kangta, Lee Ji Hoon, and Shinhwa‘s Shin Hye Sung, will be joining the other SM Entertainment artists in “SM TOWN Live World Tour IV,” which will be held in Shanghai on October 18. The trio will be revealing their new song and will perform it on the said date to mark their official comeback.

Meanwhile, the group’s mini album entitled “Autumn Breeze” will be released on October 27.

Girl’s Day says “I Miss You” in new comeback ballad MV

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Girl’s Day is back with an emotional music video for their new ballad track “I Miss You”!

”I Miss You” is a sweet, melodic song that showcases the vocals of the group as they sing about a girl going through a tough heartbreak. Girl’s Day makes sure to express the pain, love, and sadness of the lyrics in the medium tempo ballad with their sentimental, charming voices.

Filmed with a dreamlike quality, the video depicts each member in various states after her agonizing breakup. The girls are shown dealing with their situations through crying, sleeping, and listlessness. Their moving acting adds to the heartbreaking storyline.

Girl’s Day is also the first group to release their new album through a smart card! The smart card album, released through Kino, lets users utilize the NFC function in their smartphones to access both the songs and music videos, as well as a multitude of images

The Boss (DGNA) go wild in their comeback "Rilla Go" MV

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The Boss are bringing out their beastly instincts as they take on a wild and tribal jungle theme with their comeback!

They"ve finally brought out the full MV for their new Korean single "Rilla Go!" to make their awaited return with the message of wanting to be wild and free like the animals in the jungle. Their new release is the work of Command Freaks and member Hyunmin.

Check out the MV above!

BEAST drops final audio teaser for “Drive” off comeback mini-album “Time”

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BEAST has unveiled yet another teaser for their upcoming special 7th mini-album “Time”, which is intended to celebrate their 5th debut anniversary on October 16th.

BEAST has been teasing fans for 6 days from October 10th to October 15th at 12:30AM every night with an instrumental video teaser for track 6 “SO HOT”, as well as audio teasers for title track "12:30", "It’s A Good Thing", "Close My Eyes", and "STAY".

Today, the group unveils an audio clip for their remaining song in their album, which is track 2 titled “Drive”. The song is said to have an emotional hip-hop style. With a grooving rhythm and driving brass line, the new track highlights the group’s shining vocals.

Earlier on, the group had unveiled a series of teasers including Instagram teasers (1,2), two sets of jacket photos (1,2), a video clip, announced that the title track to be “12:30”, and revealed the tracklist

Album Review: K-Rock Duo TOXIC Stirs Things Up With Their Comeback Album 'Time' [AUDIO]

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(Photo : TOXIC ) Korean rock duo TOXIC is back with their latest release, "Time."

On October 10, Korean rock duo TOXIC released the mini album “Time.” “Time” is a follow up to their May 2014 single release “Satellite.”

TOXIC were the winners of the inaugural season of the KBS2 music competition program “Top Band.” Since there are only two members in TOXIC, the duo is unique when facing off against other Korean rock acts.

TOXIC member Kim Jung Woo is responsible for the main vocals, guitar, and keyboards while Kim Seul Ong provides backup vocals, as well as drumming.

“Time” provides context to the musicality of TOXIC, which extends well beyond their previous releases

Haru shows support for Epik High"s upcoming comeback in a teaser image

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If you haven"t heard the news already, Haru is here to tell you all that Epik High is making a comeback in a teaser image!

The teaser image featuring Haru was shared on her Instagram on October 14 with the caption, "Fighting @blobyblo." Haru was previously seen reviewing her dad Tablo"s music on "Superman is Back", so it"s likely that the songs on the upcoming album also have Haru"s approval.

Epik High will make their long-awaited return with their 8th full-length album "Shoebox" online on October 21 and offline on October 22!

Na Yoonkwon releases his new song and comeback MV, “If Only”

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Na Yoonkwon is back after 2 years with his new song “If Only” with its romantic music video!

At noon on October 13th, Na Yoonkwon released his new single “If Only” and its accompanying music video via several music websites.

This year, he will be celebrating his 10th debut anniversary, which makes this latest single more special. His regular album will be released early next year.

Meanwhile, on November 8th and 9th, Na Yoonkwon is going to hold his solo concert, titled “Reunion”, at Blue Square in Seoul, Korea. The ticket is now selling on Interpark website.

Source: JTBC and 1theK (원더케이)

S (Kangta, Hyesung, and Lee Ji Hoon) to provide an "Autumn Breeze" with their comeback this month

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"90s idols" project group S, made up of H.O.T"s Kangta, Shinhwa"s Hyesung, and actor-singer Lee Ji Hoon, confirmed the earlier reports of their return with the news of their upcoming mini album "Autumn Breeze"!

According to Kangta"s agency, SM Entertainment, S have set their album release date for the 27th. This marks their 1st comeback in 11 years since the release of their 1st album "" in 2003.

"Kangta was in charge of the writing, composing, and producing for all of the tracks on this album... Music lovers will be even more thrilled by Kangta"s unique color of music and the emotional ballad with the trio"s beautiful harmony," a rep revealed

Hello Venus engage in jacket shoot for comeback with new member and Brave Brothers sound

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Previously, it was reported that Hello Venus will be making a fall comeback with a new member and a song produced by Brave Brothers!

Looks like things are fast on track as the girls were spotted at a jacket photo shoot on October 12! Unfortunately, they"ve hidden the girls, including the new member, as well as the concept, being the teases that they are!

Looks like fans will have to wait a little longer, but it does seem like the time is soon coming for their long-awaited comeback!

Yang Hyun Suk denies that the comeback of Akdong Musician and Epik High were intended to challenge Seo Taiji

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Is there competition between former Seo Taiji and Boys members Seo Taiji and Yang Hyun Suk? Korean media outlets and netizens appear to think so as they raise speculation that Yang Hyun Suk may have purposely prepared for the comebacks of YG artists Akdong Musician and Epik High to overlap with Seo Taiji"s long-awaited comeback on the 20th with his ninth album, "Quiet Night."

However, Yang Hyun Suk denied these speculations, saying, "The YG comeback lineup was already prepared months beforehand; we moved accordingly to that schedule. Honestly, Akdong Musician"s "Time and Fallen Leaves" was a song planned to be released in October since back in March or April. Also, Epik High was supposed to come out on October 14, but there was a delay in the MV production, so it was postponed one week to October 21

This is not an “Error,” VIXX transforms into cyborgs in newly released comeback MV

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Male idol group VIXX has made their return with a never before done concept for their title track, “Error.”

Releasing their music video on October 14, VIXX reveal they are actually cyborg idols. Hongbin takes the helm as the lead actor of the music video, his memory seemingly returning to him and remembering his love, who had passed away.

She makes a return as a cyborg with the former’s full memory, but men in black appear and reveal her to be an illegally made cyborg. Hongbin fights them off before they can take her away, and in a Romeo-Juliet scene, walks to the operating table where he is also revealed to be a cyborg. The two are dismantled together as their last act of love.

Meanwhile, VIXX has already announced their music video pledge ahead of its release

Will Big Bang Make A Comeback In 2014? Taeyang Says That A New Album Is Coming

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(Photo : YG Life)

On October 12, Big Bang member Taeyang stirred fans into a frenzy when he announced that Big Bang was in the process of creating their comeback album.

Taeyang performed a series of solo concerts entitled 2014 Taeyang Concert RISE from October 10 through October 12. The solo concerts, which were his first in four years, featured music from his commercially successful and critically acclaimed release RISE.

Taeyang addressed the concerns of fans regarding a Big Bang comeback album. As reported in English by the news outlet Soompi, Taeyang stated “Every day we are working on new music at the studio. Although, it is difficult to say when, I want to release a good album with good music as soon as possible.”

Taeyang did not provide confirmation of a release date during this statement but also hinted at the some of the recent events that have surrounded Big Bang