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Malhada releases Layback’s “Me” and teases for Hong Yuna’s first digital single “Good bye, Summer”

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Malhada has recently released Layback’s “Me” while also teasing fans with an image teaser for Hong Yuna’s first single, “Good bye, Summer.”

Layback’s “Me” opens with a pitch distortion that suits the somber mood and dark lighting of the video. Featuring lyrics arranged by Layback, the rap highlights his low and steady vocals and rhythmic control.

Additionally, Layback shares that he is excited to be featured in Hong Yuna’s first digital single, “Good bye, Summer,” set to drop on September 1st. Malhada also teased fans with an image teaser, perhaps a still from a music video. The image teaser has a light, neutral tone that perhaps foreshadows the track will have a slightly melancholy mood.

Malhada is home to popular production such as "You’ve Got Mail" featuring Darth Vader and a heartbreaking story between a blind and deaf couple

Ailee and Swings join hands for collaborative single "A Real Man"

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Talented vocalist Ailee and smooth rapper Swings now released their project single, "A Real Man"!

The single, which is meant to be similar in form to Swings" previous track "A Real Lady", was produced, arranged, and mixed by AOMG"s Gray.

Brand New Music stated, "Brand New Music prepared yet another new collaboration project following the generous love received by San E and Raina"s project single, "A Midsummer Night"s Sweetness". We think that"s why there might be even higher expectations, so in order to satisfy those expectations, we worked hard to make it as suitable as possible to Swings and Ailee. We ask for a lot of interest in "A Real Man"

Temptation' Choi Ji Woo Now Declares That She Is Single

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"Temptation" Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo checked their feelings for each other and shared a deep kiss.

On the 11th episode of SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "Temptation" (script Han Ji Hoon, director Park Young Soo) broadcast on August 18th, Cha Suk Hoon (played by Kwon Sang Woo) and Yoo Se Young (played by Choi Ji Woo) stood in front of the gallery.

Yoo Se Young said it was a new place that was going to open and said to Cha Suk Hoon, "I"m going to get a divorce. I"m single just like you, Suk Hoon."

Cha Suk Hoon went over to Yoo Se Young and the two people shared a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Kang Min Woo (played by Lee Jung Jin) was proposed to by Na Hong Joo (played by Park Ha Sun) and she said to Kang Min Woo, "If you want me, she said to make Min Woo want me

New girl group LABOUM set to debut single on August 28

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NH Media has partnered with Nega Network to debut a new girl group by the name of LABOUM, with the single “Petit Macaron.”

LABOUM, which means “the party” in French, is set to debut with a sexy concept and recently released individual photo teasers of the 6 members. The members are Haein, Solbin, Yulhee, Soyeon, ZN, and Yujeong.

LABOUM’s album is going to include tracks by Song Jieum who wrote EXO’s “Growl” and composer Jung Jae Yeop who composed TaeTiSeo’s “Twinkle.”

On their official Youtube page they have released a teaser video for their single “Petit Macaron” which is set to be released on August 28. The teaser shows closeups of the members’ youthful and pretty faces. The girls are seen applying makeup, eating bubble gum, smearing flour on their face, eating a macaron and applying lipstick

KARA Ranks B1A4′s Good Looks, Talks About New Single, “Mamma Mia” in “Ask In A Box”

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KARA, who has returned in eight months with a new member and a new album, has recently appeared in 1theK’s YouTube show, “Ask in a Box” uploaded on August 19.

The now four-member group sang the chorus part of their title single, “Mamma Mia” to open the show and excitedly talked about various topics and fulfilled requests by fans such as showing the key choreography for their title track.

Before they got to answer the questions sent in by their fans, the ladies first fulfilled the request left for them by B1A4 who were the guests in the previous episode of the show.

“Please put the B1A4 members in the order of best looking–from best to worst,” requested B1A4′s Gongchan

Wheesung and Bumkey tease for their collaborative single "The Price of Love"

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The teaser for Wheesung and Bumkey"s collaboration single, "The Price of Love" (ft. Lucky J"s Jessi), has been revealed!

As mentioned before, this is Wheesung"s duet project "WS Duet"s 1st single. It"s a soul R&B song which blends together Wheesung and Bumkey"s smooth vocals and we can already get a taste of it through the clip above.


Check out the teaser ahead of its full release on the 25th!

STELLAR will release new digital single, “Mask,” and unveils MV teaser

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Girl group STELLAR will be returning to their fans with a new single this month!

The news was revealed by their agency, Top Class Entertainment, who commented, “STELLAR will be making a comeback with the new song ‘Mask’ on the 21st. The song is sexy, but dream-like.”

The music video teaser to “Mask” was also released, revealing STELLAR has continued their sexy concept from Marionette. As the chorus plays, the members are seen in similar white outfits as they dance.

STELLAR will be releasing the digital single “Mask” on the 21st, where they are also scheduled to perform their comeback stage on Mnet M! Countdown.

Source: X Sports News, CJENMUSIC Official, Newsen

Wheesung recruits Bumkey for upcoming 1st collaboration single from his "WS Duet" project

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Wheesung will be recruiting Bumkey for the upcoming 1st collaboration single, "The Price of Love", from his "WS Duet" project!

Wheesung"s agency YMC Entertainment announced on the 19th, "Wheesung"s duet project "WS Duet"s 1st single by Wheesung&Bumkey titled, "The Price of Love", will be released on the 25th."

"The Price of Love" is a soul R&B song which blends together Wheesung and Bumkey"s smooth vocals. The "WS Duet" project was started to gift music lovers with deeply moving and high quality music.

Wheesung & Bumkey"s "The Price of Love" MV teaser will be released through YMC Entertainment"s YouTube channel and Twitter on the 20th ahead of its full release on the 25th!

KARA unveils Japanese music video for upcoming single, “MAMMA MIA”

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Soon after releasing their Korean title track “MAMMA MIA” and their 6th mini-album “DAY & NIGHT” in South Korea, KARA has unleashed their Japanese version of the music video in Japan.

The members of KARA re-recorded their music video specifically for the Japanese version, taking on a setting of a bright white and blue hall and wearing red and black outfits.

KARA maintains the same choreography revealed with the Korean version as well as many of the solo scenes taken.

Meanwhile, KARA will be releasing their Japanese single “MAMMA MIA” on August 27.

Source: KARA Japan Channel

B1A4 to release 4th Japanese single, “Solo Day”

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B1A4 will release their fourth Japanese single “Solo Day” on September 10th.

The single will include Japanese recordings of their songs “Solo Day,” “Pretty,” and “Oh My God,” along with instrumental versions of each song.

In addition to the single, fans will get to choose between one of two CD+DVD versions. The Version A DVD includes the “Solo Day” Japanese music video, “making of” the music video, and the photo shoot ‘making of’ video. The Version B DVD will include their “Nico Nico” live special. Each version will also include a ticket to apply to a special fan event in Japan.

B1A4 released their Korean mini-album “Solo Day” on July 14th with the title track written and composed by leader Jinyoung and rapper Baro. “Solo Day” is a sweet and catchy track about a boy who has just gone through a break up and is enjoying his time spent alone

Ailee and rapper Swings to release duet single "Real Man" on August 22nd

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Ailee and hip hop musician Swings will release a duet single together.

On August 14th, BrandNew Music announced that Ailee and Swings will release single "Real Man" on the upcoming August 22nd at noon. It is said to be and R and B track which is written by Swings and composed by Gray.

An official from the agency also said they didn"t film any music video for the song and will simply release the single without having any promotion activites on music programs.

Ailee recently released OST "Good Bye My Love" for "Fated To Love You" drama while Swings is active as a producer on Mnet"s audition program "Show Me The Money 3".

Royal Pirates reveal MV for their third digital single, “Seoul Hillbilly”; announce mini-album “Love Toxic”

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Royal Pirates has returned on the 14th of August with their digital single “Seoul Hillbilly”!

The song was created as lead singer, Moon, went to New York to film the SBS variety show, “Laws of the City”. He wrote “Seoul Hillbilly” based on the feelings and experiences that he had there, with the song already released on the show.

With a New York-esque hip-hop beat and a smooth guitar sound, “Seoul Hillbilly” has a simple instrumental but a powerful melody, with sincere lyrics that had fans singing along.

The music video that was released shows footage of Royal Pirates “Busking Tour” all over Korea. Viewers can see the members interacting with fans in intimate locations, like by the Han River and at the busy Garosugil area

ESNA debuts with a digital single and MV for "I, I Love You"

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Multi-talented Korean-American songwriter and singer ESNA finally makes her debut with a digital single and music video for "I, I Love You".

ESNA who is behind the lyrics of hits songs "Some" by Soyu & JungGiGO, "Special Love" by Gummy, Mamamoo"s "Don"t Be Happy" and "Some Guy Some Girl", and Mad Clown"s "Without You", etc has finally debuted as a singer herself.

The single is released in both Korean and English version. Meanwhile, watch the MV below:

Mighty Mouth"s Shorry J recruits the help of K.Will for his first solo single "Snapback Girl"

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Shorry J has released the MV to go along with his first solo single "Snapback Girl"!

As mentioned before, the single features the talented single K.Will, whom Shorry J has worked together before on Mighty Mouth"s track "Why". In addition, the song was produced by Phantom"s Kiggen and co-written by Rhymer and Shorry J.

The single will be Shorry J"s first official solo work without his partner Sangchu, so give him your support by checking out the video above!

"It"s Okay, That"s Love" drops slightly into single digits

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SBS drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love" is steadily declining.

According to Nielsen Korea, "It"s Okay, That"s Love" rated 9.8%, down from 10.0% last broadcast.

Meanwhile, KBS "The Joseon Shooter" rated 11.1% and MBC "Fated to Love You" rated 11.5%.