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WIN Team B Releases Single Called “Wait for Me” Written by Bobby and B.I

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Team B from WIN released a digital single of their own.

Titled “Wait for Me,” the song is written by Team B members and future iKON members Bobby and B.I. B.I contributed to the songwriting, while Bobby penned the lyrics along with B.I. The song was released at midnight on September 12.

Mnet‘s survival show “Mix & Match” will see the birth of another YG boy group called iKON. The first episode aired on September 11, and the boys performed the song on the first episode of the survival show.

The original Team B members Bobby, B.I, Kim Jin Hwan, Song Yoon Hyung, Goo Joon Hwe, and Kim Dong Hyuk are also competing with three new YG trainees, Jung Jin Hyung, Jung Chan Woo, and Yang Hong Suk on “Mix & Match,” which airs every Thursday on Mnet

Nam Young Joo Drops Sexy Jacket Images for Debut Single

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Singer Nam Young Joo has unveiled jacket images ahead of the release of her debut single. The solo star, a former contestant on SBS audition show “K-Pop Star Season 3,” posted a series of four pictures on a social media site, accompanied with the slightly cryptic message, “September 15 2014. The debut single will be released at nine minutes past six.”

No explanation was given as to what the significance of this precise time might be, nor was any hint given as to whether fans can expect the song to be released in the morning or in the evening.

What can be sure is that Nam Young Joo has undergone a remarkable style transformation in the photographs, two of which are shot in black and white, and two of which are in color. And it would seem that the singer has shed her innocent looks for a more mature theme ahead of making her debut release

T-Ara’s Latest Single “Sugar Free” Accused of Plagiarism

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Girl group T-Ara‘s latest single “Sugar Free” has been accused of plagiarism.

“Sugar Free” is an electronic dance music (EDM) house track. Some house music fans, however, has found similarities between “Sugar Free” and Dvbbs‘ “Tsunami“, and also with the intro to DJ Felix da Housecat‘s track “Give Me Body.” One house fan pointed out that “House music does sound similar in multiple instances, but ‘Sugar Free’ has too many similarities.”

Some are also accusing the album art for “Sugar Free” to be plagiarizing the album artwork of Justice, a famous electronic music duo.

On these issues, T-Ara’s agency Core Contents Media commented that they have “not heard of these issues

NS Yoon-G unveils album jacket for upcoming digital single with Giriboy

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NS Yoon-G willl be teaming up with Giriboy to follow the trend of female singer-male rapper duos to release an upcoming digital single!

NS Yoon-G tweeted on the 11th, "2014.9.19 coming soon", along with the album jacket which reveals her collaboration song, "Fluttering Feelings".

The single is a work of producing team Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum, and expresses the thrill of a blooming romance with a rap featuring by Giriboy.

The release will be on the 19th!

GOT7"s debut Japanese single "Around the World" lands at top of Recochoku ringtone chart

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GOT7"s debut Japanese single "Around the World" has landed at #1 on the "Recochoku" ringtone music chart!


Though GOT7 don"t make their Japanese debut until October, their song "Around the World", released on September 8, is already the most popular ringtone downloaded. The coupling track on the group"s single album is "So Lucky", which was written and composed by GOT7"s JYP Entertainment labelmate 2PM"s Jun.K.

GOT7 will make their official Japanese debut on October 22, but before then, they"ll be touring Japan for "GOT7 1st Japan Tour 2014" starting from October 7. 

Congrats to GOT7!

John Park releases teaser for new single “U”

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After a year since his last comeback, John Park has released a teaser for his comeback single “U”!

Earlier this month, John Park announced that he would be making a comeback in September. His new single, which will have a soulful base and a “UK Pop Style,” is supposed to show off his mid-vocal range and emotional musicality.

The teaser for the single gives fans glimpses of the dark music video, as well as a taste of the new song. John Park’s smooth, baritone voice, mixed with deep piano chords and string instruments highlight the dramatic theme of the video.

His brooding stares in addition to mysterious clips of a woman make the concept of the song seem dark and obsessive.

John Park’s single “U” is set to be released on September 12th

MBLAQ"s Thunder drops his self-composed digital single "Monster"

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After a lot of teasing fans for this new MBLAQ project, member Thunder finally released his self-composed second digital solo track, "Monster"!

Like the audio and image teaser released previously, the track is laced with a spooky and mystical vibe that makes this "Monster" an epic one. Thunder"s smooth and soft voice helps to emphasize this trait, which makes this song stand out from a lot of other solo works.

Take a listen above!

A.KOR unveils MV for digital single, “But Go”

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After releasing a teaser on September 3rd, A.KOR has released their music video for their first digital single “But Go” on September 5th. Earlier this week on September 4th, A.KOR debuted this song live on M! Countdown.

The concept for this comeback is quite dark compared to their debut with “Payday”. The ladies of A.KOR look intimidating in their stylish outfits as they torture men in cages.

This powerful song is loaded with fierce raps and catchy hooks. The lively choreography effortlessly combines elements of both hip hop and sexiness, showing A.KOR’s unique color.

Check out their music video below! What do you think of their comeback?

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Rookie rapper Damiano teases for digital single "No Diet" with the help of MBLAQ"s G.O

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Rookie rapper Damiano is giving music fans a preview of his new first digital single to come with a teaser!

Lending his hand for the track is MBLAQ"s G.O, who not only featured in the song but in this video teaser as well.

The song is called "No Diet" and like its title suggests, it is a message to girls to stop worrying so much about dieting as they are fine just the way they are.

Check out the clip above and stay tuned for the release on September 11!

Hong Yuna releases “Goodbye Summer” MV for first single release

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Hong Yuna released her music video for her first single “Goodbye, Summer” featuring rapper Layback.

Hong Yuna is from Malhada, who are most well known for productions such as “You’ve Got Mail featuring” Darth Vader, and a heartbreaking story about a blind and deaf couple. Layback is also from Malhada, having released his single “Me” in August of 2014.

"Goodbye, Summer" has a very refreshing tune, perfect for waving farewell to summer. Her warm vocals, accompanied by the subtle accompaniment of instruments in the background makes it seem like a very light-hearted song. However, in contrast to how it may initially sound, the music video presents a much more serious scenario, in which Hong Yuna is a girl who has broken up with her boyfriend, though it is clear that she is hesitant about her decision to leave him

SPICA’s Unit Group “SPICA.S” Works With Brave Brothers on New Single + Individual Photos Revealed

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More details regarding SPICA‘s unit group, SPICA.S, have been revealed.

After announcing that the group will be making a comeback as a unit group and the leader, Boa, as a solo artist, SPICA.S, which is composed of members Joo Hyun, Na Rae, Bo Hyung, and Ji Won, is said to have worked with the hit maker Brave Brothers on their new single which drops on September 12.

Along with this info, the group’s agency, B2M Entertainment, also released some individual teaser photos for the group’s debut through their social networking sites on September 3. Previously, the agency has also released three group photos showing the sexy concept of SPICA.S on September 1.

Aside from the group’s sexy teaser images, fans are also anticipating the group’s upcoming track with Brave Brothers, “남주긴 아까워?” which literally translates to “is it a waste to let you go?”


B.A.P Drops Latest Japanese Single “Excuse Me”

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Boy band B.A.P has released its latest Japanese single album “Excuse Me.”

The group has made three different versions of the single album, “Type-A,” “Type-B” and an “Ultimate Edition,” which also variably feature an Original Rap Version of the title track, “Excuse Me,” as well the songs “Zero” and “Coffee Shop.”

One version also includes a key chain, while another comes with a DVD that features the music video and behind-the-scenes footage of the “Excuse Me” video and photo shoot. The music video for the title song was released earlier last month.

B.A.P completed a tour of Japan in June this year, and will now begin promoting its latest release with promotional events to be held in Chiba and Osaka later this month

A.KOR releases album jacket for their 1st digital single, “But Go”

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A.KOR released their album jacket for their first single “But Go” on September 3 via their Facebook page.

A.KOR is a rookie girl group who debuted under the agency Doo Republic and consists of members Kemy, Minju, Jiyoung, Taehee and Daya.

Dressed all in black, A.KOR released their album jacket photo for their first digital single “But Go” a few hours after uploading their music video teaser.

"But Go" is set to be released on September 5th. Originally consisting of Kemi, Minju and Jinyoung, the trio made their debut with "Payday" back in July. A.KOR plans to officially debut as a five member group in September.

Are you excited for their new song?

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A.KOR releases “But Go” MV teaser for upcoming digital single

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After releasing various teasers of their new members Taehee and Daya, A.KOR is preparing to release a new digital single “But Go” as a 5-member group.

Releasing their new teaser for “But Go” on September 3, the video shows the members of A.KOR walking around the multiple cages found in the area, pouring gasoline on the men found bound and gagged in various ways inside, stained with blood.

A.KOR is set to release their digital single “But Go” on September 5.

WARNINGa particular scene in the teaser may not be for the faint of heart.

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Shin Jihoon releases MV for comeback single “Crybaby”

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Cube’s Shin Jihoon has released a music video for digital single “Crybaby”, which is now available on online music sites.

Shin Jihoon was scouted by Cube Entertainment through “K-Pop Star 2”, and with her mature singing voice, it might be unbelievable to many that she is only 17 years old this year. Following news that Cube Entertainment and Cube DC, the agency for Shin Jihoon, would be merging into Cube Entertainment, Shin Jihoon is the first artist up to make her return with the assistance of BEAST’s Junhyung!

The music video starts off with everything in black and white and slowly fades into color with an ominous merry-go-round in the background. Although the music video had only one background as the filming scene, Shin Jihoon’s voice complements well with the mood of the song as she is immersed in emotions while being surrounded by pianos and furniture on fire