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“Real Men” Under Fire in the Aftermath of a Soldier’s Death, Netizens Demanding Cancellation

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MBC‘s reality show “Real Men” is under scrutiny in the aftermath of a soldier’s death during service.

In April of this year, Private Yoon died from physical abuse from his superiors while serving his mandatory military service. Postmortem, it was found out that he has been abused since near the end of last year. Five sergeants and corporals were arrested and charged with abuse.

As the trials for the accused are happening at the moment, netizens have taken up to voice their concerns about the military-variety show, “Real Men.”

These netizens criticized “Real Men” for romanticizing Korea’s mandatory military service, only showing good and at times too-perfect instances of military life. They argued that in reality, abuse is rampant in these divisions, and the government uses “Real Men” to cover up the flawed military system

VIXX’s Leo Loves Her to Death in New “Blossom Tears” Collab MV With Lyn

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Lyn and VIXX member Leo’s new collaboration“Blossom Tears” was released today (August 5). This collaboration is the fourth “Y.BIRD From Jellyfish” project by Jellyfish Entertainment head Hwang Sae Joon. The song was composed and arranged by composer team Mellow Design, under the direction of producer Hwang Sae Joon, and the title and lyrics were written by Lyn.

The project tells of “the fateful love of an innocent woman and a man with a sad destiny,” and this concept threads through the song, lyrics, and music video. While a somewhat unexpected combination, Lyn and Leo’s voices sound great together. Listen to the song and watch the music video below!

Taeyang's 'LOVE YOU TO DEATH' passes KBS' strict music content review

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In a surprising twist, KBS has belatedly announced that the track "LOVE YOU TO DEATH" from Taeyang"s second full-length album "RISE" has passed KBS" strict requirements and deemed it appropriate for broadcast.

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According to the results of their music content review for the fourth week of June on the 25th, KBS reviewed 154 tracks and 146 received the "OK" sign from the broadcast station including Taeyang"s "LOVE YOU TO DEATH", Yoon Jong Shin"s "Somehow" with Kelly, and Shin Hae Chul"s "A.D.D.A".

Reddy"s "U Turn" was deemed unsuitable for broadcast due to the cursing and coarse language in its lyrics, Ssangdu Macha"s "Studmuffin" was deemed unfit due to its sexually explicit lyrics, and Molly

Taeyang takes to the stage to perform '1AM', 'Body', & 'Love You To Death' for 1theK's 'Wonder Live'

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Taeyang took to the stage to perform live three of his songs and also answer a few questions from fans for 1theK"s "Wonder Live"!

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Performing "1AM", "Body", and "Love You To Death", the Big Bang member as well as soloist got fans grooving along right off the bat with his energy and charisma.

He also took time in between the performances to answer some of the questions thrown at him by his fans, so check out what he had to say as you watch the clip above!

Park Ji Bin Experiences Family Death with Father′s Passing

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It′s been revealed that Park Ji Min′s father recently passed away.

On June 3, Park Ji Bin′s agency KeyEast told Newsen, "Park Ji Bin′s father passed away on June 1. He stayed with his father until the coffin was borne out. His father has been ailing from a chronic illness."

The agency rep added carefully, "As young as Park Ji Bin is, we hoped that this will all pass without his getting hurt."

Park Ji Bin stayed with his family members at the funeral home until the coffin was borne out on June 3.

Park Ji Bin debuted in 2001 through the musical Tommy at the age of six, and has appeared in the dramas Suspicious Housekeeper, Incarnation of Money, as well as movies Children of Heaven and Hello Brother

Friends speak up about the death of the female participant on 'Couple' reality show

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Last night, it was revealed that a female participant, J, of SBS"s reality show "Couple" was found dead inside a bathroom in what appeared to be suicide. On March 5, two of J"s high school friends, A and B, met with reporters at a cafe in Gangnam to speak up about the incident. They revealed that J was an ordinary worker at an education-related company and had broken up with her boyfriend near the end of last year.

According to her friends, J applied to appear on the show, but later declined the offer when was selected. However, a staff member told her they had already purchased her plane tickets so she decided to go to Jeju anyway.

Her friends said in general, "J always had an upbeat personality so she figured that since it came to this point, she might as well engage in filming the show with enjoyment

Kang Won Rae and Kim Song Couple Mourn the Death of Their Beloved Dog

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Kang Won Rae and Kim Song shed tears as they bid farewell to their dog.

On the February 9 broadcast of SBS’ “TV Animal Farm,” the final moments of Kang Won Rae and Kim Song couple’s dog, Ddolddol (Smartie) was shown.

Ddolddol brought great comfort to the once infertile couple. Ddolddol was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2011. The cancer spread to its lungs, liver, spleen, and spine, and the couple was told she had about only two months left to live. Nevertheless, Ddolddol kept strong and continued her life through 2013.

The couple created a bucket list for Ddoldool. They decided to spend as much time as they could with their dog. They took a family photo together, and even planned a family trip since Ddolddol loved playing in the snow

Near Death Experiences Spark Romance in “Man from the Stars”

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This week brought another fabulous pair of “Man from the Stars” episodes. The unique combination of suspense, romance, and comedy continue to make for excellent entertainment. Min Joon’s role as Song Yi’s protector gets put to the test at many points during these two episodes. From falling fish bowls to runaway cars, Min Joon sure has has his work cut out for him. Thankfully, he has some pretty cool superpowers to help him out. The writer does a wonderful job balancing the nail-biting suspense with laugh-out-loud funny interactions. Be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions when you watch this show!

Min Joon Saves the Day

In the climatic end of Episode 7, Min Joon stretches his powers to the max in order to rescue Song Yi from an immediate death. Be sure to add stopping a car with his bare hands to the list of awesome things Min Joon can do

Wassup Releases Festive “Jingle Bell” MV and Sends Christmas Greetings

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Girl group Wassup is here to get you in the festive mood with their music video for “Jingle Bell!”

The video was uploaded on YouTube on December 23. “Jingle Bell” is the group’s second holiday-themed song this year, having released “La Pam Pam Pa” just a few days ago. Like the previous release, “Jingle Bell” is a step away from the traditional carols. The girls can be seen having fun at a club, giving you a hint that Christmas can be perfectly fun even without a special someone and a sweet Christmas date. Dressed up in festive colors, the members are looking cute in their sparkly Christmas outfits while enjoying their time at the club. The cheery sound of the song is incredibly catchy, so be ready hit the replay button.

Wassup also shared a holiday greeting video, in which they wish their fans Merry Christmas and remind you that even if you’re single, your Christmas can be a joyful one!

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Kan Mi Youn Received Knife Blades and Death Threats Written in Blood from Anti Fans

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Being in a scandal with one of the top boy idols proved to be quite torturous for former Baby V.O.X member Kan Mi Youn, who recently opened up about her experiences with anti fans,.

On November 6, Kan Mi Youn appeared as a guest on MBC’s Radio Star.

With people still discussing an issue from almost 14 years ago, Kan Mi Youn talked about her past dating scandal with H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun and the negative effects that followed.

Kan Mi Youn talked about receiving death threats from fans with pictures of her eyes gouged out and letters filled with box cutter blades. The issue even made it on the 9 O’clock news at one point.

“There were some people who put in rusty knife blades in envelopes in a way that when you opened it up, you would get hurt

Stars Mourn Rottyful Sky Kim Ha Nul′s Death

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Friends and family gather to mourn the death of Kim Ha Nul

The coffin of Rottyful Sky′s Kim Ha Neul, who passed away on October 8, was borne out at The Catholic University of Korea Seoul St

Noh Yoo Min discloses Chun Myung Hoons father death

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NRG‘s Noh Yoo Min disclosed member Chun Myung Hoon‘s father passed away.

On the 26th, Noh Yoo Min posted on his Twitter, “NRG’s Myung Hoon hyung’s father has passed away. May he rest in peace.

Chun Myung Hoon’s father had passed away due to lung cancer. Chun Myung Hoon revealed back in May that he hadn’t seen his father for 10 years, and that his father was in the ICU. It was reported that he passed away on the morning of the 26th. The funeral will be held at the Seoul VHS Medical Center Funeral Hall.

Our hearts go out to Chun Myun Hoon and his father.