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Clara teases her digital single release with a captivating Instagram picture

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Clara posted to her personal Instagram teasing her upcoming digital single release. She wrote, "2014.11.7," along with the photo above with the words, "CLARA"S 1ST DIGITAL SINGLE."

The actress captivated fans with her slim figure and even more with her skimpy outfit. Meanwhile, Clara previously hinted that her digital single release will be a hip-hop track back in July via SNS. She also revealed that she tried her hand at rapping through the song "Fear" featuring rapper Yasu.

Stay tuned for info on Clara"s single!

F.T. Island drops PV for Japanese single "To The Light"

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If you"re eager to listen to F.T Island"s upcoming Japanese single, "To The Light", before its official release on October 15, you"re in luck for the PV has been revealed!

Like with all of F.T. Island"s releases, this rock ballad is sure to linger in your head even after you"ve closed out of the video. The black and white scheme also sets the mood for the song and the members" expressions convey their emotions clearly.

After the release of their single, the boys will embark on another Japan tour, "FTISLAND AUTUMN TOUR 2014-To The Light". In the meantime, check out the video above!

E-Sens goes "Back in Time" with his newest single!

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With his newly dropped single, "Back in Time," E-Sens brings out his 90s old-school hip-hop, highlighting his lyricality and flow to the simple and repetitive beats.

For this particular single, E-Sens worked with producer, Obi Klein, a popular R&B producer who is know for his collaborations with Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Missy Elliot. He also worked with Korean idols such as EXO and Super Junior.

The lyrics to "Sh All Day" narrate his daily routine after the "Control Beats" syndrome, talking about the burdens of trying to staying relevant in the industry, the work he"s put in during his hiatus, and the undying passion he has for hip-hop and rap

The Boss drop track list for their upcoming Korean comeback with third single album "Rilla Go!"

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The Boss will finally be making their return to the Korean music scene!

They will be dropping their third single album, "Rilla Go!" on October 15, which will include a CD, a 48-page photo book, poster, one of five possible photo cards, and entry into an event ("DGNA Jukebox Only for U") limited to purchasers.

The Boss dropped a track list for this upcoming single album. The four tracks are "Tarzan (Intro)," "Rilla Go!" "Shine," and "Rilla Go! (Inst.)(Club ver.)."

Mark your calendars!

Juniel claims, "I Think I"m In Love" in her first ever digital single

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Juniel has released her first ever digital single "I Think I"m In Love"!

Her single contains the titular "I Think I"m In Love", and her self-composed tracks "Bug Off" and "Please". The single is her first since she entered her 20s, and she put all of her emotions into the digital single.

"I Think I"m In Love" talks about a couple who"s just started to date, and the sweet melody and lyrics provide energy to whoever"s listening. From there, she goes on to "Bug Off", a warning against a player, and then to "Please", the story of a parting.

Check out her MV above!

ZPZG make their debut with MV for catchy single "Go Crazy"

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4-member boy group ZPZG made their debut with digital single "Go Crazy"!

ZPZG previously introduced themselves through their debut stage on "M! Countdown" on the 25th and released their digital single the following day which is the work of BNR"s MasterKey. The song describes a guy who is going crazy over a girl who he met for the first time. ZPZG consists of Kahn, Kang, Gyum, and Jihoon.

Listen to their catchy debut song!

[MV and Single Review] Ji Eun - "Don"t Look At Me Like That"

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Ji Eun of Secret has just dropped her new MV and single, "Don"t Look At Me Like That." Having released a slew of singles already, she"s certainly no stranger to the solo schtick.

Those who have read my previous reviews probably know I"m not a big fan of ballads. However this song grabbed me. I like the way it starts out, her voice being the focus, spare of instrumentation. Gradually it builds momentum until we hit the chorus, sung powerfully and passionately to power chords. It ends quietly, with her last vocal stark against the silence. Her English is pretty fluent as well.

The song itself seems to be about people judging her about the way she loves, and she wants to be left alone. The relationship she refers to appears to be one that is not accepted by some people, whether it be interracial or homosexual in nature

F.T. Island drop teaser spot for Japanese single "To The Light" + DVD of "The Passion" arena tour

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For those eager to hear a snippet of F.T Island"s upcoming Japanese single, "To The Light," before its official release on October 15, check out the teaser spot above! It shows a monochrome MV teaser that features the passionate singing of Hongki while the other members jam out on their respective instruments to this rock ballad.

In addition, the teaser spot also promotes the upcoming DVD of the boys" 2014 arena tour, "The Passion," which will be released on the same day.

After the release of their single, the boys will embark on another Japan tour, "FTISLAND AUTUMN TOUR 2014-To The Light."

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[Video] Secret vocalist teases newest single

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Song Ji-eun, a member of K-pop girl group Secret, released a teaser yesterday for her upcoming single "Don"t Look at Me".The video was released at noon on Secret"s official fan club website and its agency"s official YouTube channel.

Unlike the bubbly, upbeat image Secret painted in its previous hits, Song"s upcoming single will be darker and more somber, her agency, TS Entertainment, announced yesterday in a press release. The song centers on the kind of love and relationships that are often subject to social prejudice and stigma - homosexual or interracial relationships, for instance - the agency wrote. It further hinted that "Don"t Look at Me" combines ballad, hip-hop and rock elements. Song has released two independent singles apart from her role as lead vocalist in Secret. Her first single was "Crazy" (2011), followed by "False Hope" (2013)

Legendary group Buzz releases MV for second single "Train"

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Buzz has released their MV for "Train"!

"Train" is the group"s 2nd single. Their label said, "If the release last month went to the fans through a familiar sound with Buzz" color, fans will be able to feel Buzz" new musical growth through "Train". The members did all of the composing, writing lyrics, instrumental playing, and mixing, and also put in various efforts in terms of music as well."

Check out the song and MV above!

Secret’s Song Ji Eun Drops First Video Teaser for Solo Single “Don’t Look At Me Like That”

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Secret‘s Song Ji Eun releases the first music video teaser for her new solo track, “Don’t Look At Me Like That.” It has been a year since her last solo release, “False Hope.”

“Don’t Look At Me Like That” is produced by the team Star Track (Kang Ji Won, Kim Ki Bum), which has previously produced Secret’s “Madonna” and B.A.P‘s “1004,” among many others. The song will touch upon the different types of love in the world, although in the preview, we only hear the words, ‘Don’t look at me like that.”

“Don’t Look At Me Like That” drops September 24

TVXQ to release new Japanese single "Time Works Wonders" on November 5th

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TVXQ will be releasing their next Japanese single "Time Works Wonders" soon!

The boys had recently released "Sweat/Answer" in Japan, and had also had a Japanese live tour, and they"ve got even more in store for their fans with this new release!

The single will include the title song "Time Works Wonders", along with "Baby Don"t Cry". As with all their Japanese releases, there will be multiple versions. One version will included a DVD with the music video of "Time Works Wonders", and another version will be an only CD version. There will also be a special version for their Japanese fanbase, Bigeast.

Check out the album covers below and get ready for its release on November 5th!

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2PM Tops Oricon Chart Within 3 Days of New Japanese Single Release

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According to the Oricon Chart on September 20, 2PM’s eighth Japanese single titled “Midaretemina (Go Crazy),” which was released on September 17, has taken charge of the top spot after rising to number one.

On the first day of its release, 55,099 copies were sold, entering the Oricon Daily Single Chart in second place. After continuing to sell more copies over the next two days while maintaining its spot at number two, “Midaretemina” was able to make its way up to number one in three days since its release.

Earlier, on its release date, 2PM lined up the different versions of the new single on Tower Records’ World Chart, as well as Daily Chart. The original version recorded first place, the First Press Limited Edition A came in second, and the First Press Limited Edition B took charge of the third spot

2PM rises to #1 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart

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2PM"s 8th Japanese single, "MIDARETEMINA" ("GO CRAZY!"), ranked #1 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart!

"MIDARETEMINA" sold 55,099 copies on the first day of its release on September 17 and 12,770 copies on the 18th. It managed to maintain its spot at #2 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart for two days before finally moving up to #1 on the chart!

Congrats, 2PM and HOTTEST!

TROY stir excitement for their new single "Why Are We" with MV teaser

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R&B and hip hop boy group TROY, who announced their upcoming return with "Why Are We" (Korean title: "Changing") the other day, are back to tease with a clip from the music video!

As mentioned before, their single will consist of two R&B and hip hop tracks with "Why Are We" as the title song, which is an uptempo track composed by Lee Hyun Do and TROY"s Bumkey. 

The MV teaser gives us a clue at the sound of their new song, and it seems they"ll certainly be bringing back their R&B feel and groove with the new release. Take a look above as you await the release on the 23rd!