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'Sweet Secrets' Offers A New Spin On The Single Mom Drama

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A new drama, "Sweet Secrets," takes on the subject of single moms. While it"s not the first k-drama to do so, it is the third one to tackle the subject this year.

The other two recent single mom dramas are "The Greatest Marriage" and "Mama." "The Greatest Marriage," starring Park Si Yeon, Bae Soo Bin and Noh Min Woo, is about a newscaster who decides she wants a baby but not marriage. Her decision creates a scandal, as she is a national figure. "Mama," with stars Hong Jung Hyun and Song Yun Ah, told the story of a successful painter who is a happy single mom until she learns she has a terminal illness.

And "Nine Plus Boys" even touched on the subject when Oh Jung Se"s sister told him that she did not want him to marry a single mom, even though the mom in question was his former girlfriend and a divorcee

Seo In Young Pushes Back Single Release Due to Song Remastering

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Solo artist Seo In Young has postponed the release of her upcoming single, “Remember.”

Originally scheduled for release on October 15, the single will drop on October 17 instead.

Her agency EB explained, “In order to present high quality music, we have decided to postpone the release and remaster the song. We offer our apologies to fans, who have been waiting for Seo In Young’s new song.”

“Although the staff has done their best to stick to the original schedule, the song has been submitted to a British studio for remastering in order to ensure the high quality. Again, we express our apologies, and we ask for you continuous interest in Seo In Young’s new song, ‘Remember,’” the agency concluded

AOA rise to the Top 3 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart with "Miniskirt"

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AOA"s Japanese debut single "Miniskirt" rose to the Top 3 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart!

AOA made their Japanese debut with "Miniskirt" on the 1st, which charted at #8 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart, and it"s now risen to #3 after 2 weeks! As mentioned previously, their Japanese debut single album also consists of the Japanese versions of "Short Hair" and "Get Out".

Congrats to AOA and their fans!

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g.o.d to thank fans with the release of single album "Wind"

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g.o.d will gives fans ear candy once again with their upcoming single album on the 22nd!

After 3 months since the release of their 8th album "Chapter 8", g.o.d will release their single "Wind", which is a song of the acoustic R&B genre and expresses their gratitude towards fans. Member Yoon Kye Sang also took part in writing the lyrics for the song.

The single will not only be released online, but offline as well in the form of a "THANKS EDITION" with a 50-page pictorial from their concerts and handwritten messages. Pre-orders for the album will begin online on the 16th.

g.o.d will also hold their encore concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium on the 25th!

Talented rookies Lip Service release dance practice clip for upcoming single "Puppy Love"

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Ahead of the release of their 3rd single, female hip hop team Lip Service have reveal a practice choreography video for new song "Puppy Love"!

The group debuted as a duo back in February with "Yum Yum Yum", and promoted "Too Fancy" over the Summer. Rather than taunt fans with a million teasers, the group has showcased the choreography for the entire song for fans" enjoyment.

Check out the song and choreography above ahead of its offiical release.

The Boss (DGNA) releases teaser for third single album, "Rilla Go!"

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The Boss (DGNA) is about to make you go wild with their new teaser video for their upcoming album, "Rilla Go!".

The safari-themed video showcases the members in full native mode, with war paint and costumes that look like they were lifted straight out of the set from a classic jungle movie.

Check out the teaser above and stay tuned for their full release coming soon! 

NU’EST releases MV for Japanese debut single, “Shalala Ring”

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NU’EST looks stunning in their “Shalala Ring” music video for their Japanese debut!

A few weeks ago, Korean boy band NU’EST released the teaser video for their upcoming Japanese single “Shalala Ring.” Now finally back with the full version, it did not disappoint with a clean video, catchy lyrics, and precise dance moves.

The video starts with a shot of the members dressed in all white and leaning around a white bed, while soft light trickles in through the window behind them. The music speeds up and shows an individual shot of each member. Throughout the video, each member comes up with a creative way of expressing their love with a ring.

The album “Shalala Ring” will be released on November 5th and will be available in three versions: Limited Edition A (CD+DVD), Limited Edition B (CD+DVD), and the regular edition (CD only)

NU"EST release PV for Japanese debut single "Shalala Ring"

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The boys of NU"EST have released the PV for their Japanese debut single "Shalala Ring"!

Their single album "Shalala Ring" will be released in three editions on November 5, and consists of songs "Shalala Ring" and "Flying Angel". NU"EST previously performed the single during their Japanese tour last August, but now fans who weren"t able to see it in person can get a listen above!

The boys also recently wrapped up their tour in Mexico and South America. NU"EST will also be going on their "NU"EST Re:SPONSE EUROPE TOUR" in November. Check out more information here!

Say "shalala" along to the PV above!

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Joo Sang Wook to visit Thailand for "Cunning Single Lady" promotions

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Actor Joo Sang Wook will depart for Thailand on October 11 to hold a fan meeting and promotions for his previous MBC Wed-Thurs drama "Cunning Single Lady"!

To promote the drama, which premieres on Thai TV channel PPTV in February of next year, the actor is set to hold interviews with approximately 50 media outlets and meet 1,000 fans in Thailand.

A local rep from Thailand stated, "Although "Cunning Single Lady" hasn"t aired in Thailand yet, it is already receiving a lot of interest among local fans. Along with the drama"s popularity, the interest in Joo Sang Wook is also hot, so he will hold promotions and a fan meeting."

After visiting Thailand from October 11-13, he will enter filming for the SBS weekend drama "Birth of a Beauty" alongside Han Ye Seul

Kim Hyung Jun to kick off his Japanese tour + single album release in November

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Kim Hyung Jun has departed for Japan on the afternoon of October 9 for his solo Japanese tour!

According to his agency SH Entertainment, Kim Hyung Jun will kick off his "2014 LIVE TOUR - Endless Story" on the 10th and perform a total of 7 concerts in 3 cities including Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka until November 28. The singer-turned-actor has been putting his all into preparing for the tour and is expected to perform over 10 songs at each show.

That"s not all as he also plans to release his Japanese single album "BETTER" on November 19! Check out more details on the tour here.

Red Velvet will be returning with 2nd single release, “Be Natural”

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SM Entertainment’s latest rookie girl group, Red Velvet, will be returning to the music scene soon after making their debut in August with their 2nd single.

Red Velvet (Seulgi, Irene, Wendy, Joy) made their debut with "Happiness" on August 1st, showcasing a refreshing youthful charm and captivating fans with their music, and news of their speedy return with a 2nd single has been announced. Unlike their first single, Red Velvet will show their mature side, transforming themselves to fit the Fall season.

Their 2nd single, titled “Be Natural,” will be released on October 13 online at noon, and is a more refined track that will feature an upgraded Red Velvet.

Those who remember SM’s video teaser for their pre-debut team SMROOKIES, may be familiar with the track “Be Natural,” as Seulgi and Irene danced to the song using chairs as props

The Boss (DGNA) releases image teasers for 3rd single, “‘Rilla Go!”

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After releasing the track list to their upcoming 3rd single “‘Rilla Go!”, five-member group The Boss, also known as DGNA, has released various image teasers for their comeback.

Among the three teaser image released is a group photo featuring all of the members, hanging on to each other by the shoulders as they smile with glee. Taken underneath a fenced, graffiti alleyway, The Boss has taken on a new concept style, wearing baggy and colorful patterned clothes.

In another image, which seems to be a music video still, shows five silhouettes surrounded by long-leafed plants against a orange-brown background. The Boss can be seen wearing outrageous and unique costumes, further anticipating onlookers for their comeback.

Their agency revealed, “They are coming back on the 15th

The Stigma Of Single Motherhood Explored in 'The Greatest Marriage'

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In "The Greatest Marriage" No Min Woo and Park Si Yeon might have gotten married after they discovered she was pregnant. But his parents are monsters and find her an inferior marriage candidate. And her parents were not happily married. It"s not a scenario that Park Si Yeon"s character wants to repeat. So she decides she wants a baby but she does not want a husband. She breaks up with No Min Woo and decides to keep the baby. Becoming a single mom is never an easy decision to make but in Korea it can stall a promising career or sever family relations.

In a country that has long valued the traditional family unit, single mothers and their children may face discrimination. Families may refuse to acknowledge the child of their single child. Single mothers may find it difficult to work

M.Pire"s Lumin reveals that he is currently single + got caught dating by father Sul Woon Do multiple times

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M.Pire"s Lumin revealed his current relationship status and talked about how he had gotten caught with his past girlfriends at home by his father, legendary trot singer Sul Woon Do, on a recent airing of MBC"s "Radio Star."

When asked about his current dating situation, Lumin revealed that he was currently not in a relationship and added, "I got caught [by my dad] every time until my second to last ex-girlfriend," explaining that most of his dates had been at home because of his status as an idol.

The last time Sul Woon Do bumped into Lumin and his girlfriend at home, he messaged Lumin saying, "Take her out quickly."

Sul Woon Do then explained his philosophy, "It"s not like they are planning on getting married, and if they are just friends, I would prefer that he didn"t bring them home

AOA reach top 10 on Oricon chart with debut Japanese single "Mini Skirt"

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AOA landed in the top 10 of the Oricon chart with their debut Japanese single "Mini Skirt".

According to the Oricon daily chart on October 2, "Mini Skirt", which includes the title track of the same name, "Short Hair", and "Get Out", charted at #8 the day after its release. The music video for "Mini Skirt" has also reached #1 on the Japanese video site GyaO. 

In other news, AOA will be the only Korean girl group to perform at the music festival "A Nation 2014", and they"ll also be performing as guests at "Tokyo Runway 2014".

Congratulations to AOA!